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BBC - Men stealing meat from lions.

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BBC - Men stealing meat from lions.
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Jason Yap (10 minutes ago)
Fuckin shits! Balls of steel!
Aneel Singh (28 minutes ago)
Niggas pull up and they quick to run
Aneel Singh (28 minutes ago)
These lions are just a bunch of racists
Delvin William (1 hour ago)
they all have conqueror haki 😳
Yash Khale (7 hours ago)
I clicked on this video to see lions...all i saw are pussies
Gambit (16 hours ago)
The cure for AIDS is in their balls!
Kyrian Kaine (20 hours ago)
Absolutely amazing! This must have been dome for thousands of years.
Superboy 473 (1 day ago)
*Lions call 911: Hello police...
Mark Cain (1 day ago)
These mother fuckers steals people money , wallet and worthy possessions as well...come to America and find out ..
acap wilcha (1 day ago)
Really ?? stealing meat from a lion . the title already make me sober .
LIE AND REALITY (2 days ago)
When Lions saw these three men's coming Lions runs like pussy cat
Kevin (2 days ago)
Big balls
k d (2 days ago)
Balls of steel
Donald Blackmon (2 days ago)
They're taking the meat not stealing it!!!
Hugo Costa (2 days ago)
2:31 thats more epic than an anime fight
Mohd Ubesh (3 days ago)
I wonder why there is no warning ⚠️
Harith rashid (3 days ago)
The lions were intimidated by the size of balls they had
Jules Woodbury (3 days ago)
Lion: I AM THE KING OF THE SAVANNAH NOONE CAN CHALLENGE ME Man: Hi, that's cute, I came here to collect my taxes, peasant
Fahad Bakhtiyar (3 days ago)
This place is a reminder. There are people in the world who are getting tiger to fill their stomach, and are enjoying the forest and the desert, and give us thanks to our Creator, thank God. We have bestowed millions of good foods than good but good than millions, or Allah is thankful to you.
박성익 (4 days ago)
와우ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 지리네
Ruramai Magondo (4 days ago)
They actually left some for the lions. Thats a good deal as far as I am concerned
Weezy Breez34 (4 days ago)
Way to let lions starve because our to lazy to work for food
Killah Priest (5 days ago)
Errol (4 days ago)
You dindu nothin' Killah Priest
Jesse O (5 days ago)
Balls of steel
Jefin Jafar (6 days ago)
Real life george of the jungle
Errol (5 days ago)
It looks like a grassland or savanna - not a jungle
patricia may (7 days ago)
Out of Order! They should work for their food! They've mugged the Lions! What can I say!!!!
REKAWT BARZANJI (7 days ago)
They have plan as you can see they change their movement and places they stop and start moving towards them, make those lions freak out and runaway
ANTIQUEFOTOS (7 days ago)
Can you imagine trying this for the first time? Had to be someone who was starving to death and had nothing to lose.
MrFaithfulable (8 days ago)
I’d be intimidated of men with gigantic balls too.
John Nike (8 days ago)
LIONS BACK OFF???? Lol wtf
Shubham Srivastava (9 days ago)
I am here just for the comments 😂 😂
Frank (9 days ago)
Those 3 guys got bigger Balls then I have!!!
Allen Kuki (9 days ago)
3 better than 300!
Nitsuj Tossing (9 days ago)
2:36 when you realize you're being hunted
dear doc (9 days ago)
Balls of steel!!!
Qekher Zvhefh (10 days ago)
what does BBC means?
ChimeraBlitz007 (5 days ago)
Big Ball Crew
Niklavs Balodis (9 days ago)
Qekher Zvhefh Big Black Cocks
chebz (10 days ago)
Lions are scared because they are not familiar with humans and don't know what to expect, so the only thing they have for judging is their confidence.
hussein noor (10 days ago)
Relax people! Lions needs to pay taxes too...
mesamike85 (10 days ago)
These guys just celebrated their 11th birthdays!
rajesh sahani (10 days ago)
real nigga
Always Observe (10 days ago)
Really is a win win for these folks unfortunately. Everything goes smooth like in the video? They get to eat. Things go bad and they never have to live in those conditions again.
Romanus Amadeus (11 days ago)
Humans are superior to any stupid animal
Adventure Ka (11 days ago)
I'm really not sure how can go into
Adventure Ka (11 days ago)
I'm really not sure how can I go into
Flipper57 (11 days ago)
Why not just hunt some zebras or something?
zzzhuh (11 days ago)
I typed the title of this video into xvideos, and some of the people in this video, were in those videos...
MaQuGo119 (11 days ago)
DATS RAYCYS!!!11!!!!!!11!1111!
TattoosBy Marz (11 days ago)
Must be able to perform these tasks if hired. 1 . Walk 2. Cut meat 3. Walk with meat.
WikiTool (11 days ago)
Ancient humans in 2018
George Mwangi (12 days ago)
Good Lord the comments are just too funny hilarious made my day.
Tongkat Ali-Activ Plus (12 days ago)
The ultimate faceoff. It doesn't get any scarier then this.
prashant 1 (12 days ago)
Self Confidence Is Everything.
I AM (12 days ago)
BREAKING NEWS. Kenyan Maasai Morans casually raid a lions party and make away with the lion share of the succulent meat....
Scott Helms (12 days ago)
These guys have haoshaku no haki
Lovemore Nk (12 days ago)
O SENHOR deu ao homem domínio sobre todos os seres vivos na terra no mar e na terra
G (12 days ago)
3:53 Lion be like DAFUQ?
