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Couple looks on as house falls off cliff

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The homeowners of the house that's falling off the cliff in Texas, watch in disbelief from Florida. **************** Humankind: Amazing moments that give us hope ➤ http://bit.ly/2MrPxvd Humankind: Stories worth sharing ➤ http://bit.ly/2FWYXNP Animalkind: Cute, cuddly & curious animals ➤ http://bit.ly/2GdNf2j Just the FAQs: When news breaks, we break it down for you ➤ http://bit.ly/2Dw3Wnh The Wall: An in-depth examination of Donald Trump’s border wall ➤ http://bit.ly/2sksl8F
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Text Comments (609)
Archie (6 hours ago)
better the house than you what no fall off the cliff insurance? charge for selfies on the veranda
James Gowin (20 hours ago)
oh poor you. Buy many properties and when the glass house decides to crack, you want us to feel sorry for you.
Harald Schmidt (2 days ago)
whoever builds so close to the water must expect to be in it soon. But hey, the main thing is to have a great view.
Sepulturo24 (2 days ago)
Wipe your tears with hundred dollars bills lady.
Wendy Austin (3 days ago)
We have an island that goes almost the entire coastal length of Texas. Developers built hotels all along the southern half. Every year, folks from all over coastal Texas donate their Christmas trees to toss out into ocean (they have to be clean, no tinsel, etc) to help keep the sandbars up. Sand is transported from inland (where it blew) and taken back out to the island and dumped. If these two things weren't done, continuously, the island would be gone. This is how nature works.
Huerta LaPaz (6 days ago)
The neighbors are next look at the crack
kate kay (7 days ago)
Its totally misleading.There is no video here of the house falling.....
rick smith (8 days ago)
Lots of Jealous People Commenting Here
Alicia Alicia (8 days ago)
Fantastic view.
Pyroman / (10 days ago)
This happened to 2 house in my town and about a dozen others hadda be knocked down cuz they got to like 5 feet from edge
snakey973 (10 days ago)
Poor poor filthy rich people 😭
Ani Mali (10 days ago)
They have a nice view...or used to
Alexander Zulkarnain (11 days ago)
Bruh just use flex tape
Sophie Cat (13 days ago)
mark carey (13 days ago)
Bullshit video - total lie. House does not fall off cliff. Stop watching now.
gregory grimm (15 days ago)
"That's my life we're watching fall off".........No bud, it's not, it's a second home that should NOT have been built in that location, only built there by idiots. Only an idiot would buy in that location.
Michael Zayas (18 days ago)
Who the hell cares about a rich person's problem. It's no like they are homeless
M Wdca (20 days ago)
Cry me a River!
mule skinner (20 days ago)
I feel bad for them folks . Hard thing . And to the mouthy fools in this comment section below . Scripture is clear . ALL that can be shaken Will BE SHAKEN . Yours is commin very soon . It wont matter where you live .You will be judged as you Judge others . It will surly will be a hard thing . Nuff Said Folks .
Ruby Honey (24 days ago)
peterahjorter (24 days ago)
Rich jerks can just buy something new
jordan hill (25 days ago)
Well if you're dumb enough to build a house near a cliff knowing mother nature and erosion is going to get it eventually
cableandchain !!!!! (30 days ago)
mom is sexy i need to sell my 3 houses lol
S CT (1 month ago)
Poor rich people, why put up a house on the edge of a cliff?
VeeZie NhamoRuhwande (1 month ago)
Arkansas Razorback (1 month ago)
a bit too much stock in their materialistic life, eh! That house and money is gone.
Dayle Blair (1 month ago)
OH darn . Welcome to all the people who has worked there ass off !!!! Tough!!!!MOVING ON DORKS!!!!
Minka Kielbasa (1 month ago)
Why are they soo upset.They still have a driveway where they can camp and look out at the lake.As for their Miami highrise, that is built on a sandbar at sea level an in 20 years the ocean will reclaim that
Jake State Farm (1 month ago)
Love it🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
pedjarudnik (1 month ago)
Ana Sampaio (1 month ago)
apiece ofdirt (1 month ago)
Their other property is a beachfront condo?? Trust me, they’ll be fine!
Nodrodsky (1 month ago)
Click bait.
Loren Johnson (1 month ago)
This rich guy probably work his butt off his whole life made some smart business decisions took some risks with his finances, so let's laugh about his Misfortune and feel good about ourselves on his misfortune. He probably has quite a few employees just like you and me
rsy427 (1 month ago)
You take your chances, no body made them build there
Thor Matt (1 month ago)
Poor millionaires. Wahh.....
Sam McCormack (1 month ago)
What a dumb place to put a house.
Linda Gill (1 month ago)
Isn't it sad to see the wealthy cry about loss? !
