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PRAVANA 180 | Hollywood Glam Styling How-To

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Old Hollywood Glam gets an update with this new styling technique by Mustafa Avci! No roller set required for this ultra-luxe look. Grab your 1-inch curling iron and get started creating this special occasion hairstyle. Wedding, prom, Valentine’s Day or the red carpet, Mustafa’s looks are sure to stun! Internationally renowned master stylist, Mustafa has taken social media by storm with his signature waves and elegant up-dos. Master this modern twist to a time-tested technique with education created exclusively for PRAVANA. Follow along as Mustafa unlocks trade secrets and tips to replicate the Instagram worth looks your clients are asking for! PRAVANA’s arsenal of 100% Vegan, toxin-free products make executing any signature style simple. Created with health and the environment in mind, PRAVANA’s products do more than just shape, texturize and finish hair. Formulated with cutting-edge ingredients and a natural approach to beauty, products are made with 100% biodegradable packaging. This technique utilizes PRAVANA Super Shape Hairspray. Super Shape can be used to achieve any level of hold with its best-selling, humidity proof, buildable formula. Shop PRAVANA Super Shape here: http://www.ulta.com/nevo-super-shape-hairspray?productId=xlsImpprod11151063 CREDITS: Stylist: Mustafa Avci @mustafaavci Videographer: Huck Hinshaw @pleasantlycavingin Model: Caisa Airmet @caisadilla MUA: Jenna Phalouka @jenna_dolly
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Text Comments (11)
MOLL Magazine (1 month ago)
Golden Sun (4 months ago)
Good but you fast up speed at most important part....
Lesther Lumbo (5 months ago)
Heather Taft (5 months ago)
FREAKING AMAZING. Your my idol Mustafa..
Sadia Naaz (10 months ago)
V nice
shapes (10 months ago)
wow that is art very lovley and very beutifull im almost jealous of those skills
vibha singh (5 months ago)
Wow amazing
Ashley Michelle (11 months ago)
Renee Molloy (11 months ago)
So beautiful!
Enrique Escobar (1 year ago)
Marleen? Ok pravana I see you lol couldn’t tell him he was pronouncing this wrong lol
B B (1 year ago)
Enrique Escobar lol, ikr...I figured it could’ve been the model’s name “Marlene” and he was adding his spin to it? 🤷‍♀️

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