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What’s Minecraft up to?

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What’s Minecraft up to? Tune into https://www.minecraft.net on May 17 to find out. Subscribe to Microsoft on YouTube here: https://aka.ms/SubscribeToYouTube Follow us on social: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/microsoft/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Microsoft Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Microsoft/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/microsoft/ For more about Microsoft, our technology, and our mission, visit https://aka.ms/microsoftstories
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Text Comments (2178)
Shinrai # (28 minutes ago)
"hey mom look there's a cool bridge over there" "No Timmy that's a cliff" **Timmy hit the ground too hard**
Monoza7 (2 hours ago)
Pokemon GO: I will end this game industries career Minecraft: Yes.
The BLAKE (2 hours ago)
Whats Microsoft up to? New bloatware. Next great thing: Rainbowsix GO... Dont come school tomorow
Water Mellow (4 hours ago)
Everybody gangsta until someone switches to creative mode
SenseiKai (4 hours ago)
Yay! More accidents!
Microsoft: take other people's phones and violate their privacy by looking at Minecraft on them Don't worry it's ok we do it all the time
LucasFTW (5 hours ago)
mc sucked when you bough it
Asian (6 hours ago)
What's Microsoft up to?
TheNoob321 (10 hours ago)
Only the 90’s kids know how good was minecraft
Angus Mayo (12 hours ago)
Released only on an iOS that doesn't exist yet...
tofu guy (12 hours ago)
Sure hope they don't have irl minecoin
Ellipsis Music (13 hours ago)
you just gonna steal a phone cause you like minecraft?
MassKill (15 hours ago)
Misha Khachatryan (15 hours ago)
I like minecraaaaaaaaaft
MASTER OF GAMING (16 hours ago)
Minecraft will free the world from fortnite addict kids who are dying right now
Evan Watson (17 hours ago)
Me: builds mansion on top of my house Timmy, aged 10, my neighbour: I’m about to end this whole mans career
Savage Bones (18 hours ago)
QuyrewSpirit (18 hours ago)
what is this ? *a crossover episode* ?
Apple Guy (19 hours ago)
I read it as “What’s Microsoft up to?”
First Last (19 hours ago)
This is just to make kids want to work in the coal mines so they can try to find diamonds.
S4BER (19 hours ago)
*- Removed Herobrine.*
LyonKing👑 (20 hours ago)
Thomas Bangalter (21 hours ago)
*_Who has Minecraft on Xbox and Mobile?_*
Mikikato Ikashi (21 hours ago)
Beautiful. I can now kill my best friend with a diamond sword.
ZDNum (22 hours ago)
Minecraft Go is going to be released
Leewell (22 hours ago)
Make windows 9
Yamen Sahtout (23 hours ago)
Well Microsoft should be up to better Xbox exclusives
mars at aquarius (23 hours ago)
Galaxy J3 Prime lol
Mafer LVL (23 hours ago)
Ömer Batur (23 hours ago)
Microsoft pls stop
RTDS Dash (1 day ago)
2021: Minecraft battle royale
Play on *Microsoft Phone*
Ow2 :P (1 day ago)
Minecraft is currently ruining the combat system and killing their own communities... oh yeah and not even inviting the orignal creator or crediting him atall at its party, nice Microsoft! Dont forget about not taking down illegal alt shops and leaving it for their community to do!!!
Luke Stemmerich (1 day ago)
“What’s Minecraft up to?” None of your business, Microsoft.
Joshua Yassin (1 day ago)
Who is watching in his PS4 while this is from Microsoft XD
ImatsuGamer (1 day ago)
Plot twist: What's Micrsoft Up to?
i hate microsoft cause they maked notch leave mojang.
Ashik (1 day ago)
People would look dumb playing this
RAINBOWCAT 505 (1 day ago)
Minecraft earth
Squared SunMile (1 day ago)
мда майнкрафт старше чем школьники
VoJonny JoJo (1 day ago)
2016: I love Pokemon Go! 2019: Ohhh a new minecraft app? MINECRAFT IS POKEMONS KILLER YEAH
Kwaoi (1 day ago)
Someone is gonna fill my school with TNT
tarka do sera (1 day ago)
that happens when you switch phones with gunter
Smash Gaming (1 day ago)
Piklemon go
Victory Blox (1 day ago)
1like=1 less day to release
ELG 1 (1 day ago)
Everybody's gangsta Until someone spawn Herobrine
WINSTON MOSCOW (1 day ago)
Kids will be dying trying to find diamonds in alleys smh
J L (1 day ago)
The guy at 0:43 : hey that's mine, because when I tried to download it in your phone it says....NOT COMPATIBLE.
bilal budil (1 day ago)
mike gamer (1 day ago)
KooKooKrabKlan (1 day ago)
Make minecraft free for god's sake
CupcakeAbsol (1 day ago)
*10 year old digs into the earths core looking for diamonds* Would be an expected news headline after this...