Annacolleen (1 month ago)
Wow, the comments below make me think that many did not order their lives in such a way that they would be financially stable at retirement. I see scorn for those of us who did, and live frugally, but have properties of our own and sell them at retirement. My husband and I bought a run down townhome with another couple back in 1973, when we were dating. We fixed it up and rented it out till we sold it in 2014. We bought another and fixed it up the following year and did the same thing. We decided to keep the townhome we had lived in when we bought our single family home. My own home was always clean, but the furnishings were not as all fancy and I sewed my children clothes and didn't go on a vacation till my 30th wedding anniversary. I baked my own bread because it was about 30 cents a loaf instead of a buck fifty. I worked incredibly hard as a housewife, taking in kids before and after school, and my sister's kids when she died. I never bought expensive clothing because sewing my own was cheaper by about 3/4s. I have no idea what I'd do if something happened to the home we have been working for since I was 16. People might not realize but people like us have fantastic places to live now, but we worked really hard to have it since the early '70s and we'll maybe have 15 years before we pass.
Dan Strayer (1 month ago)
....because geological assessment is such bullshit. Right?
Joey Splats (1 month ago)
Brad Thompson (1 month ago)
From their "other" property... "Waaah! My favorite pen to sign this insurance check was on my desk!!"
betty lewis (1 month ago)
More than likely insurance and/or a lawsuit will take care of the loss.
nevy channel (1 month ago)
Anyone else laughing at all the jealousy in the comments? that's pretty much where all the negative comments come from... lol!
Vicki Dorminey (1 month ago)
Can’t crucify someone for being wealthy......
Russell Lee (1 month ago)
Build a house at the edge of a cliff. Smart.
Dee Bee (1 month ago)
Duh...What did you expect buying a home on a precarious Cliffside?? And then knowing no insurance company would offer you coverage.. And now you're perplexed..
Betsy H (1 month ago)
Great, keep buying property on edge of cliffs
basant vimal sharma (1 month ago)
Wise people build shelters on solid ground away from cliffs ,seashores swampy land,river banks in bushes where there is danger of forest fires.cliff views look nice but comes with hazards lucky the house was empty
Tony Womack (1 month ago)
So stupid build a house on a cliff lol
Charlotte Brown (1 month ago)
I don’t understand why people would build a house on a cliff. Scary!!!
MORTIMER SCHNERD (27 days ago)
They enjoy being able to look down on everybody else literally in addition to figuratively!
chilekingpin1988 (1 month ago)
a million dollars it be special to me too.
Gennie Jefferson (1 month ago)
I would never build a house so close to a cliff or water.
Ernie Lara (1 month ago)
Why would you buy a house built on the edge of a cliff. You must be stupid.
Tom Meyers (1 month ago)
Its a metaphor for the Obama all welfare economy. Coming to a head soon.
Realamerican (1 month ago)
Self proclaimed righteous punk homos, I'm crying my eyes out for you
Joe Eckley (1 month ago)
I'm certain some of their democrat cronies, have set up a "go fund me" page.
SuperMike (1 month ago)
Despite the title, you see nothing actually fall off the cliff.
Danielle Wilson (1 month ago)
I swear ive heard some kind of old wise tale about a big house and the ground you build it on. Just remember how it goes.
peter w (1 month ago)
Thank god they had another water front property to flee to.
Petra J (1 month ago)
Michelle Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Awsome-Mother nature is a woman & u know she can't make up her mind & she is always changing...lol
Peter Palmer (1 month ago)
gregory grimm (1 month ago)
Any idiot who builds in one of this type location, gets what they deserve. Same for people who build on beaches.
Robert Burns (1 month ago)
Poor little rich people.
Arick Miller (1 month ago)
What did you expect? I don't feel sorry for the moron's crying on this video.
Thomas Ellis (1 month ago)
A lesson in attachment...
Scott Johnson (1 month ago)
Lots of hatred for the "so called rich" I see a guy who worked all his life and earned his two homes. He probably had a big mortgage on the house, and like the rest of us the bank owns it, then the state owns it. He probably paid a huge property tax bill to have that view which supports the schools more than most people, and he didn't have kids in school. I hear a lot about equity. I have no kids, yet, I pay a lot of property taxes which support schools ... is that fair? The rest of you jealous and envious types should get out there and make your own money. You're in the country that has created more wealth than any in history. You see it's "created" wealth. I have a close friend from college who started a boat business. He only sold 10 boats a year for like 6 years. He laid the fiberglass himself. His wife supported him with her job until the business picked up. Now he's selling 3000 boats per year. He owns the company 100% and is probably worth $80 million. Everywhere else in the world, it matters what caste you're from, who you know, who your family is. USA is the only place in the world where you can start with nothing, and turn your life around in 10 years or less, and with some hard work and good fortune, you can become ridiculously wealthy if you're willing to risk failure. This wealth is created not from taking other peoples money, but from creating something they want or is more productive. Most millionaires in the US are self made. It's people like the Kennedy's who use dynasty trusts to avoid all the estate taxes the rest of us have to pay and then lecture others to pay more taxes hypocritically. I don't mind them protecting their money, as it's always better to let people spend their own money. I mind them lecturing others. Money to the state doesn't circulate in the economy and is mostly wasted in it's administration. Look at the Billions wasted on the high speed rail in California. I've also noticed that jealous types are also the ones who want to be paid in cash, not by check, so they can dodge taxes, while complaining about the rich. Go make your own money and stop being jealous. Covet not thy neighbors house!
