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What Happens When Windows 7 DIES?

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Text Comments (12466)
Fuseteam (8 minutes ago)
windows 7 meet _breathes_ ubuntu mint zorin majaro lubuntu xubuntu ubtouch kubuntu and umix
GuitarAudiologist (12 minutes ago)
I guess I could dual-boot, Win7 for games and Linux for the web. Until Linux game-compatibility gets up to par, then just go full Linux. Man, I hate Microsoft nowadays.
sina mak99 (58 minutes ago)
Windows 7 is the best os ever.
Shadow747 (2 hours ago)
Linus Microsoft shill confirmed
Shadow747 (2 hours ago)
5:08 lmfao i hate that shit..
Shadow747 (2 hours ago)
Lol who the hell buys their operating system anyways..
Shadow747 (2 hours ago)
1:50 Hahahahhahahaha
Shadow747 (2 hours ago)
Im using Windows 7 until it becomes completely buttfucking obsolete or until Microsoft fixes their shit..
Shadow747 (2 hours ago)
The same that happened to Windows XP..
Riz D (2 hours ago)
Where are the Linux users at? 🖐
N nOni (3 hours ago)
I have win 7 since the past decades and i never upgraded it, and no one hacked my windows till now even though I've disabled my Firewall since the past decades. people don't understand how hacks works, if you don't install a Trojan program no one can hack you, and no one bother to hack a simple guy like you, if someone want to hack you believe me no firewall or win 10 will protect you. Btw i have win 10 on my 2nd hdd just for few dx 12 games. So in short words there is no reason for me to leave win 7.
RayneAngelus (3 hours ago)
So... 2020 will be the year I actually install the Win10 Home I purchased at the end of 2017 when I rebuilt my PC core with 8th gen. Damn.
Liang Jiang (6 hours ago)
linux has trashy drivers for everything. GPU, printer, you name it.
YoCyber (6 hours ago)
I just wish windows 10 looked like windows 7 UI
DJ bouncy castle (6 hours ago)
I still use Windows 8.1 before fantastic system as well I love it
Evolutioner Deamon (7 hours ago)
I never update anyway.
JohnSullivanMusic (8 hours ago)
Windows is killing their only good product left.
P W P (8 hours ago)
I will stay with windows 7, its reliable, easy to use, 1000 better looking, Consistent, non intrusive, proper icons, not cheap and nasty looking like W10. W7 is just better in every way. After that Linux will be my main OS.
H C (9 hours ago)
only stupid people still fear w10.
Chris Valdez (9 hours ago)
Haha, updates and bug fixes... who cares. Been running build 2600(without updating at all)since I found a good copy online 9 or 10 years ago. My new laptop came with 10 pre installed, 7 still runs better.
EXZactic_mangoZXE (10 hours ago)
say goodbye window 7 users! XD
MrCrazyMan Games (10 hours ago)
3:13 that’s why my school got rid of our computers in the computer lab, also because half of them broke
MrCrazyMan Games (10 hours ago)
3:13 that’s why my school got rid of our computers in the computer lab, also because half of them broke
Tay Gumi (11 hours ago)
ayman bhuiyan (11 hours ago)
windows 7 is better than 10
Estrada Murcielgo (11 hours ago)
When Windows 7 is no longer supported, I'll stop using Windows, SCREW YOU MICROSOFT
ruediix (12 hours ago)
Microsoft is driving away their Enterprise customers. Part of me wants to cheer this, but part of me knows the risk of massive companies going without updates.
bill miller (12 hours ago)
learn to work with Linux Microslop extortion
Literary Landslide (12 hours ago)
I think it's very dumb to simply hate Windows 10 with a passion, it's a great OS considering all the other options, it has tonnes of actual improvements in performance and everything and its only real problem that may be good reason to ditch it is the infuriating update behaviour and maybe a couple background services that run by default. Their mixed design language across the OS also makes them seem a little bit incompetent/split. Aside from that, computer scientists seem to be trash at going all the way in making a perfect user experience; everything feels half-assed and someone ditches it to pursue their own half-assed vision and there's so much compromise in each option :/ I thought we all pursued high quality standards that make quality products more easily achievable by all, but development seems pretty chaotic still and further evolving still. Is there any possibility for a new OS/UX to enter the fray? Mobile seems like the only available space, but its limitations are apparent.
Trajce Playz (15 hours ago)
It dies...
