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Highlights from Microsoft’s October 2018 event

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Announcing exciting new Surface devices, including Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Studio 2 and Surface Headphones, the launch of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update and innovative new Office features – all designed to empower everyone to make the most of every moment. Subscribe to Microsoft on YouTube here: https://aka.ms/SubscribeToYouTube Follow us on social: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/microsoft/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Microsoft Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Microsoft/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/microsoft/ For more about Microsoft, our technology, and our mission, visit https://aka.ms/microsoftstories
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Text Comments (261)
Sunny Kumar (6 hours ago)
If you want Microsoft at its best then create a windows with graphics and settings etc like windows 7 or much more optimised looks but the core software of working should be windows 10. It'll be the best and fastest windows
權純亨 (22 hours ago)
GoldenMisha (1 day ago)
I got banned for no reason like I left for a week then I went back bam! I got banned. Fak Xbox one I'm going for PS4!
MooRuVyi Goo (2 days ago)
*Microsoft best!!!*
ALBERTO DANIN (4 days ago)
my dreams of consumer....
заместо сострадания пройдет,и это пройдет...водоворот жизни он таковой....больше средств нада подавать на развитие генетики и медицины...-и существовать подольше будете ...Являетесь ли вы каналом макрасофта? я желаю задать вам проблема.....отчего все телефоны делают с цветным экраном? если мне довольно деньком попросту елинка а вечерком его же однако с подсветкой..а для глядеть киноленты я желаю попросту разьем под монитор и проэктор? при чем что бы блок питания работал и тогда -когда аккумулятор разрядился...
phantom toy freddy (8 days ago)
I is it
phantom toy freddy (8 days ago)
I played ROBLOX and i didn’t load i truned off antivirus and it was faster
phantom toy freddy (8 days ago)
Plis fix Windows defender it make my laptop slow
Dunoonball (9 days ago)
Dunoonball (9 days ago)
heres the startup for Windows 12
Thelma Gutierrez (9 days ago)
porquería de microsoft
Jose Madriz (12 days ago)
That tight kerning EW!
Khalid Ejaz (13 days ago)
Wow... amazing... the music in this video is superb.
Gx Abdullah (13 days ago)
*Where can i get this sound*
Iulian Panescu (13 days ago)
Bună. Ma numesc Iulian si am 14 ani. Am o idee foarte buna. Ati vrea sa inventati un pix care poate fi conectat la wirless si sa poti scrie la calculator?? (Hi. They call me Iulian and I am 14 years old. I have a very good idea. Would you like to invent a pen that can be connected to wirless and you can write to your computer ??)
Cherrie (14 days ago)
Microsoft’s YouTube account isn’t even verified lol
Lalo MyG (14 days ago)
hey Microsoft my console DONT LET ME PAY my XBOX GAMEPASS with XBOX GIFTCARDS and it remove my money from my microsoft account!!! what kind of joke is this???
Namo Fuad (14 days ago)
make the background services of windows 10 not to eat 2 PC worth of resources , not everybody has an SSD or top of the line Hardware
Ninja river zaXCKS (16 days ago)
que gran paso de microsft y su apuesta
Andrew Fitch (16 days ago)
Where is then highlight of deleting all of our user data?
Old is gold (16 days ago)
I love you microsoft.
sourav azad (16 days ago)
Its outstanding
Now stop forcing Windows updates on older devices.
xyoxus (17 days ago)
Can't wait to get my Pro 6 which I will use for studying!
Bill Gates (17 days ago)
oh hey there
TriLimbix (17 days ago)
Microsoft, is windows 9 coming tomorrow now? and please help, i cannot find "Realm Royale" AKA Paladins Battleground in xbox. you can help, your Microsoft, creator of xbox, windows. and everything, but not like, playstation 4. If HI-Rez Studio added it, i finally can play it but i could play it on my pc (Randomly when my pc is potato why the f*ck doesn't not lag in game)
Tato Daraselia (17 days ago)
....oo000OOO I love microsoft <3 <3
Ayesh Rodz (17 days ago)
You guys are once again slowly moving towards business applications and away from being personal..
John Alexander (18 days ago)
Wooow great !!!!
waheed iqbal (18 days ago)
no news about new office 2019???
