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BBC - Men stealing meat from lions.

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BBC - Men stealing meat from lions.
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*You triggered Kid?* (6 minutes ago)
Plot twist: the lions were Marty Marty's Mom, Dad Brothers and sisters
MEDI TECH (6 minutes ago)
3:26 lion is like'wtf'
timmyfung01 (8 minutes ago)
you can give me 30 men and only one lion, and I will still not be comfortable enough for it....
Gtm Nayan (12 minutes ago)
Big Balls and Cojonas
palemoonlight96 (56 minutes ago)
They literally just walked to a pack of huge ass lions while they were eating, got their food and nonchalantly walked away again, like they were just casually grocery shopping. If this isn't the most bad ass moment in the whole wildlife encounters history I don't know what is.
Lebrun Jemz (1 hour ago)
" BBC " men stealing meat from lions Big Black Cock men 😂
Robloxaniii (2 hours ago)
Ok lads what's the plan here? Just walk in their take the meat. ARE YOU CRAZY THE LIONS WILL KILL US!!!! Ok fine watch and learn... Easy
Rob Meme Overlord (2 hours ago)
3:54 “Wait...what the fuck just happened?”
Sprite Cranberry (2 hours ago)
2.8k lions disliked this video
Awesomez (3 hours ago)
I got a plan Arthur
ninjhan yellow (3 hours ago)
Daaafuq is that title lmmmmao, i click immediately hahaha
SSJ2 Vegeta (3 hours ago)
Real gangster's
ABrokenHeart 9 (5 hours ago)
Imput your best joke here:
ABrokenHeart 9 (5 hours ago)
Wtf they walking like there taking a stroll in the park 😂
Pablo Hierro (5 hours ago)
Miguel (6 hours ago)
Look fake
Mr1987Joe (6 hours ago)
Racist BBC, pointing out that blacks even steal on the plains of Africa.
KEVIN ERIC (6 hours ago)
I hope these niggas ain't afraid of Satan too when they get to hell for stealing
DropTheBat (6 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah oh yeah
Chris And (7 hours ago)
plenty of animals to hunt..no..they take the food from a lion. stealing no matter what, even from animals. blacks I swear
Freyr (7 hours ago)
even the animals in africa are tired of their shit.
Mirko Bortolotto (8 hours ago)
I don't understand why they risk their life as that, when it's easier to kill a zebra instead of steal it from lions.
Andrew Brown (8 hours ago)
That’s some dick head business the way the walked towards the lions and the way they casually walk away nah fam not me them man there are the real ghetto man
FrozenFire (8 hours ago)
Khaled Al-Quq (8 hours ago)
vegans want to know your location:
jr dm (9 hours ago)
Wow this is messed up, even lions are afraid of black people.
SxundsTV (9 hours ago)
Wow! The parallelism! Blacks steal from Americans today via welfare and food stamps and also seem pretty entitled. Wow!
DankBoi69 (10 hours ago)
I wouldn’t like to try it....
Happy RoadHog (10 hours ago)
The only thing this video lacks is some explosions behind the 3 hunters while walking
Shubham r (10 hours ago)
Hello from sentinel island (India🇮🇳) 🙂
NotSoLiberal (10 hours ago)
Fake news
PolakInHolland (11 hours ago)
They have bows - why not just shoot a fucking zebra or wildebeest?
Arceana Highwind (11 hours ago)
2:42 baddas scene!!
Jose Rangel (11 hours ago)
El humano es el renglón torcido de la naturaleza...
USS Abraham Lincoln (11 hours ago)
They are not "men".They are walking balls of steel
LOLJOKER 75 (11 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah
grodt88 (12 hours ago)
blacks steal even from lions LOL
Duarte Oliveira (12 hours ago)
The title was misleading, i came for bbc and meat
Davi Sousa (12 hours ago)
Algum BR?
hazwaz (15 hours ago)
Alternitavly, they could just use their bow and arrow to kill their own prey
Jude UK (16 hours ago)
Rip camera guy
Karolina Kuc (16 hours ago)
Unbelievable. Yet maybe. Some lions learned that humans are dangerous because they can shoot them
fj (16 hours ago)
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta  A real gangsta-ass nigga plays his cards right A real gangsta-ass nigga face 15 190kg lions like a BOSS
John Boyne (17 hours ago)
Matt Eru (18 hours ago)
Next *BBC-Men beating the meat of lions*
Od Ysr (19 hours ago)
Mad respect
Ronan Mendez (19 hours ago)
The wall just got 10 feet higher
The Angel of Death (20 hours ago)
Men like them with balls of STEEL don't exist anymore....
Thumpingpine X (20 hours ago)
WTF why would this work?
Shannon smith (21 hours ago)
This is badass.
