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Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio 2

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Fuel your creativity and bring your ideas to life on our most powerful Surface yet. Now 35% faster, with 50% more graphics performance and a stunning 28” PixelSense™ Display, the new Surface Studio 2 is the ultimate creative studio. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2P5rfrm
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Daruyos Daruyos (23 hours ago)
The display is more important than the pc. lmao
Raul Del Angel (1 day ago)
What is that song?
Microsoft Surface (16 hours ago)
The song is Silk by Phi Bui. Check out more here: http://msft.social/aIWB3b
Felipe JT2021 (1 day ago)
So using the same thing that Apple does? With its screen colors?
TJK (1 day ago)
Classic piece of tech. Also very well detailed review given at https://www.magmasala.com/all-you-want-to-know-about-microsoft-surface-studio-2/
A.h Asif (1 day ago)
But i am still fan of MAC :p
happy face meme (2 days ago)
*yearly brand loyalty*
Mike S. (2 days ago)
Cool computer but holy moly I can'y believe they stuck old 4 core Intels in that thing. It's almost 2019 and buying a computer well north of $3k with 4 core Intels is ridiculous.
Minh Cam (2 days ago)
y i am watching this i have a gaming pc
GardeniaMLBB (3 days ago)
I teared up, just beautiful... I wish I have one. Imagine drawing manga in this beauty piece of engineering
GardeniaMLBB (19 hours ago)
+Microsoft Surface No prob :D
Microsoft Surface (20 hours ago)
We appreciate the kind words!
Diego Ramirez (3 days ago)
We need thunderbolt 3! It would be a beast with a professional Quadro graphics card, or at least thunderbolt 3 to use an external gpu
LIFE STYLE (3 days ago)
Better than imac
Microsoft Surface (16 hours ago)
We agree!
LiteGaming Mobile (3 days ago)
Reported, this is pornography
BISWAJIT DAS (3 days ago)
Take my kidneys
Ardy Adlee (4 days ago)
So expensive ☹️☹️☹️
Joel Frei (4 days ago)
This is an Apple advertisement with a Microsoft product...
Twunk (5 days ago)
so what’s new?
Microsoft Surface (4 days ago)
Some major differences include the 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and full SSD hard drives for faster file transfers, as well as improved graphics memory. The latest Surface Pen update improves experience, and there is a USB-C port for data transfer, charging and video out, as well as improved dual microphones.
Cristian G (5 days ago)
Nice video, they show nothing
3dzlime (5 days ago)
No need for a foreign accent to talk about this amazing beast browny points for that
3dzlime (5 days ago)
*cough* Apple *cough*
doyoulikejazz (5 days ago)
Yeah nothing is better than a 2018 all in one using 7th gen intel processors instead of 8th gen. Truly incredible..no really incredible as in I can’t believe they have done this
Mohammed Al-Odailah (6 days ago)
I love the surface studio, I were hopping they would push it functionality more to make it appealing to switch to surface studio 2 from 1, it does feel like an all in one device now for every thing that is not portable. I don't need that though.
猫ちゃん6017 (6 days ago)
100000 times better than apple!!!! I need this 😭😭🙏
Microsoft Surface (5 days ago)
We totally agree! It's definitely worth the investment.
*cough cough* ok (6 days ago)
Why isn't it 16:9
Maxdeo (6 days ago)
Microsoft setting the score once again! @microsoft
Need Surface OS mobile... Now I'm still using Windows Phone!
Shiney Mathew (6 days ago)
How much does it cost
猫ちゃん6017 (6 days ago)
can you please replace my school's mac computers 🤣🤣, it's so complicated and not compatable with anything other than apple products, I'm struggling😭
Microsoft Surface (6 days ago)
Surface Studio 2 starts at $3,499 and is available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.
Mohamad Terro (6 days ago)
I wish I had all this on my iMac
Zephryūz (7 days ago)
The surface that it should’ve have always been.
ray renz (7 days ago)
every designers dream, though I'm not a designer, but if I design websites instead of coding, I'd want this.
