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Jimi Hendrix - Spanish Castle Magic - LA Forum 1970

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Text Comments (42)
Tiger Mane (5 months ago)
great sound, great show
Gonzalo Rosas (7 months ago)
Wonderful song...
вован А (8 months ago)
Yeah !!!!! Hang on !!!!! Love Jimi forever!!!! Hear this magic guitar sound more than amazing !!!!!!
The MacSo (1 year ago)
It's very far away, It takes about half a day, To get there, if we travel by my a.....dragonfly No, it's not in Spain, But all the same, You know, It's a groovy name And the wind's just right. Hang on, My Darling, Hang on if you want to go You know it's a really groovy place And it's just a little bit of Spanish Castle Magic. The clouds are really low, And they overflow, With cotton candy And battle grounds, Red and brown. But it's all in your mind, Don't think your time, On bad things, Just float your little mind around. Look out Hang on, My Darling, Yeah Hang on if you want to go It puts everything else on the shelf With just a little bit of Spanish Castle Magic Just a little bit of daydream here and there. Hang on, My Darling, Yeah Hang on if you want to go It puts everything else on the shelf With just a little bit of Spanish Castle Magic Just a little bit of daydream here and there.
GG NDRX (2 years ago)
Best Version of this Song ever recorded !!!!!!
AldoDiLupo (2 years ago)
Paula Blissett (2 months ago)
Lucky You!!! I saw him quite a few times myself, first time in Chicago, Chicago Amphitheater in 1968!!!
Looksik here (3 years ago)
the best
Paula Blissett (2 months ago)
Bar None.. Mesmerizing to watch..
Camaro Child (3 years ago)
Electric Church Music (3 years ago)
First Concert of the Cry Of Love band ! A Magical Superb Concert !!!
Tree Funk Jones (4 years ago)
Maui specifically is the Hawaiian version I'm talkin about
Tree Funk Jones (4 years ago)
Next to Hawaii and Stockholm 69 this is one of the best versions of this song
Jake300ify (4 years ago)
Basheer Muhammad (4 years ago)
For all intents and purposes, this IS the Jimi Hendrix Experience.
Paula Blissett (2 months ago)
Yes it is!!!
Los Comunistas (5 years ago)
'Hendrix and his band were introduced by the festival MC, Chip Monck, as "the Jimi Hendrix Experience", but once on stage Hendrix clarified, saying, "We decided to change the whole thing around and call it Gypsy Sun and Rainbows. For short, it's nothin' but a 'Band of Gypsys'".[156]' wiki this indicates the inauthenticity of Hendrix later using the "JH Experience" name
Los Comunistas (5 years ago)
what was meant was that the name JH Experience could never be legitimately, authentically attributed to any later incarnation. Yes, they used that title, but in an inauthentic manner, listen to Hendrix at the start of Woodstock:
Mark Gunter (5 years ago)
I call bullshit again; you do not comprehend the definition of power trio evidently, there have been many power trios in the music scene. ZZ Top is a power trio, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble was a power trio act, etc. etc. and the Hendrix line up I mentioned was also a power trio. What's your real deal here? Try to focus and write rationally here.
Mark Gunter (5 years ago)
"The name of the band can never be attributed to any other than those three musicians" - You are patently wrong, as I have indicated and you already agreed the name of the band WAS attributed to line up previously mentioned on posters advertising the tour. All you can really argue is that it was 'incorrectly attributed', but to say that it can never be attributed is in itself bullshit. It appears you have trouble sharing an opinion without making godlike declarations, I'm LMAO at you for that.
Los Comunistas (5 years ago)
the only power trio was the Jimi Hendrix Experience had Noel Redding on bass, 1966 - 1969
Los Comunistas (5 years ago)
yes, and that was bullshit. There exists but only one incarnation entitled The Jimi Hendrix Experience; Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding, & Mitch Mitchell. The name of the band can never be attributed to any other than those three musicians
Mark Gunter (5 years ago)
Whatever, your opinion is valid and I don't gaf, but fact is they were often billed as the JH Experience on the Cry of Love Tour with BILLY COX on bass - that's what I'm referring to, the time period of this piece.
Los Comunistas (5 years ago)
theres only one JH Experience, the members were Hendrix, Redding, and Mitchell. Anything else was not and is not the Experience
Kyler J (5 years ago)
Fuck cant hear mitch one bit
Odi et Amo The Essene (2 months ago)
Yeah, & some are praising the sound quality! For a while i couldnt make the distintion between crowd noise and music.but i cant knock the effort and the performance.still a gem.
Therman Merman (5 years ago)
I was too! Why weren't there better recordings of his live recordings??!!
Jason Shults (3 months ago)
Smart phones sucked in the 1960's.
Anderson (5 years ago)
Para mi, spanish castle magic es la mejor música de jimi hendrix. Esta versión, lo nunca tuve oido. Fatástico!!!
Lawrence Abbott (5 years ago)
The Greatest Guitaritst of All Time... Thank You Jimi!!! yeeaahh!
zoomantony7 (5 years ago)
I was there
KONAROCK1 (5 years ago)
I doubt it.. since he was a drummer.
Canal Tutoriando (5 years ago)
Tomi lommi
Kvng Jdm (5 years ago)
jimi is the best guitarist ever in my opinion n im a METAL HEAD SO YEA BITCHES
PhatticusInch (5 years ago)
IMO - A great Super Group would have been Jimi, Billy Cox, Buddy Miles & Billy Preston.
Kevin Diep (5 years ago)
Song actually starts at 2:05 :)
Mark Gunter (5 years ago)
Billy Cox was bassist for Jimi Hendrix Experience 1969 - 1970. Power trio: Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox (original Jimi Hendrix Experience had Noel Redding on bass, 1966 - 1969
Andrew Wallace (5 years ago)
This is great
howlinrock (5 years ago)
One of the best live SCM ever.
Peter Moore (5 years ago)
must be good looking coz he's so hard to see.....
daniel finnegan (5 years ago)
Too much awesomeness for one song!!!
TVMANAGEMENT (5 years ago)

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