ZeRen cz (15 hours ago)
I will never use Spydows 10, company worth billions and cant even properly test updates speaks for everything Linux is main OS on my PC now and proton works fine with most of my steam library
Nitesh Thakur (15 hours ago)
I have been using ubuntu since 2012.....
stemp1st (16 hours ago)
Note this I'm using PC with Win 7 for works related to Industrial Automation and upgrading to Win10 is Risking HUGE because some Automation's Manufacturers haven't released their Software Suit to the Latest Win 10 especially some particular brands where my clients have their Automation's Systems Installed. And If Indeed I have to like it or not Upgrading it then the last resort will be to abuse the Virtual PC Emulators software with by that will cost me loss on the overall perform of my PC. Linux and Mac isn't really an options since most Automation's Software Suit is bind for Windows only. oh the hard pill to swallow.
Adlyn Mas1293 (16 hours ago)
is windows 10 core i2 and GTX 710 ti usable I will upgrade whenever I can comment some links that I can upgrade plz
Love.Fun2k (16 hours ago)
Windows 7 is no longer supported, Who care.. windows update is just fix problems already discover by people and put a new problems(maybe back door) until next time discover again... I haven't update windows 7 for long time but still in good performance. Just keep watching any new files come into Windows folder and system32. and use task manager keep monitored system resource usage..
oskarplayer27 (16 hours ago)
What if you can't install an update because your hardware doesn't support it?
Nuno Fontainhas (16 hours ago)
Bla bla bla! Worst video I watched from you.
Nicholas Galea (16 hours ago)
Can't come quick enough. Die Windows 7.
MonsieuxChat (17 hours ago)
What if, I kept my windows 7 and never did the free update for win 10 back in the days... Can I clean install win 10 with a bootable USB key and activate it with my old win 7 code licence ?...
TheWingedPotato (18 hours ago)
What happens when Windows 7 dies? 50% of Microsoft's market share dies with it!
Fuseteam (6 minutes ago)
what happens when windows 7 dies? microsoft lose 50% linux gains 2500%
Any Bag (19 hours ago)
Folks it's a battle against Microsoft. Linus also banks a few bucks from the tech Industry so I dont take his scare tactics to seriously. If you cave then Microsoft will own you and everything about you. All of us know a side from PC gaming for regular use windows 7 will not just stop letting get online. Firefox will always have a browser.
Any Bag (19 hours ago)
Lmao. I ran windows 7 with updates turned off since I first installed in 2008. NEVER had a problem and still dont! Until Microsoft quits being dicks I'm done with them. Look pc use is going down. PC gaming is down and the younger generation of users are going with cell phones and Chromebooks for standard computer needs like social media and porn. Microsoft is not paying attention to where the market is going.
J. Gona (19 hours ago)
I run a notebook with 7 in my lab because it retains all of the standard windows features (and lab equipment interfaces) that we in the scientific fields have used for a few decades now. I *hate* Windows 10 and honestly, the last time I actually loved a version of Windows, I was using XP. I did not know about this. Microsoft is *throwing Windows away* !
windows 7 best windows win 10 super fake
david bass (21 hours ago)
If you want to browse the web on windows 7 then just browse it through a windows 10 device? Have everything pass through the win 10 device before coming to your win 7 device, with all downloads stored there too and only when you're ready to install, will it ever appear on your device. Which would be after the win 10 device has automatically scanned the files downloaded onto it before you open up anything you downloaded. This can be configured via software to appear as just another storage device to you, instead of requiring a remote connection. Like a NAS on a operating system.
chaiTV (22 hours ago)
I'm sticking with Win 7, even without updates. Security on the Internet is about a modern browser, virus protection programs, and most important - common sense in your activities. OS security patches have little to do with virus protection or malware. That's just fake news to get people on board their latest marketing bloatware drive.
To Nature (22 hours ago)
Go for Clear Linux.
Bob Bobbington (23 hours ago)
this guy is not funny at all
Negrea Cristian (1 day ago)
sounds like a subliminal form of advertising for Windows10
sjsharp2007 (1 day ago)
I don' thave any issues with the interface Win 10 uses what I do take issue with is is Privacy and being able to carry out updates when I want not when Windows 10 tells me to do it. That's the main reason why I've stuck with Win 7 as long as I have.
petman515 (1 day ago)
Nope micro soft engineers where playing beer pong plus.