Anubis (12 days ago)
This is from a movie series called "Human Planet" and this is available in full HD there.
Naseef siddibapa (12 days ago)
This is staged .....those lions are paid actors
Levo_l 宅男 (12 days ago)
I'm not giving bad advice but once I was chased by all these angry thugs to my house my father grab a knife out and said if they gonna come in the house hes cutting their hands and they all go back home I guess this video has a lot of simalarity with my situation back then
Sollous (13 days ago)
At least they didn't take the whole carcass unlike those other guys stealing from cheetahs.
sexy (13 days ago)
The Torobo Hunters...
Juan Lozano (13 days ago)
Rakita uses brain and teamwork and two extra pair of balls...
arifur (13 days ago)
These people got BAAAAAALLLLLLSSS.
Johnny Eclectic (13 days ago)
You can do this with people too. Just walk around like you own the place and people will assume you do.
Ludwig Vonn (13 days ago)
Not in America, they'll shoot you down real quick
Truth Seeker (13 days ago)
Johnny Eclectic we live on a Hollywood set just wear the right costume and act the part
Lekka 09 (13 days ago)
Gg report the humans for ksing
piby 180 (13 days ago)
Why don't they just hunt on their own?
Mxolisi Zamaswazi (13 days ago)
That is called hunting my boy
Ludwig Vonn (14 days ago)
This is the perfect example of video editing and the power it can create. Nobody even suspects that this never happened this way. You never see the men taking the meat and the lions in the same shot. The video is cut and shot from different angles. Do you know how much time it takes to shoot a video from different angles? Much more than those people had to cut that meat with that primitive blade lol. Y'all need some brain.
Ludwig Vonn (13 days ago)
+Truth Seeker nah man, nothing can convince me, its video material so i dont even need convincing, its kinda obvious. This is getting to the point where people actually want to believe that this is true lol.. Its ok.
Truth Seeker (13 days ago)
+Ludwig Vonn agreed but sync it up it continues precisely where it cuts showing it's a straight shot
Ludwig Vonn (13 days ago)
+Truth Seeker and after that the continuous shot goes away, how convenient.
Truth Seeker (13 days ago)
Ludwig Vonn y’all need be brain they show a continuous framed shot of them approaching and the lions moving
64786 Lamar (14 days ago)
This is sad! The lions might starve
Mxolisi Zamaswazi (13 days ago)
Lol their just took a piece of meat come on dude
Carl o’ Duty (14 days ago)
Dose guys kno de wae
silencia08 (14 days ago)
Simba: Nigga stole my Meat!
Moja Dan (14 days ago)
Is this nyama choma masai kenyakikuyuland
HeedfulBrush 48 (14 days ago)
Straight up boo ganged that leg right off the wildebeast
Mohamed Mohamed (14 days ago)
the best coment section on youtube period.
Slow Turtle Love Bug (14 days ago)
These people are selfish. They own goats yet they steal from lions...not cool and this is coming from a fellow African.
Mxolisi Zamaswazi (13 days ago)
Who told you that there have goat
Adam Fullhan (14 days ago)
Meanwhile vegans
rigdigwus (14 days ago)
these fucking africans cant even hunt on their own. haha fucking retards
Joe Burns (14 days ago)
How do they walk with balls that heavy?
Sam TuBer (14 days ago)
**it is time for the ultimate face off** casually proceeds to just walk up, cut off the meat and walk away.
................... (14 days ago)
Most people don't live to 65 and those that do, can barely do anything themselves, this man is straight up fronting on a pack of hungry lions
Those one needs no combat training to be in the army,they can handle themselves just fine!!
Jonàs Valls Bosch (14 days ago)
Ultimate balls.
E R. (14 days ago)
No lions are the king. Of the jangle they don't just back off That. Easy I swear they don't joke around
joe triggs (15 days ago)
This is my plan next time I go McDonald’s
Staneagle 79 (15 days ago)
The lazy buggers couldn’t just kill their own wildebeest.
FloridaBoi 561 (15 days ago)
radioactive socks (15 days ago)
Well that's what Africans do. They kill and steal.
soldatheero (15 days ago)
impressive but it is most likely the lions are simply afraid of human beings in general after 100s of years being killed by them most animals avoid humans I was more interested in a real confrontation to see if those bows could really do anything.
Elie Elie (15 days ago)
Just by running away from lions, you are stealing meat from lions lol
Christopher Walker (15 days ago)
Somebody stole my kill yesterday. I was pretty bummed out about it. But then I remembered that the humans who stole my food are more happy getting a meal than I am sad about my pride starving. So whatever.
Tea Rog (15 days ago)
hunger is a bitch
Abdisalam Farah (15 days ago)
This is all about timing. They could only do this when the lions eat some and were not hungry. Also, they are moving as a group which in the lions eyes makes them bigger than humans... That is the trick, if they came one by one, they wouldn't stand a chance.
Jon Bain (15 days ago)
Respect is the key. And wisdom.
Niv 'Mohnd (15 days ago)
The human is indeed the dominant species. We are capable to consume absolutely anything in our way. And those lions knew that.
tkkay kirkland (15 days ago)
Bbc=big black cock
Willsmith Ocan (15 days ago)
Maybe those lions were too satisfied and they have no parking space for those men!!!!
Lizard_K1ng (15 days ago)
I wonder how many times out of 10 this actually works
Robert Walker (15 days ago)
It’s got to be an easier way to get a meal than to risk your life and become a meal.
jrufus11 (15 days ago)
The first person to ever try this and find the cheat code must of been so hungry and just said fuccckkkk it I eat or die....

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