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✔7 Things You Didn't Know Existed ▶43

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Cats CAN now post selfies online un-assisted.FIND OUT HOW....... Links Ziro Robot http://ziro.io/ Posting Tail http://www.pedigree.es/ Nervana http://experiencenervana.com/technology-vagus-nerve-stimulation/ Biopod http://biopod.org/ Moon http://www.moonproject.space/ HOVR http://hovr.pro/ Du-Touch S https://dualo.org/
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Text Comments (208)
WeDontKare (2 years ago)
i have a slight concern about the posting tail, what if you own a fucking corgi!!!
Not Tim Fant (2 years ago)
don't give nervana to emos
Jack Linsey (3 years ago)
You have to put Cozmo in one of these! He is an awesome robot and available for pre-order on Amazon!!
Viktor Vošček (3 years ago)
The last one is basically drum-pad but it looks different. Or you can get app for phone for free.
ReinoRoina (3 years ago)
when your taking a shit door wide open and your dog walks in and waves his tail... your all friends can watch you taking a shit from facebook... great
drgan45 (3 years ago)
Playing fnaf with the nervana
kyle james (3 years ago)
5:50 "while the device is working you get to control it" XD
Thornback (3 years ago)
just what the world needed, more effin pets on social media
Max Power (3 years ago)
what if you're having sex and your dog liked it
realhelenkel1er (3 years ago)
the dog is a doge
Natalia Hancock (3 years ago)
The only one that's useful is the Biopod
Melanie Hansen (3 years ago)
I would sit in that HOVR thing all day, lol.
[DK]Gangsta 1567 (3 years ago)
I want HOVR :(
Emad gameing Nasser (3 years ago)
I get Ziro robot and the posting tail and it is so amazing
rylanc9 (3 years ago)
The Nirvana seems really cult like
Amaan Rabbani (3 years ago)
Matthias (3 years ago)
the posting tail...funny, until your dog finds out you like doggystyle as well and uploads a fotos :D
Brandon Rodriguez (3 years ago)
with the bio pod drug dealers can grow weed
Brandon Rodriguez (3 years ago)
with the bio pod drug dealers can grow weed
Alex Ramirez (3 years ago)
am I the only one that thought it looked like assassins Creed 3 multiplayer loading screen
Minh Nguyen (3 years ago)
How much
No Commentary Gameplay (3 years ago)
even though the dogs wag sounds stupid. It's actually a great idea. because it allows you to get to know more about your dog likes, so well. 5:11, is that really that guy's girlfriend? the guy's lucky man. the guy probably enjoys her every night >:/ but i wanna try that nirvarna stuff man. biopod is great, it will be expensive! can't wait for Lunar eclipse man:) hovr seems important man!
Khalid Djafaar (3 years ago)
so the dog posting a photo on Facebook when feeling happy? so tell me its like a 1000+ photos each day? meh.
mika vink (3 years ago)
by the dogs they definetly had dog cookies behind the camera to make them look interested
BuckieTheCat (3 years ago)
**Uses nervana while watching jacksepticeye** OHHH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONEEEE
TheNightOwl 47 (3 years ago)
Tbvck (3 years ago)
There is nothing in this episode of Freeze HD to me that sounds exciting or interesting! If you cannot tell what your dog's tail is telling you, then I believe you need a robotic dog, and you should not have real dog!
Jaike (3 years ago)
Biopod = weed.
Idk (3 years ago)
Moon was just dumb sorry
i love the last invention !!! :)
Tathagat Bisoyi (3 years ago)
biopod shit
Tathagat Bisoyi (3 years ago)
Miguel (y)
Der Typ (3 years ago)
A good dog owner knows exactly what her or his dog likes. There is no need to post everything on facebook!
Angelo Corvera (3 years ago)
Nevada isnt really an invention... it just an upgrade to head phones
4shacks1house (3 years ago)
So with this Nervana, would rap music make you want to kill whitey, bust a cap in someone, riot and loot more? Music can be a very powerful tool. Just a thought....Better be careful
ultimantninja375 (3 years ago)
That hovr is a sham its just a swinging foot rest...
jose gonzales (3 years ago)
I think the dog wouldn't be too happy about wearing the thing.
stunt chicken (3 years ago)
7 more reasons to hate hipsters.
