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Microsoft in 2019 [HQ]

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Microsoft in 2019 [HQ] Amazing Video
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Anirudh Vignesh (1 day ago)
Microsoft just became worse lol
AKASH. SIVAH. (13 days ago)
Did this channel owner make this video or did he get it from somewhere else?
TStorm (20 days ago)
Things we have 0:38 - 0:56 (Tablets - iPads) 2:14 - 2:45 (Not double phone but already how to find and talk with someone like that) 3:30 - 3:37 Already we have Google, Siri, Cortana or other assistant recognizing our voice and interacting with devices.
Bilmem Bilmiyorum (21 days ago)
Commenting this in an attempt to get this video on everyones recommended.
Jonas Scerbiakas (24 days ago)
all this sht is borring here, glass hologram isnt new. only news papers are interesting idea, but as u see, we can get only flexible phones atm. im waiting only for Holograms in AIR. which is absolutely next gen. hope to see them in 2025..
David Schmidt (29 days ago)
Hello from 2019 !
TStorm (20 days ago)
Things we have 0:38 - 0:56 (Tablets - iPads) 2:14 - 2:45 (Not double phone but already how to find and talk with someone like that) 3:30 - 3:37 Already we have Google, Siri, Cortana or other assistant recognizing our voice and interacting with devices.
David Schmidt (29 days ago)
We are here, in 2019, and I still don't see anything about this "Future" things. Our Phones are still not flat enough, batteries are not comfortable, phone screen still not a holografic projector with glass. Googls is still famous than you'r Bing. One update of Windows OS has crashed many PCs But, one more thing that more important than others' is that you still have time, untill world terrorism capture the all world
Jonathan Mottola (1 month ago)
Hayati (1 month ago)
2019 😂😁
Riesyeti (1 month ago)
actually, HoloLens will be fairly close to this
Johan HP (1 month ago)
It's 2019 and... Yeah, It's still impossible.
Ri5004 (1 month ago)
I watched this video 7 years ago when I was 11 years old, now I'm almost 20 and this outcome is quite disappointing...
Bruce Wayne (2 months ago)
JW U (2 months ago)
XXX (2 months ago)
hi kids it's me a person from the future,and i'm here to tell u that Microsoft will be like this in the future,bye bye!! have a great year :)
Microsoft Man (2 months ago)
Now I am watching this in 2019 :-D
Jack Nguyen (2 months ago)
WELL we gone eat shit
Haris Ahmad Yani (2 months ago)
And now, we are in 2019
Rocky (2 months ago)
*D O S M I L D I E C I N U E V E*
WinnieFinesse (2 months ago)
Just gound this on my blog from when it came out in 2010..... weird... didn't quite happen like this - but i do have a much cooler phone than 2010 and ps4 is cool, and chrome casts are cool, and contactless payments are cool
Gamer Gunk (2 months ago)
Well fuck...
seanzscorpio (3 months ago)
Technology companies. Always overpromising and underdelivering... Tesla, Microsoft, Apple. Same shit different year, nothing original has come out of this decade. It's the same shit you could buy in 2009, just marginally better. Same cars, same laptops, same fucking planes. Literally everything. Tesla still promising self-driving cars. LOL. Call them Iron Men when they can fucking build a sedan. Joke.
lukyylp. (3 months ago)
the time has come lol
AM Productions (3 months ago)
Cnc Brno (3 months ago)
microsoft will suck in 2019, same as years before, this marketing bullshit will work only on low level idiots
James Fodor (3 months ago)
Imagine how filthy all those all-glass surfaces would get
Vladimir Chudyk (3 months ago)
Well... Was watching this videos a lot in 2013... 6 years later here I am :D
Android User (2 months ago)
Fail me too
mohammed sarfaraz (3 months ago)
Many of them didn't happen yet .....
yuehh tewbb (3 months ago)
Next time someone in the boardroom says "guys we can put Windows... on actual windows!" just fire that guy. Immediately.
Earlchaos (3 months ago)
Microsoft in 2019: Upgrading your Software is important, we've improved stability and security and added new, cool features. Computer will be restarted now! Pilot: WTF? Plane crashes This plane crash was brought to you by Microsoft! :D
Sukalal yadav (3 months ago)
Yugan Dali (3 months ago)
and instead, the US has a President who can't speak three coherent English sentences in a row.
jad dd (2 months ago)
Fuck off dimwit
spamik007 (3 months ago)
And the only thing that changed was... different shade of BSOD.
