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Halsey - Strangers ft. Lauren Jauregui

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Text Comments (21114)
Bree Thurston (4 hours ago)
That back lingerie at the beginning is hot AF.
Erika Sazia (7 hours ago)
You are video very veryy good just like it...bucz of Laureenn too oh my good my grils💕 you are really...smrt n so pertty lovu you to so much...laureeee.....n😎😍👏
Βασω Βλαχου (7 hours ago)
Alejandra Ramirez (16 hours ago)
Me costó mucho encontrar esa canción y por fin se como se llama 😢😍
Bob Greenhouse (18 hours ago)
Sexy voices sexy ladies u go girls
CaMrEnStAn Xx (1 day ago)
vando jabiraca (1 day ago)
Música boa do carai
diegoqr13 (1 day ago)
Product placement af
Janae Davis (1 day ago)
If only they were together
Dante Baron (2 days ago)
Romantyczna chodzi w czarnej koszuli
Kookie Exo (2 days ago)
Other people (2 days ago)
So, the whole point of this was to say they wanted to see other people?
FeePlays (2 days ago)
Norexy Campos (2 days ago)
Can someone tell me what the video is about?
Vo Dong Dong (2 days ago)
Why lolo lose ...she dont want to be a winner , win for nothing ....she can win but she can not win her love , her baby ...lolo
Angela Christine (3 days ago)
Only children use emojies
a Lauren que tinha que ter ganhado
yoyo :DD (3 days ago)
<3 luv u
Chris Vance (3 days ago)
She doesn't kiss you cause your tits aren't even worth touching. and you're verbally abusing her. you're the problem here. I hope "she" finds someone nice.
alice andrews (2 days ago)
Lmao what
Lauren Cabello (3 days ago)
They sound good together 😍 16M👏🎉
Annie Liz (3 days ago)
october 2018: WAIT THERES A VIDEO??????
Ana Esteves Brandão (3 days ago)
Imagine being so hot that you look good with your face smashed
Perrie The Platypus (3 days ago)
Viki Barragan (3 days ago)
It's a song about a girl/girl relationship but the only connection I saw was between Halsey and that guy behind the ring. This video does nothing for the story, it's just two girls boxing. Disappointed but not surprised
abhitastic7 (4 days ago)
0:01 what is she saying
abhitastic7 (4 days ago)
Guillaume BFLR/ISHP (4 days ago)
goldon gate rosa
SYE sjsjeh (4 days ago)
Am I the ONLY one that heard, "she doesn't let me have control anymore." And in Camilas song she said, "she loves control". OMG their relationship Is making me crazy
Julia King (4 days ago)
Wow. This sucks. How disappointing. Good try tho
Mariah twentyone (4 days ago)
Cant believe this hasn't hit the charts every other song Halsey has sung hit the charts.
Pilar Ramirez (5 days ago)
24 "Expectations" 😍😍😍🙌🙌👄
Hotel peres (5 days ago)
lauren and the most beautiful, perfect person in the universe😍😍😍
oriya amram (5 days ago)
i need another collab!!!
I Love Lauren 😘😘
ArrozW (5 days ago)
Aa, no puedo ver nada porque luego luego lo shippeo! Será Cannon? O no lo será? Por lo menos vivirá en mi mente!
bubbublespice 321 (5 days ago)
Who the guy at 1:48 ?
Roses Msp (5 days ago)
*im confused Sigrid made This song too and it said Offical Video*
Victor Aquino (5 days ago)
This song is the song that’s at the ending credits when the girlfriend kills the boyfriend and runs off with her secret girlfriend
Yeetles (5 days ago)
i dig the song and everything but what the fuck does boxing have to do with it
sanskriti khatiwada (6 days ago)
Halsey <3
Cale Tucker (6 days ago)
Lauren" Is Pretty"
Joselin Ramos (6 days ago)
i know this is Halsey's video and all but damn i was really rooting for lauren
Santana Carol (6 days ago)
cadê os Brasileiros de bom gosto😘?
