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Iggy Azalea - Savior ft. Quavo

341415 ratings | 21476735 views
https://islandrecs.lnk.to/Savior Music video by Iggy Azalea performing Savior. © 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/20QwmL
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Text Comments (26308)
Andrei Lucas (9 hours ago)
2019 July and listening religiously
Himz loxman (18 hours ago)
iggy 2018 : i been looking for a savior iggy 2019 : fuck it up sis
NotAnotherYtChannel (19 hours ago)
I'm not really loving the song, but the video clip is a piece of art!
Ryan Thomas (1 day ago)
Iggy has a beautiful singing voice.
K D (2 days ago)
This song and video is life 🔥🔥🔥
Jake Gossman (2 days ago)
Who here after apple support😂😂😂
Natalie Bass (2 days ago)
This song is beautiful !!😩 She has gotten harder over the years oh my goodness !!🔥🔥
Aleksei Moises (2 days ago)
This song is sick!!! Iggy I love you!!! Keep on rocking!!!
Pop Music Brazil (2 days ago)
Um dos melhores ♡
İsa Saglam (2 days ago)
This Song is fucking underrated. I think her best Song is savior even the Most famous Song of her FANCY😑
Harmony Lasko (2 days ago)
The visuals in this are so beautiful
Shiro Vero (2 days ago)
Iggy ft Nicki minaj
Anyeling Estrada (3 days ago)
Amo esta música
yeffry si sordo si 🇩🇴🇲🇽💪😇👍 sí sordo yo
Ca ll (3 days ago)
Meu hino injusticado
Adam Cromwell (3 days ago)
i love this song so much, like...this gives me vibes of i've-had-enough-just-gimme-love-and-that's-all-i-want-in-the-end
Mojinjo (3 days ago)
Listen to In My Defense: https://empire.lnk.to/inmydefense
Ikhmal _la_la_la (4 days ago)
one word: UNDERRATED
David Sanchez (4 days ago)
I still listen this song (july 2019) is so underrated but I don't care I love you iggy ❤🍑
Jos Escot (4 days ago)
Love u iggy 🥰
juan b (4 days ago)
Esto no merecia ser fracaso
Macy Malmy (5 days ago)
דניאל לוי (5 days ago)
שיר יפה
Kle kle (6 days ago)
Pabllo Vittar and Iggy azalea 111
Kle kle (6 days ago)
Pabllo Vittar and Iggy azalea EP 111
Kle kle (6 days ago)
Pabllo Vittar e Iggy azalea 111
Leptit Frais (6 days ago)
Jesus is the savior !
Veronika Stupar (6 days ago)
Also can we appreciate this video also? Its amazing
John Chirayil (6 days ago)
RiceGum brought me here
Diana Nzisa (7 days ago)
Beautiful music
Bloem de Koning (7 days ago)
This was recommended, and I'm happy it was!🌹🌹🌹
Internet knowledge (7 days ago)
Iggy's ass v/s Nicki's ass vote below....
Jose Ortiz (8 days ago)
Hermosa canción..!! No puedo creer que haya golpeado
juan b (4 days ago)
Si es mi favorita de iggy y nl entiendo su fracaso
Rizwan Jayed (9 days ago)
We all ready got a savior and he is Jesus Crist we don't need any savior anymore like if u agree
Arya InMyDefense (8 days ago)
This is not about Jesus,This is much deeper .....Try to Analyze
Juan L (9 days ago)
She's really a princess...but nobody understands...her hard work to please one world...and be apart of another...she has to be and can never be
Rosh Sandoval (9 days ago)
Good Single 💜👑 Iggy Azalea 💜👏 Started 💜 Sally Walker 💅 Savior 👑 Fancy 👑 Team 👏💜 And More 💜👑💅👏
Arya InMyDefense (8 days ago)
And Just wanna
Alexander Aguilera (10 days ago)
❤️ siempre amare esta canción
Teoman Göle (10 days ago)
What Had Happened Was (11 days ago)
I've been looking for a Savior
David S (11 days ago)
Mehrnoosh Sh (11 days ago)
Only 21M views?wtf
Stacy Gray (11 days ago)
Fuck y’all for letting this flop
AmnSyn (11 days ago)
"Been around the world and I, I, I, I" is from a P. Daddy's song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjZqgk6FEyw
hawsa twit holland (11 days ago)
Yggy is illuminati
Tello Arnold (12 days ago)
Tanya Kaufman (12 days ago)
Kiprono Mark (12 days ago)
Been listening to this song almost daily
Alex Naples (12 days ago)
Omg...Why does this video have only 20 milions views??? Underrated
Joshua Prince (13 days ago)
Now this the type of song that need hit a chart with Hello! Right or wrong? 💯
Andrew P. Stewart (13 days ago)
I love the chorus on this!
