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Apple's Reign is OVER!

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Text Comments (2647)
Mark Mark (4 days ago)
Peter Mota (23 days ago)
Ha-Ha. This is funny. Listening to Tom Cook’s conference call and the company continues their upswing. 5 years from now Apple and Disney will be content Kings. Don’t quit your day job and become a analyst. You will starve.
Master Gaming (2 months ago)
Why waste 1k On a phone when you can buy a way better laptop or pc?
Bill Gryani (2 months ago)
It is not only the price, but it is also the features, the competitor's new products, and new smart buyers.
Luis Arevalo (2 months ago)
Look out my duuude, your funny and entertaining. Ok?
Soumyadeep 980 (2 months ago)
I wanna try linus (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°) It's pretty gay ik 😑
Soumyadeep 980 (2 months ago)
3:10 I just go backwards 3 times just to watch this 👌
frank234561 (2 months ago)
Buying flagship phones nowadays is just a waste of money. You know all that phone tech from a few years ago that was all the rage? That's now in my mid range phone at a fraction of the cost. Sure, it isn't the latest and greatest but it is functional and does everything you need a phone to do. It used to be that mid range to low end phones were garbage. That isn't the case anymore. They are actually a very good value for the price.
In MY Zone (2 months ago)
frank234561 couldn’t have said it better myself. I still have my iPhone 📱 6s+ I’ve had it for 3 years now and I’ll be keeping it until it dies.
Tazyizan (3 months ago)
Apple buyer equals moran
john fabrizio (3 months ago)
Hate to break it to you but China never went to the moon and we didn't either
john fabrizio (3 months ago)
You honestly think that picture China took on the moon was real?
Miguel Sanchez (3 months ago)
elwingy (3 months ago)
one month later, Apple reclaims the crown of the most valuable company in the world with a market capitalization of 822 billion... and the stock keeps rising...
Ferricity AMV (3 months ago)
Well why would I change phones if I don't need the new features they create. I think most of specs arent the factor in selling these phones but the Aesthetic, Aesthetic is king today
Ferricity AMV (3 months ago)
Is the ceo the only decision making body in here cos oh boy, Cook is destroying what jobs has built
Rafael Pereira (3 months ago)
My phone went off when he said "ok google". I'm scared
EB (3 months ago)
This is your most viewed video thanks to Apple. The irony of haters, lol
Philip J . Fry (3 months ago)
I love this host, ANOTHER ONE!!
Michael Anthony (3 months ago)
Man, they always find the weirdest pictures of you.
awesomeferret (3 months ago)
I will say that I'm honestly annoyed by your "smartphone innovation plateauing was inevitable" comment. 8 years ago I predicted just that and I was mocked for it by "educated people". People who said that they saw this coming have been bullied and it's only recently that it has become so incredibly obvious that nobody is being bullied for saying that anymore.
STONEDay (3 months ago)
3:18 Knurled rubber drivers for screwing things
hb bs12 (4 months ago)
Whos phones went off because mine did don't say ok google ever again in a video
Genes (4 months ago)
It’s insane how liberals have turned on American companies. They would gladly see Apple replaced by some shady Chinese company.
Thejebe (4 months ago)
James has really stepped up as a presenter, much more confidence nowadays!
Pookage Hayes (4 months ago)
James sounds a LOT like jean from bob's burgers, hey...
Jan Ryan (4 months ago)
That graphic actually makes me hate James even more. Didn't think it was possible.
jamesb1221222 (4 months ago)
Got my trusty old droid ultra.. you know for calling people, texting and occasionally watching youtube while I poop. It's all I need. Ok all, time to wipe. Ciao
psp785 (4 months ago)
apple is fine you ppl are idiots
ChloeWade (4 months ago)
Honestly it's bc apple released the shitty XR showing lack of confidence in high end products
PK Bailey (4 months ago)
Okay google worked on mine when you said it!!
American Me (4 months ago)
Joe Jupiter (4 months ago)
5:12 A robot that moves with wheels can't male any steps.
t k (4 months ago)
You accidental ones are dying in every way. the kingdom of china is just beginning .. sadly.
CTSSTC (4 months ago)
Congrats you activated my Google home all the way in the other room 😂 4:20
Jamie Parks (4 months ago)
Try Linux!
Darkred (4 months ago)
they should just lower their phone prices.
Man you triggered my Google on my phone too!
jony fish (4 months ago)
It's all become overpriced garbage now......Samsung included
Joe King (4 months ago)
Difference is there ARE cheaper alternatives on Android, Apple doesn't.
t k (4 months ago)
You are smart.
