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Create a WooCommerce Product Catalog - With or Without Buy Buttons

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In this video tutorial, Katie Keith from Barn2 Media will teach you how to create a WooCommerce Product Catalog using the WooCommerce Product Table WordPress plugin. She will provide several examples of how to configure your product catalog including basic usage, product catalogs with Add to Cart buttons and information-only product catalogs with no online ordering.
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johnny sen (5 months ago)
How to upload these products Please help me how it will be done in the catalog. https://www.vistaprint.in/clothing-bags/mens-t-shirts/signaturesoft/templates
NEWORLD (7 months ago)
Greate one!! Thanks
Ahmad Abu Rumman (1 year ago)
@barn2 media how we can after add quantity and press on add to cart the page refresh and start from the first product how we can perform this without autorefesh or then return back to the same product which we add
Barn2 Media (1 year ago)
Hi Ahmad, there's an option to enable or disable AJAX add to cart behaviour which controls what happens after you add a product to the cart - please see the instructions at https://barn2.co.uk/kb/add-to-cart-buttons/#ajax-add-to-cart. It's also worth checking your WooCommerce settings as there are options here too.
Cuban Nerd (2 years ago)
Is there a way I can add custom columns to the table?
Barn2 Media (1 year ago)
Hi Cuban, I'm sorry for not replying sooner - YouTube didn't notify me of your comment for some reason and I just spotted it. Yes, you can add custom columns to the table. See our article https://barn2.co.uk/kb/product-table-columns for details of exactly which columns you can have.
Barn2 Media (1 year ago)
Hi MGE - yes, WooCommerce Product Table is separate from WooCommerce. You need to use both plugins together. You can get WooCommerce Product Table from https://barn2.co.uk/wordpress-plugins/woocommerce-product-table.
Cup (1 year ago)
WooCommerce Product Table plugin is separate from the WooCommerce plugin? Cuz I can't find it.

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