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Text Comments (10000)
Fitz (6 months ago)
Leave a like on this video if you are over 18 If you are under 18, please turn yourself into the police.
Marker z (8 days ago)
Lynnx (1 month ago)
500th reply, sweet.
Lynnx (2 months ago)
You'll never take me alive!!! also 500th reply
DrewBerry (2 months ago)
Fitz this is the last comment on this comment thread. Are you dissappointed? Probably. But am i gonna edit it? Fuck no. You can deal with it
Miguel Resendez (2 months ago)
Jacob Arndt (2 hours ago)
All 7.2k dislikes are from the kids actually expecting fortnite porn
Chloe Hartley (7 hours ago)
10M views !!! sksjsjsj
Ranger The Destroyer (11 hours ago)
Clay Casto (14 hours ago)
SirI dumped me.... she cought me pushing alexa's "BUTTONS"
Elijah Lear (15 hours ago)
April 19th is my birthday... Mind = Blown.
Crazypyco99 Fertig (15 hours ago)
I love the brockhampton part
Jared Wilson (17 hours ago)
Rip mochi
I renamed my 64gb flash drive full of loli hentai “ELA homework project” so when it’s plugged in and my mom checks my computer she won’t think anything of it 😂
King_deku21 (1 day ago)
But nice video
King_deku21 (1 day ago)
You should play with zuckles little brother
jazz da best (1 day ago)
Guess what bitch I'm 12 and don't have id so 👌
Mazles M (1 day ago)
Have you been copyrighted by Disney yet?
Samuel Wall (1 day ago)
Wait is Fitz New Zealander cause I am to
Death Bell (1 day ago)
You should actually work in Disney
Johnny Kim (2 days ago)
Ima bet a bunch of horny 11 year olds that wants to see tits and pussy
Rdskinsfan27 (2 days ago)
“I wanna get raped by the hobbit!” That would be considered consensual.
Cameron Pelley (2 days ago)
I love this
LazyWild WølfArtist (2 days ago)
6:41 3:25 *dabs* 8:06 i what a full song now
kamikaze-jos (2 days ago)
00:43 from who is that laugh?
Razerfire (2 days ago)
Just have to say NZ REPRESENT!!!!!! love the videos, fuck knows how you guys come up with this shit
Mr. McScooty (2 days ago)
I like how the title says 18+ but he starts the video with Disney
Dread Angel (2 days ago)
This laughter is fucking infectious
AspecialONE (2 days ago)
I never EVER saw a youtubr video with 10 mill views and only 7.1 dislikes 👏👏👏
Xavier Loya ? (2 days ago)
You guys are hilarious.
Jinnie (2 days ago)
Me: 18 + edition....hmmm.....i'm only 12...oh well let's watch it! halfway into the video you realize your head phones were never plugged it Mom: what the hell are you watching? Me: ummm.....Fitz? Mom: oh him? oh that's fine then i guess go ahead keep watching (that will low key be me if i was a mom) XD
nitsxul ! (2 days ago)
I love that they used brockhampton😂🤦🏼‍♀️
M OB (2 days ago)
Funny how i search fortnite rap and this pops up
Mega man 6900 (2 days ago)
I’m looking for fossil
Zell212 (2 days ago)
The show is called “That’s literally just Static” it’s great, you should watch it
Karlos Rodriguez (3 days ago)
Leónárd Tóth (3 days ago)
Hey! We think you suck real BaD! Postscript:Check OUt ma MInECrAft Channel! 🤪
Jonah Harb (3 days ago)
8:08 that's a good freestyle
Zahnae Wilson (3 days ago)
im actually from New Zealand and this place is crap. lol
Young Xanny (3 days ago)
Ruby Rose (3 days ago)
Australia is superior to New Zealand Change my mind
AJMC 2K (3 days ago)
I just realized almost halfway through MiniLadd is playing FortNite
Jaiden Louderback (4 days ago)
Man at minute 6:46 rip minis dog in real life
DGV2 (4 days ago)
Kiwi Cool123 (4 days ago)
Hahahahahahah omg New Zealand part is soo funny
Flashrun85 (4 days ago)
Northcutt Productions (4 days ago)
when did mini ladd play fortnite
Erik Godal (4 days ago)
Porn hub: “you must be 18 or older to enter” 14 year olds: *breaks down door*
fat boi (4 days ago)
8 year old's: :O FORTNITE POOOOOORN YAYYYYY Mom: Jimmy you need YouTube kids
Austin Brown (4 days ago)
For a second I was like wait. Is this Mickey Mouse?
