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Guitar Hero 1 Spanish Castle Magic Expert 100% FC (208288)

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Spanish Castle Magic- Jimi Hendrix -200 from first. I'm surprised I even got the solo activation tbh. That activation at 2:01 is really tough because you need to activate really late, because in GH1 you need to wait for the star power animation before you can use it. It's possible to get the Orange in afterwards too. If I got that, this would be optimal. Also, fun fact: In the GH1 alpha, this song had lyrics. My scores: http://www.scorehero.com/scores.php?user=560643&group=1&game=1&diff=4
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Douglas Shockley (3 months ago)
why did this version have vocals but the one on clone hero does
Devin Hence (3 months ago)
Maybe it had something to do with getting a vocalist for the job, cuz remember they only did covers of the songs on gh 1 + 2
MOD Jeff (7 months ago)
oh yeah :D
McSkinny8 (1 year ago)
the extra 200 comes from the back end of the activation at the beginning of the solo
guitarheroROXS (1 year ago)
I see, I was mistaken. I might have to go back and go for it now

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