Caleb Hawn (4 months ago)
"There is much better coffee out there for cheaper." -2:10
Javier Campos (4 months ago)
because xiaomi
Greggulus (4 months ago)
Microsoft what are you guys doing? This is what happens to windows 10 when developer(M$) Fires most of it's Windows devs and hires mostly linux devs to build next microsoft experience (AzureOS/or what ever it is named) on linux kernel... so will windows 11 be named Lindows?
Tweakey (4 months ago)
you did open my Google assistant
Kyle Moran (4 months ago)
My phone went off...
Rav P (4 months ago)
Laser James has grown up so fast :')
Levels; Devils New (4 months ago)
I just got to say UNHOLY SHIT 2019 IS GOING TO BE AWESOME FOR TECH! And also, James going the extra mile to be more animated and articulate to enunciate on certains words and or paragraphs = what a beautiful man. PLUS, he and Ivan and ( _side whisper_ ) Linus can be the next 3 Stooges watafok (jk).
Darren Kitchin (4 months ago)
I think alot of comes with the same shit released each year with minor upgrades and removing 3.5mm jacks : \
TwoEdge Sword (4 months ago)
How much Samsung and Android paid you? #Apple4ever
JooJoo Flop (4 months ago)
always TOLD you when Steve job! died that would be it
Skott62 (4 months ago)
No reason to upgrade a new phone every year. I went from a Note 3 to a S9. Waited about 6 generations of phones before upgrading. A big difference in tech and features to be sure. I won't need to upgrade for years assuming the phone doesn't die (which I do have insurance in case it does).
unjustkatana (4 months ago)
You can only abuse your clients so much !!!
Phizicks (4 months ago)
it's obvious Apple doesn't give a sh*t about electronic recycling or e-waste.
Proskeet8 (4 months ago)
I thought Techlinked was no more. i just now discovered it's still around great advertising LTT
fm carv (4 months ago)
What are you Apple haters gonna now say about Samesung doing exactly what Apple did?? https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/08/samsung-q4-guidance-.html
Neo Lix (4 months ago)
1:13 "a ban on older iPhones in the country": This is false. The ban applies only to Apples own stores (which are not that common in Germany) and does not affect any other vendor, especially not the mobile providers, which sell a HUGE amount of phones with their contracts. I can't even remember to have seen any iPhone 7 or 8 in the Apple Store when I visited the local one for the last time. tl;dr: People here hardly understand what Qualcomm want's to achieve, since the effect will be basically zero.
qvbe (4 months ago)
And now Samsung faced the same problem. lmao
Andrew Copple (4 months ago)
Cortana is a nasty paperclip.
E.J. Su (4 months ago)
At [4:20] This video actually activated my Google Assistant
sandybeee (4 months ago)
not necessarily, watch Louis Rossmans video on same topic
José Galvez (4 months ago)
if apple couldnt do high prices for the brainwashing they have, what make u think other brands can? stop copying apple.
Noom (4 months ago)
"because you can trust us when we tell you, you can trust them" HAHAHAHA
Rumen Rumenov (4 months ago)
Sitting here on my Fedora 29, laughing at the Windows news... :D
Shaamaan (4 months ago)
The current public build of Windows 10 1809 also has Defender completely borked...
hozi salehi (4 months ago)
3:10 QUEEK!... beats
Örs Darabont (4 months ago)
Guys, you are killin' it with this episode. The whole show is very cool. Keep it up. Cheers!
JuddMan (4 months ago)
What a load of it. The reason people are buying fewer iPhones is cause they aren't value for money any more (IMO)
Greg Henry (4 months ago)
My phone went off when you said it.
Phillip Morrison (4 months ago)
cus new phones are too much...
Alijah Simon (4 months ago)
People aren't buying as many iPhones because unlike Android phones from 2015, the iPhone 6s is still a blazing fast and feature-packed device, with a pressure sensitive display that Android phones STILL don't have. And all those iPhone 6 and 6S and 7 customers can buy iCloud storage, Apple Music, Apple Watches, AirPods, etc. So funny to watch these Goolag fanboys laugh over Apple's short term loss when the long term cash has already starting swooshing in.
B Martin (4 months ago)
I have never been an apple person but most apple people in my circle are slowly getting tired off the bull shit and finally making the switch. Most of them have only stayed that long because of there apple music and other devices. They make it tough to switch once they have you because you have to switch everything!
jerzeydolphins (4 months ago)
i been happy with apple for years ,built well in my opinion , i only upgraded so i could donate the old 6s to a hurricane victim, I do think apple needs a new CEO ,this dude cares to much about sjw sht
ejonesss (4 months ago)
advantage of the reverse whisper detection is so victims of violent crimes can get help lets say someone hits the victim across the throat as to crush the bone and it causes a bone shard to cut into the voice tissues their raspy cry for help could be detected and responded to. now if a phone can detect a blood curdling scream
Rich gAmA (4 months ago)
Oh, this has been the best news I've heard for a fresh new year.
