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Eminem - Mockingbird

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Playlist Best of Eminem: https://goo.gl/AquNpo Subscribe for more: https://goo.gl/DxCrDV Music video by Eminem performing Mockingbird. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 14,297,644. (C) 2004 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records
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Ramon Ortiz (2 minutes ago)
Can relate to this song the struggle of trying to provide for your family the struggle of separation from the mother of my child an the trying your hardest to be a good father with your own faults to deal with to make your child have the life you want them to have
ramanda salsabila (5 minutes ago)
2019 anyone?
Joker salvatore (22 minutes ago)
JUNIOR REACT (42 minutes ago)
I cant explain it 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Opal Evans (1 hour ago)
This made me cry :(
UUGANAA TUYA (1 hour ago)
2018.11.21 you God
amine chinwi (1 hour ago)
💔💔 i
Mr Murke (2 hours ago)
This is the most amazing song written for a child.
OririUnus OririUnus (2 hours ago)
wicked lyrics mi general
sithokozile moyo (2 hours ago)
So Marshall people think I m weird to be listening to your music since I m a girl ..They dont know just what they are missing out on
TheFlipFlopBoys (2 hours ago)
Let’s get it to 400 million. Screw you gucci gang
aayush kumar (3 hours ago)
*_This type of rap is what I'm missing in 2018_* 🤷🏾‍♂️
EDiYx (4 hours ago)
Haider Rmfc (4 hours ago)
Nobody 👏 Cares 👏 What 👏 Year 👏 You're 👏 Listening 👏 To 👏 This 👏
TDA Alpha (4 hours ago)
Emil Gasanov (9 hours ago)
2018 ?
Mr Bubz (10 hours ago)
Well I thought I cured my depression, guess I’m wrong.
Ninks Apodaca (11 hours ago)
its my life story
Mr ClassyVids (12 hours ago)
This song is so true to me I lost my mom to drugs not dead but she left and I used to be jealous of kids with both parents.
Wesley Shinholt (13 hours ago)
Man, I love how Eminem puts his life in his raps. I feel so bad for him, I wish I could help. I can't!
yousif botani (14 hours ago)
From all of us to one who stole their money God bless you for giving us slim shady 🙏🙏🙏🙏
cash money Girl (14 hours ago)
Who’s listening to this in 2018 like if you are
r kocica (15 hours ago)
2018 ?😭
The Bloody Alboz (17 hours ago)
This song makes me love my enemies
ShadowGHST Gaming (17 hours ago)
Favourite Eminem song personally (I guess it’s my favourite Marshall Mathers song)
dxddy_angie (18 hours ago)
This is what happen to be and it feels very bad 😥😭🥺❤️
RB Productions (18 hours ago)
I bet hailey is so proud of marshal to date ❤️
Ins4n3 (19 hours ago)
Anyone else cry without knowing?
Matthias Greibke (19 hours ago)
Ich schreie und weine... aber ich rappe nicht
himanshu sharma (19 hours ago)
Notorious Jatt (19 hours ago)
Fan no1 all ways was, all ways will be!!
Shoorit (20 hours ago)
You can tell marshal poured his heart into this... slim appeared briefly at the end though.
cale minnich (21 hours ago)
1 second ago tell haley shes lucky she has a dad my real father was a drugy and died becuse of drugs and my step dad is a big jerk and my mom lets it happen
GoKu Sun (21 hours ago)
Great Song 👍👍 peace from Turkey
Ulker Akkurt (21 hours ago)
Odunlara son kez tekrar edebilirim bu konusmalarimmmm grrcekti ben bir yilmazimmmmmm solcularimmm hdp liydim dedikkkkkkk gerceklerimmmmm her yerdennnnnn boyleeee
Glëññ TV (21 hours ago)
Too much of the heart put on a paper. A lot of things in his heart. This song is so much more than words, these are real feelings. Too much Talent, he must’ve been crying while making the song. EMINEM is AMAZING😢😢😭😭😭😭
Tayona Berryhill (21 hours ago)
I want to cry when i listen to this😭
Oiza Queensday (21 hours ago)
The dislikes are from those who prefer f*cking mumbling trap rappers to this pure form of art.
Stale Celtic (22 hours ago)
some ninjas cuting a lot of them onions
Game19 Star (22 hours ago)
who is from 2018 ?