Rean Schwarzer (7 days ago)
Václav Blažek (8 days ago)
Very funny....in Czech you can't even buy the first generation because Microsoft is not able to satisfy customer demand and here comes the second generation 👍🏻👍🏻
ejsvifq mabmip (8 days ago)
bring back original surface studio video. THAT WAS AMAZING
Noa Korhonen (8 days ago)
apple copycat
Annabelle the cat (8 days ago)
looks great, probably wait until its price will drop below 499$.
Leitner Lukas (8 days ago)
I am still satisfied with my "old" Studio.
Hey No (8 days ago)
Do I need it? Nah. Do I want it? Maybe 🤷🏻‍♀️
Все фигня
Akhshay Srinivasan (5 days ago)
Your hardwares are cool but softwares needs to be improved a lot.... giants. Be it Win 10 or further, if you outpass it than your competitors, you will rock forever ! Good luck !
COFFEECUP (9 days ago)
I can't wait! but My money can.
Sheldon Rozario (9 days ago)
yes but can it run fortnite
Yourself Studios inc. (9 days ago)
Microsoft Surface (7 days ago)
We're glad you're a fan!
Silvio Medeiros (9 days ago)
What is the name of this song please?
Microsoft Surface (7 days ago)
The song is Silk by Phi Bui. Learn more about the artist here: http://msft.social/4HuL7Q
akshay ram (9 days ago)
Can you please give away this..
Siddharth Singh (10 days ago)
Hope to see this in the new season of Silicon Valley ;)
Thee Apollo (10 days ago)
What software is being used at 00:47?
Novin (10 days ago)
Fanboy : Nope, still don't have a touchbar
BlueStar The KittyFox! (11 days ago)
This would be a really good investment for artists!
Microsoft Surface (10 days ago)
We agree!
David Vega (11 days ago)
I remember when the song of the first one was, "Just imagine what you can do with your imagination"
Nicholas Karfoot (11 days ago)
Perfect - I would have switched from mac back to Windows but sadly it has no Thunderbolt 3. I need that for my music making with the UA Arrow. Very sad.
Groza Adrian (11 days ago)
Pros :beautiful display, exceptional colors and aspect ratio. -infinite positions hinge Cons:still using laptop hardware. While it is better than the last one, pretty much every imac will be faster. -lack of type c -lack of target display mode.
pedro nav2 (12 days ago)
I have the surface studio and I hope to have the studio 2 when this is available, I love the ad and the music, it's perfect, well done microsoft
Microsoft Surface (11 days ago)
Thanks for the kind words! We appreciate your support.
Gavinnpat Punthavee (12 days ago)
0:18 Full transperrent UI Just release it MS
Valtress (12 days ago)
Why I’m here ?
I love Microsoft
+Microsoft Surface yes i have windows 7 am still loving windows 7 and you🙂🙂🙂
Microsoft Surface (11 days ago)
Thanks for the love!
Zero Chan (12 days ago)
Still miss the commercial of the first Surface Studio.
DougieG (12 days ago)
i wish this song was available on spotify
What’s the song’s name ?
Microsoft Surface Thank you! By the way, this product looks AMAZING!! I LOVE IT!
Microsoft Surface (12 days ago)
The song is Silk by Phi Bui. You can learn more about the artist here: http://msft.social/HtEVL3
Linn Ww (12 days ago)
looks exactly like the first one. probably is just the first one but repackaged and "reimagined"
Daniel Ramirez (13 days ago)
I like the ad from surface studio 1 better :(
Agentenwatcher (13 days ago)
Microsoft clearly is the new Apple!
