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Iggy Azalea - Savior ft. Quavo (Official Music Video)

324931 ratings | 19824714 views
https://islandrecs.lnk.to/Savior Music video by Iggy Azalea performing Savior. © 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/20QwmL #IggyAzalea #Savior #Vevo #HipHop #Quavo
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Lori Mae (1 hour ago)
Now I'm curious, people saying she is trying to act black.. you talking about the black people in America or Australia??
Lori Mae (1 hour ago)
Ok, I know everyone is saying it... but seriously everyone needs to just move on from the past an acknowledge how good her music really is! Only 19M views?!?
Zachh A. (7 hours ago)
Iggy hands down will never disappoint when it comes to visuals, yet it’s unclear as to why this doesn’t have a lot of views.
The LA2028 Olympics (9 hours ago)
Iggy Azalea is the definition of 🇦🇺 Australian rap.😀😎
Nitta Ittar (10 hours ago)
Sally Walker ou Savior?
Britney Azalea Minaj (10 hours ago)
She Is a Queen She Is a Angel She Is The Best She Is One She is I G G Y 👑💋🙏❤
King Travis Searles (13 hours ago)
Excellent song Iggy! I know who you are now and I've revived your career & saved you which I"ve been known to do! Just like Taylor Swift said! He must like me for me and the same goes with you!:-)
Mike Hunt (13 hours ago)
Excellent song you did for me Amethyst! I've saved you by reviving your career if you didn't know! Similiar to what i've done for a few others who also apparently didn't know or were just to arrogant to respond! Which is a problem amongst people in what will soon be formerly known as the USA! One Nation Under God/Fraud!
jasmin ellis (17 hours ago)
dont no why she didnt admitt to her bum implants she admitted to her boobs
hell bitch (21 hours ago)
I've been lookin for a savior
sfkakathatkid (1 day ago)
Her visuals are always on point.
Lchin MirAch (1 day ago)
Jenn Adamson (1 day ago)
This song is so good it makes me want to cry
KillaKingTt (1 day ago)
Why is Iggy so underrated shes such a good artist. shes literally on the same level as cardi. Well I mean Cardi doesn't write her raps.... soooo. :/
muhammad suhaib (1 day ago)
whos watching in 2019?
Gustavo Santos (1 day ago)
I FcknG love this video and song, they are both a BOP! dont know why it flops. This sad, ppl dont care about some good music... Happy for Sally Walker's good performance at the platforms! Success for u Iggy ❤️
Maicon Lima (1 day ago)
Samantha Garcia (1 day ago)
Tahsin Akhlaq (2 days ago)
This song is soo much better than the shitty rap songs, but this song is so underrated but the rap songs get so many views these days. Everyone prefers trash songs instead sadly
Vladimir (2 days ago)
I've never given up on Iggy, through the Eminem dickriders talking shit, the mixtape purgatory, all the hate because she's a white woman in a primarily black and/or male field, she's still the goat female rapper and this is yet more proof of that fact.
thomas kabaso (2 days ago)
Feeling this track heavy rotation
chango dv (2 days ago)
Mi canción favorita de iggy
chango dv (2 days ago)
Vamos por 20 millones
Caroline Bawa (2 days ago)
I love Iggy so much...yes your savoir is here...u gonna get noticed soon❤❤
Igor César (2 days ago)
Alguém entende porque flopou?
NISHA LIMBU (2 days ago)
Already been a 😏 year and only 19M views till today this song needs more acknowledgement guys🙏
NISHA LIMBU (2 days ago)
This song needs more recognition 🙏
victoria atasie (2 days ago)
Annalisa Ali (2 days ago)
Why don't she has more views
Guilherme Santana (2 days ago)
Está música me trás uma paz MARAVILHOSA!