Alfie Blackpool (1 day ago)
CupcakeAbsol haha
Dunzap (1 day ago)
What's Microsoft up to?
Ray An (1 day ago)
0:36 it's the same pig in Minecraft's video announcing minecon live. Could this be a new texture?
They're in a studio, lighting doesn't match.
Looth Adnan (1 day ago)
This is why we still havent gotten the graphics pack after 2 years
Soumyadeep 980 (1 day ago)
Who redeems that free skin 😇🤗 I did
奕星 (1 day ago)
Moral: Always lock your phones
KEY MUSICIAN (1 day ago)
bonnie bunny (1 day ago)
How i download it In the minecraft net is not the game
Marco Enrico (1 day ago)
finaly, im gonna make UHC trap in my neighbor hood or pedestrian walkway
Marco Enrico (1 day ago)
*i hate microsoft*
mythical pizza (1 day ago)
Spencer - Gaming (1 day ago)
papa devin (1 day ago)
It's busy deleting the Original Creator from it?
Dank Wazowski (1 day ago)
my mum (1 day ago)
What's Sony up to? 🚮
TryHard Mode (1 day ago)
Pokemon GO : I am the best. Minecraft GO : I am inevitable.
Omegagreen Labs (1 day ago)
Endermen are going to be fun with this.
BakerDaGamer (1 day ago)
GREAT another game where i have to go OUTSIDE to play!
Mr. Megaman (1 day ago)
There are setting the framework for next gen holographic technology, this AR has been around for years, and was just being developed for the Hololens. It's interesting to see how this will all play out
Guy Ender (1 day ago)
There is no minecraft other than java
Kainui Penaloza (1 day ago)
Steals phone
Andre Arthur (1 day ago)
Wait... That's today
Sasuke (1 day ago)
For the outro, they should have replaced the logo with 4 different minecraft blocks
Happy Birthday Minecraft!!!
Drae (2 days ago)
ok thats gonna be good for real
Md. Iftekhar Hossain (2 days ago)
So, they've been playing Minecraft
Austin The Cook (2 days ago)
BREAKING NEWS: Using fire protection potions, scientists are discovering more about Yellowstone.
FireXGames (2 days ago)
It's Minecraft Earth, not Minecraft Go.
Dannydotme (2 days ago)
minecraft player1425 (2 days ago)
I was just done watching cursed images
Atel (2 days ago)
Potatoe (2 days ago)
Forgot Microsoft now owns minecraft
TS Production's (2 days ago)
so uhh where is it? its May 17...
Star Wars Dude 2710 (2 days ago)
It has been 10 years since this game became popular. This is how many people like Minecraft better than Fortnite. 👇
Tbh Bananas (1 day ago)
Star Wars Dude 2710 LOL 4
Freezeey (2 days ago)
*Death rate increases*
TS Production's (2 days ago)
WHAT? this looks amazing
x Rainy Dayz x (2 days ago)
it is may 17th today!!!
TS Production's (2 days ago)
it should be out
Kirick YTB (2 days ago)
The Phoenix (2 days ago)
Wha- *BUT WHY???*
Kevin Tan (2 days ago)
I predict it will be like an augmented reality game named *Minecraft Earth* update: Yes! I'm correct!
Raven Takishima (2 days ago)
i can now finally fuck my Minecraft girlfriend
Solider (2 days ago)
Fortnite with out gold!!!
W4R (2 days ago)
0:39 I was expecting the phone to explode.
Raria Royal (2 days ago)
I’m gonna guess you need the brand new phones for this...
Jajami Cham (2 days ago)
No Pls dont
DEMii (2 days ago)
Oh cool... WAIT! THATS TODAY!?!
FireRaven10 (2 days ago)
Was hoping for windows 11 :(
CinnaSwirlAly (2 days ago)
I'm seeing this may 17..What's up then ?

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