Duro Drkafon (3 months ago)
Nobody needs more that 650kb!.......Billgates 1989!
Nordinarensvenne (3 months ago)
The technology is rather on point, the use of it is way off. All the touch technology we have currently still is very expensive to make and we would never waste precious materials making newspaper screens and remote control screens or boarding pass screens. So this gives me hope that we can predict tech available in 10 years fairly accurately but not have any idea how integrated it will be in that time.
eNaRDe (3 months ago)
This is a great reminder to never believe any of those "This is what the future will be like" videos.
ineurodreams (3 months ago)
At 1:10 they certainly missed the mark when it comes to leg room on airplanes.
Matthew Gruba (3 months ago)
This video is why we need university and the primary research that comes from people studying random things. We are a long way towards getting most of the things in this presentation. Keep funding our universities.
Richard Delwiche (3 months ago)
HA! Teachers flying first class. Impossible!
Dávid Vass (3 months ago)
diemc7a1 (3 months ago)
Sees the word ‘social studies’. Ends video.
John Guerin (3 months ago)
I think the only thing fully developed was the in-flight movie.
glaswasser (3 months ago)
well, we have smart homes, navigation on smartphones, video calls, instant translation apps, wi fi on airplanes, multi touch gestures for computers and all the things shown in the video, now, in 2019. so why is everyone complaining?
super novae (3 months ago)
WoW! Thank you microSOFT VERY COOL
Bouxesas (3 months ago)
At least they did not include flying cars
Alan Henness (3 months ago)
Transparent screens... good grief.
LBGamer (3 months ago)
Isaac Liu (3 months ago)
Ha, Microsoft thought our phones would actually be credit card sized.
Durahl (3 months ago)
@02:01 So that's where the Surface name came from, eh?
pedro Bezerra (3 months ago)
se for windows, vai travar na tela azul ou verde kkkkkk linux é o futuro do windows! eles já até tem o azure linux
pedro Bezerra (3 months ago)
Seu teste gratuito de ... expirou, gostaria de comprá-lo agora? seu windows não é original!
matey (3 months ago)
CrackWilding (3 months ago)
No black people in 2019 apparently.
CrackWilding (3 months ago)
+opencircut Ok, one. On a screen.
opencircut (3 months ago)
Archy Guo (3 months ago)
I am watching this video in 2019.
BossTronPie (3 months ago)
10 years ago: in 2019 we will have futuristic technology and flying fucking cars People in 2019 watching this video: Oh is this a Sci fi movie or a prediction for 2029?
Ricardo Scavassa (3 months ago)
Estou impressionado com tudo, excelente, parabéns a toda equipe de projeto!!!
Tribes11 (3 months ago)
Maybe in 2109 hahaha
Liam Dunayevsky (3 months ago)
Matheus Corrêa 2099 (3 months ago)
Microsoft in 2029*
Christer Dyngeland (3 months ago)
Is this microsoft bragging about being able to make science fiction commercials in 2019 or do they ACTUALLY want you to believe they'll launce any products that comes close to these in 2019? Like what did they say 2018 was gonna be like?
João Guilherme (3 months ago)
you've failed Microsoft.
David Curry (2 months ago)
First hoverboards now this
LBGamer (3 months ago)
João Guilherme Yeah. Pretty much the only thing this video got right are Microsoft Hololens, but it’s WAAY too expensive, and instead of having holographic screens, we still have 1080p screens, but the closest thing we pretty much got to it are 4K bezel-less TV’s.
johndoh1000 (3 months ago)
I get that a lot of that stuff would be cool to have, but just thinking about the time and money necessary to implement a touchscreen the size of a chalk board in tons of classrooms is completely unfeasible
Avi Shatz (3 months ago)
Instead we have to deal with the October 2018 update issues... Talk about expectations vs reality...
Leonardo Cardoso (3 months ago)
I’m here in 2019. Today is already possible to see some features in different ways, but something exactly like that, maybe in 10 years from now
Mauricio Piccolo (3 months ago)
Hello from 2019. I'm sorry to report that we are not quite there yet. The phones screen size is way bigger than predicted though.
Alejandro Sanchez (3 months ago)
Clearly what they overestimated the most is the space between airplane seat rows...
Baum Kuchen (3 months ago)
This seems to be practical only for posers in suit. I will gladly stick to my mouse/keyboard...
eduardo visinoni (3 months ago)
Where is Donald Trump????