W3ND311 ! (3 years ago)
i was overwhelmed by the first video damn!
Dempsey Olivier (3 years ago)
dont want youre dog catching you beating off anymore..
Hussain Ihvan (3 years ago)
but what about the dark side of the moon? how can you map something you've never seen?
Manan Ganatra (3 years ago)
hey i realy love to watch the video but i want to know more that hw it will work can u help me out
Robin Tangelder (3 years ago)
wow Du-Touch so cool...... 300 MtherFcking euro!!
Dukagjin Shatku (3 years ago)
I guess you could say Nervana gives a whole new meaning to "Eargasm".
C028 (3 years ago)
The moon just existed
Ana Lopez (3 years ago)
They weren't that cool
John Drewry (3 years ago)
this is good idea dont get me wrong but i dont see pugs being very happy when their donut shaped tails are bent outta place to fit a harrness thingy. plus is there a difference really between a normal wag and happy wag
HayOllie (3 years ago)
that dog one is stupid
Steven Tran (3 years ago)
Sooooooo..... what does "moon" do and what can it be used for
AnJai (3 years ago)
Science class? and decoration
STNL_Stainless (3 years ago)
OMG!!! the HOVR got backed 733% more than the goal!!
LAESU DAN (3 years ago)
what people does for $$$ nowadays
Ray Mond1 (3 years ago)
I can't stand this the cool stuff is killed by bull poop ad style begging. needs hype
Delisceum (3 years ago)
that biopod thing , I would call it an aquarium
Delisceum (3 years ago)
that dog thing is so evil , poor doggs :'-(
Scott Oursler (3 years ago)
why did they get a bunch of basic cunts that probably just listen to club music, to describe the nirvana device?
AlienWacker (3 years ago)
4:10 electronic cocaine... Science of Addiction: You will eventually need more of the device to get the same results, and you will find that "Normal" life will not have sufficient "satisfaction". I AM NOT JOKING.
Debjit Mirbar (3 years ago)
now freeze hd has become such a funny place
Lui Grin (3 years ago)
at 3:30 with the camera on dog it sounds more like a way for people to see your private life
tundra wolf (3 years ago)
I think the dog tail is really good, but not that it posts automaticly to social media...
Kyle Han (3 years ago)
well hovr doesn't sound like a bad idea, even if you don't burn more calories, it would be really fun!
Martrio (3 years ago)
i would grow my marijuana leaf on biopod
madstaa (3 years ago)
Maga Legit (3 years ago)
The posted tail is so Fuckn stupid
Jose lopez (3 years ago)
this invitation are getting dumber and dumber every day
Daniella Fitzhugh (3 years ago)
the only problems with the dog jacket is that it might post something u dont to be on the internet or ur dog will rip it off chew it up
Jess Hull (3 years ago)
that posting tail needs to fail and go away forever
GenophefeElisabeth (3 years ago)
+sp9rks MR. PICKLES confirmed :D Cmon, look it up.
sp9rks (3 years ago)
+Jess Hull What if all dogs hate dogfood xyz? What if dogs love crime, alcohol, drugs, killing, your wife, your fave food in the fridge?!!
TKR (3 years ago)
+Jess Hull my thoughts exactly . It`s one of the mos ridiculous and stupid things i have ever saw
Pascal Beck (3 years ago)
sooooo what do pugs if they want to use that tail upload social media thing?
Austin Bouchier (3 years ago)
how did the moon one know i was watching it on April 30th HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ender Lord (3 years ago)
congratulations nirvana, you've just made an electronic drug.
zrrox (3 years ago)
The Du-Touch is sick!
zrrox (3 years ago)
People who make a social media account just for their dogs have nothing else to do with their life...plus those accounts are cringe worthy
Kees Lynch (3 years ago)
why 7 things?
NobleThorne (3 years ago)
Imagine how lazy Hollywood would get with their films if they could just trigger emotional responses in their audience with a peripheral.
