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Post Malone - rockstar ft. 21 Savage

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rockstar ft. 21 Savage (Official Video) Song Available Here: https://PostMalone.lnk.to/rsYD Connect with Post Malone: https://www.facebook.com/postmalone https://twitter.com/postmalone https://instagram.com/postmalone https://soundcloud.com/postmalone http://www.postmalone.com Director: Emil Nava Producer: MaryAnn Tanedo Director Of Photography: Kramer Morgenthau Editor: Sean Fazende For Rojas Vision Music video by Post Malone performing rockstar ft. 21 Savage. © 2017 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/zMBE75
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Text Comments (311747)
Blue_Boy Top123 (8 minutes ago)
Кто из 2019
Mary Jay (12 minutes ago)
Ned Stark's adventures after the death 0:39
إنسان تائه (16 minutes ago)
TNT_Criss (37 minutes ago)
Me recuerda un poco a Kill Bill !
kunfu pandasixnine (50 minutes ago)
WHO watch this 2019😄
LAN4 - (51 minutes ago)
24mart 2k19?
꧁Prasoon ꧂ (52 minutes ago)
Fuck The World & listen to Post Malone
Abdelhak (54 minutes ago)
MALEK m 15 (55 minutes ago)
Shaimaa gaafar (1 hour ago)
Vince Van Giessen (1 hour ago)
Nederland laat je horen
sights1018 (1 hour ago)
Beat is 🔥
WP ME KUBUS (1 hour ago)
Ktoś PL? March
SOHEL HABIB (1 hour ago)
Post Malone I love you
Justin Bieber (1 hour ago)
The first sadly melody reminds me of Eminems toy soldier
Esra Mahmut (1 hour ago)
Türkler burdamı 🇹🇷
Enes Yildiz (1 hour ago)
temo nishnianidze (1 hour ago)
luka melickauri (1 hour ago)
Jonas Eduardo (1 hour ago)
pranit gongale (1 hour ago)
March 2019 anybody ?
çetin tokmak (1 hour ago)
çetin tokmak (1 hour ago)
Brendan (1 hour ago)
Who listening in 2019???!????
max melnikov (1 hour ago)
Это не песня а кайф
placek ziemniaczany (2 hours ago)
24.04.2019, 12.03-Poland
Launcherhacks Mc (2 hours ago)
2019? 👌😂
Gabe (2 hours ago)
nice gore, but its clearly fake. too much blood when you slice. the blood comes after the cut
Реклама рокстар
Gabe (2 hours ago)
500 million views lol
Hasan Fayat (2 hours ago)
Aman aman nereye geldim
demongamers UNIVERSE (2 hours ago)
legendary undead song!
HAI (2 hours ago)
Я одинешенек из Like XD
arda Can (3 hours ago)
Lil Bunny (3 hours ago)
21 Savage (in rockstar): they like why you gotta 12 car garage when you only got 6 cars. 21Savage (in All my friends): why you gotta 12 car garage, cause i got 6 new cars. Finally he solved the mystery of having 12 car garage and give a strong response to his critics
PeNNK (3 hours ago)
2019? =)
aamir sajjad qureshi (3 hours ago)
Wonderful music
temik4 (3 hours ago)
Rico adsds (4 hours ago)
21 Savage cannot even rap. wanker nikka!
Emgo Zocker (4 hours ago)
Devil fucker 1 (4 hours ago)
If you like my comment fuck you I don't need no damn likes
bgprotobg (4 hours ago)
2020 ?
Aysima Akar (4 hours ago)
Sırf sizinkinden daha güzel diye telif attınız. Unutmadık unutturmayacağız... TeamBEGE
P E R F E C T (5 hours ago)
Kundan Kamat (5 hours ago)
😄💕💕💕💕💕❤❤❤ That's nice video with song.😮 If you like this song than, like my comment.😍😍
Caleb The Cannon (6 hours ago)
Kendix (6 hours ago)
24.03.2019 ???????????
