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Halsey - Strangers ft. Lauren Jauregui

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Text Comments (21673)
Victor Velasquez (12 hours ago)
Venkatesh Punekar (19 hours ago)
The video came after 1 year of audio release
Cansu Akay (20 hours ago)
Tuğbaaa çikolatalı ekmeğiiiim♥♥♥
Tuğba Frangipane (20 hours ago)
+Cansu Akay önerim nasıl şarkılar dinlersin ?
Cansu Akay (20 hours ago)
+Tuğba Frangipane ohaa abartma shshjs eee baska sarki öner
Tuğba Frangipane (20 hours ago)
+Cansu Akay senin ki mi sen cansu akay sın kendine gel (!) 👌🏻
Cansu Akay (20 hours ago)
+Tuğba Frangipane bende yanliz kullanici adim efsaane
Tuğba Frangipane (20 hours ago)
Bencede çok garip abone oldum sana bu arada ;)
Mrs Unknown (23 hours ago)
I love this Song so much 😍❤️🙏🏻
Sergio Ballesteros (1 day ago)
Thanks for this perfect moments of beautiful girls that will away stay as a little kids just like my mother that's why I made sure to watch girl meet world 💚💘🐈 l still have to play 💘 to all of us that didn't get there chance to fall in love with soulmate I'm getting a little bit why is Iran making sure I don't get any breaks shortcuts help and no City sorry for how much pain I'm going through even though it hurts 2311 😏 but I still say my parents are cheating their kung fu is stronger than mine
Katieboil Anegg (1 day ago)
Cringe. Mediocre.
andreza lima (1 day ago)
Raisa Silva (2 days ago)
Ah esse anjo ♡
Real Soil (2 days ago)
OMG I still remember Camren..
Sergio Ballesteros (2 days ago)
I don't know if I can ask my big sister a question.
Jazmin Book (2 days ago)
with the blue hair color and the things about the angels she remembers me the book of the daughter of smoke and bone
alexis porter (2 days ago)
bro anybody else ship them 😍 & not to be wierd but id definitly fuck both of them 😂😩
Gaydar Bish (2 days ago)
Bro. I wouldn’t want to get into it with y’all. Shit.
andreza lima (2 days ago)
MissA dsy (2 days ago)
20 million!!!
Rachael Hoye (2 days ago)
Irving Jair (2 days ago)
Alguien sabe como se llama el ángel?
r blanc (3 days ago)
Always been the underdog, that's why this vid only makes me fall for Halsey more.
CryingWithTheWolves (3 days ago)
The right order of watching the HFK videos: Strangers, Now Or Never, Bad At Love, Sorry, Alone
girl of the séries (2 days ago)
no because strangers is like a flashback
Itz Maggie (3 days ago)
So some of her songs are doing kinda of like a series?
Deadpool (3 days ago)
so hot
Monica Mendoza (3 days ago)
I felt everything!!!!😭😭👌🏼👌🏼
Muhammad Haroon (4 days ago)
eso no tiene nada que ver con la letra
Evelyn Ferreira (4 days ago)
Mds não tem como comparar a beleza delas
Maha Mohamed (4 days ago)
We're not lovers We're just strangers 😎✌
悲 S A K U R A TM (4 days ago)
Car (4 days ago)
Who is this Lauren Jauregui girl?? She's amazing!!
Lidiea 18 Spielt (4 days ago)
Why halsey won i WANT lauren win
kill me (5 days ago)
Z Dax (5 days ago)
this is one song I love from Halsey #bisexuality
Hugo Pinheiro (5 days ago)
*Camila has left the chat*
Halsey confirmed Tranny! Satans ramping up.
Alan Cabrera (5 days ago)
Brittanyk2977 (5 days ago)
Halsey got a booty 🍑🍑🍑🍑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍
Natalie Stadler (5 days ago)
Ester Vitória (6 days ago)
lindas demais
Gabriela cid (6 days ago)
For me this is before "Now or Never", right??
park camelia crespo (6 days ago)
Lauren 🙆🙆
Itsmeejrg (6 days ago)
I was like 🤤🤤
Sophia Jarrett Bridge (6 days ago)
Can someone please tell me the significance of this video?
