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My Thoughts on Microsoft's New Linux Kernel

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Text Comments (776)
Joe Collins (8 days ago)
Thanks to all for the thoughtful and interesting comments on this video! :)
Jaycsee66 (7 days ago)
+sᴩʀɪᴛᴇ➀ Ditto
sᴩʀɪᴛᴇ➀ (7 days ago)
Thanks for the interesting video to begin with 👍
PrivateSi (2 hours ago)
Microsoft should utterly dominate Linux to the point it replaces all the core developers with proper MS developers and imprisons Linus Torvalds in a well locked X box... Linux users should obviously be replaced with Windows users..... Android fans should be fed to Apple fans and vice versa.... As there are so few Apple fans compared to google fans google fans will be fed to any windows users that require pizza or quiche.
Uday Singh (6 hours ago)
my reason to still stuck with win is adobe products else i would have used ubuntu or elementary as my main OS
Eric Pellegrini (9 hours ago)
I'm trying to flush out your proficiency and expertise. Your recommendation that someone stop using putty in favor of Ubuntu sounds like knowledgably information, except at that point in time W10 had SSH baked into it for a long time.
Joe Collins (9 hours ago)
. My friend needed more than just SSH... He also needed some of the tools Ubuntu had to offer. You could have just asked me why I recommended Ubuntu instead of being a dick about it. Flush out? WTF.
Alvi Muka (15 hours ago)
Number one of my reasons to stick to windows 8.1 , 7 and xp for the rest of my life
genericgorilla (19 hours ago)
Microsoft is eventually going to distribute windows for free. It's been a long time since desktop operating systems stopped being a business. Hell, desktops are going the way of the dodo. Indeed, the real money maker is distributed computing. Anything that facilitates cloud computing development within windows itself is more than welcome, and if you can't port all the Linux toolset, well then, just port Linux to windows so you can run Linux binaries.
Keith Reynolds (1 day ago)
Ive been using linux and bad uses for 20 years. I dumped MS completly 15 years ago. None of my computers have run it since then.
John Buick (1 day ago)
I've messed with Linux since about RedHat 3 or 4. Tried a lot of Linux's but found that it was too difficult to do things like Netflix. Now that all that streaming out there works I switched to Linux Mint and have loved it. Not sure if I should have gone the Debian Mint route but anyhow so far so good. No more intrusive updates or notifications from MS.
Jorryn Chui (1 day ago)
Produced “winux”
Lord Samich (1 day ago)
'Hey no there's no reason to not move 100% of the company infrastructure into Azure.' That's what this is about!
Kewal Takhellambam (2 days ago)
Why i love linux(in a programming perspective): It is light. One can easily see the source code and learn whats going on under the hood or customize it.(its my computer im responsible for everything). It has a good community support. it has many bugs but It worths finding out. Microsoft windows is the opposite: Abstractions over abstractions, too much gui, unnessary programs thats slows down pc,its updates. Im always taken care of too much. Now is windows trying to fake a linux with all its concepts behind? but I still have windows in pc for games. its the only plus point.
Shelydued (2 days ago)
I really love linux (and to a degree mac os for the terminal and unix compatibility) but I haven't yet found replacements for all my Windows only software that doesn't work with wine such as NI Multisim that I use for electronics projects and premier pro. Also, linux doesn't like to switch between my intel and nvidia graphics on the fly like windows does, maybe nvidia will roll out a driver for linux that fixes that issue.
LilZebra (2 days ago)
About 40 yrs. ago Microsoft sold a UNIX called XENIX. It ran on the Radio Shack Model 12 and 16. Also there has been for the past 20 yrs. or so CYGWIN, a utillity to provide a UNIX shell to MS-Windows. So nothing new here.
LilZebra (2 days ago)
2018 Microsoft adds the Linux kernel into Windows 10. 2018 IBM buys RedHat.
sorry but putty is the WAAAY beter option, and I dont get where thewre shoud be problems. It is way to unesary complicatet to use the windows subsystem. There is literly only one differnece, and that is that you have to run a comand after su ing into outher user. It is really usefull for Runing linux only programms or programms who work better/easyer on linux.