Andrew P. Stewart (13 days ago)
True Iggy fans don’t forget about this song.
marvadean powell (13 days ago)
Joseph Ward (13 days ago)
It’s been 2 years and this has only 21 million views?
Destiny Chappell (14 days ago)
Iggy is literally a work of art😩💕
Johnny R (14 days ago)
Its surprising this doesnt have more views..
Alfred Benavidez (14 days ago)
Guess I’m the only one who thinks this song is trash.
Dan B.B. (14 days ago)
This is truly a piece of art
Just want to say : “BRAVO!”
Awwee Iggy I'll save you loading____richard $
Kasonde mwila (15 days ago)
Savior is amazing
Youvillies Matowe (15 days ago)
im saving my lyf for yu .i hhave been lokin for a saviour and to its easy to look for loyiso yu are my saviour
Cristiano Bertollo (16 days ago)
Omg perfeitoooooooo
Rafael junio (16 days ago)
The videography of this woman deserves an MTV VANGUAND for yesterday .... Very incredible
Sarah TV (16 days ago)
This song is so good and it’s just so true to all of us.... Has anyone meet her in real life bc I wish I could, bc I’m sick I might not look like it but I am this song keeps me going😇
Osman Amara (17 days ago)
Quavo isn’t cursing 😱
Joseph Mabub (17 days ago)
Ngoche Samwel (18 days ago)
this girl is so underrated beast
Vasile Olteanu (18 days ago)
Criminally the best! Like always! Iggy is the best of all!
GLM LCR (19 days ago)
Emma Bingham (19 days ago)
Dont worry iggy ... The REAL IGGY FANS got you🤗😍
Jenn France (19 days ago)
This got summer vibes~
Saviour Kumwaka (19 days ago)
Hold up, hope this isn't too late. You've been looking for me? I'm in Kenya lol.
Mwaxx Music (19 days ago)
Yeah, this is actually good. Sounds good and pop. Probably the sound she went for. Bumping still 👌👌🎶
Kuda (20 days ago)
Max Figueredo (20 days ago)
Sella Forever (21 days ago)
It actually angers me how underrated this is... like I waited for 3 months for it to blow up and it’s been almost 1.5 years since it came out....
Patryk Stępień (22 days ago)
Still the best song she's ever made , this style first her more 😍i listened to this song alredy more than 500 times
martin diaz (22 days ago)
I get the feeling that Iggy won't stop until she pisses everyone off. Hey Iggy why not feature kkk ritual in your next video. You already post racist comments on social media.
King TravisSearles (23 days ago)
G. Fernandes (23 days ago)
Hino super injustiçado! 💜
theorma place (23 days ago)
I realy like this song and the conspet
Juan García (24 days ago)
Me encanta ❤❤❤❤
mizz hoopz (24 days ago)
Why does this video remind me of madonna's like a prayer video?
Brown Waiyan (24 days ago)
Why people ignoring this iconic music video .
Jr Olavo (25 days ago)
Adoro demais esse clipe PQP
Bryan joseph Tacugue (25 days ago)
This is so underrated 😢😢 c'mon guyssss have some taste
Rosh Sandoval (25 days ago)
Iggy Azalea 💅👑 Reina Del Rap / Hip Hop 👑💅 Savior 🎶😍 Sally Walker 🎶💅 Fancy 🎶💅💅💅 Starterd 😍🎶 More Song 😍🎶 New Álbum and more singles new 😍🎶💅💅😍👏👏
Me encanta 😍
DAVID OGWANG (25 days ago)
i have nothing to say about this song becoz its like am with the almighty but thanks to ypu guyz am here in kampala uganda
Iggy!!!!! Love your Styles of Music and Fashion!!!!
Cupcake rios (27 days ago)
Love her! Gonna buy her new album
Pyego Oliver (27 days ago)
My ringtone
Ezequiel Gutierrez (27 days ago)
2019?! 🎶🎶🎶
Bruno Idalino (27 days ago)
Iggy merece ser reconhecida!
Jrayzus Frost (27 days ago)
James Barbosa (27 days ago)
Não entendo porquê a América não abraça de vez essa artista! Merece o reconhecimento pela luta no mercado fonográfico americano.
Lầy Bánh Bèo (27 days ago)
yo this song is really good, it deserve more views. Love
lika luv (28 days ago)
This little fake Caribbean accent sounds terrible, people try to push her so much but she’s trash and most trash 🗑
baddy Kaylah (28 days ago)
Lee Ann (28 days ago)
Omgg I love love love this song😍 I just can’t stop listing

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