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City Girls - Act Up (Audio)

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Music video by City Girls performing Act Up (Audio). © 2018 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/rQTjVi
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Text Comments (3542)
R E (1 minute ago)
Sounds way better at 1.25 speed
Reese Diaz (8 minutes ago)
*Ratchet entered the chat!*
Cristina Biasiotta (31 minutes ago)
yall im in school lisening to this im on my teacher acc my name mikuel
Umi H. Sonoda (1 hour ago)
John's melanin queen (1 hour ago)
Breezy Bri (2 hours ago)
Y'all need to come up to Minnesota on sum real shi for like 1 week or sum I don't even matter we jus be lit up here🔥😍 honestly
Izzy (2 hours ago)
Mordern day “boss ass bitch”
Tania Purdiman (4 hours ago)
Jerica Oakley-Rideau (4 hours ago)
AE (4 hours ago)
I have a school dance and if they play this. The whole school will shake.
Bullard Bellamy (4 hours ago)
Look at all the single STD filled mothers in the comments.
Maniyah Soltren (4 hours ago)
Sara (5 hours ago)
ThatBoiiMikeVEVO (9 hours ago)
Rebeca Jimenez (10 hours ago)
It’s funny how the most ratchet ghetto girls sing this song when they don’t even have half of the shit they say in this song 😂 this song is catchy though
faith garh (10 hours ago)
This is my s***
Dontdomacaroni (10 hours ago)
Ratchet ass song😭
Francisco Corral (11 hours ago)
While i do my homework 😂
Ramiro Garcia (11 hours ago)
No names está chila
Biggie Noyola336 (12 hours ago)
Drippyy devaan (12 hours ago)
This is why the boys at my school act gay sometimes
XCC Vault (12 hours ago)
Black girls must be listening to this lmao
Queen Imani (13 hours ago)
My bad city girls I actually gave a fuck bout this nigga 😂🤦🙄‼️🗣️🖕 but I don't now
Clout Cycle (13 hours ago)
Sup y'all, let us spam to reduce spam. We promote new artists, check us out for new discoveries. Email if you want to blow up, it's free!
waymon productions (14 hours ago)
Yung miami fine asf
Almita Jimenez (13 hours ago)
Autumn Logan (14 hours ago)
I will listen to this song ever day
ZERO Official (14 hours ago)
Look at my remix
Samari Green (16 hours ago)
I like this song yeah😜
Hash Browns (16 hours ago)
*This aong makes me want to uninstall my Antivirus and allow unsafe software on my pc*
trenell bullock (17 hours ago)
I got kids...their priceless...will never give them to anyone without my presence
trenell bullock (17 hours ago)
No need to scam..when your integrity speaks volumes .dont judge people...but I do hate haters..usually their ugly or uneducated..have you ever saw a beautiful hater..? Hell no
LookA Puma (17 hours ago)
All the thots love this song...🤣
Almita Jimenez (13 hours ago)
Eleanor Caver (17 hours ago)
1 day after listening.....'hums the song' 2 days after listening ......'sings aloud in class 1 week after listening.....FIGHTS RANDOM GIRL WHILE SINGING THIS ' ACT UP U CAN GET SNACHED UP
AoP Kamikaze (17 hours ago)
This song makes me want to put a homeless man on house arrest
Fazon Fordmc (17 hours ago)
4K dislikes are bitches who got there man snatched up 😭
Hosanna Pwasanga (18 hours ago)
why the second girl so off beat omfg
mzlover girl (18 hours ago)
Miami mad offbeat! Gurl get it together
Damond Johnson (18 hours ago)
Lud Foe on the remix but we really need Tee Grizzly on it
Roxxi Blaze (18 hours ago)
He dont answer U Bitch dets because of ME🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️
Rushika Latty (18 hours ago)
Now i see hwere these kids in my school got this "PERIOD." shit from LML
Erson ylb (18 hours ago)
Some girl in my high school be singing that song😂😂
Joseph Campbell (19 hours ago)
Super country
Babygirl NiCa (19 hours ago)
this song literally describes my life
xx love (19 hours ago)
JT is a star
xxxadicion (19 hours ago)
my school go crazy go stuupiid ahhhh
Arturo Durazo (19 hours ago)
Super sonic lol
Meeka Wilson (20 hours ago)
Real ass bitch gaf bout a N****🤪🅿️
Bupe BesaH (20 hours ago)
They sound like some of the amateurs participating in the #actupchallenge
Jess with Da Kids ! (20 hours ago)
At werk like Act up you can get snatched up....ayyyeeeee
Sarai Wynn (20 hours ago)
Why is this just now getting popular
qleah Smallwood (20 hours ago)
Nobody: Me: real ass bitch give a fuck about a nigga Teacher: mean ass teacher give a fuck about yo grade
Ty Willis (20 hours ago)
Who else is here to prank their parents 😂😂💀
Jaeleah Gilmore (20 hours ago)
They have this on TikTok
Kaydoe Productionz (21 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/69P0GPuiqvU CityBoyz Remixxx
gio vargas (21 hours ago)
Robin Butler (22 hours ago)
Riley Keem (22 hours ago)
Fr this song bombbb
Cristina Biasiotta (22 hours ago)
DJ SupremeSlowdowns (1 day ago)
Play this at every college pool party... you are welcome 🥳🍑🍑🍑
Purple Nymphe (1 day ago)
00:00 to 00:51.
