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Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio 2

19236 ratings | 1403208 views
Fuel your creativity and bring your ideas to life on our most powerful Surface yet. Now 35% faster, with 50% more graphics performance and a stunning 28” PixelSense™ Display, the new Surface Studio 2 is the ultimate creative studio. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2P5rfrm
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Text Comments (1767)
陸俊豪 (21 hours ago)
boo pipo (3 days ago)
Prashant Piprotar (3 days ago)
Microsoft Surface (2 days ago)
We're glad you're such a fan!
CASMITO gaming (5 days ago)
Built in xbox?? Are you kidding me
Cover Club 2019 (5 days ago)
Let's support Microsoft? 1 like = 1 support!
Cover Club 2019 (5 days ago)
I love you like electronic
Maroo jazz Art (9 days ago)
When I get my own space as an Art Director , I am coming for you 🥺
Microsoft Surface (8 days ago)
We can't wait till you do! You're going to fall in love with Surface Studio 2.😍
E G (10 days ago)
Amazing what a great advert can achieve... it's called 'temptation'. You never know how good a product is unless you try it in a store. Love to see the quality of the display edge to edge.
Microsoft Surface (9 days ago)
This made our day! 😍 We're glad to have you a part of the Surface family.
PedroManX (12 days ago)
*Apple has left the chat*
Carlos 2099 (9 days ago)
Microsoft Surface (9 days ago)
Dany3 (13 days ago)
Trying to copy Apples MacBook Pro with the colour explosion and the iPad with Pencil
Latrell Jennings (13 days ago)
Microsoft sure knows how to make some really nice commercials...
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
Aw, you're making us blush! 😍 Thanks for your support.
Thats a multi COPY. First COPY from IOS 8 Wallpapers, then, Copy from Apple Pencil in IPad Pro 2018 and then copy from Mac
Isac GBarbosa (16 days ago)
Nossa queria um desse 😲😲
Serena Snow (18 days ago)
How can I get same results like 1:05 to 1:12?
Microsoft Surface (16 days ago)
That is inking in Office. Learn more here: http://msft.social/pnlvtV
Fake Code (20 days ago)
Skin Feed me ############## to improve Feed Improve
carla vicari (20 days ago)
If critical updates for Windows 7 and 10 this the one you want
Nikolai Ma lav (21 days ago)
Amazing PC
Microsoft Surface (21 days ago)
We couldn't agree more!
Alin-Constantin Paun (21 days ago)
This is truly A+ level trolling in Apple's face! Well done Microsoft! Such a great product! Quick question: does anyone know how fast a liver regenerates?
yourdogsdog uwu (23 days ago)
God is crying
The Real Cool Pup (26 days ago)
One thing that proves Microsoft is better other than them actually making gokd products is that they don't disable comments. They actually listen to user feedback...mostly.
MiguelPpM (27 days ago)
The CPU is a bit of a let down, quad core 7th generation. 700 points on Cinebench. Macs and iMacs have Zeon processors for workstation loads. However this Surface Studio is pretty good for graphic designers and those that use the touch screen and high resolution panel a lot.
Microsoft Surface (27 days ago)
Thanks for the awesome feedback! We appreciate it.
saurav prasad singh (30 days ago)
This is the real real future
Microsoft Surface (29 days ago)
We appreciate the kind words!
Demone Franco (1 month ago)
Starting at: your kidneys
What is the name of that thing? (0:46)
Microsoft Surface (30 days ago)
Surface Dial is working in Concepts, an app you can find here: http://msft.social/YRQSKS
*Apple left the chat…*
shinpaku 123 (1 month ago)
*apple has left the chat*
- KARIZMA - (1 month ago)
Love The Techno
- KARIZMA - (30 days ago)
Microsoft Surface (30 days ago)
Thanks for being a fan!
bloodmaster Minecraft (1 month ago)
Does it have a touchscreen?
Microsoft Surface (30 days ago)
Yes it does! You can learn more about it here: http://msft.social/VpIkNP
Prod Joe (1 month ago)
i feel like the ad style is somehow copied from apple
iSans (1 month ago)
I need the Surface Book 3 now please!
Bamboo Pictures (1 month ago)
煙の爆発 アップルパクってない??あからさまに
Damian Pintos (1 month ago)
Quiero una!!! 😭😭😭
Rip iMac pro 2019
[xzođıʌ] (1 month ago)
Microsoft Surface (1 month ago)
The song is called Silk by Phi Bui! Learn more here: http://msft.social/k2Lqvh
Winky Chan (1 month ago)
anyone know which app it is on 0:48? looks so cool!
Microsoft Surface (1 month ago)
That is Concepts! You can find it here: http://msft.social/NVx1KR Do you currently have a Surface device?
The Tech Gaming (1 month ago)
bye bye apple... Welcome Microsoft... 😍😍
The Tech Gaming (1 month ago)
Thanks 😊😊
Microsoft Surface (1 month ago)
We'd love to have you in the Surface family!