Anne Haworth (18 days ago)
Hey Microsoft thanks for removing and taking away WMM. For over a year now I have not been able to make ONE video. Your new tool in the photos in Windows 10 (which is the worst OS so far by you), is CRAP. Everyone that has this issue should ban together and sue you for being greedy and not respecting clients' comfort zones. Oh right...and thanks for coming out with the MS Surface - Great for cheaters.
BRIAN MARWA (18 days ago)
Where can I watch the full event?
Rajat Mathew (18 days ago)
What's the BGM?
Origami Killa (18 days ago)
Does anyone know where I can get the wallpaper in this video?
JadeX Lol (18 days ago)
Is it just me, or are these ads becoming very similar to apple's?
Joe A (18 days ago)
Shame all this nice hardware is wasted on windows 10 =\
Giulio Vismara (18 days ago)
I don't want highlights were can I see the full event ?!?! I can't find it anywhere.
Фёдор Рыжов (18 days ago)
What song is it????
Shadow Playz (18 days ago)
Animations Google Hey What Ehy Why I Typed...
Ganesh Kumar (18 days ago)
Microsoft = Productivity. True that.
Asa kevios (19 days ago)
But no Surface Book 3 wtf!!!
WoW -Words of Wisdom (19 days ago)
And it comes in new black😂😂
Quinten Ghysels (19 days ago)
the crowd: Give us Surface Phone!Microsoft: Oh they want a headphone, lets give it to them!
Haruki Republic (19 days ago)
Apple style promotion strategy... I’m still proud to be apple user
YoBroGaming (19 days ago)
How about change the UI design of windows 10 stock apps they look out of date
Murtaza Panhwar (19 days ago)
Forget all just give me this BG Music...
Katari Prajeet (19 days ago)
Guys the sound producer for this video is just so good at his job
mcdonnellsinc (19 days ago)
public: will there be a LTE version? MS: yes, will release 1st quarter 2019(get delayed until 2nd quarter). public: buys LTE version. MS: new SP6.5 is announced 3rd quarter. public: wtf!!??!!!. me: this is getting annoying MS team.
C Lee (19 days ago)
Where is the Surface Book 3!?
Koder Kashif (19 days ago)
Well, you guys just copied Apple's style of fast & short ads.
Jayaprakash K (19 days ago)
love from India.
Tom Butcher (19 days ago)
Sounds like an apple highlights copy
Jay Ryan (19 days ago)
Wanna hear a joke? ..Windows Dark Mode ha ha ha
Nicholas (19 days ago)
If only these beautiful devices ran macOS or iOS.
Natapon Yenklao (19 days ago)
Surface pro (5)so slowly device
luke martinez (19 days ago)
Sadly i have a non touch screen crap pc😭😭
Pigmister24 (19 days ago)
This reminds me of Apples ‘Event in 108 seconds’ video.
MR. UNIVERSE (19 days ago)
You are doing great work Microsoft
STU-Christian Van Iten (19 days ago)
Productivity. 3 seconds later: Forza Horizon 4
Stefan Lee (19 days ago)
no offense to Microsoft, but this ad is literally copying apples. It’s like Walmart compared to gucci
David Huotkeo (19 days ago)
Whaaa the video is killing it. And also the surface products is so good, yet expensive xD I wanna be a fanboi, but I'm poor
Irv Hawke (19 days ago)
Microsoft is cool.
Haseeb Kahn (19 days ago)
Please Upload the full Event! Please i a Big fan of Panous Panay!
Daniel Muela (19 days ago)
Awesome!! I love Surface brand!
Mohamed Elmazen (19 days ago)
Where's the Hololens 2 ?
The Solemn Nut (19 days ago)
Soon Windows will be free but u need to have Subscription to receive real time updates.
frank katende (19 days ago)
surface pro 4 and flickering screen was a massive disappointment. I dont see my self buying a microsoft product again
Mustafa Mahmoud (19 days ago)
Microsoft has been Killin it lately! Rly well done !
kiddish10 (19 days ago)
Now these guys are copying everything from Apple. Including video editing skills.
Giovanni S (19 days ago)
From a mostly GNU/Linux user: welcome back Microsoft. Seems great devices.