J & C Milleker (3 months ago)
Not even close. But Bill Gates did make it easier for people in deserted areas to poop.
Fábio Marques (3 months ago)
this is a lie... with this interfaces, 70+% of content will probably be ads.
Adrián Castro (3 months ago)
Nailed it
JacobCZLP (3 months ago)
Well, we do have folding phones now... And transparent displays. And we've realized how fucking stupid transparent displays are...
varuninnz (3 months ago)
It was tough enough to adapt to Windows 10 from 7. Something of this caliber would require a lot of training and also people being mentally prepared in order to adapt to working with this kind of technology.
serwa (3 months ago)
This is also actually where we should've been, the world is just messing up.
Bruce Wayne (2 months ago)
serwa if world was perfect we would had colonize other planets by now and cured all diseases and Basically became immortal beings
Kristopher Nielsen (3 months ago)
Hello from 2019. Microsoft didn't meet it's 10 year technology projections. Poor form.
Bruce Wayne (2 months ago)
Kristopher Nielsen I am from year 9080. We all have been devolved into apes again.
egeorge96 (3 months ago)
Lol, not even in 2029
dXb (3 months ago)
Yeah sure Microsoft. This is more like Minority Report... Dream on
Eimantas Krunglevičius (3 months ago)
Technically we almost have all technology necessary to build this utopia, but I can't see it being practical. Now we try to make everything in one device here everything is decentralize. But, good real time translation technology would be great.
jeremiah mamman (3 months ago)
Wow.... Some tech companies are working their way into this already.....
Jakoknight (3 months ago)
Минувшие будущие. Которое не реализовалось(
Костямба (3 months ago)
Niggaz, asians and white independent womens, Ок Microsoft.
ufoludek (3 months ago)
林冠宏 (3 months ago)
It's already in 2019,but I am not look this scenes
Kelenor (3 months ago)
Пишу из 2019, вас околпачили!
Budar Endario (3 months ago)
Nope... 🤔😕
J Fraser (3 months ago)
Microsoft in 2091*
AKASH. SIVAH. (13 days ago)
Well people in 2010 expected the world to be so in 9 years. 2001: A space odyssey was way off compared to this then😂
David Curry (2 months ago)
Microsoft in 2109
Yer Bum (3 months ago)
*microsoft in an alternate universe where they're actually competent
ThM_ Dj (3 months ago)
more like 2191 ;)
Kobaljov (3 months ago)
The e-ink newspaper date is 2018 in it and on some other UIs it is 2014.
Tharaka Umayanga (3 months ago)
Dammit Barry stop messing with timeline
ItsKapow (3 months ago)
Well someone is wrong!
Bruce Wayne (2 months ago)
ItsKapow maybe someone traveled back in time and altered the future hence we live in alternative reality.
Manoj Varughese (3 months ago)
what's happening...alternate universe...omg...hey honey singh?! you got to do some explanation
Bruce Wayne (2 months ago)
Manoj Varughese parallel universe
Tizian Habermann (3 months ago)
Damn, that hurts
Black Tiger (3 months ago)
Fake repost
Yuriy (3 months ago)
достаточно убогие интерфейсы.
ECHLN (3 months ago)
It's 2019 and I confirm you were wrong Microsoft.
Xrey (3 months ago)
Why would anyone buy a news paper that function like an iPad when they can just get their news from the iPad?
David Curry (2 months ago)
They're lightweight and possibly cheap/disposable
Vinny Jackson (3 months ago)
You can even wipe your ass with e-paper. What a nice feeling.
nooonde (3 months ago)
the feeling of paper... and you can use the same e-paper every day
Markian Jaworsky (3 months ago)
Bill Gates retired in 2014, this was the Microsoft vision in 2010. In 2018, we got Microsoft Edge. How this company has gone backwards!
Stanislav Van Kačar (3 months ago)
John Back (3 months ago)
Remarkably prescient. You can see where they put in the effort with surface though the market didn't like it. The folding phone prediction was accurate to the year.. amazing. So many things in here to contemplate... still a pressing need for cameras behind displays. MS as innovative as ever.
Pug Darclay (3 months ago)
Nailed it. lul
ESC BELLA (3 months ago)
Yeah nah
Pseudonemonics (3 months ago)
Can’t wait for all this tech to be released now, thanks Microsoft!

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