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JT Coldfire - She's Crazy

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Album: Crazy Sun 2011 https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/jtcoldfire3 Lyrics: Let me tell you a story About a little girl I know When she walks into a room You know she steals the show She's crazy And it's more than I can stand I'm just crazy about that woman And she's just crazy 'bout this man She wakes me every morning With that tender lovin' touch Some fools don't get enough But she just loves me too much She's crazy And it's more than I can stand I'm just crazy about that woman And she's just crazy 'bout this man She always wants me around But I ain't got time But you know she got that little ways To make me change my mind And it's more than I can stand I'm just crazy about that woman And she's just crazy 'bout this man ------------------------------ Don's Tunes on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dondraperstunes/ Blues & Jazz Group: https://goo.gl/72sLfA Don's Tunes on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mr.don.draper/ Don's Tunes on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DonsTunes
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Text Comments (1919)
It's 2:40am and like clockwork a man of my age wakes up between 2:30 and 3am to answer the call of nature. Don't worry when you reach your elder years you will find it is quite unavoidable. As I crawl back between the sheets my phone notifies me of activity this late hour on YouTube. Normally I would have it turned off but tonight I forgot to throw the switch. Rather than ignore said notification I take a look and see it's from Don's Tunes. It could have been from jesus on a bicycle and I would have ignored it but I knew a tune from Don's would be worth a listen at anytime. My assumption was spot on! Crystal clear audio quality as is Don's standard and a perfect Blend of Blues and beautiful photos that hit the spot for old man thirty in the morning! Thanks Don's Tunes you are the only channel that could have pulled this caper off so smoothly. Well done sir. Now it is after Three and I have a business appointment with The Sandman.....jack
Michelle Dalton (27 days ago)
Jesus on a bicycle!!!!! Best comment of all times
Michelle Dalton (27 days ago)
Randolph the frog & jack it’s 12:36 am & im in San Miguel Mexico alone ...my crown fell off at dinner& I’m in pain listening to the blues...”Jesus on a bicycle “ just caused me to laugh out loud ! Fantastic !
Luiz Coimbra (1 month ago)
👏👏👏 Great! 🎵🎼😉
8ohm1 (1 month ago)
Me too...lol "jesus on a bicycle"...lol
Rachel Baker (2 months ago)
I totatally agree with you ..he is 'The Don' 😉
pecker wood (3 days ago)
Absolutely superb, and I'm from Chicago!! What does that mean? It means that the blues live there.They must of snuck off and ran away onto here!!!
SKAZZZKA Kozyreva (3 days ago)
Я попросту в У\\\\хуе....... Супер Детка, / / от тебя без уМА!v███████◘•♂♥
Miles Puckett (3 days ago)
I Know the fealian
Blu Moon (4 days ago)
Need a lover! One that knows exactly what to do. He has to be sexy hot. Likes to dance. Likes the blues. Warm arms to wrap me in all night long.
και βαλε
Jade Simov (5 days ago)
When you are born into trouble,you live the bluezz!! ;)
PANAGIOTIS G. (5 days ago)
Beny Benedict (7 days ago)
Jorge toro linares (8 days ago)
Esta canción eriza la piel...
ELLENI TESFAYE (8 days ago)
Best comment ever! :)
Alex Alvin (10 days ago)
One love
Luke Vaughan (10 days ago)
Eva...... Eva Green, gorgeous !
Metal Minion (12 days ago)
Bitches be crazy.. lol.
Christine Escajeda (12 days ago)
Total idot
ramin biabani (13 days ago)
My love ♥️😂 is Eva green
Ogi Gligic (13 days ago)
Luda je ko struja.
Lu bo (13 days ago)
Eva Green <3
MotownShaker (16 days ago)
This song makes me want to take up smoking
Lacy Gorman (18 days ago)
CRAZY works! Saved the World. Zero bullets from toys shot.
WTFAnyNameWorks (18 days ago)
Don, i've been listening to your tunes every night for a long time now and honestly the music you post is so damn...good, pure emotions, sadness joy love nostalgia all wrapped up in a song. You seem like a really interesting person sir, someone who is truely ALIVE. Thank you sir.