James Harrison (2 days ago)
I left in 1998 ;)
Alienymous (3 days ago)
If Linux is open source and their code is being used in Windows, and Windows is charging for their OS isn't that kind of making money off open source code??? I thought if any open source code was used in a program/project you couldn't make money of said program/project.
Joe Collins (2 days ago)
+Alienymous Read the GPL Version 2... It's copy-left. You have to give credit to the creators but you can do with the code what you please. :)
Alienymous (3 days ago)
+Joe Collins They should have to give a percentage to the original devs of that code. Seems wrong to me.
Joe Collins (3 days ago)
You can make money with open source software... You can even sell it. The thing is you must make the readable;e source code available for all to read and do with as they like. :)
Jay Hu (3 days ago)
Thanks for your great comments.
Pnuematictoaster (3 days ago)
Shun the dis on PuTTy, its a great app.
thecount25 (3 days ago)
Microsoft should abandon the NT kernel in favor if the Linux kernel and build a Windows compatibility layer and adapt their own UI to work on it. Maintaining all of that code long term has no business value. It's money Microsoft could spend on better things.
Klejdi Bozho (3 days ago)
Good bless Satya Nadella!
Tux (3 days ago)
Every time Microsoft shows "interest" in something, they steal or take it... Example, when they showed interest in a messenger application, they played with it for a year then announced their very own "Microsoft Messenger" one year later. Much like Apple, they don't innovate, but simply steal from others, play with it and make it their own.
韩仁仙 (3 days ago)
Really funny. Microsoft will embrace Ubuntu? ほんとに笑うものね。ㅋㅋ 很被我笑哇。장난하네요.
mage davee (3 days ago)
My last job forced me to use Windows so I took full advantage of Ubuntu VM to make it tolerable. I would do all my development in the Linux vm
Reegan Layzell (3 days ago)
I've tried to use Ubuntu on and off for years, but I just get fed up with constant issues and having to configure/tweak it all the time.. I just find myself becoming less productive what with all the googling how to do X, or fix issue Y on it. Latest issue being the severe lack of hdpi support. I only really want to use a Linux terminal and related tools so WSL is actually perfect for me, just what I always wanted 😁
Reegan Layzell (3 days ago)
+Vitali L I don't, sorry, I use Ubuntu as it's terminal is the one I'm most familiar with
Vitali L (3 days ago)
Do you use samba on WSL? I can't get samba share show up on the network. I enabled smb in windows features. Is there anything else that needs to be done? Thanks!
Mark Conger (4 days ago)
Prediction - and we all know predictions are always right every time, right? Microsoft will buy a Linux distribution company. If you look at their history that's what their method has been. And, since they are very cozy with Ubuntu now it could be Microsoft Canonical becomes a thing. IBM bought RedHat. Who'd have ever thought that would happen?
ReckerAGR (4 days ago)
They still haven't fixed that problem with "system" taking up all the HDD usage.
Jan-Stefan Janetzky (4 days ago)
windows 10 is optimized for ssd. not hdd. apart from that no recent software is hdd optimized. even steam stopped shipping gcf files and simply fractures the available space now instead. (good for ssd, bad for hdd) etc. etc. get a freakin ssd mate
Nostalgy97 (4 days ago)
Why do people go to linux ? -they want something different -they want more privacy -they want full control over their system -linux is less buggy and more secure. Not everybody using linux is good at development, networking, ... People using Ubuntu for example, to discover their first non-microsoft OS, are not doing so to use specific programs from ubuntu. They are doing so because they seek for an alternative to windows, collecting your data, imposing bloatwares and updates, being full of bugs, being the main target of viruses, not letting you fix or change anything (not even the appearance, becoming worse over time, with windows 10 menu's being so poor in colors and shapes). Maybe microsoft is trying to bring back linux users, but they apparently didn't understand why people use linux instead of windows.