Omg. Autumn (1 day ago)
Everyone is saying “who is watching without socks🤪” welp 🙅🏽‍♀️🥺 not I who watching with socks 🤪💗!?
nisko C (1 day ago)
Who listens to this trash lmao
Rawbage (1 day ago)
Female bandgang
chops love (1 day ago)
For all my niggas go listen to DEE WATKINS ACT UP ( city boys remix)
Dae is pretty evans (1 day ago)
CEZO BOYS (1 day ago)
If a girl singing this song, I’m out
big swag (1 day ago)
sucks to be u
CEZO BOYS (1 day ago)
This song is ratchet
EXES (1 day ago)
no one: female rappers lyrics:" Bitch, bitch, ass, ass, bitch, ass "
Javier Martinez (1 day ago)
Young Miami ruined the whole song
Huncho Jack (1 day ago)
Who eat this bitch ___________ If ya know just hit da mf bottom If ya don’t comment 🔥🤐
tryagain 360 (1 day ago)
Free jt
GlockOnMyQuran (1 day ago)
I’m a straight man, but when that beat hit on “Fuckin on a scammin ass rich ass nigga” who ain’t hype? 😂😂😂😂
Shisui Uchiha (1 day ago)
So this is the thot anthem I've been hearing about...
xxmackenziexx x (1 day ago)
Real ass bitch
Amaya Elise (1 day ago)
This hoe tried to fight my bestie today you best believe we have beef Jayla I hope your reading this b/c next time I see you its *on site PERIODT* 🖕🏾
William Estrada (1 day ago)
Blahh Blahhh (1 day ago)
I’m fucking broke 😭😭😭
Shannon Solorzano (1 day ago)
this song is addictive.
Karen Ellis (1 day ago)
My sister's😣🙏 make it stop😩
Wendi HYD? (1 day ago)
Fucking on a scamming ass rich ass nigga
Ezekiel Thompson (1 day ago)
I can’t wait to come back a year from now and comment and again because this song is iconic right now
Konain Adhia (1 day ago)
Flame God (1 day ago)
When you a female rapper but all you talk bout is your pussy and fake hoes and gettin niggas and money
Teara Maclin (1 day ago)
I can no btd g hi.
Mikeshia Terry (1 day ago)
city girls needa slide to Oakland cuddi god slide out here...
Trenay Bolden (1 day ago)
Act up city girls❤️❤️❤️❤️😍
Melody Silva (1 day ago)
Who came here from justkrypic
princessdriaa ._ (1 day ago)
where this video att😭
K&k mafia /Sbf gang (1 day ago)
Y’all song be on point and that’s why I love the city girls wish i was old enough to join y’all 🥰😝😁😘💍
temii does stuff (1 day ago)
Arise for your national Hoe anthem
Blackie White (1 day ago)
I listen to this song if my boyfriend gets annoying
where’s that one person with the lyrics?!
Adriana Espada (1 day ago)
We need a Music video
daughter_ laura2 (1 day ago)
2035? Anyone?
Samuel Carter (1 day ago)
City girls will be at Grambling state university April 19 for spring fest just FYI
wavyyraee (1 day ago)
nobody: the girls at my school:
destroyscenefags (1 day ago)
Who seen the video of all them bitches goin wild in the church to this song lmao
Christy Ernest (1 day ago)
Skylar Fields (1 day ago)
Ass get bigger

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