ERIC RUIZ JIMENEZ (2 days ago)
A pesar de los años y el tiempo ⏳ mismo y más ➕ las décadas por venir, sigue siendo el mejor video 📹 y canción 🎶 de todo el 🗺️y de todos los Multi-versos 🌎 🗺️ 🌐 🌌 de la ♿ de hawkings y demás igual, incluyendo a dios (#$&@%*,igual) quien sea igual 😇 😈♐👨 👩 👽 👾 💀y ➕ en el nuevo año 2019 del nuevo Milennium, (R) evolución, #&[email protected]%*,igual 👌 de Iggy Azalea 👑🐶🦊ft,Quavo - Savior ♐😇😈🙏🔥, 💯 %💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 bombazo y hitazo, 💯 %Análogica - digital 🔥, 💯 %Hot 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥, 💯 %Sexual ♐ 👌 😇 😈 ✌️ 🖕 👍 💗💋🌹😘 🔥, 💯 %Sexy's Tattoo's (Tatuajes) de Iggy Azalea 👑🐶🦊💗💋🔥, 💯 %Sexy Booty Ass (Trasero, Culito) de Iggy Azalea 👑🐶🦊💗🌹😘😍💗💋🔥, 💯 %Buen maquillaje 💄 de uñas 💅, ojos 👀, cabello y labios 💋 para Iggy Azalea 👑🐶🦊💗💋🔥, 💯 %Buena coreografía y muy buen vestuario de ropa 👗👙en el cual Iggy Azalea 👑🐶🦊sale cantando 🎶 Protagonisa a la virgen Maria Magdalena Santa 😇 /Pecadora 😈, Vengadora 🗡️🔫/⚖ Justiciera, /Pornstar por igual 👌♐y con aureola 😇 y con cuernos 😈y con traje de color negro 🖤, blanco y con 🔹 Diamantinas de 💍 joyeria y con sexy's 👡 👠👢zapatos, 💯 %Música 🎶 Hip Hop /R&B mezcla 🔀 da con toda la música 🎶 de todo el 🗺️ y con Remix, 💯 %¡Amanzing! 😘 ✌️ 🖕 👌 👍, 💯 %Buen escenario de fondo en el cual sale Iggy Azalea 👑🐶🦊en una iglesia ⛪ y oscura de placer sexual😇😈💗💋🌹 ♐😘🔥🎤 cantando y bailando 💃en ella y tendida en una cama 🛏 y mi Sexy Iggy Azalea 👑🐶🦊😇😈♐😘💗💋🌹🔥, 💯 %Erotica 🌹🔥y muy Sensual 💗🔥Iggy Azalea 👑🐶🦊, 💯 %Oscura, brillante 🔅 y muy sexy y melancólico 👍💗💗💗😘😘🌹💋💋🔥🔥🔥Iggy Azalea 👑🐶🦊, 💯 %Efectos Especiales y Visuales con luces fluorescentes de colores y muy oscuro, 💯 %Ángel 😇 ➕ Demonio 👿 =Hibrida Maria Magdalena por igual 👌 ♐/Iggy Azalea 👑🐶🦊y 💯 %Libre 🆓 y 💯 %Sin Censura (Explicit) 👌 Atte The judas sex 😈 😇 ✌️ 🖕 👍 y recuerden los clásicos y nuevos videos 📹y canciónes 🎶 nunca mueren 💀, Solo (R) evoluciónan ✌️🖕👍👌😘😘🌹🌹💋🔥💗Y que viva 🙌 y por siempre será la más ➕ Sexy bitch 🐶 🦊Bad 😇 😈 Dark Girl Guerrera Loli 🏯 👑Queen de todo el 🗺️y de todos los Multi-versos 🌎 🗺️ 🌐 🌌 de la ♿ de hawkings y demás igual, incluyendo a dios (#&[email protected]%*, igual) quien sea igual 😇 😈 ♐👨 👩 👽 👾 💀 ;¡OMG! I'love you 😍 ✌️ 🖕 👍 🌹💋💗🔥¡Iggy Azalea 👑🐶🦊! ¡Forever! 💗 😍 ✌️ 🖕 👍 Ps también me gustan tus videos 📹y canciónes 🎶 de Sally Walter, Mo Bounce, Change your Life ft, T. I., Kream ft, Tyga Fancy ft, Charli Xcx 👑 🐶 🐱 Booty ft, Jennifer López 👑 🐶 🦊, Problem ft, Ariana Grande 👑🐱🦊🏯, Team y entre otras ➕ colaboraciónes y solos(Explicit) 💯 %Libre 🆓 y 💯 %Sin Censura (Explicit) 👌;I'love you 😍 ✌️ 🖕 👍 🌹🌹💋💋😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥💗💗💗💋🌹🔥🔥🔥¡Iggy Azalea! 👑🐶🦊💗💗💗💗🌹🌹😍😍✌️🖕👍💗💗💗💋💋💋🌹🌹🌹🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥
L A (2 days ago)
Sooo gooood 😇
Alexa kilbas (2 days ago)
I can't stop listen to this song
Gabriel Estrada Salas (2 days ago)
Sally Walker?
rainbowcatyay 0 (2 days ago)
Whoever those 26 K people are they must be some stupid ass people LMAO this song is a BOP
jun lin (2 days ago)
Roshni Walia (3 days ago)
Amazing 💕
Ruth Machira (3 days ago)
Iggy Azalea I would just want to know what inspired the lyrics to the song
shubhra sharma (3 days ago)
Motivation anthem even in 2019 ❤️
Viridiana (3 days ago)
Wow visuals <3
Andrew Pouncil (3 days ago)
That beat is dope 🔥🔥
Andrew Pouncil (3 days ago)
This my jam Iggy Azalea killed this song Quavo too
R.I.P Vines (3 days ago)
*Savior infelizmente não chegou aos 20M em um ano, mas Sally walker (Outro Hino, aliás) chegou aos 20M em 5 dias! O mundo está dando voltas pra nossa rainha, Tenha calma Iggy, nossas esperanças estão com você! ❤️🇧🇷🌎*
leongasto (3 days ago)
Let's take Savior to the 20M guys!! For Iggy <3 :D
amayah x (2 days ago)
bardigang is her too support queen iggy❤️
Axel Venti (3 days ago)
This sound like something the dj would bop when there are a bunch of people partying on a beach in Hawaii or some shit
Antonio Olan (3 days ago)
2019 ❤️
da ni (3 days ago)
better than sally walker
K I N G (3 days ago)
Princess OF rap💖
Bleach Bleach100 (3 days ago)
Let’s be honest y’all this shit should be at 100M views rn, so underrated
Dazzel Brokinsage (4 days ago)
these hoes can fucking not beat this
ItzKiyahTv (4 days ago)
I love this
Matt McDuffie (4 days ago)
This honestly deserved so much more
Justin Gravatt (4 days ago)
I love this music video because it reminds me of the bat in Anastasia. I admired the spirit of envy and monsters of his master the priest.
