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Nadella Says Children's Challenges Taught Him Empathy

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Oct.25 -- Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discusses how raising two children with disabilities has made him a more empathetic person. He speaks with David Rubenstein for "The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations."
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Han U (3 days ago)
You are the pride of Telugu people and South Indians. Thank you sir.
Ramu M (7 days ago)
Satya nadella was indian icon
anji yarra (21 days ago)
Satya Nadella Role model & inspiring many But ....... unfortunate man
Mike (1 month ago)
OMG. I never knew this side of Satya Nodella. I get disheartened for small issus. How was he able to focus on the job and became CEO of MSFT filling the shoes of BillGates himself.... Wholly cow.. My respects to both Mr. and Mrs. Satya...
Manisha Singh (1 month ago)
Lot of respect for Satya & Anu Nadella
Shashank Holmes (1 month ago)
His child's a retarded lol
Parth Saxena (2 months ago)
Much respect sir.
Jitu Boro (3 months ago)
satya nadela looks like complete NRI man...
Kiran K S (3 months ago)
Its an incredible journey you had and its very inspirational. Just that, I want to see a lot more about your wife who gave up her career of architecture. I have folks who vehemently argue on women being good in life"sciences" naturally and architecture being a non-science is a more suitable job for women or more part time kind of thing. It truly hits me,because these kind of sacrifices by women should be more respected and if possible reduced to make way for women doing great in all fields. Lets not forget social scientists ,thinkers,artists and philosophers. In the pursuit of tech - world forgot to value humanities.
Dhameer Govind (4 months ago)
ashsqx324 (4 months ago)
damnnn.... so smart n successful n rich n famous n top position in world... yet one child is brain damaged and another has learning difficulty . wud rather b ordinary person but have healthy children...
PaopaoJiao (28 days ago)
i smell jealousy
Raghunandan Reddy C (2 months ago)
ashsqx324 you are taking as if he had a choice with his children.
midhun kumar (4 months ago)
Dear microsoft please feel empathy for your customers and show compassion on us. Why a windows user needs to buy Microsoft MS Office separatly Please give MS office life time for free like Apple gives IWork free life time.
sonali dubey (5 months ago)
No problem sir ji, God gives challenges only the people how can accept it
anshul bhatia (5 months ago)
Little bit of amir Khan reflection in his son
xtremeownage2 (6 months ago)
Zain is a Muslim name. Why did Satya give his son a Muslim name?
Mitesh Shah (4 months ago)
xtremeownage2 that isn’t very nice to say. His wife is a converted Hindu so that is why.
Anthony Ally (5 months ago)
Love how Satya learned humility from his wife and beautiful child! Nadya is a CEO demonstrating Agape Love in Action and building High Performance Culture emphasizing empathy internally & toward customers!
A A (6 months ago)
Shubham Singh (8 months ago)
God bless his son with health and happiness,may he become a individual by his work.
Coffee of Tech (9 months ago)
great sir we get so much inspiration from ur life God bless u Deepa
Sriparna Chakraborty (9 months ago)
I have got tremendous respect for this man may god bless him
Alex Carville (9 months ago)
He is unlike most Indians. So authentic. Most Indians in the US are just BS artists with fake resumes, dubious credentials and experts at copying everything from others and jumping ahead in the queue.
07rashi (1 month ago)
Why is it that every American (im assuming you are one) on youtube always has a problem with Indians and especially belittle them when one is doing well? Why can't there be plain appreciation? Unlike you, we are very appreciative and don't indulge in small-mindedness of disparaging an entire community!
Raghunandan Reddy C (2 months ago)
Unlike Americans, Indians actually gets the job done.
music gives life hope (2 months ago)
Alex Carville I understand where it comes from , I have never been to the US but I hear about it a lot from my friends who are settled there. Unfortunately , a handful of rogues create chaos wherever they go . Those rogues are here too and unfortunately for ppl who are honest , they make things (life ) difficult . I can assure that all of Indians are not like that . Infact , majority of us try to lead honest lives , we might not be creative but we are a definitely hardworking bunch...Don't you think it's unfair to base your judgement on few rotten apples .
Devendra Parmar (3 months ago)
i m not sure about ur perception in entirety but i have quot from my friend studying bio tech in us, that basically whites invent and we us indians implements, we indians are not gifted with great ideas that is job of Caucasians but they dosnt understands how take it to production line
Binu Samuel (3 months ago)
Lol Another pissed off homie Most are facts though
SIRICHAI LORDSIN (10 months ago)
deepa shankar (10 months ago)
Sir, you are really great.. I have got inspired from you and hats off to you and your wife.May God bless your family abundantly.