Rikka0_0 (3 days ago)
+Diviance thats so true
Diviance (3 days ago)
Now, the less buggy and more secure bit is not _necessarily_ correct. There are undeniably distros that are way buggier than any modern version of Windows... and there are distros that are less secure than a modern version of Windows.
tr7zw (4 days ago)
As someone from the Windows camp this comment section is really interesting. I personally side with what Linus Torvalds said: "I still wish we were better at having a standardize desktop that goes across all the distributions…" "It seems to be that Chromebooks and Android are the paths towards the desktop." The end user doesn't want Linux on his desktop. The end user wants something like Android. And now Windows is working on becoming the biggest Linux distro in the world. It's the best of both worlds, the Desktop of Windows with the possibilities of Linux.
mbonu chinedu (4 days ago)
i dont like microsoft as well bro.
Rytis Liaučys (4 days ago)
It is not hard to imagine that Microsofts intention aren't really that evil. Microsoft has not been "that company that makes Windows" for a while now anymore. They've realized there's a lot more money in providing software services. Office went subscribtion, Windows 10 is the last Windows and is now pretty much ran as a SERVICE, they bought the pretty much dead Skype client, from which they earn ridiculous money through providing service for business and enterprise clients. You shouldn't be too surprised if they switch to the Linux kernel overtime, and their main focus becomes selling software such as Microsoft Office and so on. Hell, I wouldn't even be surprised if Windows becomes completely free for personal use, so they have a ground to sell their shit to you. Remember that this aint no Steve Ballmer anymore.
b888 (4 days ago)
I love microsoft for doing what they are doing. Just because you got booted in your microsoft interview doesn't mean MS is bad!
Bo Diddly (4 days ago)
I worked in an IT environment (NOC Engineer) and we had a mixed environment of mostly Windows Desktops and mostly Linux Infrastructure. Like you mentioned, we had lots of issues interfacing with the Linux servers from Windows. We had no problems interfacing from Linux to Windows though. (edited to add) I switched my computers to Linux about 15 years ago. You mentioned the similarities to the different distros, but there are some distros that are very different. While most are Ubuntu derivatives, there is also GNU, ARM and BSD based Linux as well.
Lyle Beilby (4 days ago)
Oh and I beg to differ, there isn't a link between the profitability of Microsoft's telemetry off of Windows 10 and funds going back into Windows development. The least amount of money Microsoft has to but into development is better for them as all they care about is their own greed. THATS A FACT.
Lyle Beilby (4 days ago)
Clearly Windows is making them ALOT of money, if it wasn't the case then they would simply say "Windows 10 will be the absolute last version and there will be no active development, only security updates for the next 10 years" But they haven't so clearly they want Windows.
Diviance (3 days ago)
Well, sometimes a company supports something that they lose money with because it helps something else they are doing. Like Google with YouTube. Which I believe still isn't making any money for Google.
L. D. Barnes (4 days ago)
Lets think about this, one of the largest contributors to the Linux Kernel is Red Hat they are being swallowed up by IBM what that does to Fedora is yet to be seen, if MS gobbles up Canonical which would be smart on their part because of Cononicals expertise in cloud and server computing two of the largest Linux distro's will both have overlords that could be very devastating to the Linux Kernel. The other thought is Google has done a similar thing with their Chromebooks by allowing Linux on them, and maybe this is just a way for MS to keep pace. Going back to my first thought if MS was to take Canonical and Red Hat is taken by IBM who is left to poor money into the Linux Kernel development? OpenSuse? Not really because they have been bought and sold how many times. Look at what happened to Mandrake which I was using in 1999 or 2000 it became Mandriva which is no more. This has happened many times to many distros. I don't trust either Google or MS not to corporatize Linux distros so they become ineffective. What I think you'll see happening is the purist will join with our cousins over in the BSD world and develop BSD into a marketable system and the battle of supremacy will start all over again. What is that sound I hear, Oh it s the Imperial March tune.
Eevel Ewe (4 days ago)
watch microshit absorb GNU software only to eliminate it a few years later. that's microshit's business plan for everything.
cruisniq (4 days ago)
And here I thought I was nuts, feeling like I was the only one that thinks Microsoft is heading towards a linux unification. Microsoft container support was the thing that pointed me into that direction.
Fræ (4 days ago)
Actually, technically it makes sense to call it a Windows Subsystem for Linux. People who don't understand operating systems/hypervisors will say "it should be called linux subsystem for windows!!!" but that's just wrong. Microsoft knows what they're doing here.