LHX Official (7 days ago)
BI peeps: Halsey or Lauren GAY peeps: Troye Sivan LESBIAN peeps: Hayley Kiyoko
[Swoop] MSP (8 hours ago)
Lesbian Jesus*
Kayla CAKE (7 days ago)
*Camren conspiracy:* At 1:27 when Lauren says "She doesn't let me have control anymore", is it maybe a reference to Camila's song "She Loves Control"?
Caraca foi a Lauren q escreveu essa música nossa achei muito legal a Música parece q a Lauren ta cantando pra Camila Cabello♥ :-D
Rosa (7 days ago)
Halsey ♥
MaCz2101 (8 days ago)
Amazing where being a slag can get you 🙃
Vamos subir as visualizações galera!!
Bruna Goede (8 days ago)
Que porra é essa n entendi nada kskakska mas arrasaram como sempre né
Cesar Gonzalez (8 days ago)
A mi me gustan asi... salvajes! grrrr :*
Aviania Thompson (8 days ago)
How are they so beautiful?!
Arakquin H (9 days ago)
love both soo much
Mel _pqp (9 days ago)
Como amo essa msc, e o clipe ainda mais ❤
Jennifer Gamboa (9 days ago)
Melany Castillo (9 days ago)
“She doesn’t look me in the eyes anymore” more like “she doesn’t look at my memes anymore”, that’s true pain bro
Brenda S (10 days ago)
Jéssica Vanessa (10 days ago)
Sexy as fuck
Jéssica Vanessa (10 days ago)
Hannah P. (10 days ago)
Why does this come up when you search Hayley Kiyoko?? I thought she was gonna make an appearance at some point, or at the VERY least it would be gay. How dare they do Hayley like this.
Katie Haynes (10 days ago)
I have been waiting for this video! I thought they would would never make one for a sec lol
Sarah Schmidt (10 days ago)
Did nobody ever notice that the name on Halseys shorts is LUNA? Spanish for moon. And Laurens is ROSA, spanish for rose. I know Lauren did not write the song but still.... or am I the only one? I dont mean to ship camren here but still the names must have any kind of meaning? idk
JVi Manalo (10 days ago)
Who came here for Lauren? 😍😍
Lauren mi amor 😍😍😍
A. O. (10 days ago)
Amazed :)
Ramsés González (10 days ago)
Boi wot (10 days ago)
This boxing match is *weak*
Uma Pensativa (11 days ago)
Laureeeeeeen beautiful ❤❤❤
Ali M . A (11 days ago)
Kanye west with long hair 👀👽
Hailey Daugherty (11 days ago)
wow honestly ship
Karina Ferreira (11 days ago)
Esse vídeo sem som é uma poesia
Sabrina fsns Carpenter (11 days ago)
Camila: She loves control Lauren: She doesn't let me have control anymore Halsey: Who is in control?
william Navarrete (12 days ago)
Where g eazy with the rap part would of been good if he did
felipe giraldo (12 days ago)
Lauren ☺️😍
Kissiedhat 24 (12 days ago)
De este video puedo interpretar una cosa , amor tóxico. Halsey representa el mal ( rojo) mientras Lauren el lado bueno ( blanco ) , este video según mi teoría representa la lucha por mantener en píe algo que destruye poco a poco , donde la razón o el lado bueno ( Lauren ) lucha por escapar de ese amor. Eso se refleja en que el chico está del mismo lado de Lauren o sea que tiene el conocimiento pleno de lo dañino que es ese romance , sin embargo , por más que luche siempre vuelve a caer.
manju prem (12 days ago)
wait what?
