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Women with Different Salaries on How Often They Shop | Glamour

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We surveyed anonymous New York women with different salaries and asked them how often they shop for clothes. Still haven’t subscribed to Glamour on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2gYlQqe Women with Different Salaries on How Often They Shop | Glamour
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Text Comments (1532)
ocean man (4 days ago)
2:02 thats how trump speaks lol
Laselecta 90 (4 days ago)
Ah now I see some spending 😂
Hafeez !!! (5 days ago)
Marketing assistant is sooper sizzling
Are these peoples jobs real
Is this real?
Random Serbian guy (15 days ago)
And here am I, shopping once a year
Isabel Margaret (17 days ago)
I’m more like the 60k girl but I’m 12
The New Yorker 180 (18 days ago)
I make 65 k every year and I still go to H&M, they have great clothing
So much clothes buyers
TAHAN HUSSAIN (20 days ago)
Valentina Rubio (21 days ago)
You guys should ask them what’s their favorite store
Roblox Madi (21 days ago)
People: *basically never* Me: *goes to store every single day*
Aina Mihaela (23 days ago)
*cries in broke*
Hannah Cronk (1 month ago)
Entire new wardrobe!!
Lathifah Ludmilla (1 month ago)
1:16 that is too relatable.
Maria M (1 month ago)
Khan Academy has videos like these, but they actually interview people willing to share their salaries, education, budget, goals and how they got into their career.
high choice (1 month ago)
I shop every month.
Temitope Oketikun (1 month ago)
Why are they so sassy
Kenyon (1 month ago)
$75k girl with that attitude lol
PrincessKLS (1 month ago)
I wonder how close the real people look to the actresses?
FzFurrry (1 month ago)
1:41 it must suck having a police officer at your party’s or at a event
Noah Jacobson (1 month ago)
Honestly it seems like the higher their salaries, the happier they were.
Lian Pang (1 month ago)
i am so broke i am eating fried air
Lily Adam (1 month ago)
Kinda look like it's based on their passion not their salary tho
u r a shrub (1 month ago)
Every year I go back to school shopping (cuz Im a kid lol) and other than that I juzt get a new shirt or something every few months. Oh and I also get new clothes for special events sometimes.
funny how I am 15 and making more than them all in a year.
nikolas charlie (2 months ago)
ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS?? NEW WARDROBE EVERY SIX MONTHS??? EVERY SEASON?? ONCE A MONTH??? i havent been back to school shopping for clothes since fifth grade WHAt
princess & queen (2 months ago)
Girls look elder than their real age no?
BrightOrange J (2 months ago)
These women look way older than their age
ang 012 (2 months ago)
All this black women 😍😍😍😍
XNYX (2 months ago)
i earn less than all these women working part time and I buy clothes more often that all of them... somethings wrong
Sheep And Cow Show (2 months ago)
bruh the 125k person must be an actor in alien or something, that head is weird
Alfie Taylor (2 months ago)
Because no one wants to hear about men!
Free Time (2 months ago)
I’m 17 and make a total of 14k a year I guess that’s great
Nano Nhanho (2 months ago)
........"Entire new wardrobe"😎
Bella Durity (2 months ago)
I feel like they are all really low maintenance
Rafa Pm (2 months ago)
Designer clothes is just absurd till this day I never understand why certain females love it and feel disgusted wearing American eagle or other stuff
TA Lindsay (2 months ago)
I am in a uniform all day. So don't really need too much. When I buy clothes, they are usually second hand to be thrifty (especially when I am in school/as a student)...I can't spend $100 on jeans...It would stress me out. However, I would buy one or two expensive pieces a year to jazz up my outfit. I love classic looks. I do buy new footwear, undergarments as needed and love buying new gym clothes/leggings. I do love buying online courses to learn something new (hobby) or digital art.
Thiccboi44 (2 months ago)
A police officer making $85k a year ..what?
StaceyGlows (2 months ago)
Had no idea police officers made that much
Cody Christoff (2 months ago)
Yes there all actors hut the stor s see real
imkimjisoo imokay (2 months ago)
I have never heard of any of the designer ones
Evie Batson (2 months ago)
And here's me spending money I don't have.
Cyrus Speaks (2 months ago)
What sort of police officer earns $85k? Seriously, all the officers I've ever befriended pretty much lived in trailers and had about $30-35k...
Unicorn Jesus (2 months ago)
SALARY: *$1.00*
Sarah Szeto (2 months ago)
2:17 THE 29 YEAR OLD MAKES 300K..
yankee doodle (3 months ago)
It's always the asians
Junior Osagiede (3 months ago)
I was hoping to see the question of "What do you prefer partner with more money or less?"
cheap as chips (3 months ago)
like once every two months. usually around my birthday it goes up to once a month. then it goes down to hardly never
Formik Films (3 months ago)
As a European I’m kinda confused by all these high salaries 😅
ju li et (3 months ago)
20k in my country is like 80k or something which is quite alot
ShidahBestq (3 months ago)
First of all, last lady had an attitude....and called me a slur...