Rhianna Williamson (3 years ago)
I love growing frogs 😂😂😂
thaghost (3 years ago)
7 Things You Didn't Know Existed #5 - The Moon. ... Prettttty sure I knew that existed. >_>
데킬라 (3 years ago)
재생산에 혁신없는 기업은 탑 7에 올리지 말아요 ~ 제발~ 첫 인트로 회사 님들 재능 낭비에요 ceo 한국오세요~ 자신에게 가장 직면된 모습을 가감없이 자신을 확인할수 있으니...
great video
Johnny Brewskii (3 years ago)
7:31 (H)ERBS it's pronounce ERBS
void (3 years ago)
So pets have social media pages now?
Devin Kinsella (3 years ago)
The tail thing would honestly be posting nonstop
N... Nir... Nerva... NIRVANA!
ApollODST PK7 (3 years ago)
Great so mostly when I go to my dogs account it would show other dogs butt holes
Posting tail, for those who understand social media more than theyr dogs.
TheNuggetFTW (3 years ago)
All 2 genders for the first
blue2x2x (3 years ago)
Ziro: Cool for people who want to learn robots or need something quick. Sadly I'm not one of them. Posting Tail: ...It's like if someone made clothing for pets and crank up the creepiness. I mean imagine every thought (good or bad) you have goes online without your knowledge. Yeah :/ Nervana: With a product like that, it's still not going to bring back Nirvana together. No matter how much you have "it smells like teen spirit" on loop (Sorry, I'll stop now.) Biopod: Not bad, it has it all without the work. Moon: Awesome but I have no need for it HOVR: Looks silly on it but Dammit, I want one now. :P DU-Touch s: Cool but I'm no dj, remixer or musician.Also the price of 299 euros ($430 for me), No thank you.
Bearded Gamer (3 years ago)
It would be good if you added timestamps in with the links in the description.
Zageri (3 years ago)
hey mr. freeze, could you please do a video on the top ps4/xbox headsets (with Mics), under 80 bucks?(75). thanks :D
Azenix (3 years ago)
+Zageri 1. There is no such thing as a headset without a mic, that's the difference between headsets and headphones 2.no he will not do this video 3. Just get FREQ 3
Daniel Alasker (3 years ago)
The last one looked cool until i saw the price
Andreas Fröhlich (3 years ago)
are people really that retarded a Facebook account for a dog wtf even more retarded is this "gadget" faith in humanity lost.....
Paronax (3 years ago)
i actually want Moon
Demigod852 (3 years ago)
HAHA. I've never seen anything mre ridiculous than a doggie camera vest taking pictures and uploading to an even more ridiculous Facebook page. Seriously x.x animals don't need Facebook. And it's even being marketed by Pedigree :/.
QBIK (3 years ago)
+Amaan Rabbani ikr! Its just fucking stupid...
Amaan Rabbani (3 years ago)
what if your dog walks in while youre taking a shit!?
Donal Romano (3 years ago)
the first time I watched a Lowe's ad on YouTube all the way through! ....we've only just begun... lol
Leon Davis (3 years ago)
me too
KAUSHAL C (3 years ago)
Lol. I have a Doberman
Thunder 33345 (3 years ago)
the intro need to be faster a little
korosi (3 years ago)
Make about gamer things
Shawn (3 years ago)
You can get a "launchpad" which is basically the same thing as the last one but probably more customizable and cheaper...
Science Power (3 years ago)
The biopod and the last thing is the only things I want.
MasterAlPlays (3 years ago)
wtf is moon????
Jacob Cooper (3 years ago)
It's what rotates around the earth giving tides, slows the earths rotation ect, and provides night at night.
Milie Gamer (3 years ago)
could you show us evry cars that we never swa!
Miguel Suministrado (3 years ago)
what if your dog sees you naked and was happy would he/she/it post a naked picture of you on social media???
Cameron Cody (3 years ago)
BLUc18 (3 years ago)
+Miguel Suministrado touché
Brisk_Avocado (3 years ago)
Haha that's what I was thinking
nutzeeer (3 years ago)
+Miguel Suministrado or if dog has happy time
ferncamper (3 years ago)
Nirvana.... Electro shock therapy on a daily basis? Great idea for a mental asylum :-)
Can't think of a name (3 years ago)
What happens if the dog thing take a photo when ur naked?

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