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Getting dressed in the 18th century

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A lady gets dressed in the fashion of 18th century. She puts on her clothes, with help in a particular order, including, a shift, stays, petticoats, pockets, roll, stockings and garters, gown and stomacher, apron and shoes. Read more about this from our curator Pauline Rushton on our blog: http://blog.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/2016/08/getting-dressed-in-the-18th-century/
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Text Comments (10105)
Good Vibes (5 hours ago)
all that silk and layers, and off she went to feed the chickens
Maryam Flutes (7 hours ago)
and i thought wearing a bra on a hot day was bad...
Vanessa Atamosa (17 hours ago)
..what the heLL ?..that's too many..
Haneen Anwar (18 hours ago)
POPPY TOPPY (1 day ago)
Cinderella had to go through all this to go to a ball🙄
alex is a hoe (1 day ago)
Uzm M (1 day ago)
To much
Hans (1 day ago)
Then in my time we were struggling in winter because FRANZ FORGOT THE BLANKETS
"that's a hell of a dress you're wearing" "thanks it has pockets"
mongol (1 day ago)
European chloting, european culture
Anishka Franshin (2 days ago)
Oh .... It feels like I can't breath...
Beatrix Alvarez (2 days ago)
Why am I watching this...I don’t have any interest in this...it was just on my suggested...why the hell am I watching this
Movaixs (2 days ago)
Man, having their period must sucks for them...
Movaixs (2 days ago)
Teacher: WHy ArE YOu LaTE Me:
Amazing Mama (2 days ago)
How could they go to the bathroom with all of these layers? 😂😂😂
ceah01 (2 days ago)
The maids and slaves didn’t dress like this. Would be great to see how they dressed without having servants to help them.
Rose Stone (2 days ago)
I believe most of this clothing was designed for heat in the way that doesn't seem practical to us cuz we enjoy showing their belly Right girls.
Rose Stone (2 days ago)
Hey I was just kidding these clothes were designed for heat for some reason will we ever find out what happens in the summer heat I'm happy wasn't that hot
Elenya Moi (2 days ago)
et si ca plaisaient pas a monsieur on recommencait tout !
Hennessy Ebua (3 days ago)
They had all those layers but no knickers underneath 🤦🏻‍♀️
Emma Mulvey (3 days ago)
They should have stopped at the first skirt it looked fine that way for the summer. Did she put a wooden stick over her sternum, that’s hell just to keep your back straight.
Angana Banerjee (3 days ago)
How much it took to open the dresses
ella-wHy (3 days ago)
look around... look around...
Ximena Gonzalez (3 days ago)
Damn it must be difficult to move and use the bathroom i would died
Eliane Barbosa (3 days ago)
Meu Deus 😨😱!!! Estou sem ar e morrendo de calor só de olhar, nossa! Quanta roupa.
BabySnake (4 days ago)
No wonder there were less ppl then... Till u take off every piece of the goddamn outfit, u not feeling like it anymore xD
BabySnake (4 days ago)
2:36 the satisfaction...
Bhavana Chaturbhuj (4 days ago)
1:21 Um....that's enough in today's time....
Tayyaba Rani (4 days ago)
O my God she wear too much layer of cloths.how could they carry this.
Apphia Nasim (4 days ago)
😱😰😰😰😫😫😲ehhh!!!! So bad....
samu. a (5 days ago)
what if she wants to go to washroom... 😵🤔🤔
AMDSVVVICTORY (5 days ago)
Beautiful Pure White European advanced clothing that others that used tree leaves to cover themselves come to copy and today use it even as they hate the White race!!!! So proud of European culture and advancement that even savages today want to marry into the Monarchies!!!!
Chyanne DeLong (5 days ago)
100 layers challenge
Indigo (5 days ago)
What about the women who couldn’t afford maids? Who would help them with thier *l a y e r s*
Aniqa Sheikh (5 days ago)
I think at that time there was no concept of bra ... thats why ladies do the hiding job with kind of boards underneath the dresses 😞
Marley Leonhardt (5 days ago)
Drinking game :Take a shot for every time she says "Linen"
Lynn Ohrel (6 days ago)
Pretty sure this was for the wealthy!
SeaMonkey137 (6 days ago)
So in the 18th century, "let me throw on some clothes" meant I'll see you in about an hour and a half?
Nicholas Rusanoff (6 days ago)
Elegance and History coming together. Also DEAR GOD THAT LOOKS COMPLICATED.
burning roses (6 days ago)
How tf i sweat when i put a simple shirt on
I hardly wear a bra and shorts in home... And look at her she must be soo uncomfortable huh😐😐😐
lps gameslilyanna (7 days ago)
At least it had POCKETS
ghada mohamed (7 days ago)
Oh my god , all these layers of clothes , how she was moving? , and how she would take her clothes? , at least she is elegant and modest
Анна Хан (7 days ago)
Да, я понимаю, это безусловно роскошный убранство. Но будто ей быть, если ей захочется в уборную. Не будет же она это все снимать, а позже облекать. А вобщем я незнаю. Может быть кто нибудь знает, будто в этом случае они поступали.
Elizabeth Nepia (8 days ago)
I can't believe they wore so many layers. Some of it seems so impractical
Dani (8 days ago)
So what I've got with these videos is that if you have big boobs your screwed 😂
Andrea Primo (8 days ago)
Y para ir al baño? Como le hacían? 😱, se alzan el vestido pero seguramente pesa
Ani Honey (8 days ago)
Thank God am not a 18th century girl😌😌😌
Carrie Harrison (8 days ago)
That is just too much clothing
Escape 75 (8 days ago)
I love this time period. I would love to get into reenacting. I love what men wore too. Those boots an tight breeches make a man look really awesome.
