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Funny Animal attacks on Humans - Lions Attack a Car

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The funny things that are happening in African neighborhoods these days.....
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Freptboy (7 months ago)
the lions are saying; get the hell out here now!
VLOG PEDIA (9 months ago)
comment after a year..
Windy Xenna (1 year ago)
Angelfyre BayouGirl (2 years ago)
why do those dummies have their windows down like really??? they really must not know about that tigress that killed that girl on that African lion park , people are just not smart at times and the girl family tried to sue the park when they clearly had signs up and their give outs also said " Keep Windows Up"
Ray 101 (3 years ago)
If you want to know about lions, check out Kevin's official channel: lion whisperer tv. You could help Kevin Richardson's cause by subscribing. Thank you
Steve Spencer (3 years ago)
I've never seen such an aggressive attack in my life😒
Psychosis o-O (3 years ago)
Windows are suppose to be closed, but tourists never listen. 2015 A tourist was mauled to death because their window was open.
ungyung jang (3 years ago)
CARLOS DOS SANTOS (3 years ago)
Até os leões sabem da malandragem da VW. risas
David Amber (3 years ago)
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The Amazing Channel (3 years ago)
...and with windows all the way down. Gotta love tourists.
Hello Good Day here! (3 years ago)
I wish they would of sent Volkswagen Germany NAZI Factory!!!
Prakash Phulare (3 years ago)
Prakash Phulare (3 years ago)
Tommy Tucker (3 years ago)
Imagine getting a flat tire lol...I ain't changing it.
Hal Moni (3 years ago)
Metal or not, prey is prey! Worth checking out!
Africa Travel Channel (3 years ago)
Want to see an amazing nature video? It's graphic though! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-IXAsAcIUc
Jhone Abusado (3 years ago)
3ami h
WhiteTrashSuperstar (3 years ago)
Hippies are dumb as hell. Lions are just silly playful creatures they're harmless. lol they're an apex predator you fucking morons
darkmage7280 (4 years ago)
"You're it! .........Hey, come back! You're supposed to chase *me* now!"
Mister Bear (4 years ago)
What was actually happening here is - at 9 seconds in the lion knocks the wiper off the back of the car. This is because the wiper in fact isn't Gucci. The lion can sense that from a region in the medulla oblongata called the 'pregucci gyrus' found predominantly in lions. It was doing him a favour. 
Trudie Stastra (4 years ago)
Imagine if the car ran out of gas.....
Steve Spencer (3 years ago)
Ibrahim ataur (3 years ago)
martin Tubb (4 years ago)
They just wanted a ride to the closest movie theater so they could watch the lion king! Rude people, not stopping for the poor lions! For shame!
usgalsen (4 years ago)
Iron horse escapes lion attack.
Andre Mooij (4 years ago)
Leeuwen zijn mij te gevaarlijk. Ik hou het wel op de dierentuin
Collins LFC (4 years ago)
I'm no animal behaviour expert, but I wouldn't exactly call that an "attack"....
Boggie (4 years ago)
I would have tried to run over the lions with the car.
Toasty 9399 (4 years ago)
majj hussain (4 years ago)
Tony Hall (4 years ago)
If you watch the related video over to the right called "male lions attack a car", you get to see this from the inside of the vehicle
ha... ha...
Lola T. (4 years ago)
I'd start crying
andressoloTV (4 years ago)
Poor lions, they must have been really hungry to try that.
Samuel L Jackson (4 years ago)
Always a good idea to stick your arm and head outside the window in lion's territory... it's not like they would ever sneak up and prey, and even if they do.. it's worth the selfie.. and if shit goes wrong, they got the best hospitals over there...
melvin raju (4 years ago)
Yep that's right 😀
Tony Hall (4 years ago)
lol comment of the year
St. Germain (4 years ago)
How much for a new paint job?
Eden Kyzer (4 years ago)
KAREN TORRES (4 years ago)
Jajajaja ayudarle a que camine al carro león jajaja
Jacub Ryiim (4 years ago)
haha twareg o__0 running
Vincent Chew (4 years ago)
Lions: fk u are lucky your stupid car is hard. VW.
srinu kone (4 years ago)
Mustafa Faisal (4 years ago)
Don't mess with the car or you may lose your teeth!
"give us the tuna, the sauce, your sandwich.... and your wallet"
KitKatWarrior4 (4 years ago)
when the VW was over the hill it looked like it was hunting the lions, trying to creep up on them...
Steve Spencer (3 years ago)
+darkmage7280 😂😂😂😂
darkmage7280 (4 years ago)
+KitKatWarrior4 "I want my wiper back!"
Mike Lee (4 years ago)
"Can....can we eat it?"
MrTHEMONEEMAKER (4 years ago)
I'd love to see a video of a car go by then blast that train horn at them
DOOK FAN (4 years ago)
this Lion  is like a boss  be care fuel he can take your head ofof
Bea Smith (4 years ago)
The Lions don't like Fahrvergnügen.
tmblefebvre (4 years ago)
Lions fuck Volkswagen
mrsbiblebeliever (4 years ago)
They had alieviate their bordom somehow, not much else to do in a game preserve anyway. 