Microsoft Surface (12 days ago)
Thanks for being a fan!
qdgmahd (13 days ago)
Ohh Wow i am, or maybe i was an apple fan during a lot of years... but now i think apple should start to feel the fear seeing this products... MICROSOFT if for some Chistmas miracle you consider to gift someone one of this incredible surface studio!!!! HERE I AM!!! ahahahahha i am the owner of a surface pro 3 and still in this year 2018 very happy with the performance!!! so please think on me, one of your new fan boys!!! THANKS Microsoft for filling the empty that apple is creating in so much users like me since so many time ago..!
MysticAshlxq (13 days ago)
Ur right they should start making there own phones or there or phone service
MysticAshlxq (13 days ago)
I. Have all of the Microsoft products there isn’t a single one you can name that I don’t have
Mohd Sufian Mat Ali (13 days ago)
Does it come in black?
Microsoft Surface (12 days ago)
Surface Studio is available in platinum!
Carl Windows10Home (13 days ago)
Apple has no way defeating you microsoft
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
Just how we like it! Thanks for sticking by us.
Guys It's best surface in the world, I can't speak about it bad. It's best computer when I see
Илья iLLuhunter (13 days ago)
I'll be happy few. If you will send me one unit for free as advertise and marketing promotion. Thx in advance.
UberLukario (13 days ago)
Having been a Surface owner for almost two years now with my Surface Pro 4, I am itching to get my hands on this.
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
We can't wait till you do! It won't disappoint.
Hasnain kabir Sanin (13 days ago)
It's insane
Maxx Gamer (14 days ago)
Like the Surface Studio
Maxx Gamer (13 days ago)
Chris Wang (14 days ago)
If they plan to sale the touch screen separately, I'll buy one for my MacBook Pro ;]
jose ARROYO (14 days ago)
Does it have a disc drive?
Ren Draws (14 days ago)
Please don't take an additional 6 months to make this available in the UK, I've been waiting for this since the first one came out :)
Дима Х (14 days ago)
Eddy Efe-Anthony (14 days ago)
Sorry apple
Lalo MyG (14 days ago)
hey Microsoft my console DONT LET ME PAY my XBOX GAMEPASS with XBOX GIFTCARDS and it remove my money from my microsoft account!!! what kind of joke is this???
Shift Supervisor (14 days ago)
Wish I had enough money to buy one 😅
Lets play gamer (14 days ago)
Lets play gamer (13 days ago)
I need him!!!
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
That was our reaction too!
sakes (15 days ago)
im shook
¿ (15 days ago)
*Apple has left the server.*
M. Shahzaib Shahzad (15 days ago)
this ad is so satisfying ... its almost like some kind of e-porn
snuzelbufsnk (15 days ago)
I want one
yumimu (15 days ago)
I really wanna play fortnite on this computer(╹◡╹)
constantinos schinas (15 days ago)
no 8th gen? Panos Panay is destroying the company. Fire him. I mean put him in Fire.
Arturo Ariel (15 days ago)
Se curraron con la música 👏👏👏 me gusta esta y la del video de los audífonos, muy al estilo de Sony Xperia de la época del Z2 y Z3.
VASION (15 days ago)
Name of the song?
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
The song is Silk by Phi Bui. You can learn more about the artist here: http://msft.social/kEczjS
Somya Surendra (15 days ago)
I am in love with whoever made these videos...
King (15 days ago)
TDG (15 days ago)
0:14 thats defenetly form Aplle
Max Hailu (15 days ago)
Looks really nice, I've already ordered two of these!
Alexander Middleton (15 days ago)
time to upgrade
Min H. OO (15 days ago)
EMSL0T Official (15 days ago)
That's great
Shankar Lal Agarwal (16 days ago)
Can we game in it
n1ko (16 days ago)
@0:56 I just had goosebumps.
Tanner Al (16 days ago)
They’re so copying apple lol
Arman Alam (16 days ago)
DeAngelo Hill (16 days ago)
Ad Campaign sucks
Santy crak (16 days ago)
Les dio algo para que no sacan los juegos que ralwer sacaría con nintendo y no saquen juegos que arruinar la saga
LeftOvers (16 days ago)
When i first saw this i was like *wait what the fu-?*

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