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Before You Buy a Mac, Watch This Video

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PCMag's Matt Buzzi and Sascha Segan (who has used Macs for 27 years) lay into the major flaws in the current Mac laptop lineup. Read more right here! https://www.pcmag.com/commentary/361567/apple-ignores-whats-wrong-with-the-mac PCMag.com is your ultimate destination for tech reviews and news. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCMag Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCMag Gawk at our photos on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pcmagofficial Get our latest tips and tricks on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pcmag
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Text Comments (831)
africansnow (4 days ago)
Jeeeesus sooooo much lame commentary just get to the bloody point. I'm literally here because of the title not for your life story. Didn't make it past 3 mins. Next.
Matthew Featherston (4 days ago)
I was going to get a new mac, however I felt like I got a much better deal with a Mid 2012 MacBook Pro just for the fact it has all the ports and an iCore7 processor with a keyboard that is not going to go out on me...Not to mention the power safety chord that it came with and also the fact that I only paid $400 to buy it.... Please Apple come out with a "Classic" MacBook Pro that has all these features, but with updated specs we will all love you for it
Rudy Yocum (6 days ago)
You guys are so wrong, I will never pay for a Windows Laptop over 500.00. I LOVE MY MAC. Keyboard is fine and I even DJ with a MAC. G-4 was my first one and will never ever ever use a Windows Laptop for DJng. I only own a Windows laptop to help my friends when they have problems. (Paid $125.00 for my last one)
niks gee (13 days ago)
That 12 inch looks like a tablet with a keyboard attached.
Corey Ayers (14 days ago)
Do they ever say anything important? I gave up after 1:55 of babbling
If Mac prices are low in India i bet India will change every windows pc into mac
In India Mac user are like rich people . Like real rich. Mac Prices are so high in India . Its like we can buy a new bike instead of mac.
Usman Akhtar (17 days ago)
I have 2017 macbook pro 15".(aprox $3700 cdn). After almost 15 months laptop turned down while i was using, i took it to apple store. They told me we have to change somthing related to power for $150. I was agree but next day i received call from apple store and they were asking my my permission to change logic board. I was mad and refued to give him permission. I went to apple store to pickup my laptop. I asked the guy are you going to change all hardware, he said no, but we are not %100 sure what is the problem with laptop. But yes may b logic board for $1100. And you will lose all data. I pickup laptop without repair. And next day i give it to my friend who fixed my macbook pro 15" 2017 within 1 hour without losing data. Waoo I will never buy apple products again And last thing is there anyone who can hire my friend. He is jobless genius living in toronto..
Jayme Capurso (18 days ago)
How do you turn the best all round value product ever designed by a company into a mediocre over priced one inside a decade? Give control to shareholders and accountants....... This video reflects the feelings of millions of two decade old Mac users the world over, this is what happens to a company when those more concerned with money than the product that drives that profit start running the show. It makes my blood boil what they have done to the Jobs Legacy in such a short space of time. After 25 years of only Macs, my next computer won't be one.
Zenn3k (22 days ago)
I wouldn't give up my 2015 MBP for anything.
Cio CIO (26 days ago)
Apple is busy supporting the Chinese economy and building a headquarters
Nutshell (1 month ago)
I don’t get why people want everything to have a touchscreen. seriously why would you want finger print marks all over your screen?
Grahamhg (1 month ago)
But winblows
Daniel Adler (1 month ago)
unfortunately as much as we hate them some of us developers have to buy mac computers, just because some users don't know they deserve better, they can not demand better quality, support and reasonable prices. They believe in magic! when someone can easily do the same job on a pc why would pay extra money for a computer that is less powerful, has known issues and can not be upgraded.
Lana Liong (1 month ago)
Unibody 2012 i7 13"anyone? Too old for 2019 ?
