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What Happens When Windows 7 DIES?

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Text Comments (13661)
Gustavo Gutierrez (2 hours ago)
Windows 3.1 master race
Gustavo Gutierrez (2 hours ago)
Never updated it, so nothing change
ObsoletePowerCorrupts (2 hours ago)
If a person is going to run linux (or windows 8.1 for that matter), they might also run within that Win7 in a virtual machine. There are pros and cons. It might have been worth a mention in the video.
YouDontKnowSponge (3 hours ago)
Nothing. I am Hoping someone will release a good security system for older versions of Windows by January 2020. But honestly, in an ideal world where Microsoft is not greedy, Windows 7 would have been the final version of Windows. I will save a copy if I ever need to reboot my computer or buy a new one.
Night NDay (8 hours ago)
I havent updated Windows 7 in 3 years even when it was my main device. So long as i dont watch porn, dont click on pop ups, and dont download unreliable software i should be ok.
Night NDay (8 hours ago)
Also CTRL ALT DELETE is your best friend
Larry Gall (12 hours ago)
I commented but Google didn't like it. If you're curious as to what they delete.. see it on Dissenter. You should consider installing it soon before _your_ comments are deleted for no damn reason. Most people think their comments are going through simply because they're visible to _you._ Install Tor Browser, so when you make a comment on a YT vid using your normal browser, you can load the same page in Tor, and see if it really went through or if Google's "thought police" turned it down. I don't use profanity, hate speech or insults.. ever. I have no idea why they deleted the last one. Go to Dissenter and look for yourself (name is Xavier Combarro)
Larry Gall (12 hours ago)
Google is deleting comments again
Raze Playz (12 hours ago)
I never update my Windows 7 so it's not a big deal of it not receiving more updates
Raze Playz (12 hours ago)
Windows7 is better than Windows10
Navorrack RBLX (13 hours ago)
I will, still use Windows 7 for the rest of my life. Unless I have to buy a new computer. Even tho Sec Updates is important I will just buy an antivirus to help me. EDIT: Found, out that people don't update programs for Operating Systems that have ended their support.
Sentai Genji (1 day ago)
i watched this video when i updated my computer from windows 7 to windows 10... Edit : i did it yesterday
Zeclips (1 day ago)
Is it only me or w7 is like gta sa? Old but great
2009=Windows 7 is born.🏠 2020=Windows 7 is dead.🏚️
Why not Zonbu or Chromebook(s)
K A G E (1 day ago)
mine cant upgrade so my pc is supposed to die
Cody Brown (17 hours ago)
just slap a BSD or Linux on it. or you could turn it into a retro gaming pc that doesnt get on the net with XP
Kusiga (1 day ago)
Last bit at the end "Don't pay for linux" hit home for me lol, paid for it in the late 90 for some Red Hat at Best Buy after thinking it was the only real linux but quickly learned otherwise after that blunder.
Alpha dec (2 days ago)
linux is the answer
BrotherNo JL (3 days ago)
I still have win 7 on my first pc build since its reliable. I hate win 10 at least on store bought pcs because of all the crap it comes with. On my third pc build forcing myself to get win 10. I just hate the all touch screen tile icon crap, lots of hidden features where you have to jump through a hoop to get to.
Lobert E. Ree (3 days ago)
I'd better start getting used to TempleOS.
X7LO I Channel (3 days ago)
Thats why I use Ubuntu 😎😎😘
alex derpy racc (3 days ago)
Name Legend (3 days ago)
I don't know why they would stop on Windows 7, *It was the most loved operating system!*
YouDontKnowSponge (3 hours ago)
Cause Microsoft is greedy. In an ideal world, Windows 7 would have been the final version of Windows. All Windows after suck.
Wacypro_gamez (3 days ago)
The first PC I used was my dads win 7 PC... RIP
Chris Jericho (3 days ago)
SAVE WINDOWS 7 shit microsoft, kill win 10 not win 7, bring back windows 7
Fresh Trees (3 days ago)
Upgraded from windows 10 to windows 7
Mike Jameson (3 days ago)
... I got it! Windows 7 is the new Windows XP, I think.
Necati Bozdoğan (3 days ago)
I am using Windows 8.1 because it is like a mixture of 7 and 10 and most importantly it receives regular updates.
eatme (4 days ago)
i have not run antivirus software nor updated my windows 7 installation since 2014 and it works great. if you are a grandmother who has file extensions visibility turned off and opens every attachment, maybe you need that stuff. the fear of viruses etc is way overblown if you are not a retard
eatme (4 days ago)
if you're a power user, you're likely to be able to get those updates for free no matter what microsoft says. and it would be ethical to do so
Terminator (4 days ago)
it did not die, it was killed my friend
Tristan Van Alcken (4 days ago)
Or the best best choise is to stick with Windows 7 and install an antivirus......