Vanessa Pucca (4 days ago)
good now i can compile a android kernel or rom on my windows ;)oh wait, i use 7 cause i'm allergic to 10 ;)
Diana Romo (5 days ago)
I dont like Microsoft later ^^
Yola Montalvan (5 days ago)
Bill Gates is doing it because people are choosing Apple computers to run Bash shell scripts.
Aryan Kumar (3 days ago)
Bill Gates left Microsoft almost 2 decades ago.
Yola Montalvan (5 days ago)
Now I don’t know who won, Linux or Microsoft, Linus Torvalis or Bill Gates?
richleebruce (5 days ago)
There is perhaps another explanation. Perhaps Microsoft sees Linux as the least bad limitation on their monopoly. A number of liberal politicians and pundits are calling for the break up of big tech companies. I have in the last few weeks noticed Robert Reich and Elizabeth Warren calling for the break-up of Microsoft and other giants like Google and Facebook. Microsoft can reasonably argue that they are not an out of control monopoly. You do not have to use Microsoft Office, you can use Open Office and other free programs that work very well. You do not even have to use Windows, you can use Linux. To avoid being broken up GM, Ford, and Chrysler limited their competition so the much smaller American Motors could survive. They charged higher prices and made big profits. Eventually, foreign companies like Volkswagen and Toyota entered the market and the big three American auto companies did not need American Motors to protect them from the anti-trust boys. So Microsoft may see Linux as its American Motors.
Eric Wood (5 days ago)
Ah, Windows.. I have just two uses for it today. I use it for work, because the whole world insists on using Microcrap Office, and I use older versions to play certain older PC games, especially Heroes of Might & Magic II and Warlords: Battlecry 1-3. I wish Windows would just die and leave the desktop to Linux and other open source software, though I wonder whether that would in fact happen, or whether some other commercial offering would end up taking its place instead. Microsoft Linux replacing Windows is an interesting idea, and I could see Satya Nadella doing that. That fits with his known policies and attitude. I'm not sure I'd like to see it, though, because Microsoft has a habit of forcing and coercing consumers onto their platform through leverage. They have been leveraging DirectX and C# and so on to keep people on Windows. I'm afraid that a Microsoft Linux would feature a lot of proprietary technologies like those and would therefore not be altogether friendly to Linux as an open source operating system, because software for Microsoft Linux may not work on Linux proper. But if they want to offer a Linux solution as a transition away from Windows without that sort of thing, that I would certainly welcome. It would also be great if their development efforts would then benefit the open source community as well and not be proprietary.
Paul Brown (5 days ago)
I use osx and ferdora on my machines, I hate using windows.. these days, it just seems so backwards now I've tried other OS..
Diviance (3 days ago)
Huh, I have the opposite feeling whenever I try Linux or, even worse, OSX. Like I stepped into a time machine back to 2002. Except when it comes to filesystems, linux is far better off in that area than Windows.
Chad V (5 days ago)
I can still feel a coming attempt of an onset of E^3...
J C (5 days ago)
"Linux is a cancer" years later "Microsoft loves linux" This shit is beginning to sound a lot like a certain orange fucknut we know.
Paolo Dino Oddone (5 days ago)
the day windows will be Linux is closest than what you think.
Chriss RE (5 days ago)
I Pray that one day ADOBE Officialy releases their suit for Linux. I need it for my job. Than it will be the last day on Windows.
Chriss RE (4 days ago)
That is a bad advice. But If you are only Paiting than yeah. But if you make complex work in Professional design with Maxon Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign etc. There is simply no alternative on Linux that will make you workflow easy as Adobe. You can take Vector from Illustrator directly paste in Photoshop or In design or After Effects. You can import Cinema 4D files to After Effects no problem. If you change something just change and the rest will update with singe button press. That fast workflow is just impossible on any Linux Alternatives.
Jan-Stefan Janetzky (4 days ago)
just use krita instead of photoshop
Jan-Stefan Janetzky (4 days ago)
+ゆきSnowy nope
ゆきSnowy (4 days ago)
+Eevel Ewe is there way to run macOs apps on Linux?