Darryl of Sussex (1 month ago)
I’m still using my original iphone 4s, 2011 imac and 2011 ipad. Daily. Know anyone still using their Android gear for that long?
tinkingallday (1 month ago)
No creative genius with vision running Apple now. Now it is just gimmicks. Also ran yes men running Apple on the fumes of Jobs genius.
robert jay (1 month ago)
figures they are badmouthing the Mac considering this is a PCMAG channel. lol
Gearhead Garage (1 month ago)
Louise rossman Check him out. He fixes these failures called macs.
Unreliable Narrator 66 (1 month ago)
Clickbait. Your 2 crazy uncles complain about modern times.
Bishwas Mishra (1 month ago)
This video is the reflection of your immediate reaction to change. But guess what? Apple can dare enforce new changes ( that will remain irritating till 2020 )
BarbaraL Lowell (1 month ago)
I'm thinking its not even a strategy, just nobody minding the store any more! Its too much work!
T C (1 month ago)
dude on the left needs a xanax... and a shrink. people all over the world are dying from starvation, disease and war... apple is not that serious.
Pankaj Mehra (1 month ago)
Such a fake and time wasting review!
iFir3B0lt Gaming (1 month ago)
One thing that stood out to me: **what 13 inch ultrabooks have actual dedicated graphics cards**
Sujith Sa (1 month ago)
I still use my SSD upgraded mid 2012 13" Macbook Pro. But seeing the specs remaining unchanged for a nearly 2k laptop even in 2018, the company should seriously start thinking on revolutionary innovation, rather than doing stepped upgrades
ccseic (2 months ago)
They exist because of the morons who keep on buying this garbage.
tomorrow day (2 months ago)
you are reviewing a product and you are guessing what generation is the processor?
tomorrow day (2 months ago)
I think the touch-bar is great innovative idea and depending on the interface can be very useful
Christopher Lara (2 months ago)
Too late...
henry cheang (2 months ago)
There is something call touch screen you know. Oops I forgot MacBook don't have touch screen......
Colin (2 months ago)
There's a reason their share price is tanking.
Lazyfatferalcat Chubby (2 months ago)
Excellent video, proves you guys aren't under the Apple pay roll like the other YouTubers.
The Sad Potato (2 months ago)
It seems like a lot of people agree Macs after 2015 are not that great. overpriced, lack of ports, and underpowered, (not to mention keyboard problems). No one should buy a dual core laptop for over $1000 in 2018 aside from maybe the MacBook 12 in. It would not be so bad but a decent MacBook Pro 13 in starts at $1800. Apple didn’t update their non touchbar MacBook Pro 13 to 8th gen quad core an it still costs $1300 for 128 gb storage. It’s crazy that is their best value laptop. If apple keeps this up their sales will suffer as the competition gets stiffer and stiffer. Honestly it was probably apples strategy not to update the non touchbar 13 in and push people to pay $500 more for a gimmicky feature.
Vladimir Gerasimenko (2 months ago)
you can talk all day long how macbooks are awful, but all tech companies use macbooks for coding and imacs for design
Fachri Awal Studio (2 months ago)
if I had the chance to have this macbook pro, I would say thousands of very deep thanks because I have wanted to have it for years but I am only a designer man who can only dream from the corner of a city far from peace, this is me with high hopes like you have this mackbook pro
Darth BEHFANS (2 months ago)
Is XPS 13 pre-installed with Ubuntu worth it?
Brian (2 months ago)
The short guy is a TOOL!
bekir sivri (2 months ago)
I ve been using apple for years but lately apple reaaly sucks. I got 2016 macbook and I have key stuck problem also I hate touch bar.Old keyboard was much better. Price is getting rise every year.
Anmol Tiwari (2 months ago)
I have been using a macbook air for 3 years now and the first time i typed on a macbook pro keyboard, i loved it...as a software developer i can say that keyboard is just insanely fast to type on...but i can understand people hating it becausr of the low key travel
Derek Bly (2 months ago)
I have a MacBook Pro. I've used Mac since the beginning of home computers. But next time I'll be buying a PC of some kind ... possibly a Lenovo. Too much frustration with the Apple product at this point.