Sam Hammond (3 months ago)
Is this supposed to highlight income inequality or something?
shiftysai (3 months ago)
"Twice a year, winter and summer" Doesn't sound so bad "Entire new wardrobe" FU-
Alishaaa _.x (4 months ago)
The last one had me crying in poor
NatNPR (4 months ago)
Its sad how all the clothing goes to waste and ends up in landfills. If only people were more educated about clothing and how it can be harmful to other people and the environment. Things should be appreciated, not consistently replaced. I like that woman who said she only buys clothing when her clothing basically goes to rags
N G (4 months ago)
In the video lady with salary: $550k/year nd occupation: business executive Me:after watching video ok Google how to become business executive
moo zint (4 months ago)
Your average teenage girl nowadays probably spends on clothes like she earns 500k
Mel Harhar (4 months ago)
The last woman's face was obscured by the next video. Poor planning on your part.
siebenburguer (4 months ago)
We, the creative people are the less worried about fashion and trends in our own wardrobe, but we are geniuses to create trends and sell it to "trendy" people.
A A (4 months ago)
Police officer makes 85k? Nice!
Amelie (4 months ago)
i have airpods
A Unicorn's Tale (4 months ago)
That last woman was showing off with fancy names we can't effort. Lol.
Beebo! At The Bread Bin (4 months ago)
I already knew i was poor. Why u gotta rub it in for ☹️
calvin mcdonald (4 months ago)
What a video idea
JustMeee (4 months ago)
This information was useless.
Mounika Siriguppi (4 months ago)
i earn less but i still shop every week lol coz It makes me happy 🤪
Reema Ameer (4 months ago)
1:35 goals 🐧💕
Jessica McNeir (4 months ago)
It seems that income mattered less in their shopping habbits as did what kind of job they had. Managers looked for economy and practicality, while executives needed to show their success financially by changing the wardrobe often with choice designers. Low income mostly shoped bargen just for the fun of it.
A Wa (4 months ago)
75k project manager earns twice as much as me although Im a project manager too. What have I done wrong ...
Kassie (16 days ago)
I think these people are in either California or NYC, there's no way those salaries are normal. in most parts of the world
joey doe (4 months ago)
😂😂😂 i buy when its rags 😎 no Woman do that, not even the poor!
sessy cruz (4 months ago)
This just shows that even tho you make a lot of money you don’t always have to go all out shopping all the time.
jerolvilladolid (4 months ago)
Of course the Chinawoman is the richest. She owns half the laundry mats in chicago
Glowing Morgan (4 months ago)
I go shopping every single day of my life
L23B (4 months ago)
"The average pay for a Business Executive is $57,391 per year."
Luisa S.M. (4 months ago)
With 550k I would buy even better
Monkee Nez (4 months ago)
I make less than all these people, I also rarely shop, only if my cloths is falling apart. I still can't fathom that people make more than $100,000 a year. Being poor is fun 🙃
Withny Mycout (4 months ago)
I don’t make much, but I am a student. I still shop though 😩😩 to be fair I don’t go out of my way to get designers. I just get nice stuff 💁🏽
Priya Sarola (4 months ago)
I'm unemployed and I shop every week lol ... guilty 😣
Cinnamon Roll (4 months ago)
Isabella Bustamante (4 months ago)
Wow I’m 19 making 23k a year and I used to shop LIKE CRAZY
Alima Ayesha Taher (4 months ago)
What's the purpose of this whole video?what point did u want to make or was there any point at all...
Eric Halim (4 months ago)
And I can't see the last lady. It doesn't relate how much you making with how often you spend it on fashion. Maybe job factor more weighs in computer nerd like Bill Gates or Zuckerberg I believe don't spend a lot on fashion. Even Bill Gates he doesn't even do groceries on his own you know. He doesn't even know the price tag for goods that we really put attention usually on discount or sale.
GUGUNIO222 (4 months ago)
Well. I used to have money. Now I'm about to change job so I need to save some money. Both times I buy something if I need it, if I feel confortable in it, and if price is fine. So... this research is a bit nonsense. I was in two financial situations, and I still buy things same way...
litnut (4 months ago)
I should not have become a teacher.
TEACUP (4 months ago)
How much of salary that we can tell it’s quite high than others in US? In my country age between 25-35, $1500 up! is called high.
TEACUP (4 months ago)
This is cool! One of them is my idol!
Lotus Ganesha (4 months ago)
I get and spend 4500$ a year including electricty, heater, water etc cant believe 😂😂 and i shop when i need something like if i really need it now i feel a bit down btw i only know h&m that they mentioned as a brand 😅
bighorn4x4 (4 months ago)
police officer make 85,000 a year... money down the drain
Anouk C (4 months ago)
Would you want to risk your life for less than that salary?
Jemma Luke (4 months ago)
How is a police officer making $85,000/year?
Anouk C (4 months ago)
I'm a law enforcement officer and make 87K in Canada.
Anu Bhaumik (4 months ago)
I shop once a year..during pujas.....that's about it
Minion Sling (4 months ago)
Wtf this is totally scripted and u can tell
Harish Aravindh (4 months ago)
Minion Sling because it is scripted and they say it
hello world (4 months ago)
Me: a jean every year two t shirts every year why: i hate going shopping
J.C Sotto (4 months ago)
Ok same🤷🏻‍♂️
David Ferlian L Tobing (4 months ago)
I'm an electrical engineer and my salary is around 10.000K IDR😁
progtfn _ (4 months ago)
God in Italy we have a salary of 12,000€ (a year) maximum
ZEYNEP TATAN (4 months ago)
They are lying!
Johnson Mendonca (4 months ago)
Why they are wearing black T-shirt
Chris Pacman (4 months ago)
People buying clothes with the little money they got shouldn't be shamed either, it's all about priorities in life and we all should do whatever we can to make ourselves happy

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