Anu Pahuja (1 month ago)
lol to mac microsoft created the history
Microsoft Surface (1 month ago)
We couldn't agree more! 💪
Xtianz (1 month ago)
Me will be like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxYkB3BE5HE
Majd Houssami (1 month ago)
music please
Majd Houssami (1 month ago)
+Microsoft Surface hello thanks for replying. Although i still could not find the song
Microsoft Surface (1 month ago)
Hey, there. The song is Silk by Phi Bui.
BlacK BlacK (1 month ago)
That looks pretty amazing, i love it !!
Microsoft Surface (1 month ago)
We're glad you think so!
Hunter San (1 month ago)
I feel broke watching this
Microsoft Surface (1 month ago)
You can check out our monthly payment plan, Surface All Access: http://msft.social/5gYqb4 This might make you feel a bit better. 😁
Mannuel Victor Limeira (1 month ago)
Pega a globo?
João Marcos (1 month ago)
Pega Sky?
『scoutlw (2 months ago)
microsoft you gotta see this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GksehGJccqQ
João Vitor Rodrigues (2 months ago)
i wonder what will microsoft do next, cause it's kinda hard to beat this... this is perfection
Microsoft Surface (2 months ago)
You're making us blush! Thanks for being a fan.
Zechariah Wilkerson (2 months ago)
When you friends come over to you house and say I GOT A IPHONE X we gona say OK (LOOK WHAT I GOT) THEY GONA SAY CAN I PLAY ON IT. We are gona say NOPE
dk djk (2 months ago)
iMac pro is more worthy even it is 1500$ more expensive. Way more better cpu way more better or same gpu same but more upgradable ram better storage better ssd speed better software and also windows available but well that surface is touch screen
water (1 month ago)
and has a surface dial, and you're getting more for your money. not saying that this is cheap, but still
Jack Owen Bula (2 months ago)
So it's the brother now, I missed her 😔
Norman Borden (2 months ago)
Y’all The IMac pro is QUAKING rn 😭🤣😂
Smiley Riley Draws (2 months ago)
If my parents let me get this Imma be spoiled
CORE (2 months ago)
Бляяяя отчего этак ДОРОГО??
ragejinraver (2 months ago)
Meh I'll stick with a normal desktop at least I can upgrade my specs graphics cards and RAM and screen . These surface devices are pacifically made for transplants and gentrifiers that are upper middle-class to rich people . Who don't really know about tech and who are nothing but a bunch of corporate mindless consumers at the end of the day .
Пончо (2 months ago)
Все рекламы Microsoft попросту шидевральны
John Paul (2 months ago)
Watching on my Surface Studio 2 😍
John Paul (1 month ago)
+Microsoft Surface Gotta be the screen - simple unparalleled. Also just the overall package in general. It's a beauty to behold, flies with the SSD, and is so quiet!
Microsoft Surface (2 months ago)
We love hearing that! Which feature is your favorite?
Erremarco B (2 months ago)
I want it now, you give it to me? 😁
Dante Muchengwa (2 months ago)
Sorry but I choose Mac and windows I WANT BOTH
Links the Cat (2 months ago)
Wow, it looks cooler than the freezing, icy weather outside! 😂
Microsoft Surface (2 months ago)
That's pretty cool, then! Thanks for being a fan.
fnaf 12345 (2 months ago)
Pls send me a mystery box
Ahad Khan (2 months ago)
Excellent. Please beat Apple Microsoft. Go ahead....
Microsoft Surface (2 months ago)
Thanks for being a fan, Ahad!
littleAZN248 (2 months ago)
I remember when it was once cool to own a Mac lol
VexWard (2 months ago)
Say what you want about their products but their reveal videos are just stunning. Go back and watch the original surface laptop and surface studio introductions. Pure art
Microsoft Surface (2 months ago)
You're making us blush! Thanks for the kind words.
Cam (2 months ago)
Does the pen still suck tho?
Penhalion Wolfe (2 months ago)
Saving for one of these! I need this in my life!
Penhalion Wolfe (2 months ago)
+Microsoft Surface The amazing screen. The sleek design. The dial and pen accuracy. To name but a few of the features I loved.
Microsoft Surface (2 months ago)
Yes you do! Which features caught your eye?
Santiago Pazos Cambeiro (2 months ago)
I just got mine a week ago and what an amazing joy. Firstly I ditched my MacBook for Surface Pro and I was impressed. And then my iMac died and went for this one. Amazing.
Santiago Pazos Cambeiro (2 months ago)
+Microsoft Surface hey! Well first of all I used the product to create the first stylish fashion yoga line for men. It is called @coroayoga on Instagram ( in case you feel curious). I had this idea for the longest and once I got a Surface Pro my creativity was fully unleashed - not kidding. I never studied design so basically it came alive with your product . And I was so happy with it I went ahead and purchased a SS2. I ABSOLUTELY love how versatile it is, and I get my job done so fast! I also have another business, publicist. I need to multitask so fast due to my two businesses so for me SS2 was a no brainer. I am not going back to Mac anytime soon
Microsoft Surface (2 months ago)
This made our day, Santiago! What are you loving most about Surface Studio 2?