Fat Cat (2 months ago)
What a bunch of lying soy boys. I stopped after watching this video after enduring the section on keyboard complaints ... seriously, what a load of BS. The keyboard is terrific and never breaks. Additionally, I never hear the fan on my Mac and it never locks up or requires reboot. In a blink of an eye, my Mac comes out of hibernation versus minutes on my PC. Want to see what the market really thinks ... go to the local mall and look in the Microsoft shop where staff outnumber customers. The Apple shop is packed with customers. I will NEVER buy another Microsoft/PC product ever again - and encourage all my friends and customers the same.
mastertechken mike (2 months ago)
lol these guys must be payed to down talk apple macbooks lol theyre awfull reasoning hints at it..... who the heck are these bozos anyways lololol
aaron gong (3 months ago)
I found my Macbook Air replacement, Its called Avita Liber 13.3
Lee Spadafora (3 months ago)
I buy apple everyday at the supermarket..
Daimon (3 months ago)
Hey! Vsauce, Michael here.
Happy Clam (3 months ago)
Next laptop for me is the Razer Blade. Goodbye, Apple OS, I'll miss you.
Roy Eastham (3 months ago)
iOS so much improved iPhone feels like a handheld computer than a phone and I love it! 64 bit graphics and smoother than my Windows hp Stream! Better for breaking news and weather app as well! Plus good for writing with my finger even on the 4 inch SE!
BMW Motor Works (3 months ago)
Incoming iSheeps
Bill Feinberg (3 months ago)
In July of 2012 I bought a pre-owned Lenovo Thinkpad T430S i7 for $450. It still had almost 3 years left on the warranty. Had 16 gb of RAM and a 256 gb SSD. The 1600x900 screen is pretty pedestrian, but OK. The track pad is awful, but the Trackpoint is still the absolute best pointing device on the market. It's still my daily driver and hasn't skipped a beat. 30 months ago I needed a light, portable notebook. I went to the Apple Store and tested the new MacBook 12". Unusable because of that keyboard. It felt like I was typing on a concrete slab. The screen was beautiful, but that keyboard was a joke. On top of that, the M5 processor was so laggy. A friend was buying a MacBook Pro and sold me his 11.6" i5 MacBook Air with 4 gb of RAM and a 128 SSD for $375. It suited my purposes. Since I'm not doing video editing and Lightroom, it was fine. Yes, I still get the occasional beach ball, but that's because of the 4 gb of RAM, something I knew going in. Yes, it has the big bezel and the screen isn't Retina, but it works like a charm. I was even able to change the battery myself in 10 minutes, using a genuine Apple battery that I paid $60 for. Money isn't really an object, and I would revisit the MacBook Pro, but only if they go back to a keyboard that works.
MMTT7sALd (3 months ago)
I don't see the point in buying any macbook besides the pro
Source!!! (3 months ago)
How can Apple possibly take somebody from PC seriously? The PC is Apple's eternal archnemisis.
Daz M (3 months ago)
You lost me at 333 GHz. Bye
Liston Mallard (3 months ago)
I am not in the apple ecosystem. But I am considering imac 21.5 retina 4k display, 3.6 ghz quad-core I-7 with 16 gb 2400 MHz ddr4 ram, 1tb fusion drive, radeon  pro 560 with 4 gb video memory, magic mouse 2 and magic keyboard with numeric display... for less than $2000 usd, before adding plugs, cables, etc. Also considering a pc desktop with 3 times the storage including a 4 ghz i-7 cpu, 512 ssd, and 2 1 tb hdd, 4 gb video card, and 32 gb ddr4 ram for about the same money. Seems like a no brainer. But you guys are the experts. I need something better than my old 2.0 ghz i-7 laptop with 6 gb ram and shared video for photo editing with both Lightroom and Photoshop. My 17 inch screen is good for most things, but in photo editing, I cannot see what is changing when I use the sliders in my canon DPP4.9.20.0 photo editing/RAW converter software.