John Jakobsen (2 days ago)
- and quit the gay porn sites..
saxbend (4 days ago)
I had a weird thing happen to my Windows 7 about a year after I got it. Suddenly windows updates wouldn't work any more. I tried everything to fix it. Never mind, I could still use the computer the way I wanted to. Then eventually things became dependent on getting service pack 1, including the optional free upgrade to Windows 10. So this week, I've built myself a new PC and bought a copy of Windows 10 for it too. I've got my old hard disc so I can access the Windows 7 system should I need to, but unfortunately it will be an unactivated version because it's in a new machine annoyingly. Still, it's refreshing to hear that come January everyone would have to do this anyway.
TheGmodkilla (4 days ago)
My biggest issue with 10 is the dumb "Feature" updates. I don't want your garbage, just give me the security and shove it.
Bogdan (4 days ago)
Remember that in the WannaCry aftermath, they even released a security update for Windows XP, though support for that ended in 2009.
Cody Brown (17 hours ago)
mainly because it was being used to infect everything else.
F3LIX Dray (5 days ago)
Well, windows 7 is the most practical yet powerful operating system ever built. It would be a big disappointment if Microsoft killed it.
Nacla mek (5 days ago)
f u c k
Vee Macks (5 days ago)
I'm a die-hard Windows 7 user on my main PC but I got myself an Intel NUC with Windows 10 on it and it's really not that bad. Once you follow all the best "make it like Windows 7" tips that you can find (like enabling the quick launch bar) you can get it into a "mostly like Windows 7" mode. I'd upgrade my main machine to Windows 10 if the upgrade left all my apps, shortcuts, quick launch icon positions, and everything else where they are now so that I can continue as I was without having to invest days getting things to work again.
MrMetaloholic (5 days ago)
Who cares about security updates. There is always a new hole. And mainly the security breaches Are user errors made on purpose. Turn off the internet acces if you Are worried.
Nitemyst5824 (6 days ago)
just found out yesterday - the USPS self-serve kiosks are STILL running XP!! WHAT are they doing with the people's money?!?!
Harmon Wood (6 days ago)
Windows 10's best feature was its ability to disappear when I reformatted the hard drive. Four times Win10's "updates" blew out my boot sector on four different computers which caused me weeks of trouble, tons of lost data, and $. I put Win7 back in all of them and will keep it until I (with a capital "I") decide to change. As I read the lists of "updates," I've noticed that few, if any, even pertain to what I do, the programs I use, or the real security of the system anyway. One thing is certain, Win10 will NEVER enter this abode again. On all benchmarks, yes, even booting up, Win7 is faster, takes fewer mouse clicks to accomplish a task and is rock solid.
brainfuck.waifu (6 days ago)
well already installed ZorinOS goodbye Microsoft.
kuba bob (6 days ago)
i know how to get past windows 10 forced updates. you need to go to settings and set the “update time” from your bedtime your wake up time or other. if you turn off your pc at night you can update WHEN YOU WANT *BOOM*
Mike Jameson (6 days ago)
"What happens?" The same thing that happened to Windows XP; It's gonna slowly become unsupported over time. Then, it will get unofficial update hacks - again, just like XP.
PoseMotion (3 days ago)
I have an XP machine that still runs great. No problems what so ever, even on the web. Scare tactics get people to upgrade, when in reality, all operating systems can be infected with viruses, trojans, etc. Just stay away from porn and other strange websites. Don't download anything from an untrusted websites and make sure your Avast anti-virus is updated.
Jortand (6 days ago)
I still use Windows 7
Bobur Amatov (6 days ago)
I want the video at 0:20
pdxbohica (6 days ago)
Classic Shell gives you the look and feel of 7. http://www.classicshell.net/
TheEpicGypsy (6 days ago)
Wouldn't it be a viable option to install Linux Ubuntu right beside a Windows 7 partition? I'd probably do that for the sake of maintaining my laptop's original OS. (HP Envy)
TheEpicGypsy (6 days ago)
You forgot to mention when Windows 10 literally eats your hard drive usage alive, at random.