JafoCR (2 months ago)
Dios esta hermoso, es algo que cuando tenga dinero me compraría pero de aquí a eso seguro sacan cosas mas buenas pero si me regalan una yo no me enojo xd.
julio y su xbox Gamer xd (2 months ago)
Porfa díganos de la nueva consola like si no tienes gold yo si xd
iroption (2 months ago)
Check the new iMac Pro.
Omar Alkhass (2 months ago)
My wallet found out I wanted this and now it’s not talking to me. Help.
Microsoft Surface (2 months ago)
Oh no! Be sure to check back for deals and you might benefit from looking into Surface All Access, our monthly payment plan: http://msft.social/nWDKb8 It is available at any Microsoft Store in the United States.
William Friedrich (2 months ago)
I don't like Windows as much as Mac OS, but I would love for Apple to do something like this with Apple Pencil support. Microsoft did a wonderful job. If Microsoft sold this design as a stand alone computer monitor people would definitely buy it.
Steve Jobs (3 months ago)
Copied Apple’s background design and iPad pencil’s magnetic concept
frostvizion (3 months ago)
Samid Delic (3 months ago)
Looks like a ipad pro
SS_ G4 (3 months ago)
I wish Microsoft got millions of subs
Leonard Ihangwe (3 months ago)
What about new best Microsoft smartphones.... I really miss them # Microsoft
Danieldoes Gaming (3 months ago)
Microsoft Surface (3 months ago)
We're glad you agree! 💪
ELI JOSÉ OMG (3 months ago)
Subscribe to my channel Of games are good
Simone Lucente (3 months ago)
madooo che bomba questa volta apple vi fa una pippa
tbs055 (3 months ago)
The Surface Studio 1 video might be the best ad I've seen for any product. Ever. You guys should have left it on this channel as a case study.
edgars butkus (3 months ago)
박진호 (3 months ago)
Plz Smash the apple.
Henry Edge (3 months ago)
only 4096 levels for presure my 250 dollar drawing tablet has 8191
Manash sangam (3 months ago)
There is lot to work on the hardware though.
Miighty Offical Channel (3 months ago)
Copyrighted the pen is attach to the side of the right u Copy apple i use apple not u microsoft
water (1 month ago)
+Links the Cat Haha
Links the Cat (1 month ago)
Aww, those e's and a's are always getting to me, English can me more complicated than cat sometimes!
water (1 month ago)
+Links the Cat Maybe spell "grammar" correctly before stating that.
Links the Cat (1 month ago)
I am a cat and I have better grammer, meow! 😂
water (1 month ago)
Actually, the Surface Pro 4 introduced that feature in 2016, and the iMac doesn't have a touch screen. The iPad Pro (which was announced a year after the first Surface Studio which also had this feature) was announced in late October of 2018 AFTER this was announced. Also, you should really check out Grammarly.
Gansito 70 (3 months ago)
Compren Bungie es su oportunidad para halo
Niccolò Valeri (3 months ago)
Goodbye apple! For ever Microsoft
Disent Design (3 months ago)
but wht does it contain laptop style hardware?
Choonky (3 months ago)
Sourav Kumar (3 months ago)
It's so beautiful than I ever say in words.....
Sourav Kumar (3 months ago)
+Microsoft Surface wow thanks for replying.....I hope one day I'll buy too
Microsoft Surface (3 months ago)
This made our day, Sourav! Thanks for the love.
Mat3i .2000 (3 months ago)
Hey! In rocket league for the Xbox one,i am kind of dissapinted.. Why are the people in the backround eggs?!
Kevin Sulski (3 months ago)
Anyone know the name of the song in this?
Microsoft Surface (3 months ago)
The song is Silk by Phi Bui! You can learn more here: http://msft.social/hmERKR
kimjane김제인 (3 months ago)
*apple’s iMac pro has left chat*
Vector (3 months ago)
this costs more than my life
j.k. 123 (3 months ago)
Microsoft Surface (3 months ago)
We think so too! 😍
The End is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
I Lost is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
suneet kumar (3 months ago)
When does windows 11 come
Fox (3 months ago)
Got this for Christmas. Gonna “hibernate” now lol
Fox (3 months ago)
Not really, just wanted to attempt to fill the void of my own existence with the praise and congratulations of others to differentiate my mind off of the sad reality of my life But thanks anyway lol
Microsoft Surface (3 months ago)
How exciting! We hope you enjoy every second of it.
Helocraft's Animation (3 months ago)
when it will be launch on Indonesia?
Jonas Auernhammer (3 months ago)
looks like 1000 times cleaner than a mac
Microsoft Surface (3 months ago)
We couldn't agree more! 😉
Gustavo1500 Soares (4 months ago)
cry more imac users cry moreeee
Manash sangam (4 months ago)
Well I have a suggestion. Please upgrade the processor. The intel i7 7th gen with just 4 cores isn't as powerful as a computer should be in 2018. The imac pro has got intel xeon processors with 18 cores. I don't say that the studio 2 isn't good but it could yet be better.
Microsoft Surface (3 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback, Manash! We appreciate it.
TechNerdNolan (4 months ago)
When I first tried it today, I thought the wheel sticked on to the PC so the wheel kept falling off

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