Bone Arete (3 months ago)
So funny, if I have been driving Nissan for 23 years and It is not keeping up and produced lousy cars, I dont kneel to beg tha Nissan make a better car, do you? Just go buy a Toyota or something......why? Why all the pain and frustration and still go out there to buy another one and then complain on and on....... FanBoys??
Samuel Liu (3 months ago)
What computer brand do you suggest to turn to? Worse experience with Microsoft/Best Buy?
Dheeraj Reddy (3 months ago)
Unsurprisingly biased and funny
Gaurav chatterjee (3 months ago)
They are innovating and making keyboard Worst... BLAHAHAHAHA Died of laughter
IF Lewy (3 months ago)
Where can I get a 2015 MacBook pro?
Edward Stroud (3 months ago)
But they are still doing good and all the others are following in Apple’s foot steps.
Jude Adeline (3 months ago)
Why is everybody saying that Apple has been going down since 2016. Making reference to Steve Job's death. Apple's failure was bound to happen even if Steve Job was still alive. It happened before and it will happen again. Their closed ecosystem has always been the problem. People eventually wants more control on their devices and Apple's strategy has always been one which locks user's flexibility. They entice you with beautiful concepts and devices which eventually becomes just that. Concepts.
Roberto Martinez (3 months ago)
"What's going on here"  is that Apple stop innovating at least 5 years ago (they are just making things bigger (IPhone) and thinner (computers) and realized that before you come to this realization they will make some nice profit out of you.
Nsubuga Patrick (3 months ago)
However, designers credit the inclusion of a touch bar, it's people who do typing that complain. Most graphics designers and creative heads use mac computers and I think that who apple is targeting. What I don't like is the elimination of those important pots yet the world is not ready to go all USB C.
Nsubuga Patrick (3 months ago)
People are very petty, you buy them a Lamborghini and they'll say "but the wheels are not yellow".
Steve Similien (3 months ago)
What is this??
daniel kinney (3 months ago)
APPLE does take advantage of its customers. I will admit that. For example i bought the BOX SET before the app store came out I bought LOGIC STUDIO in the store for $499.00. The next week the app store came out and they sold the Upgrade for $199. So all of us that bought the box set had to REPAY $199 to get the Upgrade and then everyone gets the new LOGIG PRO X for $199. So they ripped us all off that paid for the $499 Box version. Apple does sell the old processors and make you think you are getting the new stuff. 2017 i bought MBPR but the date said 2015 when i got the MacBook pro home. They are selling you 2 YEARS old laptops.
daniel kinney (3 months ago)
BOTH PC & MAC both are ripping their CUSTOMERS OFF. Lets get real about this stuff.
daniel kinney (3 months ago)
I have had a WHITE MACBOOK 2007 MACBOOK PRO 2208 MACBOOK PRO 2013 MACBOOK PRO 2015. NOT ONE PROBLEM EVER with any of them. also have 5K iMac
daniel kinney (3 months ago)
One thing i will say i use to use GATEWAYS and DELLS LAPTOPS and I was always on the phone with SUPPORT for ever all the time. At least 2 and 3 times a month. When i switched to a MAC i have hardly ever had to call MAC for anything.
daniel kinney (3 months ago)
I am a huge MAC GEEK. I would never put down a PC person. i would never say bad things about the other side. Just give the pros and cons of PC vs MAC. It does no good to try and degrade a COMPANY and laughing about it.
Ra-ki Papa (3 months ago)
why do I feel like this is a useless and subjective review?
lexicon1967 (3 months ago)
I have a mid 2012 13 inch Macbook Pro i5 8 Gb Ram 500 Gb Hard drive. It works fine but I want to upgrade. Which 13 inch Macbook Pro do I have to look for? Which one is the best option? Regards
Kaiten Sohal (3 months ago)
What I love the keyboard on the macbook, I can type so fast on it, I like the clicky sound of the keys. I do have the 15inch pro 2018 btw so maybe that makes a difference compared to the 12inch macbook.
jackson debbarma (3 months ago)
Window pc fan. We all know Mac are great and you both monkeys dont deserve it
Junko Muramasa (3 months ago)
This apple notebooks are so thin and look so fragile. Honestly, would never buy one even if they look aesthetically clean and sleek.