Tamy C (1 month ago)
that crack most likely happened due to the house construction.. but that is a gosh darn shame to see your pride/joy just fall
Sgt.StickyTits (1 month ago)
It's too bad this didn't happen to a poor person...
Dan Zunko (1 month ago)
Thumbs down for false title.
Erick Cartman (1 month ago)
How can she show her face in the news , Build a home on the edge of a cliff,then act surprised the cliff is falling and the home with it
F Morant (1 month ago)
For goodness sake....its only bricks and mortar...its not as if they're homeless. Get over it.
salvordor morales (1 month ago)
LoL they watched from their other home in miami
MOANA (1 month ago)
Hence, never build your home near a cliff.
Tarn Sand (26 days ago)
Cliff dwellers.
msw51995 (1 month ago)
This should have been moved months before this. Could have easily been moved do this all over washington coast dipshits
sunshine zydeco (2 months ago)
There is t a geologist on earth who can tell you WITHOUT A DOUBT that your property is safe and stable when youre hanging on a cliff "for the view" like that! You've lost!
Tshshd Hdhdd (2 months ago)
Salome Kabinga (2 months ago)
They don't seem that heartbroken 😆. Though it is always risky to live by a cliff
alex neil (2 months ago)
this is what stupid people do, buy a damn house right on the edge of a cliff. this is like getting into a car right before it goes down a steep hill when there is no brakes. and they got another ocean front property, hmm. yea there are hurting.
moose boy (2 months ago)
Stupid is as Stupid does....
FiOnA rOsE (2 months ago)
As much as I try, I can't find much sympathy for rich folks losing one of their homes, when we have millions of homeless people living in abject poverty in this country. The 1% of the 1%. First World Problems.
Pussywhistle (2 months ago)
How tf is that house worth only a million?
HQU (2 months ago)
The reporter low-key insults the woman at 1:43
Erick Urtes (3 months ago)
Lmao why do you buy a house on a cliff???
Vegas Mitchell (3 months ago)
They STILL Haven't Learned! Another property "condo" on the water. How the Fuk they get all this $$ by not being the Brightest!!??
Victor Giannella (3 months ago)
Had a house down the road, really sucked to see that happen. Beautiful house nice people.
Yundix (3 months ago)
So many angry commies in the comments mad that they have another house. Seriously, they're mad that they didn't lose everything and become homeless.
John R. Timmers (3 months ago)
Idiot bought a house on a weathering emergent coastline. While this isn't particularly common, it can happen and is a risk you take in buying
Juan Batista (3 months ago)
It's a tragedy no matter who it is . Any geologist that says any limestone cliff is perfectly safe is a lunatic . That other house next door will also go in time . Cliffs weather away that's what nature does and limestone does it quicker than granite . You can't say it's perfectly safe as it could collapse tomorrow or in a 1000 years time it's impossible to say . It must have been built very close to the edge of the cliff . Ridiculous .
Bob Bender (4 months ago)
Good old erosion for making this video
K Nine (4 months ago)
Must be nice to have 'another' waterfront property.
Vasco Ribeiro (4 months ago)
Climate change people senses...who sold the house in first place made a great business!
Wolfgang Breitenseher (4 months ago)
Good faith? I mean, a cliff isn’t stable. It’s actually there because of erosion. Erosion never stops.
Is the reporter at the end gay?
Mike Kim (5 months ago)
That is why it is stupid to build a house so close to the edge. They clearly had it coming.
Michael Begay (5 months ago)
Saw no house fall off the cliff.
Setting the place on fire. What a waste of money and also putting extra pollution into the air. Just send a demo crew and savage all the valuable reusable wood and materials would be better and get some money back and no pollution.
Steve Bano (5 months ago)
*..Did you not Know You Purchased a House which Backed to A Cliff Overlooking A Lake? You Did?? How Do You Think The Cliff Originally Formed...?*
MegaJohnhammond (5 months ago)
Hey, let's build a house on the edge of a cliff. Why, because we're stupid.
Tony Womack (5 months ago)
I cant believe people dont have any common sense buying a house next to a cliff where they have earthquake hahaha omg what idiots.

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