Donnie Brasco (7 days ago)
Windows 7 with updates turned off is the best thing ever
PC-Support Tech Hub (7 days ago)
Windows 7 is that operating system we will all remember
navnmercdo (7 days ago)
windows 7 will die in january 2020 even though it dies it will be our most favorite windows os in history
Nym (8 days ago)
I've been installing windows 10 every now and then and every time I find that the user is getting less and less control over their own machine. Each time I install windows 10 there's a new service meant to prevent the user from disabling the updates or telemetry. More and more services that cannot be disabled on account of "silly user, doesn't need to worry about this or that". The whole point of building a PC is to have full control over how the OS uses the available resources. Windows 7 allows you to do that, turn off whatever you don't want running, manage updates yourself nothing is off limits and you don't need to perform all sorts of unorthodox registry hacks and filename changes in system folders. God forbid you fiddle too much with that stuff on windows 10, it will make sure all your efforts are invalidated the next time you decide to also install....office. yeah...that also forces back updates and telemetry. You know...at a certain point you gotta ask yourself, is this your computer or microsoft's computer. I have given up on windows 10 because using a win10 machine feels more like the OS is fighting me at every turn trying to slow me down or distract me with useless menus. And the broken search feature...jesus...how many years has it been now? End of support for win7 will not mean it will become unusable, what usually kills an os is the lack of support from other software developers. Next time you wanna install the latest photoshop and it tells you your os is not supported or something, that's when you feel obsolete :). But that day has not yet arrived...till then...7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 :D
shy26 gaming (8 days ago)
im on windows 7!
Golu Ashutosh (8 days ago)
windower 12 computer hai kie nahi
Comdervids (8 days ago)
F**k Linux. Yeah that's right i said it and I'll go a step further WINDOWS 10 IS THE BEST OS AND MICROSOFT IS LEGENDARY Whatcha gonna do haters?
Comdervids (4 days ago)
No you
linux tech tips
The Dark Knight (8 days ago)
The Dark Knight (8 days ago)
Anti Virus programs always messed up my system and often crashed it. And they interfere with my moding tools which it recognizes as "viruses" and shoves them in the quarantine.
The Dark Knight (8 days ago)
I visit only safe sites so i havent had a virus problem for at least 20 years.
The Dark Knight (8 days ago)
My windows 7 updates are turned off. Never been happier. Updates are like filling a pot hole on the road. Fill one hole in and create 3 new ones in its place.
I Hate My Country (8 days ago)
windows 7 is for old people
journeyquest1 (8 days ago)
Win 10 bloat bloat bloat.
Alex31YTB (8 days ago)
squarespace = make your website look like everybody elses
Alex31YTB (8 days ago)
Aaand you have to pay 9899932199 billion dollars for a windows 10 pro licence
Athousand suns (8 days ago)
Still using the legend... And will be using until it's completely dead...
Roxie Pops (8 days ago)
My computer can't update past 8 I believe, not enough space. Guess I'll be screwed in a few years.
No Content Found Here (8 days ago)
God, I wish the OG days of Windows 7.
Tomas Flores (8 days ago)
By by Windows 7 you are a legend
Tominator (9 days ago)
Max Omer (9 days ago)
best operation system Windows 7 and needs Microsoft to stop greed stop lick money dick they update windows 7 service pack 2 not remove features add new features I fun windows 7 we watched vista service pack 2 and not yet 7 why Microsoft worst to hell I updated windows 10 worst to hell they removed features and network removed features and two control panel windows before one control panel looking funny windows 10 it's ok windows 10 start menu I love smart windows 7 I love best windows 7
Badtaste21 (9 days ago)
What about a Linus OS based on Linux? :D
Aaron Winter (9 days ago)
I grew up with windows and was quite anxious about what I'd miss. So, i downloaded myself a manjaro linux version and honestly, I don't miss a thing. By now, Linux is a great alternative even for casual users.
d1d3ld1dumd31 (10 days ago)
I'm do consulting in cloud computing and can't afford MS collecting data where I have NDAs singed for. I will switch to Linux macOS and a Jailed WinVM. Good bye MS.
Greg Benwell (10 days ago)
January 15th 2020 Linux over takes Windows as the Operating System of choice!!! Personally Linus my experience of the last three years has been tinkering with Ubuntu and I love it!! So Microsoft Windows 10 was the death of Windows on ANY of my computers in the next few months and it all started when they (Microsoft) tried dumping that crap software known as Windows 8 on us, then trying to FORCE ME to install Windows 10, which I didn't want either!!! Microsoft LOST ME as a customer, and I was very loyal to them literally since Windows 3.1 came out and I was a faithful MS-DOS user since before that, just to show you how "old school" I actually am, because I started out on old DOS based Commodore computers then PCs in the 1980s well before there was anything like "the internet"!!! So Microsoft can kiss my butt goodbye, Linux has finally come of age and is far superior to anything Microsoft has to offer me!!!
