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Global Supply Chain Suffers Most From China Tariffs, Says Straszheim

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Aug.08 -- Donald Straszheim, head of China research at Evercore ISI, examines the economic and business impacts of trade tariffs from the United States and China. He speaks on "Bloomberg Markets."
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Mac Tek (5 months ago)
China rips the US off. They either stop or can suffer the consequences.
tk (4 months ago)
Mac Tek you have to leave this comment with chinese made devices...
dukky fuzz (4 months ago)
Mac Tek u check where ur plastic containers come from? Must be lonely 😞
Mac Tek (5 months ago)
The shirt on my back was made in El Salvador. Actually, very little of my possessions were made in China. Even my plastic containers were made in USA. I won't be suffering.
Rodney de Vries (5 months ago)
Reciprocal trade is the answer. Everyone wins.
Nghia Dang (5 months ago)
Rodney de Vries you have to pay because it is day to day goods to be honest
Nghia Dang (5 months ago)
Tariff make consumer good more expensive 10% 25%....
Finn Hansen (5 months ago)
You are just repeating what the lying son of biches politicians say. You are like a parrot just dumber.
andtam008 (5 months ago)
Global supply chain will be reshaped and mostly with USA looking from outside.
Cool! I really enjoy this clip.

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