Alemao ferramenta (12 days ago)
Muito top as músicas da halsey i lovy música pop ...#brasil
Daniel Speedy (12 days ago)
I dont get the concept of the fight
Delia Reyes (13 days ago)
Lauren is girls you nou okay
Delia Reyes (13 days ago)
Lauren is girls you ni okay
Клип не весьма а песня отлично звучит
taesthetic (13 days ago)
Everyone talking about Lauren and Camila but Nobody’s appreciating the boxing style chosen as a theme for the video 😻
Lisandra Melo (13 days ago)
escutar esse hino enquanto eu ainda posso
Dante Baron (13 days ago)
Martyna chodzi w czarnej koszuli
Destiny Ray (13 days ago)
Why is all of this my actual life right now?😲😣
Heydi Medina (14 days ago)
Donde están los latinoos!
Mihai Ros (14 days ago)
Mark Jaskowski (14 days ago)
Oh please, Lauren totally won that fight. Halsey was three times as bloody and got knocked down way more. Lol
Alejandra Claros (14 days ago)
Stranger s
Camila (14 days ago)
What happened with the kiss ??
* Lou * (14 days ago)
OMG he gave her back the necklace !!!!!!!!!
daniela esparza (15 days ago)
esto es oro puro
Hedy Esmail (15 days ago)
Halsey is the best for ever
Júlia Fernandes (15 days ago)
Estranhas (part. Lauren Jauregui) [Halsey] Ela não me beija mais na boca Porque é mais íntimo do que ela acha que devíamos ser Ela não me olha mais nos olhos Com muito medo do que ela vai ver, alguém me abraçando [Halsey] Quando eu acordo sozinha E estou pensando em sua pele Eu lembro, eu lembro do que você me disse [Halsey e Lauren Jauregui] Disse que não estamos namorando Somos apenas estranhas Com a mesma maldita vontade De ser tocada, de ser amada, de sentir qualquer coisa Não somos amantes Somos apenas estranhas Com a mesma maldita vontade De ser tocada, de ser amada, de sentir qualquer coisa [Lauren Jauregui] Ela não me liga mais pelo telefone Ela nunca ouve, diz que é inocente Ela não me deixa mais ter o controle Devo ter passado dos limites, devo ter enlouquecido [Halsey] Quando eu acordo sozinha E estou pensando em sua pele Eu lembro, eu lembro do que você me disse [Halsey e Lauren Jauregui] Disse que não estamos namorando Somos apenas estranhas Com a mesma maldita vontade De ser tocada, de ser amada, de sentir qualquer coisa Não somos amantes Somos apenas estranhas Com a mesma maldita vontade De ser tocada, de ser amada, de sentir qualquer coisa [Halsey e Lauren Jauregui] Sinto falta das manhãs com você deitada na minha cama Sinto falta das memórias passando em minha cabeça Sinto falta do pensamento de eu e você para sempre Mas tudo o que você sente falta é do meu corpo, oh [Halsey e Lauren Jauregui] Disse que não estamos namorando (não estamos namorando) Porque somos apenas estranhas Com a mesma maldita vontade De ser tocada, de ser amada, de sentir qualquer coisa Não somos amantes Somos apenas estranhas Com a mesma maldita vontade De ser tocada, de ser amada, de sentir qualquer coisa (qualquer coisa) [Halsey e Lauren Jauregui] De sentir qualquer coisa (você perdeu, você perdeu, você perdeu) De sentir qualquer coisa (você perdeu) (Você perdeu) (Você perdeu) (Você perdeu)
Ertuy Saludos (15 days ago)
No quiero decir Carmen pero.....CAMREN!!!!!!!:V
Justa Clapper (15 days ago)
The guy from alone is in here. I love that and I love that she believes what I do. Love is love...man or woman. Can't help falling in love with who you love
Amber Tirbhowan (15 days ago)
Maybe Lauren didnt write the song but she could have chosen parts to sing. Like she doesn't let me have control- and im sure she misses Camilla. Like the whole group probably misses her and each other since they were like best friends. Thats why Camilla wrote Real Friends since she and them werent really that close as she thought. (They saw it as a betrayal)
Love Emoticon (16 days ago)
Lauren baby
A Karina (16 days ago)
Q rainhaaaa
Pamii2331 (16 days ago)
Gorgeous Women Everywhere jeje

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