Greg Benwell (10 days ago)
Anti Virus Protection?????? What Anti Virus Protection???? Windows 7 DOES NOT HAVE GOOD ANTI VIRUS PROTECTION TO BEGIN WITH!!! That is why I use AVG Anti Virus!!!!
Greg Benwell (10 days ago)
And I have (own) 7 computers in my home network by the way......so guess what.....ALL MY COMPUTERS will be going to Linux!!!
Lo0 (10 days ago)
i wish Microsoft died before window 7 died :V
ksp1278 (10 days ago)
My gaming PC dual boots between XP and Windows 7. I only play older single player games on it and use it for editing videos and photos. It doesn't need to be on the Internet, as I have my phone and tablet for internet use.
Daniel K (10 days ago)
same thing happened with windows xp
155907 (10 days ago)
i decide what os i use. sorry microsoft. your updates.. gonna stop next year? really? who cares. im actually thinking about turning my 2 win10 computers back into windows 7 ... already have nother 1 still running 7 and is never connected...i know all you want is my data , n its safe here diconnected..lol in your dreams microsoft
Raja Chowdhary (10 days ago)
Fuck you Microsoft, won't going to leave windows 7 at any cost. Win 7 Rockssssssss.
BMBKA1977 (10 days ago)
I work and play with Windows 10 and I think it is the best Windows ever!
Musiicnation (10 days ago)
I love how he doesn't even talk about windows 8 cause it's just shit😂
Arnaud Meert (10 days ago)
The rise in devices using Windows 10 is especially due to companies being forced to update as the 7 is 10 years old and newer devices don't come with driver support for W7.
Wee Gee (10 days ago)
Jay (11 days ago)
Ubuntu, or Arch Linux.... Lutris....most of my games work with Direct X to Vulcan support. Apple sucks, and is starting to spy on people too. I have a real mac pro, and still took Mojave off it. The hell with Microsoft, and Apple.
Infertile Piggy (11 days ago)
Go to Linux boys
Gerff (11 days ago)
MINIMIZING their data collection IS NOT STOPPING their data collection! Forced updates are B.S., as well them installing crap like Candy Crush without your permission. Win X is simply UNACCEPTABLE! PERIOD!
Not only have we only a little less than a year but they are, I guess, blocking KEYS for windows 7...I say this cause they blocked both of my really old Win 7 Pro edition keys...also just update windows 7 yourself lol (I know that as a basic consumer you can't just update windows 7 on your own)
Lord DJ (11 days ago)
lol im using linux mint!
20MB GaminG (11 days ago)
but win10 is far better than win7 and 8
88frko88 (11 days ago)
XP Pro was the best OS program. Windows 7 Pro also very good... Windows 8.1 My sister own it on lap..and it is pure crap vs XP and 7... Windows 10..Never tested it, so need to see :) So idk..does it really update and shoot down during doing something?? :O I on Windows 7.
Re69 (11 days ago)
I all love you my windows 7 friends! We should have a place to chat :)!
Armorden (11 days ago)
Bought a Windows 10 gaming laptop a few years back, wouldn't let me play games or DVDs in the laptop's DVD drive until I bought some app from the store; couple that with other issues and I returned the laptop back for a refund. I do Graphic Design and 3D modeling and users are having trouble getting Blender to work on Windows 10. Most of my programs work on Windows 7; Windows 10 seems like a hassle.
Ken Loreen Centina (11 days ago)
I dont know what to d without windows 7
A B (11 days ago)
I'm still using Windows XP ....
Babush Babushi (11 days ago)
long live windows 10 LTSB / LTSC
SHUNTED (12 days ago)
Doug Brown (12 days ago)
I'm hanging onto Windows 7 (and even Windows 8.1, correctly modified, will work) for as long as possible but Windows 10 is absolutely not an option. I'm not going to have a system that takes away update control the way Windows 10 does, so I'm eventually heading to Linux. I know I vowed I would never do Linux but Windows 10 ain't happening for me.
Loreaver (12 days ago)
Just put windows 10 in metered connection
YhelloWish (12 days ago)
I still use Windows 7 today LOL
MADS (12 days ago)
I've had cracked and un updating windows 7 home for the last 8 year or whatever long. Not had one issue. Updates? Yea... Nah
Scott Maday (12 days ago)
Wanna know why my toaster is better than windows 10? *it doesn’t have fucking candycrush preinstalled on it*

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