Eduardo (8 days ago)
That's a lot of effort to make sure men wouldn't get horny.... didn't work, but that was still a lot of effort
Jesse Torres (8 days ago)
pins !! holy shit
brendon schuyler (8 days ago)
18 century women: *modesty!* also 18 century women: n o u n d e r w e a r * if you could get under all the layErs
Sadie Eliza (8 days ago)
Finishes getting dressed. Wait, I have to go to the bathroom...
Haseeb Saad (8 days ago)
Even the underwear is much more modest!
animation life (8 days ago)
Jesus I would be surprised if these dresses make you feel clostrafobic in those times and then I can hardly breathe in winters coats
adie mcnuggies (8 days ago)
men complain about how long it takes for women to get ready NOWADAYS! ha!
Samsom Mshelbwala (8 days ago)
Who get time
DragonFartMaysa (8 days ago)
It doesn't even look good lmao
Melanin 'n' Rice (9 days ago)
When you going out at 7 but Hamilton plays at 5
martin nogales (9 days ago)
Other times
gacha girl gaming (9 days ago)
Dang you need to wear all of those that most have been so hot
Luz Janette Miranda (9 days ago)
That is way to much clothes. I would die from a heat stroke.
crystal energy (9 days ago)
Someone please feed this girl... she’s a twig
Frostfall780 (9 days ago)
This is to much work for just 1 day
Bee Nest (9 days ago)
Can you imagine you wake up late, have important meeting n still have to dress like this. That will be my doom 😅
Smile Forever (9 days ago)
Even seeing this feels like someone is tying a rope around my neck... What if if i weared... oh god u just saved me to born in 21st century..
Eka Widodo (9 days ago)
and who helps the mate lady dressing up? 🤔
Jiang Jing Wang (10 days ago)
My question is how did the maid dressed?
Alexa Misty (10 days ago)
Nobody's wondering what the hell that stick she put in at 2:12 is? All they care about is layers and pockets? WTF!?!
Indigo (5 days ago)
Maybe it was to keep the breasts seperated/in place while in the binder/corset?
Cheri Pfeifer (10 days ago)
This is so stupid now people were belly shorts and bottt shorts
camila do lee (10 days ago)
Why don't they wear knickers
Sujith Kumar (10 days ago)
Omg ...she could have joined the military
Ice Flakies (10 days ago)
Dude, I can’t even get my shoes on in the morning
I was relieved when she said "Finally.."
I was so amazed but I have a question. How'd they survived that dress with so many layers like...ARE YOU ALL CAKES?!
Grace Cooper (10 days ago)
And here I thought zips were a challenge
bbea alastair (10 days ago)
Damnn :'v if unifrom be like this i sure i gonna be late everyday
Aisheh 175 (10 days ago)
ياكثر القراشيع
Kong Thai (10 days ago)
Must be murderous cold without heating in old England. What a beautiful dress nonetheless. 😂
Poorva Keswani (11 days ago)
I wonder how it feels like going to washroom?? 😂😂
Nafisa Usha (11 days ago)
I wish I could were dresses like this It would feel so elegant and royal
Dee (11 days ago)
Having your period must've been a nightmare
Sister Shook (11 days ago)
But i waaaant poooockets in my dresseeees :(
Just imagine being late to school or for anything else. How in the world would you go anywhere on time?!?!
TrashDump (11 days ago)
Looks to hot...I’ll just be a peasant
Jim Kalt (11 days ago)
The maid is probably thinking you better not have to pee
Elephant Dolan (11 days ago)
Imagine if you had an itch
Heather Dabdoub (11 days ago)
I feel sorry for the women who lived in the hot-humid-sweltering-heat south who had to dress like that. O the torture🤦🏻‍♀️
Starlexia Moon (11 days ago)
Onestly I would die after just the 1st layer, and I can't even Imagine how uncomfortable that is!Especially in the summer!😌
slvrangel22 (11 days ago)
This was actually really cool to see. A little overwhelming to think of how long it would take to get dressed. I am curious as to how many layers the maid wore. Clearly not as many... she would need her own maid just to get dressed.
...and they say, asians are perverted... Hip pads! HIP PADS, MY AXXE!
CringeFramesTNM (12 days ago)
I like these outfits, other than it looking extreamly hot, they have pockets, and it isn't like the revealing crop tops that are popular today. It looks respectable.
BLUE BIRD (12 days ago)
WOW! No wonder they needed small waists. If we wore all those layers nowadays, some of us would look pregnant. Those women were tough!
Cheryl Garrigo (12 days ago)
i would not be able to wear that many layers of clothes...i just would not survive if i had to live in that century.
Pink Clouds (12 days ago)
No wonder they were so thin , you must burn a ton of calories when the clothes weigh more than you do .
Felix the cat (12 days ago)
I can't imagine having to go to the bathroom in one of those or wearing it on a hot summer day
Izzy (12 days ago)
How gorgeous
Watch her put on all those clothes make me hot like 🔥. Ok enough
Millie Barnett (12 days ago)
Jesus I will NEVER complain about bras EVER again!
NorthernShinigami (12 days ago)
what's that stick the maid puts inside the corset?

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