Eevel Ewe (4 days ago)
GNU* and it will never happen.
puchenyaka (5 days ago)
Steve Ballmer said something? Of course he did. But now Steve is the largest microsoft stockholder. Microsoft politics will change only after people like Steve will die. There is no other ways to change old human mind, because of his brain conservatism.
Diviance (3 days ago)
Sometimes dumb, old minds can come up with something that does very well, though. The Nintendo Wii is a good example of that.
Will Smart (5 days ago)
Recently moved to a Win 10 work laptop WSL was the first thing I installed
Vitali L (3 days ago)
I did the same. However, can't get samba share show up on the network. I enabled smb in windows features. Is there anything else that needs to be done?
Scott Larochelle (5 days ago)
Does that mean that Microsoft will go open source?
ADDY Green (5 days ago)
Trust me, it's a trap!
Donovan Hill (5 days ago)
Microsoft could build the ultimate "WINE", and I still won't buy it.
Benoit Gérin-Lajoie (5 days ago)
The integration of Linux structures into MS IS... IMHO... meant to facilitate steering the embedded IME (Intel Management Engine) by outside forces (PTB) agents...
daniel marcotte (5 days ago)
IMHO, this is a shot at Apple...
Theo Foray (5 days ago)
I believe, at the end of the day, Microsoft will be able to "merge" Linux into Windows with their project Windows Core OS It really is a way to reach this point
Nguyen Van thieu (5 days ago)
As a 2nd year college student who recently switch to Linux. Windows suck at stability and functionality
Diviance (3 days ago)
Windows 10 is one of the most stable, functional OS's out there. Where have you been?
Edwin Davies (5 days ago)
I use Linux mainly for deep learning CUDA libraries. If WSL2 allows GPU passthrough to run Linux CUDA code on GPUs, I would be tempted to go back to Win on bare metal. That isn't saying Win is better, just that if you use both, it makes sense to have the better hardware supported OS on bare metal, and anything else virtualized. Hyper V currently is a dog when running Linux, so I would hope they do some tweaking to get it in shape.
Stephen Henderson (5 days ago)
I just talked to Microsoft Support. WSL1 will auto Update to WSL2 May 21 automatically.
Stephen Henderson (5 days ago)
You can use suckless software that I use anyway. No more Windows in VM on Linux. Don't need two Windows keys. They will put Windows UI/spyware on the Linux kernel when all PCs run on ARM. This will be easier than porting their kernel for ARM, just like Chrome OS, and Android already do it.
Miku MichDem (5 days ago)
2-3 years from now Microsoft CEO: Windows is actually just Linux with modified MATE and Wine with our dlls.
ilmarinen palanut (5 days ago)
EEE M$Die.
daniel jimenez (5 days ago)
I think Microsoft's plan is the opposite of what you describe. To make their system appealing to the sectors that already rely heavily on linux. Embrace, extend, and extinguish. Make no mistake, that's what they've always done.
daniel jimenez (16 minutes ago)
+Igor B I never said they had superpowers, nor that they would succeed in their attempt. All I said is that their intentions and gameplan, in all likelyhood, are very different from those suggested by the video here. I stand by it, and I suggest you read my comment again without the bias.
Igor B (1 hour ago)
+daniel jimenez if they lost to chrome that implies they dont have superpowers, and about IE vs Netscape - IMHO that was only beginning of product, and with the level of quality microsoft writes the code no way in hell they can maintain battle with chrome
Tim Kissane (3 days ago)
I couldn't agree more! I don't care who the current CEO is, M$ has always been, is now, and will always be about money and world domination. All their contributions to the kernel? It's going to spell trouble one day. They are evil. Open Source philosophy means nothing to them. I'm glad there are some who can see that.
Eevel Ewe (4 days ago)
finally someone with a brain.
daniel jimenez (4 days ago)
I agree, but you must consider that it worked for more than a decade, and even if they weren't successful in preventing Chrome from dethroning them, that was definitely their intention. IE successfully extinguished Netscape, for example.
James Moser (5 days ago)
WSL was not created to be a glorified ssh client... You can actually just open command prompt or powershell and do that already. WSL was created so you could run software that you would run in a linux environment, like a web server (node.js, ruby on rails, etc). This was so developers could develop locally on their machine and it would work just like it would when they uploaded it to the production server. Docker is another example of how to do that, and its why they show that in the video you used, because it was one of the most requested features. WSL 1 basically tried to emulate the linux kernel, but thats very difficult and its a moving target. It was just easier to use the actual kernel... which is why WSL 2 does.
