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Stephanie Birdsall "Lemons and Leaves"

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Order now: https://lilipubsorders.com/products/stephanie-birdsall-lemons-and-leaves Click to download or request a free catalog: https://lilipubsorders.com/pages/catalog-request One thing any accomplished artist will tell you is that you can experience a complete transformation in the quality of your work when you paint from life. Though photos are a common reference for painters, until an artist learns to paint from life, his or her paintings will never really look right. Photographs don’t show true, vibrant colors or truly realistic light, and they tend to darken shadows. Once you’ve mastered painting from life, all of your paintings will be more dramatic and more lifelike, and will feel more real — even when you’re using photographic references. For some, painting from life means painting a portrait with a live model. For others, it’s going outdoors to paint from nature. But those things aren’t always easy to arrange. For some artists, they may be impossible. But anyone can paint from life, in their own home, using real objects and the light from a window, or even artificial light. Painting from life is the best way to truly capture values, colors, shapes, and form. Seeing the world by painting a still life, from life, is a turning point for hobbyists and experienced artists alike, opening a whole new world of exploration, beauty, and possibility. In just a few days, you could be… …infusing ordinary objects with a life of their own, creating charming paintings with brilliant colors and a sense of movement that almost makes the still life dance… AND... … painting with confidence, knowing how to work through a still life from start to finish, unburdened by fear of making mistakes, and excited about everything you’ll accomplish on the canvas. If you want to learn to paint still lifes this way...
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