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Couple looks on as house falls off cliff

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The homeowners of the house that's falling off the cliff in Texas, watch in disbelief from Florida.
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zadose (1 month ago)
Sucks for you, but you're rich. YOu can buy another one.
ding dong (1 month ago)
Plant paulownia
Bad Ninja (1 month ago)
I was about to say, poor little rich assholes, then I got down to the comments! Good work!
daniel iordanov (1 month ago)
We don’t
basant vimal sharma (1 month ago)
Hindu scriptures and ancient sages have forcasted and fowarned methods of house building called the Vastu Shastra (when and where to build homes) not on, near or at the bottom of a cliff.not near creeks or rivers.not near the sea shore or swamp.build on stable solid ground away from all dangers.
PARALEE CULBERT (1 month ago)
Hi Todf Hageman. We are on the same Page don't sound like thay are going to suffer that much may they will find another cliff.u do what u want with ur money.but knowing how earth is and nature why would u build on a cliff. That rock will not last forever nothing does over a long time anything will give.
LORDSHITBIRD (2 months ago)
That house wa so ugly. All roof.
LORDSHITBIRD (2 months ago)
beau morrison (2 months ago)
beau morrison (2 months ago)
SprayedPaint (3 months ago)
This is click bait.
cats nuffin (4 months ago)
Carat (4 months ago)
you dont just buy a house on sand without proper insurance
Cat Benson (4 months ago)
to close to any water will give you problems...duh...
Alley Tanner (4 months ago)
I wish i could afford ONE house lol
bogdog999 (4 months ago)
Somewhere there is a geologist who is ccrapping his pants right now in fear of the big lawsuit coming. The cliff was stable, eh? The house is a safe purchase, eh? Ooooooooooooooo-kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
Christian Guerrero (4 months ago)
oh no, poor rich people, i hope life isn't too bad after losing ONE of their beachfront properties.
kromus1 (4 months ago)
Aw poor rich people
kromus1 (4 months ago)
LosRioDelMar (4 months ago)
Key words.... "his other house" most can't even afford one.
Frank SanFelippo (4 months ago)
Sux to be rich and have another house to go to.
Holy Moly (4 months ago)
A PERI (4 months ago)
This is what happens when humans destroy the earth. Can't complain.
Anna (4 months ago)
Maybe next time don't buy or build a house on the edge of a cliff ?! 🤔
uknow who (4 months ago)
If they were some poor couple barely making ends meet watching their Shack of a home fall off a cliff I might have a little bit of sympathy. They'll be just fine.
matt k (4 months ago)
The house I grew up in was on built on a cliff supported by stilts, I pretty much spent my entire childhood terrified our house was going to collapse
T Bragg (4 months ago)
House for sale......cheap!
Joshua July (4 months ago)
*They should start a GoFundMe.... ;D*
Shannon (4 months ago)
All I could think about was a series of unfortunate events
dee11unnoticed (4 months ago)
WHYYYYYYYY would you live on a cliff???
Orin Davenport (4 months ago)
Well, why would you get a house on the very edge anyway. O,e
Alexia Tr (4 months ago)
Luke Tipping (4 months ago)
Boo hoo
Zachary Smith (4 months ago)
well guys back to work and suburbia
Why Bother (4 months ago)
so... rich man lost a house. cry me a river.
ArthurDentZaphodBeeb (4 months ago)
Who knew living next to vertical cliff could collapse? Are these people total morons?
Dr. Frank Castle (4 months ago)
I hope their house falls...
Scott Bynon (4 months ago)
They have another million dollar home so why are they complaining you know people would kill just to have one home with a million and these people well I'm sorry I don't feel sorry for them you know these rich people get on my nerves they complain and complain and complain what about people that don't have that kind of money screw the m
Ooh killem Productions (4 months ago)
Mwahhhhahahaha WATCH THE RICH FALL
Big Miss Steak (4 months ago)
I have never seen such ugly comments. This is someone’s home, that they have worked for, made memories in, and cherish. Wealthy people have souls and are genuine people too. Money isn’t everything. This is very tough and I hope the best for them.
Cliff Roberson (4 months ago)
Honey, did you take out the trash?
A Day In The Life (4 months ago)
xX squeaker Xx (4 months ago)
The rich and the poor are going at it in the comment section
xX squeaker Xx (4 months ago)
Cliff insurance?
vincent7520 (4 months ago)
The real estate investor who sold them the land or the house must have been someone like Donald you know who. The zoning of the area should simply have made the whole area unsuited for building. Period. Next time this will be the house with the pool on the left, etc… Cliffs of way and chalk are bound to collapse : see the famous "white cliffs of Dover".
Lesson? Keep it lite grasshopper.
Luis Garcia (4 months ago)
Solo la gente vanidosa con dinero hacen esto aunque tengan que pagar un alto precio
Simon Knight (4 months ago)
Who did the survey and gave you the building permit to build so close to the cliff to begin with?
MellowFury (4 months ago)
Morgan J.S. (4 months ago)
Hicketty hick
ResortDog (4 months ago)
Bad choice of building investment. The experts obviously did not know what they were charging for.
kate kay (4 months ago)
is not that too close to the lake idiots?
Alonso Martii (4 months ago)
You buy a house that's at the end of a Clif. You know what your signing off.