Just ME Onlyme (1 day ago)
/Raise! Win 7 64bit here How fkn stupid, windows 8.1 still gets updates when more users are using Win 7? Win 7 is 37-39% of Windows users while Win 10 is 40? What do we have to do, go to MAC OS? *Puts hard hat on.. INCOMMING!!
Timothy White (1 day ago)
I'm just going to customize windows 10 to look and function like windows 7. I was a huge fan of Vista, and I used it for YEARS after 7 came out. I didn't make that switch until I built a whole new rig. When windows 8 came out, I said f*©K that tablet-oriented nonsense. But I have no choice now to get 10 for my new rig I'm building.
petrolhead458 (1 day ago)
My god, the memories of a search bar which does what you want it to do
BloonPopperPro (1 day ago)
7 more
White mage (1 day ago)
5:09 smosh reference?
TheSaxAppeal (1 day ago)
I mean. Windows 10 is good. It's not XP or 7 level amazing but it's not an atrocity like Vista or 8
Cool Dude (1 day ago)
Windows 7 the best operating system. Noooooo! I won't let it happen!
Shadow747 (2 hours ago)
Black Phase (1 day ago)
Windows 10 wouldn't be bad if it wasn't for all the bloatware not being able to kill Cortona that eats up ram and driver signature
SnickerSnack (1 day ago)
Why are you pushing windows 10 Linus? It has got to be one of the shittiest versions ever of windows....and I've used many of them going back to windows 95
For those who use Windows 7 without updates I Just want to say that if you didn't install the latest windows 7 security updates anyone can block all your files and ask you money to get them back...Even if you didn't download anything or going to strange sites etc.
Pichuscute (1 day ago)
If Windows 7 dies, then I die, tbh. But yeah, I can live without security updates for awhile. No big deal, tbh. Until I can't actively browse the web due to outdated software or something, I think Windows 7 is plenty fine.
Skywtaker (1 day ago)
Windows 7 is a legend that Microsoft try’s to kill
Skywtaker (1 day ago)
Microsoft MADE me upgrade to windows 10 I had no choice I tried to end it in task manager but it wouldn’t let me
chaiTV (21 hours ago)
get gud
Skywtaker (1 day ago)
If windows 7 dies I’ll kill myself
Ryan McCarthy (1 day ago)
microsoft will continue to provide security updates for windows 7 beyond Jan 2020. It's on their website.
Sharptooth100 (1 day ago)
Unless upgrading to Apple Mac is the next option suggestion.
SodaDragon (1 day ago)
i’m gonna miss aero glass 😔
robert dunn (1 day ago)
How about Android x86 for the pc
Edward Black Rose (1 day ago)
I will start using Linux for Internet, and I'm going to use Windows 7 for work. In fact sometimes these days I use Windows XP , I have two old computers on Windows XP and they do a great job to me.
SpyroPS1iscool (1 day ago)
I've used XP on the internet after 2014 and haven't had a problem yet
chaiTV (21 hours ago)
because your bank balance is so low, not even hackers want your shit
h2oaddict28 (1 day ago)
8.1 with startisback works like windows 7, windows 10 is a step backwards in usability
Arek (1 day ago)
After my last PC required some hardware upgrades, I just decided to move over to Mac OS, it's came a long way really, and is just like how I remember it in a good number of areas, just with some much needed improvements, I feel more comfortable with Apple as that's all they do with their OS, they never change things up like Windows does, I have tried using Windows 10, and idk, the touch friendly interface just makes it even more confusing to use, it took a lot longer to find the things I needed than I ever did on 7, I will just never move onto using Windows 10 as my main, Windows lost me at Vista, and now they have lost me again at 10, and probably the last time I will use their systems.
ZAY YA8 (1 day ago)
Time to use Linus haha because it free ဟုတ္တယ္ဟုတ္
ContraZombie4 (1 day ago)
You idiots DO realize you can just disable Cortana and internet searches from the search bar, right? And hell! Even with those BOTH still on you can just select "Folders" or "Apps" from the drop down menu! I mean, you're a TECH company, you SHOULD know this.
CiP (1 day ago)
Use Linux, SolusOS
Daniel Naveda (1 day ago)
Also my computer cannot run windows 8 or 10
Scott Serbousek (1 day ago)
Stop getting shafted by Microsoft and come over to the dark side already, folks. Linux.
