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Photo & Video Shoot of Model Jess Miller at The Lions

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Video by Melis + Dainon Model: Jess Miller @ The Lions Track: Skeletons in the Living by Milktooth provided by Musicbed NYC photographers & videographers, Melis+Dainon, shoot with model Jess Miller on the streets of New York for their "Eccentrics" project. The motto of their project is "be brave, or be invisible." The duo seeks bold individuals who represent themselves openly & authentically through their style choices. Jess is a tremendous fit with their dedication to opening hearts and minds to the concept of queer identity, and their study & work toward tearing down the wall between the queer & spiritual communities. Their passion for self-expression through dance is apparent in this video and lent to the incredible movement & emotion that we were able to capture. Thank you to Jess for bringing such awesome energy to set, and thank you to The Lions NY.
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