Wim Hamhuis (4 months ago)
it should be the insurance office lol
geoh7777 (4 months ago)
I just can't imagine.
mindyschocolate (4 months ago)
I wouldn’t worry about their nest egg if they own another waterfront property. And there’s no way I make that kind of investment on a cliff house without getting insurance for that kind of thing.
Brandy B (4 months ago)
The house next door may be next, a huge chunk of their yard is going as well. And for everybody who is bemoaning their financial status, c'mon, if it was you and a home you loved and invested in you would be devestated as well.
LameWalkThroughs (4 months ago)
This is how stupidity looks when people don't have a rational understanding of the planet they inhabit.
james heyer (4 months ago)
If you are "smart enough" to make enough $$$ to buy such a property you should be smart enough to know better. I feel absolutely no pity for them, but i do feel bad for poor people.
Bobby Babylon (4 months ago)
lol @ idiot yanktards
O'bey Me (4 months ago)
Ctfui dont feel one bit sorry for them.they prolly legally stole every earned cent ..
Angel Vazquez (4 months ago)
An ounce of pretentious is worth a pound of manure....(Julia Roberts steel magnolias )
Brandon Parker (4 months ago)
“Even with their emotions as unsettled as the ground beneath their house” SAVAGE
melvin goodhew (4 months ago)
three little pigs
irgski (4 months ago)
Texas? 2014...no followup? Fake News!!!
Diana Stephany (4 months ago)
Having wealth does not mean you have common sense. Poor stupid rich folks. Time to re-evaluate your stupidness!
Carol Hutchinson (4 months ago)
I rejected two houses because I could see this was a possibility. One could someday fall and the other could be fallen into by what was behind it.
ewd76 (4 months ago)
They can't even rebuild because there's nothing left to rebuild on.
cybershrapnel (4 months ago)
build on sturdy soil and don't build on cliffs :P lol /humans
AnimusFlux (4 months ago)
Yeah... theres many people far worse off who have nowhere to go after a flood or some disaster.
John Kaszanek (4 months ago)
Tons of money but no brains! And what? We’re supposed to feel bad for them?
Jay Capp (4 months ago)
House did not fall off the cliff in this video, misleading click bait title
MrWolfSnack (4 months ago)
And so ends the tale of another McMansion built on shitty land on an eroding cliff composed entirely of compacted sand.
Joe Langley (4 months ago)
Use your brains where to built.
Himself Lee (4 months ago)
0:t54 look at the crack in the earth moving toward the neighbor's home. Feel so sorry for people losing their homes due to this and other natural disasters.
Wesley Jackson (4 months ago)
REALITY CHECK come back to Earth, we miss you
M34T (4 months ago)
Does not view a property prospectus and expects coastal property in California to last................... Foolish from the start.
gk10002000 (4 months ago)
bought in good faith eh?  You got some paperwork?  Some PE sign off?  Some  proper insurance?  silly people
gk10002000 (4 months ago)
Liked the view eh?  Not so much now
zacharycat (4 months ago)
Those who deny science deny reality.
Jeffrey Burney (4 months ago)
Why would anyone in their right mind buy build or sell a house next to a cliff
Doug G (4 months ago)
You know you have money when you don’t know why a million dollar house is special. Geez
Andrew 07 (4 months ago)
*proceeds to build mansion on top of Mt. Vesuvius*
James William (4 months ago)
This video contains no "Couple looks on as house falls off cliff"
Osc O (4 months ago)
Rather live in the hood and be content than not be able to sleep worriying about going down towards the ocean asleep dayum!
grodhagen (4 months ago)
As a geographer, the very shape of that cliff tells both its history and its future. That clifftop land should have been zoned for no buildings. Hell, I'll wager that their are early topographic maps showing that the cliff had been receding. There is no way a geologist signed off on that purchase. I suspect the developer lied.
rocknta (4 months ago)
That's what you get
Terrell Wilson (4 months ago)
If I'm the person who sold them this back in 2012 all I would be feeling now is...... Whew
Tom Bree (4 months ago)
here you go grankiddies a pile of shit in a lake
Tom Bree (4 months ago)
ha ha eat shit
Mardan P. (4 months ago)
Stupid idea to begin with to build this close to a cliff on a coastline known to gradually erode. Same thoughtlessness can be seen in Highland, San Bernardino, where entire communities live on top of the San Andreas fault.
marc marino (4 months ago)
Thats what you get if you have money to buy an estate beside a fckin cliff. I wilk buy a home inside a busy city and can sleep soundly rather than spending hundred thousands on an estate next to a cliff and worrying when the predicament will strike
Ihiga Bara (4 months ago)
She is faking it . that house is probably well insured and She is probably fill with joy . thats is real reason why she is crying , tears of joy . she said that house is so special for her . of course she is going to be able to continue buying food. who you think you are kidding
Jan loves many (4 months ago)
Should never have built on a cliff...rich people...he said that house was his life...how sad!!
teniaweed (4 months ago)
I'm so sorry for the loss of your home. God is so awesome. It's wonderful news that you were able to take your personal things and that you weren't in the house.
Mary Sullivan (4 months ago)
No insurance claim for them they probably have been told to move out in case they went down with the house
Percy Lewis (4 months ago)
Money isn't everything, can't always solve your problems, the end is near
redbull monster (4 months ago)
jacques dubois (4 months ago)
Stupid is as Stupid Does !!!
jacques dubois (4 months ago)
You Pays Your Money... You Takes Your Chances... I am glad it's not me !! Yuk Yuk Yuk !!0

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