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Women with Different Salaries on How Often They Shop | Glamour

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We surveyed anonymous New York women with different salaries and asked them how often they shop for clothes. Still haven’t subscribed to Glamour on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2gYlQqe Women with Different Salaries on How Often They Shop | Glamour
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Sarah Hay (10 hours ago)
I literally had no idea that people's salary could be more than say, $200,000 a year. I was gobsmacked when it went to $500,000- US no less! What do these people do with that kind of money!!??
memegod (1 day ago)
Like how most of they highest paid people were south east Asian Asian, black, or middle Eastern/Asian
Walter K Bauer (1 day ago)
I love the $60,000 kid. She has Champagne tastes on a beer budget! I bet she banging, someone with credit ratings over 720. lol!
nailah (2 days ago)
My mom's salary is 9.6k and we go shopping almost every week.
Gel Bilb (2 days ago)
Daveed da sick (4 days ago)
I noticed that women are hotter why they make around 50,000
Mike Stepan (4 days ago)
Cops make 85k?
im not famous (4 days ago)
1:47 👋🏻
orange (4 days ago)
200000 per year ? Or month
Mihalis Photiades (4 days ago)
1:45 wew 85000 ! What would be the job?? *Police officer*
Jessica Brave (4 days ago)
That was surprising.....imma be more frugal and less designer happy
Diana Prince (4 days ago)
It depends if the person
leon scott (5 days ago)
Making 500k a year is literally the height of what most people aspire economically. This idea that being a billionaire is an aspiration is so wildly unrealistic. America would be so much better a place to live if the richest person was worth 100 million and the average person was worth 100 thousand and the minimum wage was 30k/year
leon scott (5 days ago)
Most women this age in America make less than 30k a year. Us city people are unfortunately out of touch with most of America.
Jim Reynolds (5 days ago)
I gotta stop watching this pushing me off
GOKU BLACK : (5 days ago)
So...what does this tell us exactly?
Hiro (5 days ago)
Ironically in this video the white women are the bottom while the black women are on top... try to be more realistic here please
dagda3000 (5 days ago)
100k for a paralegal is absurd
jake black (5 days ago)
Some of these girls need therapy or a beating (because clearly they didn't get it as a child) and a nice honest farm job. "I buy cloths because they make me feel whole"? Really? I don't think I have ever heard something that set off more alarm bells than that.
Wilt Wal (6 days ago)
Is there a guy version of this?
brakjart (6 days ago)
7k a month being a police officer? WHAT
Cao Tuan Vo (7 days ago)
Everybody talks about their shopping habits but what is really impresive is the woman is executive producer and just 29yo. That's what I call success.
TheWhiteFam (9 days ago)
Need a good money making app? try this one. Its super easy! http://qm.ee/85BA7D60
GIRISH REDDY (9 days ago)
Didn't even watch the vid ,,but I am sure the woman with the highest salary spends the least on shopping.
wtf is wrong with the people reading this lol
Michele Goodsell (10 days ago)
They are all lying. Lololololol
Rabs N (10 days ago)
550k salary 😱😱
sabikunm (10 days ago)
*cries in broke*
Nadime Belabbess (10 days ago)
Girls please, stop lying...
NikkiMend101 (11 days ago)
I go to JcPenny
Bro. Tolliver (11 days ago)
Police Officers make $85k?
Al Phuckya (11 days ago)
Y’all need to remember. This is in New York. Everything is more expensive. My $1400 mortgage payments here in Texas are probably around $3k in New York.
SPORT EDITTZ (11 days ago)
1:05 she looks at least 28 or 30
Space Cowboy 45 (11 days ago)
What police officer make $85k a year?!
Jennifer K (12 days ago)
Does no one use a shopper? If I had the income, I’d outsource the hassle.
oliviiaB (12 days ago)
The last one is a mood
Cute Puppy (12 days ago)
I have 10$ in my account
Guy A. Shampooing (12 days ago)
Joseph Santiago (13 days ago)
Regardless of the income closed minded ppl won’t ever realize it’s all about being smart about what you do and buy, it’s NEVER about being cheap. But, only clueless people who are stuck up won’t believe it. Hahahahaha
Diego Delavega (13 days ago)
A paralegal makes $100,000 a year?!
Ego sum Deus (13 days ago)
20K is the lowest income the video features.
Omaid Adventures (13 days ago)
I shop every week and I don’t even have a job.
asvin soma (13 days ago)
So much lies it’s uncomfortable. Women luring men through this video. Do you really think we believe you idiots
Potatoes and Tomatoes (13 days ago)
Why do I feel like it’s so scripted..
Anna Pedron (13 days ago)
I shop like once every 4 months😂😂 trying to get myself to 1k!!💖
Paul Knight (13 days ago)
The f*ck was this? This was all scripted.
