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Jimi Hendrix.Spanish Castle Magic.Live.HQ audio

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Jimi Hendrix.Spanish Castle Magic.Live.HQ audio
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Ken H (1 month ago)
Ha! Just noticed this video was published on 4-20. Seems appropriate.
joseph bvr (4 months ago)
Hendrix is so heavy man it gets no better than Jimi, I'd give my soul to bring him back
Ken H (1 month ago)
I'd give my soul (or at least rent it out) just to learn to play guitar half as good as Jimi Hendrix. (I know I should have written "well" instead of "good," but it didn't sound right in this context.)
olliwood (11 months ago)
LA Forum 69 great Vinyl
dlv1977 (2 months ago)
This have I don't live today on it aswell ?
Byron Gordon (11 months ago)
SWEET!!!!! Thank you!

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