Don's Tunes (18 days ago)
Thanks my friend...I strive to be..but it can be difficult sometimes..but music helps.
Anita V. Vassar (20 days ago)
Close enough Babe.
dudikdd (20 days ago)
34 lata temu....
Shari Crocker (24 days ago)
Birds of a feather,clyde😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
N Sa (24 days ago)
Eva green... and some Good bluuues
coastalcowboy707 (25 days ago)
I'll be 1976 comment, what a great year that was. Sit'n on the North Coast of California because of a woman. She just won't move from the sunset.
MrRudeBert (26 days ago)
Need Dons tunes today. Man got the blues....
J R (1 month ago)
Every man needs a crazy girl
Ata Berk (1 month ago)
Wow. Eva has to be created for like these songs. She is hot! Her eyes... damn.
Sadie Harrington (1 month ago)
thank u sir u are a classy man so if u do not the one of the Neo-Nazi hackers or any hacker and I know you're not cuz you're classy man first time I saw you I went oh he's classy no matter what age thank you so much
Gary Smith (1 month ago)
Eva Green is yummy..
Shari Crocker (1 month ago)
define crazy..
Star Baby (1 month ago)
Very nice, thanks Don!
Mechelle Mefford (1 month ago)
When I get all dressed up and try to knock em dead with them blue eyes...
Mariana Gheorghe (1 month ago)
Stella Ercolani (1 month ago)
Stella Ercolani (1 month ago)
Top heavy
Stella Ercolani (1 month ago)
Crazy as afox like my dad used to say.
Shari Crocker (1 month ago)
Don't think so much.
Mundo místico (1 month ago)
Steffen Hanner (1 month ago)
Shiny space around me so godwill i feel
Nicole Poliskey (1 month ago)
Don, This channel is seriously my best find on youtube. The quality of the music and the number of songs I am discovering is amazing!! Thank you for putting so much love and effort into your channel..it shows. Such a beautiful tribute to an amazing set of artists xx
Don's Tunes (1 month ago)
So happy to heart it! Enjoy Nicole!
xoxo Vandy (1 month ago)
Que delicia... meu pensamento foi longe
Rachel Baker (1 month ago)
This song makes me feel 'kind of' sexy 🙈 sorry i feel like dancing !
Deaa Harba (6 hours ago)
بتسترجي تكتبي هيك كومنت عصفحاتنا العربية العظيمة... خرا عهالمجتمعات شو بشعة... هاف فن سيس ❤
47 hammer (9 days ago)
Go ahead Dance.. Make you feel better? Sexy. yep
Rachel Baker (1 month ago)
T- Jungmann Brasil awe Thanks 😉
T- Jungmann Brasil (1 month ago)
i wanna see you dance this for me... i see you coment and i cant no say this for you...
C. K. Myers (1 month ago)
don youve help re-create a paradox! if you dont make a t- shirt i can buy from you that says "Don's Tunes, im gonna make my own, we are a family on here! Peace, DaKwala
C. K. Myers (1 month ago)
Great!!! xxl black white letters? whatever ya come up with! let all of us know! Peace,
Don's Tunes (1 month ago)
: )) I can make one, no problem: )
Carl Postelwaite (1 month ago)
Blues are best from day light through dark
Lauto Weiss (1 month ago)
Where can i see tabs of this song?
i adore eva green
Sagar Gandhi (1 month ago)
The collection is really really great !!!
Don's Tunes (1 month ago)
Enjoy man!
antik bey (1 month ago)
benlerine çillerine kurban olduğmun kadını!!!
papi bouarindieu (1 month ago)
eva green fucking french beauty
Don Hood (1 month ago)
QAn awesome song that I jam to with a blues harp Don
Jutta Guettler (1 month ago)
That was my first song i heard on dons tunes — WHO EVER IS DOING THIS CHANNEL WAS CLASSY — NOW ITS GONE
Eduardo Mendes Maciel (1 month ago)
2018 Any? Alguém que curte uma boa música?
Gaston (1 month ago)
always my friend
MrRudeBert (1 month ago)
Here we go again baby......😎
Rachel Jacobs (1 month ago)
Honey, YOU KNOW IT!!
cjmitz (1 month ago)
You should show the man as well. Make it fair for all parties watching.