Swapnil Jagatap (10 months ago)
Great amount of respect and love for you and your family ,GOD BLESS ❤️
Nomad Gomad (10 months ago)
He is fooling around i don't see any disability he got this job by playing the children's disability card
Sri Krishna (5 months ago)
What a shameful soul. You are an obligation in this world
thecrazykdramaaddict (5 months ago)
Nomad Gomad u must be kidding dickhead
Truth Seeker (10 months ago)
Sir u r an inspiration to many people. RESPECT👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏
Sohail. (5 months ago)
God will never give you all thing at the same time.
Sohail. (5 months ago)
Sri Krishna Be what you are don't hide your inner reality what you are don't fear of discrimination and trolling of any one if you are on straight and right path towards heaven. Muslims only have fear of Allah.
Sri Krishna (5 months ago)
Sohail sure. I won't. but then stop being unkind. PS - how do you know what path I am on. Don't go by titles or other religious names on social media, they have to kept to avoid discrimination and trolling in this country :)
Sohail. (5 months ago)
Sri Krishna If you don't follow Islam don't teach me Islam first you follow and then teach me. I know more than you about my religions and books even I can prove thar u are you following a blind way to hell. don't put religion in this conversation.
Sri Krishna (5 months ago)
Sohail Whoever is harsh in their words with others, then Allah will be harsh with him. Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 1940
Sohail. (5 months ago)
Sri Krishna Subki baddua lagegi tumhe. 😂😆😅😄😃😂😀😀😂😃 Main Kaun Sa bomb Gira Diya Tum Logon ke upar....joo mujai baddua lagegi.😂😃😅😅😃 All I said is we will never get all things we need we want at same time in this world and here I get some nonsense and brainless people who cannot understand my comment
Kalyan Gondrala (11 months ago)
true inspiration!!
Manisha Singh (11 months ago)
What a wonderful person
tube or not tube (11 months ago)
Honestly I was not a big fan of him when i first saw him. How wrong I was. He was misunderstood and misrepresented too initially. He has been brilliant for microsoft and now appears to be a great human. Hope he works for gates foundation or runs for politics in future.
Nadeem Shaikh (6 months ago)
baby driver so why is that bothering u so much?
captain obvious (6 months ago)
Nadeem Shaikh he is not from iit if he would have been in indi would not have got even first job
Nadeem Shaikh (6 months ago)
baby driver what?
captain obvious (6 months ago)
tube or not tube he is. Not from a iit. Shame on.him
Vinay Mehta (11 months ago)
Salute to you Mr. Nadella. God bless you and your family.Lot of things to be learnt from your talk.
Reeti Garg (11 months ago)
DK77 Honestly you people always chime in to say "fake accent" but you don't realize lot of people fake an accent to be understood.
Pradeep Chandrahas (11 months ago)
Respect Satya ji to you and your wife. Your genuine smile shines through the challenges you have faced as a parent. I have received courage from you. Will never whine about what life throws at me like I have done all the while. My challenges are trivial compared to yours. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.
snowywinter9 (11 months ago)
This is true of everybody. Only when it hits close to home, people become more sensitive to others viewpoints and problems. Unfortunately, this is also the reason why so many BS artists in management (at most other companies, especially Big Pharma), are the bane of human existence. Life is unfair, and such people get away with no real issues in life. Thus these Big Pharma managers and executives remain the BS artists for life.
Manoj S (11 months ago)
Wow! Such honesty and clarity of thought...
sai vishal peruri (11 months ago)
Very great sir
Pawel Subskrypcje (11 months ago)
Wow. few people like that in the world today. Or as ever - perhaps. No wonder Microsoft is the only company in the Silicon Valley that seems genuinely concerned with true innovation, rather than cheap (expensive?) gimmicks and populism.
Devendra Parmar (3 months ago)
Aditya Aswal (4 months ago)
dinesh singh hey indian here size of heart has little to do with nationality but size of something else has..
Nadeem Shaikh (6 months ago)
dinesh singh I'm Indian myself, bt plz stop embarrassing us in front of the internet. Some people are good and some aren't, that has nothing to do with nationality ffs. He is not an Indian anymore, and he is what he is coz of his talent and skills,etc not coz of his nationality, race or religion,etc
ritesh kumar (11 months ago)
Google anyone?
dinesh singh (11 months ago)
Pawel Subskrypcje yes because he is an Indian and we Indian have a big heart.which make us different .thanks

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