Johan B. (1 day ago)
When W7 dies a lot of people will be very sad;)
Arnold Lewis (1 day ago)
My PC running on windows 7 with core 2 duo E7500
Stig (1 day ago)
im using windows 10 upgraded from windows 7 for free and it work perfectly fine even better then windows 7 like reading the iso and rar files i dont understand why ppl hate windows 10 ... if you mean the company spying im sure they do long time ago even before windows 98 but this at least they told you they do now so its good .... sorry for my english
Dwiki Ariesta (1 day ago)
windows 10 has no preinstalled minesweeper.
MWB Gaming (1 day ago)
As someone who has used windows 10 and gone back to windows 7 I will NEVER use Windows 10 ever again on any computer that I personally own (I still have to use that cancer at work but that's another story) I like the update settings of Windows 7, especially the one that says "check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them" It tells me when updates are available and most importantly, it let's ME choose which updates I want and it let's ME choose when to install them Also I don't have to constantly remove candy crush after every update
Robin Hahn (1 day ago)
Or, run Win7 in a VM, with Linux as host. Not ideal for gamers, true, but for a lot of other stuff, no problem.
Haije Hiemstra (1 day ago)
i hate squarespace it sucks
Lennard Spreen (1 day ago)
I hope program developers won't stop supporting it
NOiS3KiLL3R (1 day ago)
Windows 8.1 is really stable and fast (if you using SSD :D) OS. I used it for 2 or 3 years, and I never had any issues. No problems with updates and other stuff, what is happening quite often on Win 10 .
DMalenfant1 (1 day ago)
Still going to use Win 7. Still going to browse the Internet after 2020, even if it has to be through a sandbox, not looking to upgrade my rig anytime soon anyways. MS needs to fuck off. Then, I will probably go Linux as long as it can run all my programs.
Austin Kyle (1 day ago)
As a former Debian linux user, just stick to Windows.
Complexity (1 day ago)
Lol mac os 2.73% haha
Aung Un'Rama (1 day ago)
To get windows 10 to even remotely work functionally I had to run a debloat script to get rid of all the garbage. Even then I don't even use Windows anymore. I just use Linux.
Unbias (1 day ago)
Linux isn't by necessity gratis, it is free as in freedom. You might get both, but always freedom.
Unbias (1 day ago)
Year of Linux on the Desktop.
TheDesertsweeper (1 day ago)
I disagree - you can happily continue to "browse the internet" after support ends. Firstly it's not like you are at risk from day zero. There is no horde of viruses waiting to be unleashed on Windows 7 users on the 15th of January. And updates for many of the technologies included in Windows 7 will still work, like .net framework. Secondly if you are careful about where you go poking around on the internet (pun intended) you are already mitigating risk. And then let's not forget a good protection layer of anti-malware and anti-virus products that WILL CONTINUE to be supported for many years, including a browser-plug-in that protects you from dodgy websites. Oh and a decent firewall that looks at your traffic...and a third-party mail-scanner that cleans up your email before it arrives. I know many people still using Windows XP safely. Do not let anyone fear-monger you into buying into the Windows 10 virus, not even Linus. If you take some care you can continue to use Windows 7 for many years very safely. And yes, finally hardware incompatibility constraints, or other factors, may force you to abandon it. But by then Linux will have matured further, and other projects like ReactOS may have gained traction. I started with MainFrames and migrated to MS-DOS and etc. I have seen this fairy-tale many times before.
zeryphex (1 day ago)
another solution = [use a Linux distro that you enjoy] + [use fiber or 5G or coax/cable broadband] + [use a cloud computer/gaming service such as ShadowPC to play games on a Windows machine without having Windows on your local machine]
Still on windows 7! I have 10 on my laptops but for my power system, I love 7! All of my 10 systems have been skinned to act like 7. 10 is not bad, but it is not great compared to 7.
bex (1 day ago)
You can block internet access for windows updater in your firewall to prevent unwanted updates. It's ridiculous you have to do that, but it works.
Kurecore Kurecore (1 day ago)
I loved win 7 so much,sadly im stuck with 10 as win 7 have no more support for my graphic card :( BTW i still upgraded to w10 few months ago for free from theyr official sites you mentioned ,it still works
Nirvash (1 day ago)
The only reason I switched to windows 10 was because I was forced into it due to compatibility forcing for the ryzen processor.

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