Josh Smith (5 days ago)
Sounds like Microsoft is getting scared. Linux is getting better and better every year and still doesn't have the issues that Microsoft can't seem to get rid of in windows . It sounds to me like their getting scared shitless of Linux. Afraid Linux is eventually going to put them out of business. Wouldn't hurt my feelings let Microsoft go belly up.
Diviance (3 days ago)
Linux has been getting better and better... shame it still isn't even at the usability that Windows Vista had.
nullskz (5 days ago)
linux: we are in the end game now
ZoruaZorroark (6 days ago)
why should i make a return to windows again?
Mike Hauss (6 days ago)
This is possible because Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer don't run M$ anymore. As we all know, this would've NEVER(!) happened under them.
David (6 days ago)
I'm not too worried. As long as Arch and Gentoo are around, there will be solid Linux systems for me to run. If Linux somehow implodes, there are the BSDs. If those collapse, maybe something like Redox will fill that void. Who knows, hurd may even eventually launch. There will always be good, free, powerful systems out there, and no company can ever take that away.
Wasteland Seven (6 days ago)
This is my conjecture: I would be willing to bet that they will make Windows cloud based eventually. If their focus is on service based models, then cloud based OS as a paid service makes sense. And I agree we'll see more and more Linux in Windows. Compared to Microsof's bloatware, Linux is light-years more efficient.
Wasteland Seven (6 days ago)
I'm just laughing at the irony. I don't like Microsoft either. I got mad and dumped MS products too.
Bunny (5 days ago)
Why do you think Windows is the opposite of any Linux OS? Microsoft is one of the biggest contributors to Linux
Skylark (6 days ago)
Survival of the fittest. Indeed despite keeping their platforms closed, it's interesting that they choose not to develop their own platforms. This speaks volumes about their products. The worst thing is how their marketing has literally brainwashed industry towards Windows - it's so bad that if you mention anything other than Windows, you lose your credibility.
Gamble (6 days ago)
All our systems are running Linux, my girlfriend just wants to be able to view photos, videos, listen to some music and browse the web and for that I can install Ubuntu on her machine and since I can easily teach her the basics she needs and she has no experience of any other OS and will come to me to fix any problems anyway, which I actually find easier on Linux anyways, there's no problem. She is learning to use computers on Ubuntu and my son and daughter therefore probably will too, I used to keep a windows system for some basic gaming but I can run the stuff I want on WINE anyway and more Linux versions of the kind of things I like are coming out too, don't need anything M$ now.
Kenichi Mori (6 days ago)
Sensitive comment it's all right.
Kenichi Mori (6 days ago)
Windows linux kernel.dll
Dave102693 (6 days ago)
They just should make a NT hybrid instead
Dave102693 (6 days ago)
Plz kill of MSDOS/NT for good!
sundhaug92 (6 days ago)
From what I understand from the WSL team, the reason it's WSL and not LSW is because of lawyers/marketing
200 ok (6 days ago)
Windows absorbs linux
klimenkodr123 (6 days ago)
Ssh has been baked into windows powershell for years. You still need putty for stuff like x11 forwarding, but for simple stuff like scp, the default windows powershell is more than enough.
Inotamira Orani (6 days ago)
I get the WEIRD vibe that...MAYBE...just MAYBE, Microsoft is trying to phase themselves out of the OS market and just handing the reins over to Linux.
Videos XP (6 days ago)
Look differences aside. Microsoft is neglecting the NT foundation, and windows in general. Which given the marketshare will harm the vast consumer base.
A true meme master (6 days ago)
Open source software cannot be killed, people will make forks
A true meme master (5 days ago)
ChozoSR388 (6 days ago)
What's cutlery got to with it?