Sound Waves (13 days ago)
Anyone else notice they were all wearing a black t shirt lol
Akary Yeb (14 days ago)
Oh God That just makes me see how poo we are in Africa Like it's really hard having more than the first lady ( our currency is weaker)
gogohi978 (14 days ago)
Last year I bought a pair of jeans, pants, two shirts and two sneakers, I make 4500$ a year and all that cost me 100$ ... That's all I can afford in my crappy country
G Ks (14 days ago)
Now do one in how obedient they are to their men. That's what really counts
Yllasor Noscal (14 days ago)
That salaries are rocking
Lily (14 days ago)
I'm an Indian i earn only 20000 P.m not so much but i shop alot..groceries & clothes every week😂
TOBZ (14 days ago)
Terrible actors
Sweqs (14 days ago)
2:25 Yo who tf inv Lord Farquad
Isabel Pretty (14 days ago)
Paralegal that earns 100k !? I’m a paralegal and I don’t even get 30k 😂 oh well
Neazy Army (14 days ago)
0:54 me 😂
carolina (15 days ago)
How is she only 23 and making $60k😭😭
Christine Washington (15 days ago)
I'm the same way!! I shop when it starts to fall apart!! Ima change my ways!!
A K (15 days ago)
LOL police officer earns 85k!! Where do I sign?
Tajbir Singh Kaler (15 days ago)
Dood Really......I have no source of income just on my dads income sitting free. If they buy me something I wear and if not I wash the old ones 😂
x3sirix3 (15 days ago)
I was more interested to know how much in what job they earn.
Lukrecija (15 days ago)
Woah you americans are freaking rich. My mom makes way less than 10k A YEAR...
Stinkwrinklesss Bleh (15 days ago)
As someone aspiring to be in the legal field, please interview that paralegal on how she got there as well as her salary !!!
latinope (15 days ago)
That summer and winter one, all *new* wardrobe. An inspiration.
Jennifer Lilly (15 days ago)
This reminded me how poor I am. Nice.
Ria Something (16 days ago)
what’s the purpose of this video again?
NoBigDeal (16 days ago)
f*ck i make hardly 7000€/year
Fluffyvader (16 days ago)
80k a year as a police officer?
TrinaChuuu (16 days ago)
they should plug college students in here, we only buy clothes after we get financial aid 😂😂
Ace Vie (16 days ago)
I shop once every month at least. It can be more. I don’t even know where I got the money and where did they all go
xSw eD (16 days ago)
Can we just kill all white men ?
lily lunsford (16 days ago)
1:19 Wow she’s was my neighbor 😂
Ada Priscila (16 days ago)
The one who makes $550K buys only designer... I would too 🛍💁🏼
Watching this video was a waste of my precious time :-(
Sel (16 days ago)
kylie jenner, billionare, buys new clothes everyday, never repeats outfits? lol
Tall Random Guy (16 days ago)
Remember these women are in New York
Alex Zutes (16 days ago)
I’m only 21 and only make 60k a year. Wtf.
Hunner Smit (17 days ago)
This is sexist, where are the men?
N e oぁ陰セ (17 days ago)
Not trying to flex but I always wear supreme or adidas
Shook Ones (17 days ago)
99% of these women weren’t even into Fashion,so this had nothing to do with Salary.
Mikeal Shaver (17 days ago)
This is so fake, with terrible actors
Eli G (17 days ago)
Ok, the texts might be real, but the women are obviously actors...
very punny human (17 days ago)
when you count your yearly salary and it comes down to 13k... TRANS GENDER IT IS
RuKiddingMe 2019 (17 days ago)
I'll stick to my garage sales and goodwill...You can still buy fashion let gos given by Macys JcPennys and Sears and a whopping reduced price..😊
Terry (17 days ago)
can‘t understand how they‘re all in business fields.. i‘m in the bachelor‘s program and at information events they always tell us that people with master‘s degrees start with a salary of 40k and it won‘t rise much in the next 10 years.. is this an american thing?
Jeson Liu (17 days ago)
300k just 29 yrs old wow
I didn’t catch that these are actors, and I was like “Jesus, why are these people so angry??” Whew Chile that’s some...choice acting
steffen mullkover (17 days ago)
29 executive producer and 300k? Who is that? 😄
Yassss for ASOS!
Renad Gharzeddine (17 days ago)
Now try this with us guys... most of us don’t spend much money on shopping
Adri7gt (17 days ago)
This was a roller coaster of emotions for me haha
Greg Dundee (18 days ago)
"Clothes make me feel whole" That's kinda sad
Desiree Roque (18 days ago)
Don’t we all wish we had that last lady’s salary
Minoneti Vea (18 days ago)
Yes but if u shop thrift then u can buy cheap and still be designer brand haha
Ana Ana (18 days ago)
I’m 26 & only make 40k. I need to go to college or something. These young girls are balling 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Terry (17 days ago)
Ana Ana people in my country make 40k after going to college (without only 25k) sth is definitely wrong with germany wth
Rayce (18 days ago)
Anonymous... hmmmm
오유림 (18 days ago)
I thought they would shop less the less they earned but I learned that shopping habits are based on personal likings and preferences
Sakeena Wade Ali Khan (18 days ago)
I shop once every 2 years 40k
kamran Bird (18 days ago)
I buy new Diesel clothes every month lol
Skara shia (18 days ago)
These bitches are rich 😎💰

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