Brilliant_RB (6 hours ago)
This is very gory
Kostya Grachev (6 hours ago)
TEKNO VİDEO (6 hours ago)
Bu adamın kanla bi takıntısı var
Shweta Survase (6 hours ago)
Asad Shah (6 hours ago)
Wow my man 6.4 milion
ты крутой бро
SANJEEV KUMAR (7 hours ago)
After.. See. Tiktok.....
Seem Al Qanis (7 hours ago)
TheProcess_76 (7 hours ago)
This shit still hits
MIRIAN Mcpe Canal (8 hours ago)
MIRIAN Mcpe Canal (8 hours ago)
iiCloud Gacha (8 hours ago)
ya got 15 cars?
MIRIAN Mcpe Canal (8 hours ago)
MIRIAN Mcpe Canal (8 hours ago)
jfstop (8 hours ago)
Popstar not rockstar
NegativeXero (8 hours ago)
But I’m not a rock or a star so I’m The joke is that it’s blank if you dident get it
yeezy lover (9 hours ago)
👋🏼 hi
lil AR (9 hours ago)
I'm still listening to this in 2019
Juninho Martín ϟ (9 hours ago)
*~ Cadê Os Brasileiros, Presentes ?? ❤🙌*
Diego Gonsalez (9 hours ago)
Diego Gonsalez (9 hours ago)
Diego Gonsalez (9 hours ago)
You like blue face baby😌
Kunal Rajbongshi (10 hours ago)
Nice song
David Montaña (10 hours ago)
majestic_slave _goose (10 hours ago)
I accidentally played this video instead of my science project and my science teacher is so strict so it did not go well
Da lovers# (10 hours ago)
Suri Dushi (10 hours ago)
21 savage his voice 😍😍😍
belu Martin (10 hours ago)
Franco Tello (11 hours ago)
Sos genial
Youssef Raafat (11 hours ago)
why am hearing " cocaine on the table let the porn don't give a damn " 😂😂
Isaias Carrillo (11 hours ago)
I'd like to see post malone vs 21 savage
Renata Tumusabire (12 hours ago)
Lillian Restad (12 hours ago)
Me: "SNAKEY!!!! Parents: *looked at me confused* Me: *clears throat* 😑😶
Daniel Seguranca (12 hours ago)
A batida arrebenta mais a letra ... Mais ainda faz bummmm...
Ian Farris (12 hours ago)
Nobody: 21 Savage: “Why you got a 12 car garage?”
daredevil (12 hours ago)
Ten cuidado con el grone que te quiere re clavaaaarrr, te va a romper el ojete en silla de ruedas va a quedaaaarr 🎶
Anny Costa (13 hours ago)
A letra é uma *M*
kurty ؘ (13 hours ago)
famoso beat orgasmo no ouvido
Mohamed Farrat (13 hours ago)
mexicanboy2009 Alcantar (13 hours ago)
Holy shit fuck this shitty song bitches
Victor Atilio (14 hours ago)
Muito top 🤩 Passem no meu canal ❤️
Luke Cross (14 hours ago)
At first when I listen I think I am listening to infinity war trailer
Chenayi Nyathi (14 hours ago)
I my friend wants to Mary post malone cuz of his personality sorry myla
anyone in Brazil in 2019?
Abdihakim Mohamed (14 hours ago)
Itz fucking shit song just like it Papaaaa
The Round Table (15 hours ago)
21 Savage sucks Post is Great on his own.
ن Mimi (9 hours ago)
Fk off
yassin officiel (15 hours ago)
Debora Cristina (15 hours ago)
A música tem um ritmo legal, mas quando vi a tradução fiquei assustada cheia de mensagens com temas ilícitos. Não é a toa que tem uma mega mensagem no começo do clipe. Obrigada por ter a opção não curtir.
Magic princeps xd (15 hours ago)
Rockstar rockstar me suena de un videojuego que se llama GTA 5 i su compañía es rockstar
Саня Усачёв (15 hours ago)
You just look at the huskies, it's just kapets and the views are generally the end of the world fucking respect Respect!
мана юля (15 hours ago)
Ету песню у нас в дворі всі хлопці закачали на колонки
Atakan Baybaş (16 hours ago)
Hard drugs broo!
Family Al-Joundi (16 hours ago)
God damn the fight is badass 🔥

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