Rico Pena (1 month ago)
thats cold cracker. I like..
Dupont González (1 month ago)
Que vídeo tan sexy
Aaron Rangel (1 month ago)
You made crazy look so sexy****
Samuel Pernthaler (1 month ago)
What kind music is this ?
MrRainjunky (1 month ago)
Samuel Pernthaler Good music pure and simple.
Don's Tunes (1 month ago)
Connie Williams (1 month ago)
like the. music sweet voice
Connie Williams (1 month ago)
sweet or what like far out right on
Bamonkiri Rongpi (1 month ago)
Oohhhh la-la
Sam Bal (1 month ago)
youtube is shuffeling such perfect music for me i love it
Don's Tunes (1 month ago)
Enjoy Sam!
Maestro 7 (1 month ago)
This is the bitch from Casino Royale?
Fernando Borsuk (1 month ago)
Whisky+cigarrets+this song
Jonathan Augusto (1 month ago)
Graziano Barbuto (1 month ago)
Isn't she an actor?
Don's Tunes (1 month ago)
Yes, she is
Vinicius Abreu (2 months ago)
Rio de Janeiro 2018 🇧🇷
Jutta Guettler (2 months ago)
Dons— do you did only the vid in you tube or did you sing that? That woult be really great when you answer me!
Don's Tunes (2 months ago)
Well, i only made the video 😀 the singer is jt coldfire.
Jutta Guettler (2 months ago)
G r e a t — young girl with an old blues soul — i love love it ( me tooo great blues fan)
fidell muh (2 months ago)
MrRudeBert (2 months ago)
Images of Eva over these tunes makes it all that more perfect....
Darius Kool (2 months ago)
Why isn't this song on a movie soundtrack?
Lord90s (2 months ago)
I’ve read all the lyrics before even he started to sing 😅
J. J (2 months ago)
blues is life. u can only appreciate it once u’ve trough shit, and survived!! love from indonesia.
Cebola TV (2 months ago)
51 no braço segunda-feira no Sol trabalhando e esse som magnífico !
Steven Henry (2 months ago)
Max kudos!
Jorge Barbosa (2 months ago)
Rachel Baker (2 months ago)
Love the Blues
Rachel Baker (1 month ago)
ofc 😊
Rachel Baker (2 months ago)
Don's Tunes of course ;)
Don's Tunes (2 months ago)
Enjoy Rachel!
Antonio Vicente Lima (2 months ago)
Eva Green, u beauty scares me...
Zahed Shorif (2 months ago)
Enlightening & inspiring song...with Eva green
Ece Ece (2 months ago)
Flávio Vera (2 months ago)
high vibrations song...
Tammie Almany (2 months ago)
Rick O'Shaughnessy (2 months ago)
now this makes me believe in sex again
human && (2 months ago)
Take it easy...:)
배태벽 (2 months ago)
노래 미친 거 아이가
Colourful 999 Real (2 months ago)
Blues time................
Calira (2 months ago)
link to the pictures?
Michael Vass (2 months ago)
she's sexy
Adil ' (2 months ago)
Greetings from Meknes,Morroco
Don's Tunes (2 months ago)
Greetings man, enjoy the tune!
I love blues
Don's Tunes (2 months ago)
Marion Moore (2 months ago)
That's Kit waking you Phil , what a lucky guy you are !❤️🦋🦋🦋🍀
VeteranCape (2 months ago)
I let myself get clickbaited...
Rapsoda MC (2 months ago)
Waoo Awesome bro :3
2kamakashi2 (2 months ago)
That woman
acho oraha (2 months ago)
🔥🔥🔥🔥 hot ♪ ♫ ♬ ♫ 🎶🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 keep'em going strong ♪ ♫ ♬ ♫ 🎶 (R)@
ATI TV (3 months ago)

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