Thijs Janssen (6 days ago)
What do I think, is that the question? I think you're dead on, but 1 thing. Saying you are on the safe side with Ubuntu. I know no other linux company that shuts down as much as they do. And I remember ubuntu passing on my unity dash results to amazon with shopping lens. Adding to that they filter this information, deciding for me what information I would get to see, and what information I don't get to see. That's censorship to me. I'd rather have microsoft spying on me than amazon, if I really had to choose, because amazon is really good with using this information. It might be water under the bridge, but you asked for it :) Thank you for making awesome videos.
Rood67 (6 days ago)
As I've said numerous times, with some agreeing and more bashing me - but here is my thought again... Windows 10 is a rolling release, sounds like Arch doesn't it? Linux users don't generally like Arch from what I see online unless one is deep into Linux to live on the edge. Everything you've stated here lines up with my opinion. Especially when you made your reference to Mac OS 10. Hmm, Mac 10 using Linux Win 10 leaning into Linux, coincidence? I'm looking forward to games running natively in Linux because they won't be written to only use DirectX and dotNet. Or running there people of Linux apps I like on Windows 10.
Hanro50 (6 days ago)
...Who would have thought that MS might cause the year of the Linux desktop in the future...
Hanro50 (6 days ago)
I could see win32 being separated out from Windows nt
Hanro50 (6 days ago)
MS has revealed the reason WSL is getting so much love. TL:DR, They're after MacOSX rather than Linux. They want Windows to be taken seriously as a platform to develop software on.
Tom Koller (6 days ago)
Look for the back doors!
Zablon Dawit (6 days ago)
This might be another tactic to kill linux, hmm...
Matthijs Hebly (6 days ago)
Satya Nadella is nothing like Steve Ballmer. Consequently, the new Microsoft is nothing like the old Microsoft. Case in point: Microsoft currently has 2,440 repositories on Github.
blast (6 days ago)
Why are you all hammering windows? Telemetry? Modern look and feel of it? You don't like preinstalled apps? What part of it REALLY affects you? You know when I tried Linux I immediately ditched it because of the hassle of finding right wifi drivers, graphics drivers tons of shit you have to learn before you can any any productive. Linux might be great but Windows works just great for me. Never felt the need to switch to Linux. With that being said, I might dual boot my pc someday.
Nibedita Das (6 days ago)
I love to use both with dual boot. Windows: My MBR is corrupt. Linux: I am here to save the day. User: I want good design with some linux features too. Windows: I have everything. Linux: Sure we are included in everything. MacOS: Has left the chat.
Nibedita Das (2 days ago)
Linux mint has awesome design speaking about difficulties it depends from person to person so don't mind me.
Sergey Setrin (2 days ago)
+Nibedita Das documentation? What are you talking about? If you want to do smth conplicated of course you must read it but it doesn't mean that it will be easy on windows, it may be unreal at all. Have you ever tried Mint?
Nibedita Das (3 days ago)
Because I love windows and apps made by me for Windows clients just use Linux for just backend server whether it is on a VM or on real PC when I need one. I don't like Linux it is that we need to read documentations on so many functions to use it's full potential while in windows without any research and just common sense I figured out everything from childhood.
Sergey Setrin (4 days ago)
+Nibedita Das why not? I use linux on all my computers and it's ok, I have even MS office but I don't use because WPS office is enough for everything.
Nibedita Das (4 days ago)
No hell no I use Linux for some software propose but can't use it permanently or as regular OS.
Nibedita Das (6 days ago)
Windows ❤ Linux
Nibedita Das (6 days ago)
I love to use both with dual boot. Windows: My MBR is corrupt. Linux: I am here to save the day. User: I want good design with some linux features too. Windows: I have everything. Linux: Sure we are included in everything.
Tuxli von Chur (6 days ago)
19:00 sweetheart.. it's a 'free(dom) software' idea.. Open source means shit.. when you still are not allowed to do anything with it. I..e I can make up open-source software and still forbid anyone to copy/change it.
V I N C I (6 days ago)
ssh is now already baked in to windows 10 natively as well
Pollux (6 days ago)
I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX. Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project. There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux" distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.
Sal Leone (5 days ago)
Thank you, Saint Richard of Stallman
Ugandan Knuckles (6 days ago)
Windowns best downer OS
GDar (6 days ago)
If I start to hate Microsoft, I'll switch to Mac, not Linux. Linux is not good for business, inking, touch, portability and pro stuff.

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