PHILLLIP ATTIDORE (3 months ago)
welcome to win pc
DROP DATABASE (3 months ago)
Stop begging Apple and take a look at other laptops. Dell and Asus also manufacture ultrabooks
Omar Alfonso (3 months ago)
I love my MacBook Pro with touch bar <3
nike air jordan laureano (3 months ago)
use Microsoft surface pro 6
Amy Leigh (3 months ago)
did you forget that Steve Jobs has passed on? So dont expect any exceptionally brilliant computers to be released.. theres only one steve jobs may he be happy above.. so of course the macbook is never going to be the way it used to be and to the standard we would all love. If you don't like them , dont buy them simple. There is always going to be yay and nay sayers... just remember not every single individuals tastes are hardwired the same..
HtS643KyS6555GxQ3edA (3 months ago)
Maybe Apple just needs to pay fees to Ireland/EU so it is charging these higher prices.
Raik (4 months ago)
Ask apple... With your wallet.
Benoni Kassahun (4 months ago)
You make me change my mind
mighty mouse (4 months ago)
I think Steve Jobs is turning in his grave. He loved his Apple and made it a perfect working machine. I was lucky enough to buy one when He was still alive. Mine is 7 years old and still works great. It was on for 24/7 for the first 5 years and now is enjoying daily use. I am sad that they did not honor Steve's quality control. Very Sad indeed. But I will not buy PC spent $1200-1900 every two years and that did not include the inconvenience of lost data on bad drives and bad keyboards.
Sodobean (4 months ago)
Because there are no better options rigth?
ekedini (4 months ago)
good episode. i love my 2015 macbook pro! I will never buy another macbook pro again!
pete (4 months ago)
I settled for Win10 and iOS for quite a while now. I tried using MacOS for mobile two years ago but I am back on Windows. As for desktop I've been using Windows scince my first contact with personal computers.
Mr Cat (4 months ago)
Dramaqueen silliness.
jz35 (4 months ago)
is this the machine that they glue n rivet the keyboard in ? just to make it hard to replace, but when u said apples making insane profits because , i think you meant to say , because people are idiots , thats what you should of said anyway
Herman du Randt (4 months ago)
I hate the new keyboard
Jen Chin (4 months ago)
i think the main point is OS didnt get any virus but windows does, thats why mac win
roco z (4 months ago)
These two are horribly unprofessional
Artur Adam (4 months ago)
Apple should be forced by us government to refund money to all fooled, ripped off customers as well as banned from trading as apple
Maxwell (4 months ago)
Whats up with the dislikes thou? Mac users reject one of their own? P/S: I'm a Mac user and I digg this.
Herman Munster (4 months ago)
Don't you try new Apple tech before you buy? There are enough Apple stores around where people can try out their new products, before blindly throwing their money at Apple. Its like donating to a church, without really knowing where your money is going to end up. But then, iOS is a religion, Apple is your god, and Mac Books, iMacs, and iPhones are the disciples that bring you the message. "Think differently" or dont think at all is the underlying message, just buy, Buy BUY! Apple fanbots are the dumbest of souls, and their only redemption is to renounce and denounce iFER, That is LUCiFER.
Brandon S (4 months ago)
This little guy, is such a tool
juliano khoshaba (4 months ago)
🍎 is a mockery !
0614 cm (4 months ago)
i seriously dont know what to buy.. im a student so i need a good laptop to study but i also need a nice music producing program. ive been stuck on the macbook air and the 2015 macbook pro.. any suggestions?
Johnny lor (4 months ago)
Wow, what a waste of money.

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