Rocky Curiel (4 days ago)
What a gay baby game
Mr_Olympus124 (4 days ago)
i thought mini ladd doesnt play fortnite he said so himself he doesnt
Phantom Umbreon (4 days ago)
I know it’s not socially exceptable to say the n-word, but when did it become a thing to where a you have to ask a black person to give you permission to say it
“Daylight was turning to night” SO niGhT tIme iS dAytIme?
balistic (4 days ago)
Hvr 4508 (4 days ago)
Just Sam (5 days ago)
I be from New Zealand
Evan ostrowski (5 days ago)
Tb to team kill😞
PJ (5 days ago)
my fortnite gf just broke up with me. this is helping me cope thanks fitz ur the man
lokiboii (5 days ago)
this is the best clickbait ever
Zachary Powell (5 days ago)
Queen Smeagle (5 days ago)
"ARE YOU CLEAN?" i cant stop laughing...plis help
Jaxon The great (5 days ago)
Marcus mario (5 days ago)
Rare footage of Mini Ladd playing Fortnite.
Zenith (5 days ago)
8:46 sounds like Sky
Marinenukem (5 days ago)
Anyone else get sad when they mentioned forcing Mini's dog to eat? You know...because...she died by choking on her food.
Chemical (6 days ago)
SALAD GUN (6 days ago)
3:42 is so funny
Juliette Rosso (6 days ago)
Juliette Rosso (6 days ago)
ok after llike litteraly a minute i realsied why it was 18+ but since im a rebel and im under 18 imma still watch it :)
Weebimus Maximus (6 days ago)
8:08 xd Fitz ur actually really good at rapping
YeBoi J (6 days ago)
How is this video monetized
Real Human (6 days ago)
What is so special about nigga its just word and why black people are allowed to say ginger
Jack Kidd (6 days ago)
3:28 Fitz a Brockhampton fan confirmation?????
Siem van Soest (6 days ago)
Im womdering with all the kids these days watching porn and fucking is there.... Fortnite porn if so the porn community is fucked up
Eric. E (6 days ago)
I just realized you played with MINILADD
WAYNE _WOLF KING (6 days ago)
My day is alot better and im 12
Killa_ X (6 days ago)
Cringe warning
Dayday So Rad (6 days ago)
Gabby Darnell (6 days ago)
~ dab on a pussy, dab on a pussy, dab on a pussy; 😂😂😂😂
Jack Martin (6 days ago)
lmao the brockhampton reference was appreciated
Geek-a-Reek (6 days ago)
OG’s remember fatal
Muzzxhh (6 days ago)
Made my day I'm 6 months late but I don't give a shit. Just watched your recent one aswell so fucking funny
Nemis - B055 (7 days ago)
The toxic gamer (7 days ago)
Omg I am dead 😂
Bibicue (7 days ago)
Now that's hot
SealableMite61 (7 days ago)
Loli gagging!!!!
Darius Vlogs (7 days ago)
i live in newzealand
Khellin Tompkins (7 days ago)
Rip people 17 and under
Why am I still obsessed with fitz?
Pharoah Editz (7 days ago)
It said it was rated 16 and it's 18
o Spaceyy (7 days ago)
And this is why you dont take drug kids. Just ingest them.:)
I will turn myself in too the police
Bloodie44 (8 days ago)
where does the fanart go?
Vlogs Are all i do (8 days ago)
You r like a rapper
A GUY WITH A PHONE (8 days ago)
How tf is this monetized😂
A GUY WITH A PHONE (8 days ago)
How tf is this monetized😂
berserking gamer (8 days ago)
U doing good my guy
Martin Nylander (8 days ago)
10 million views
nikoolay raykov (8 days ago)
just 5 more months and I will be legally allowed to watch this.Bend the system I am that cracker.
6ix 9ine (8 days ago)
KEKEK (8 days ago)
Just made my day
Nyce (8 days ago)
Anyone know how he makes his thumbnails?
nightc0re pan1c! (8 days ago)
but what if your exactly 18? (jk)

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