김아무개 (22 hours ago)
Hundreds of peach and nectarine cultivars are known. These are classified into two categories — the freestones and the clingstones , depending on whether the flesh sticks to the stone or not. Freestones are those whose flesh separates readily from the pit. Clingstones are those whose flesh clings tightly to the pit. Some cultivars are partially freestone and clingstone, so are called semifree.
Mason S (23 hours ago)
The Lion's don't know that they can destroy these malnourished men. But, good for them.
Street Cat (23 hours ago)
Proudly from grovestreet
Phuk Dat (1 day ago)
these wakandan are super brave and kind of dumb to steal food from lions.
Karasu ﬖ (1 day ago)
That's how Mafia Works !!!
Thomas V (1 day ago)
I feel bad for the ground the were stepping on since the weight from them concrete balls is too much
Temboz (1 day ago)
Holy shit these guys have balls of steel..what they did is extremely dangerous...brave,but dangerous!
RNG Debo (1 day ago)
Crazy how life went from hunter gatherer to society now
Kevin John (1 day ago)
Can’t figure out which is bigger - the elephant guy with the giant cue balls or these guys with their giant eight balls.
Allen Jinu (1 day ago)
What about the camera man
The Survivor (18 hours ago)
he peed his pants I'm sure!
Domingo Dean (1 day ago)
YOUTUBE for the love of god fucking stop recommending this video to me
Aman Andom (1 day ago)
Even the lions know sharing in AFRICA.
Chabooey (1 day ago)
How can these people even physically move? with cojones that huge how is it even possible
Truly some BAD DUDES
3 men, one 65, bows and arrows... v 15 lions. These lions are not KING OF ANYTHING
Kung Fu Naki (1 day ago)
Wouldn’t it be easier to hunt something?
Niggas are the true kings of the jungle
sierra252525 (1 day ago)
During there walking they came across lots of animals roaming around, could be an easier kill. Nope they want the piece that is surrounded by lions and bacteria.
Emanuel Tovar (1 day ago)
Or they can just use their arrows to hunt down animals
Mohammad nahid (1 day ago)
Have you seen those lions face after being stoled
Real Hagi (1 day ago)
*Feminist Left The Chat*
This is why men are paid more than women. Fucking feminists.
Danial Tshering (1 day ago)
Is this the end of the thug life. . . . ###thisisit
Darryn Bellamy (1 day ago)
the lion looking like what the hell..lol
MrJonyyMD (1 day ago)
if it was in America cops will put them in jail for theft 😂😂😂
Mr ReeD (1 day ago)
balls of iron
Mirsal Kamal (1 day ago)
I'm hiring this guys as my personal bodyguard. And now they are steal my meat also.
aMulliganStew (1 day ago)
“Here. Hold my beer.”
Floyd O'Sullivan (1 day ago)
The lions were like: why tf are there 3 black people charging at us with bows?
yujirorasy rush (1 day ago)
no matter big how they are, they still a pussy.
Andrea Gonzales (1 day ago)
2.8k dislikes are from the lions
Foma ben Grigor (1 day ago)
First meat, then bikes. Ahhh, the beauty of evolution.
imopet (1 day ago)
Buck Naked (1 day ago)
Wow in the usa they steal meat from the grocery store.
Wolf Haley (1 hour ago)
Buck Naked wow you're a psychopath
Wolf Haley (1 hour ago)
Buck Naked Because in the US they don't have wild lions... so they steal from the grocery.
Buck Naked (3 hours ago)
+Karan Lmao! What souls?
Karan (3 hours ago)
And in school the white steal kids soul by shooting them : (
Random Buzz (1 day ago)
@2:52 the lion was thinking “wtf, these homies doing?”
doge (1 day ago)
When your savage level is over 9000
Apparently in Africa at 65lead the pack for hunting.
BuwBuw BuwBuw (1 day ago)
see dumb degenerated rapefugees trieng to sneak into europe or steal food from other animals.. i dont even have words for the black race.. fkn hell
Video Commenter (1 day ago)
I'd laugh to the Lions who runs
Bigen Thapa (1 day ago)
And my neighbour said... He watched avenger.
Plot twist: The lion was CGI and they were hired africans...
Liam O’Neil (1 day ago)
And I’m scared to pet my cats belly for more then 4 seconds
Ricky Gaskin (1 day ago)
3:52 Lion: Bruuuuuh! Did they just steal the whole damn leg?.....mfs. Lmao! Lions face😂😂😂
CaptainMarci104 (1 day ago)
The comment section is gold 👌
Lee Pearl (1 day ago)
But can they recover kids from Karen ?
Henry Obichere (1 day ago)
Am still wandering, how did they walk with the size of those heavy balls.
kentucky lee (1 day ago)
Why not just shoot the wildebeest with the arrows
MO JO (1 day ago)
The meat was a paid actor Edit: The lions were too.
Kunal Kishan (1 day ago)
I think their self confidence come from behind him i mean support guards,camera man and so on...
retlop lee (1 day ago)

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