Sabrina Beaudoin (4 years ago)
lol xD
Daniel Brinkhoff (4 years ago)
stupid coments. their not attacking it. they're playing.
Daniel Brinkhoff (4 years ago)
UrbanGirl Paris (4 years ago)
well, when lions attack, they generally put their paws on the ass of the victims to hold them . and thats what they did with the car 0:07, maybe they thought it was a baby elephant lol , anyways i love lions i think they are great creatures
Lok Tom (4 years ago)
Sometimes human love to participate as food. Remember gain some weight before doing this type of activities. You want to look delicious. Lol.
junior vinsonhill (4 years ago)
cats just want to play
AmDragNYC (4 years ago)
Lions hate German Engineering. F**k Fahrvergnügen
kiddeath921 (4 years ago)
an8er (5 years ago)
If a crazy lion would jump on the hood and snap the windshield you'd be over before you had the time to react. :) Not a thing to play with.
Andrih Zavialov (5 years ago)
Вот гопники
peejay mcdonald (5 years ago)
animal cruelty
MarkSegalotto2009 (5 years ago)
Run Forrest, Run
Ethen Lizee (5 years ago)
How is this funny... it means they are not scared of the humans anymore and the locals are most likely frightened of that.
MrFuglyTHEtroll (5 years ago)
people with GP number plates are stupid
Blahhhh (5 years ago)
Um, lions attacking car ? Lions playing with car me thinks.
TheFeeltheflow (5 years ago)
SIr just a moment sir , we wanna talk to you about lord jesus christ ,SIR  !
Steven Esson (5 years ago)
cats are stupid
Emil Kirov (4 years ago)
People are stupid ,cats have an instinkts!
TOMMASO LEONE (5 years ago)
SCEMI!!!!!!!!!!! STUPIDI!!!!!! COGLIONI!!!!!! queste sono emozioni del c:::::::::::::: POVERI CRETINI ::::::::::::::
Endercreeper60 (5 years ago)
There goes the paint job
Africa Travel Channel (4 years ago)
Yup, the paint job and the rear wiper assembly!
-百合の花 (5 years ago)
Oh shit! The car won't start!
-百合の花 (5 years ago)
Close the window! Oh snap! the window just bursted!
kwok wai (5 years ago)
the king lions wanted to drive
killian Seba (5 years ago)
quand on a faim on peut faire beaucoup de chose
Jesus Loayza (5 years ago)
lo estava empujando joputas!!
illustrate100 (5 years ago)
Oh damn!  I got a flat tire.  Who's gonna change the tire?
Fuck that. Better get used to riding on bare rims until the next safe place.
the lion mafia sends their regards 0:39
karan8743 (5 years ago)
imagine running out of fuel 
stinkbandit (5 years ago)
Never drive a VW through the Range Rover Pride territory.
BlinG (5 years ago)
car perspective lol /watch?v=5bG6vAcgG2k
acolit1 (5 years ago)
Welll they musta cofused the car for a horse after seeing the tiaguan commercial :O
yacin benhaddou (5 years ago)
fucking lions are so so fucking very overrated
Igor440 (5 years ago)
Lion: "I`ll help your car to move up and you give me a lot of meat"
Todd Boden (5 years ago)
They thought it was a VW Rabbit.
MadmanJoE100 (5 years ago)
haha at 0:42 looks like a gymnastic lion stood on the others back.
Ritesh Kashyap (5 years ago)
excellent i am wonderful
Muzi Tshabalala (5 years ago)
"He's on me again" 0:40
MrZovar (5 years ago)
Lion: "Canned food.."
2pacexpert (5 years ago)
Come on man the lions just wanted a ride to the nearest store you people are so rude
Go ForkYourSelf (5 years ago)
Fool this is a A and B conversation... you can C your way outta it....
Miguel Couceiro Neto (5 years ago)
until someone hopefully gets killed? Get a life moron
robert brooks (5 years ago)
Hopefully? They're the ones that give you the close-up action on discovery channel.
WeirdBulldog (5 years ago)
no, its called 'Prey' or something like that
mmmichael118 (5 years ago)
what an idiot , you came to see lions and you run(drive)away
Go ForkYourSelf (5 years ago)
Yeah.. The lion "kang" if i'm right??
WeirdBulldog (5 years ago)
i think they made a movie about that?
Animal Channel (5 years ago)
Ummm at second thought it wasn't so funny...
Hamitic Bloodline (5 years ago)
What they don't show you is that other lions were driving the car. They all know each other.
Africa Travel Channel (5 years ago)
There was no taunting going on, it was a simple game drive that turned into a close encounter.
GetInkedBitch (5 years ago)
So funny taunting animals, until someone (hopefully) gets killed. Why the hell would you taunt them like that? For what purpose? I bet these are the same people crying and demanding the lion get killed if he does attack someone.
Go ForkYourSelf (5 years ago)
A flat tyre is the least of your worries... imagine running out of fuel.. lol
Houssam Elaidi (5 years ago)
walk out the car maan lions said lol
D T (5 years ago)
Time to see how tough that rim is yea?
Mmonem Ali (5 years ago)
pain gain (5 years ago)
lion want eat some of VW
Ccleanerable (5 years ago)
Great Peugeot commercial

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