Danitiele santiago (6 days ago)
andreza lima (6 days ago)
Leticia Clarissa (6 days ago)
andreza lima (7 days ago)
oof (7 days ago)
Halsey moves like Troye Sivan. Another one fallen victim to gay body moves
tae mo (7 days ago)
Hi camren shipper, i see you gurl😏
Carly Saylor (7 days ago)
Okay, but lowkey I love halseys hair
AIdany Soboc (7 days ago)
gay moments not necessary...keep your private life to yourself halsey...just confusing all the young girls with your sinful ways
andreza lima (7 days ago)
Faye Ahmad (7 days ago)
can anyone tell me who are luna and rosa?
Jessica Viana (7 days ago)
Camila-consequência,never be same Lauren-estranhas,expectativa
عاشق النساء (8 days ago)
اريد اتعرف على بنت صداقه جاده وبسريه 😘
Natalia X (8 days ago)
*20 mill* 🎉🎉
Brenda Killon (8 days ago)
2:46 sounds too much like hurricane
I like the fact that Lauren kept the female pronoun for her verse.
María Ciacia (8 days ago)
I love this
Happier Snow (8 days ago)
queria tá no ringue com a morena q eu
Rodjer Sou (8 days ago)
a human (8 days ago)
Lauren is sooooooooo hot
Madeline VESIR (9 days ago)
i love Ashley & Lauren
katie m (9 days ago)
love this song and beautiful and stunning voice and amazing lyrics
Brandi West (9 days ago)
❤ Halsey!
Divine Fem (9 days ago)
I love seeing this white girl get beat to shit
Arielle Short (10 days ago)
This singer just makes my heart so happy. #BiPride
andreza lima (10 days ago)
i love this muic and when i hear every detail😺👌❤
William Reid (10 days ago)
I love how the creator made the videos interact with one another.
Another HumanxD (10 days ago)
Lina Baddie (10 days ago)
Amanda Alencar (11 days ago)
Hey, check out my chanel for some covers 😉
Claudinha maria (11 days ago)
Só eu que amo a parte da Loren 😲😲😲
Antonia Sandoval (11 days ago)
Pos yo quería que ganara La loren xD
caroline beatriz (11 days ago)
Lauren sempre gata 💜💙
Maria Alice (11 days ago)
#Camila cabello
betito podrido (11 days ago)
shit lesbian
Alternative Heart (11 days ago)
We're just strangers wanting to be loved
Keira Ng (11 days ago)
omg I wanna be in the video so Lauren can punch me and I can thank her
Emma Sorrell (12 days ago)
sponsored by sketchers
meida le (12 days ago)
2019 ????
Sergio Ballesteros (12 days ago)
I I know iim just wishing there talking about what Im going through but I believe playing a game with your companion on just music cv by It self can open up doors to see what can help me as in we, sharing each other's music if you know they don't like it they didn't hear it and understand it can build up knowing more than just a friend it's always good to be best friend but who I'm I to to tell someone what to do
Pretty Banda (12 days ago)
2019 & it’s still on 🔥 🔥
I will never stop caring for Luna and Solis honestly. I know they're "toxic" but they love each other and that kind of love doesn't just disappear. I wish them the best!
You're the best @Halsey for giving us this storyline. It's beautiful, hope it continues.
mrs. belieber (12 days ago)
Lauren’in kasıp cool olmaya çalışırken, Halsey’in doğuştan cool durması kaç puan
Ernesto Mendoza (12 days ago)
I love You Lauren Jauregui 😍😍😍
Amanda sweet (13 days ago)
They are hot
amilia moon (13 days ago)
Love them both💕💕
Alyzza Leija (13 days ago)
We could've had ponytail Lauren and they decided to give her pigtails!! Smh 😑
Ramsés González (13 days ago)
music! (13 days ago)
osmanhyusmen (13 days ago)
This could have been a hit but it’s music video is released too late
Xiomara Franco (14 days ago)
lil nuget network ! (14 days ago)
If this is really hasley running her account tell lauren that( the sun+the moon=no more pain)
That guy looks like Zoe kravitz if she was a dude.
Federictass Tass (14 days ago)
Halsey in on fire
1:41 that shoes tho. familiar
nucking Figger (14 days ago)
Halsey is so fucking perfect in every way
GG Garcia (14 days ago)
Who came here during camren

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