Alistair Sutter (4 months ago)
James is the best. Way funnier than Linus 😂
SameerSlash (4 months ago)
it could be that the people are repairing their old phones, or it could be that people are starting to run out of organs to sell.
JustBeCreative (4 months ago)
I mean i am using an iPhone because i like the simplicity, which i didn't find in android. The design is also a lot better in my mind. BUT THE PRICE IS JUST TO HIGH!!!
Francis Srečko Fabian (4 months ago)
Apple's philosophy has changed a little since the Jobs' days. Cold hearted, pure, blind greed. Only a slight change in philosophy. The top iPhone costs $1,799AUD = $1,300+ USD. I'm hoping my iPhone 5 continues to survive. I'm already unable to update to Mojave. Having said, that if the mythical 2019 Mac Pro comes out AND it is actually useful (ie, modular, upgradeable etc. I will buy it (have to sell the house to afford it).
Cristian Drapni (4 months ago)
Apple doesn't feel so good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjPkU_g78Dk
Johan Last (4 months ago)
Apple had reign? When? Which market? Which country?
Brebgon (4 months ago)
Cuz iPhones are trash
Sadew (4 months ago)
That camera in the display for the S10 is such a terrible idea.
Einhärjar (4 months ago)
I think LTT should focus on tech and not financial analysis. Apple is just fine really. The stock price was just way above what it should have been, and now it's in line with what the company actually is worth. Even Rossmann talked about this and he's the biggest anti-Apple guy out there, and he knows a thing or two about investments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jCSVlPlP0o
denvera1g1 (4 months ago)
"a small number of almost all enterprise users with local administrator enabled so that a computer can be disjointed and rejoined to a domain if the trust is broken" Its a good thing we dont do in place upgrades, we build a fresh image for each new version
denvera1g1 (4 months ago)
Now i have incentive to buy the pro version of windows
Iron Layth (4 months ago)
*Laughs in hidden*
Budred123 (4 months ago)
If apple lowered their prices and allowed third party apps they would sell so many more phones.
Moop (4 months ago)
Pretty sure Apple’s products were repairable all the way up to 2012. Don’t recall that ever causing a drop in sales—IIRC they actually GREW during that time. Lol.
NorphTM (4 months ago)
You wanna try Linux? Heck yeah
Phab Ej Tsab (4 months ago)
ThePSaco (4 months ago)
maybe its because people are starting to realize that Iphones are a plain ripoff? Seriously there's been hardly any innovations during the last 6 years and they just raise prices for no reason
Matthew Wilson (4 months ago)
What? People wanted the fast charger included with the phone? But we got an inferior "RETINA DISPLAY" and a "BIONIC CHIP" inside. And don't forget the "ANIMONJI'S". What? They already have? Dang it!
KoTu (4 months ago)
in my native language Cortana doesn't even work... so I never had this problem.
Idiotsky (4 months ago)
Joe Kilbreth (4 months ago)
I swear these video just get better all the time
hawk hataki (4 months ago)
when you were inhaling and saying OK Google, my phone woke up and didn't recognize your voice wtf xD
Bobby Bologna (4 months ago)
Tim Cook says people aren't buying new iphones cuz they're fixing old ones... seriously? that's what he went with? Not that people are repairing their old phones because their new ones are outrageously overpriced and lack features from previous models? No consumers just magically stopped thinking iphone was trendy and started repairing their old ones lmao
Mor MacFey (4 months ago)
If only the US courts would have respected patent owners in the beginning, this evil company wouldn't have gotten so far in the first place by theft.
selohcin (4 months ago)
It's no coincidence that the Chinese man said it's a giant leap "for the Chinese Nation", not mankind. Canadians and Americans and people in Western Europe must understand that the Chinese despise us. They are angry as hell about their supposed "Century of Humiliation" and they want revenge. They would like nothing more than to see the subjugation of the white man to glorious China.
David Bowie (4 months ago)
Wait a minute there PROFITS are down and there failing so they make profit and they are failing
Apple failed in Africa, Asia, the Middle East & South America! And currently is losing to Huawei & Samsung in Europe not to mention Xiaomi to soon... Apple really gotta re-think their strategy! :p
Omar Sakr (4 months ago)
Ever wonder why Huawei came from nowhere to dominating the worldwide market in just a couple of years, even when banned in the US? Because they target every consumer and they innovate (ummm, let me correct that) they quickly adopt new technologies into their phones, kinda like Apple in the old days. Well if you think about it Huawei is the New Apple, hopefully they keep making reasonably priced premium phones and don't turn into the miserable mess that Apple is these days.

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