Balasundaram Muthu (22 hours ago)
Beautiful video
ghilliesniper (23 hours ago)
Bro there’s very few things that get me feeling like a tears about to roll up and this is one of them
why so serious ? (1 day ago)
2018-2019 ? Anyone?
Piggy Ogi (1 day ago)
Smocking bird🧢🍌
eamon mullan (1 day ago)
2018 anyone????
Aiyen Skyez (1 day ago)
Nobody replacr this legend !
Allan Jurgens (1 day ago)
This is trap before trap was a thing
2019 where are you?
jettae schroff (1 day ago)
Life lesson: don't f*ck with dad. (ha ha)
Dolf Dervish (1 day ago)
I came here to detox my brain from a NF video.
yash s (1 day ago)
This song came when I was 5 made me cry when I was 16
Ash Ken (1 day ago)
Cant believe this song still brings me to tears a decade later.
I Rule Hyrule (1 day ago)
Fathers around the world can relate to this. Its why we love EM
Blu is here (1 day ago)
2018 team where chu at bih
jason knox (1 day ago)
hoang vu (1 day ago)
Xxxtentacion was the prince of rap, but this man is the god of all rappers.He changed meaning of rapping,because he actually he has lyrics,meanings,and the power to cut onions.....
GINKA MINK (1 day ago)
damn bro who set out the barrels of cut onion cause this song is so damn true eminem = smart + talent + wise
Miscellaneous Mind (1 day ago)
Man. Shout out to all the Dad's doing their thing for their kids. Real life Supermen.
STAX WANNA (1 day ago)
uhh he is the best dad its ok eminem u got thisss man
Sports ultra (1 day ago)
No one can now deny that eminem is the best rapper ever even his fails r accompliments
Groat = Greatest rapper of all time
Joao Paulo (1 day ago)
2018 Br
Santiago Fuerter (1 day ago)
Made in 🇺🇸
Mir KZ (1 day ago)
Dimas Pratama (1 day ago)
Indonesian only fans EMINEM😎
R4UL17X (1 day ago)
i cry :(
Make sure to sub
Winston Zamora (2 days ago)
Best 💪💪
Thành Liêm Đặng (2 days ago)
Slim Shady makes us laugh, Eminem makes us think, Marshal makes us cry...
Hamza Elboukili (2 days ago)
Like si hablas en inglés porque yo no
Anime suchti AA (2 days ago)
Best Song!!!!
Soff Papers (2 days ago)
Rawan (2 days ago)
Gral Master (1 day ago)
Diamond Lackey (2 days ago)
Who else is listening in 2018?
Rufaro masanganise (1 hour ago)
i am
isac Sithole (2 hours ago)
My all time fav😍💘⚡🌋
Xhekson Deda (2 days ago)
November 2018 ❤
leolial (2 days ago)
I actually cried during this 😭
XCAR Rent a Car (2 days ago)
Good music
Elim YEUNG (2 days ago)
Really does love his daughter
Kokox Lolo (2 days ago)
Kokox Lolo (2 days ago)
BGV (2 days ago)
this is one of the best songs i have listened to in 2018. Hahah btw i love that laughs in 4:15
Marshall i love this song from you
Hendrik 298 (2 days ago)
definitly one of his best
Splash (2 days ago)
Eminem knows how to steer your emotions, this is not just a song, it's a story.
Lagatros _ (2 days ago)
Im sitting up at 2:41AM and im crying so lit
NYC #1 Subway KID (2 days ago)
🔥M O C K I N G B I R D🔥
Janderson Schneider (2 days ago)
Meu sonho ver um show desse cara
Stinkyclawkilla (2 days ago)
I made it to 135
DAMLA BAYBAR (2 days ago)
did you know that hush little baby, don't you cry part is actually a lullaby
Miguel Barcellos (2 days ago)
BRAYO SAMMY (2 days ago)
My ringtone
Darknix Kyuubi237 (2 days ago)
Not even anything fake here....welp this makes me want to think about life🤔🤔🤔
Kenan Hacılı (2 days ago)
It’s hard to stay “Eminem’s rapping”
Kevin J Tolson (2 days ago)
Awesome music Eminem keep up the work
Asela Samsh (2 days ago)
whs 2018
TheTriYard 125 (2 days ago)
Ava White (2 days ago)
Hardest try not to cry... impossible for me
Santinah Hutchinson (2 days ago)

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