Robbie Nicholas (4 days ago)
I heard this song when iTunes customer service put me on hold lol
anjjelo (4 days ago)
Which Savior she waiting for like this?
Arya Maney (4 days ago)
No rapper ever created such a deep song. In a parallel universe ,This song is no.1 on Billboard hot 100 and is certified diamond.
thotxic (4 days ago)
Only 19M view? Damn we be listening 2 all the non talented singers *cough* And we are sleeping on this bop😧😱🖕
lilqueenhustler (5 days ago)
Since when is 19 million views is a flop lol smh ..dosent make any sense
Ramon Costa (5 days ago)
melhor que Slly Walker
Sonia Ndukwe (5 days ago)
This is waaaay better than Sally Walker. Iggyyy release this NIT SW
RedZone (5 days ago)
You give me so much hope for sideways white girls with a linguistic skill and you're damn dead gorgeous. Love you.
álvaro brito (5 days ago)
you deserve more, honey
caio Vinicius (5 days ago)
Mirror Bukowski (5 days ago)
We have James Charles to thank for bringing her into the spot light ..
Nicki Promnent (5 days ago)
Nicki Minaj ft Iggy Azalea anyone ?
Maxim o (5 days ago)
Why is she looking like a dollar store christina Aguilera?
Twist Go! (5 days ago)
This song is amazing, i love it ❤️😣
fav_kiddojelly (5 days ago)
_1 year ago _*_ALREADY_*_ time flys fast_
Randy Flowers (5 days ago)
Satanic video , wake up people
Caio Vinicius (5 days ago)
I love this song 🇧🇷🔥😍
folsey fredy (5 days ago)
THIS SONG IS GOOD AS SALLY WALKER ! the radio mtfkn made me mad. this song should be played on the radio after its release. FK. #newfavsong!
syed taher (5 days ago)
Better than kream and Sally Walker!
An Vi (5 days ago)
Love this song since it was released, much better than Kream Whatever happened, I still love her voice and her songs
Luccas Lima (5 days ago)
Elsie Magiri (6 days ago)
🔥🔥🔥she has a dope rap voice not many pure white chiqs know how to rap so she gets props for that 🔥🔥
Elsie Magiri (6 days ago)
🔥🔥🔥she has a dope rap voice not many pure white chiqs know how to rap so she gets props for that 🔥🔥
Elsie Magiri (6 days ago)
🔥🔥🔥she has a dope rap voice not many pure white chiqs know how to rap so she gets props for that 🔥🔥
Daniel Noronha (6 days ago)
mansun thapa (6 days ago)
Who came here after Sally Walker!????
Igor Andrade (6 days ago)
One of her best songs but people still sleep on this. sad :(
EddyGraphic (6 days ago)
Hopefully this gets more views now that Sally Walker is doing well, I don't understand how this masterpiece only has 19 million views.
Ry Ry (6 days ago)
How the FUCK did this only reach 19M views?!?
Alexandre Lemes (6 days ago)
Queen injusticed
Ramzi Qafarov (6 days ago)
This visuals are giving me A little work by fergie vibes!!! Both are great videos but the songs are TOTALLY different. Bravo for both of them and it's so sad people let them flop like that.
Julvan Evendy (6 days ago)
This VISUAL is T
Connor Diaz (6 days ago)
People judge her but I don’t I love her and I can’t wait for more songs
Zachh A. (6 days ago)
Who’s here after watching sally walker😍
Robin S (6 days ago)
she has amazing videos
Daniel Almonte (6 days ago)
most gorgeous women😍
The views is at peak right now 😭 deserves more
Marcela Garcia (6 days ago)
tinha tudo pra ser hit
Jaasmin Christinaa (6 days ago)
I like this song!!!! 👏🥰 It's my 1st time hearing it!!!
hazem .h (6 days ago)
This remind me with summer ( 2019 now )
Chri AAtor (6 days ago)
Maybe life is just us being lonely, wanting for God's love as we are heaven's exiles.
Chri AAtor (6 days ago)
+Depressed as fuck it's rather empowering, cause you can still love somebody but true love awaits at the end, if you do good
Depressed as fuck (6 days ago)
Damn u just made more depressed
salvador Medina (6 days ago)
great song 👑
my poor life choices (6 days ago)
To be honest her every song is a bop
lil Advisory (7 days ago)
I could’ve seen Chris brown in his song It’s just a Chris brown type beat to me frfr
Depressed as fuck (6 days ago)
I'm thinking bebe rexha just me
Annalisa Ali (7 days ago)
I had no idea she was so talented 😇

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