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Jimi Hendrix Spanish Castle Magic

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Jimi Hendrix SPanish Castle Magic (Rainbow Bridge)
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joseph bvr (3 months ago)
Live in Sweden best n only real version
Perfect Strangers (8 months ago)
soursopbramble (9 months ago)
great video. thanks for posting
Tom Jackson (10 months ago)
Papa M (1 year ago)
Jimi opened all three shows I saw with this song. When he crotched the guitar and bounced his butt off the stage the crowd went crazy. Yeah, I'm old but glad I was in the 5th, 6th and 7th row for the Experience.
Ceolyar Spencer (1 month ago)
You was very blessed... I wish that I could have been there... I was not born
Gerardo Neri (2 years ago)
I Fucking love this song .... thanks Jimbo

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