Games Club (19 days ago)
i m just intersted in windows 10 update
Mohammad Almtab (19 days ago)
You guys will never succeed by copying Apple's approach. Overpriced good looking products should not exist in a market where companies compete on almost all PC categories.
Robert Robinson (19 days ago)
What about USB-C!? How'd you forget USB-C!? Why delay on the inevitable?
Johnnyxp64 (19 days ago)
give us the damn full presentation. i want to see Panos.
Hobo Misanthropus (19 days ago)
The October update dropped CPU Performance by 30% and GPU performance by 20% (Tested on 6600k and RTX2080) Please stop pushing out half-baked crap. Sincerely - Everyone who's ever owned a PC ever.
Anas Malas (19 days ago)
Literally everything shown today is DOA
Agustín Baletti (19 days ago)
Copied apple in ad making
stablizershock (19 days ago)
From where I can see full event link please?
Sakib Mahmud (19 days ago)
Always been a fan of Microsoft, great work, love Microsoft products, actually never got one to use, but seen many devices, once my brother brought me my first smart phone the Lumia 535, still using it. Great phone Microsoft team, I wish if i can meet Microsoft people. Q
Mayur Sisode (19 days ago)
Microsoft. Is Back in Hardware Mode now its going to hit the tech floor baby!!!.. Just the beginning the most awaited is still they r hiding bt Surface Phone 📱 .....Good Job Microsoft 🕺📱
Jae (19 days ago)
I can't believe I am complaining about not having Thunderbolt 3 port, but microsoft, while I appreciate that you guys still includes regular USB port, it's 2018, and I would prefer to have at least 2 thunderbolt 3 port for the laptop.
Jordan Henry (19 days ago)
Microsoft.. what is your deal against thunderbolt [3]? it is so idiotic not to include it in your products... that shocking moment when Apple has better I/O than Microsoft. People will still buy your stupid surface dock products even if you add thunderbolt
Jordan Henry (19 days ago)
I do love my i7 SP4, but come on... one USB and one mini DP just doesn't cut it in 2018
Biocity Monte (19 days ago)
give us new design of windows 10 or 11!
Chosen Architect (19 days ago)
took me 2 mins to watch this video
Marvin Alberto (19 days ago)
Fix the issues with midi over bluetooth. I can't do many things with my seaboard piano like wireless connection and reliable note playing. I've also noticed that most music software fails or is always laggy. Not supposed to happen to a surface book i7 16gb ram.
Rus Ly (19 days ago)
Greedy Microsoft. Microsoft ask me to buy its license due to lost of BIOS-embedded key.
Chan Kok Yong (19 days ago)
I want a surface phone, not headphone
Vamsi (19 days ago)
❤ the music.
CRa Z Ay (19 days ago)
I demand Surface book 3
Afghan Reacts (19 days ago)
Microsoft doesn't fell like Microsoft anymore its like an amazing new brand .
Azure Patton (15 days ago)
Microsoft comes to be more energetic just like Google.
Aamir Bilal (19 days ago)
Dom (19 days ago)
MS still making music videos to show off their products
Keiji Johnson (19 days ago)
When the heck did this happen? How come no one informed anyone about there being some sort of event? And how come this wasn’t streamed?!
Starboy Negi (20 days ago)
Where the fack iz surface phone....... Microsoft , you should really do something in your windows phone series..... Please I want to see the software giant tp compteye against apple and Samsung and really grow up !!!!
منير صحراوي (20 days ago)
♥ NICE ♥
Gerardo Francisco (20 days ago)
love the products, Microsoft is really bringing out the real innovation in personal computers, but I know apple doesn't own this style of advertisement, but it really felt like an apple add 🤮
Mr Undercpver (20 days ago)
Macca Gaming (19 days ago)
You must've been living under a rock. Windows 10 is the last OS upgrade microsoft are doing and they're just updating it.
Omar Baba (19 days ago)
there is an update in this month just wait for it, I just heard that win 10 is the last OS I don't know if this is true
シエンドロット (20 days ago)
Ok and I have install windows 10 V 1809 and pls can u tell me why I cant see my notifications when comes..? I click on them but I when click they "gone" I dodt cant open It just erese it,gone? Thank u.. BTW notifications setup is ok..?

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