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APARTMENT HUNTING | Moving to Dallas?!?

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Help me narrow down my options! Leave a comment telling Chastin which one you think I should choose ⇢ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP_MGU76ThA&t=2s -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Ashley's! I know I literally JUST moved back home after graduating in December, but this commute to work everyday is more than what I bargained for! So, I got a Real Estate agent, Chastin J. Miles, to help me look around to see if there are affordable, modern apartments or condos closer to the Dallas area than my house in Fort Worth! Don't worry, I'M JUST LOOKING, I just wanted to take you all along with me in case any of you were interested in living in these areas yourself! Thumbs up for more Apartment Hunting vlogs! xo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Highly Requested Videos ⇣ CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Overcoming Adversity, Negativity, and Hurt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c95Ux... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Creating the Life You Want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWl3s... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Always Single? + YouTube Success https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV_D6... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ My College Experience! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxBTJ... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Struggling Alone + Coping Alone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnk0H... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Hating Myself, "Dating," + Society: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rDQT... HOW TO: Apply False Lashes for Beginners | #BeautyBasics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t--FHQWepMg HOW TO: Foundation, Highlight & Contour Routine | DARK SKIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-obg... HOW TO: DRUGSTORE Highlight + Contour Routine | DARK SKIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avQ7X... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUSINESS INQUIRES ONLY (no personal emails!) ⇣ [email protected] Connect With Me ⇣ Instagram ⇢ http://instagram.com/ashleydbeauty Twitter ⇢ https://twitter.com/ashleydbeauty Tumblr ⇢ http://ashleydbeauty.tumblr.com/ Snapchat ⇢ @ashleydbeauty ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YOUTUBE CONTENT CREATOR? HERE'S HOW TO EARN MONEY ⇣ SCALELAB NETWORK: Join ScaleLab Network to grow your channel and earn money on YouTube!: https://app.scalelab.com/referral/55 FAMEBIT: Do you have 1K+ subscribers? Join FameBit to earn money on YouTube! https://famebit.com/a/ashleydbeauty GRAPEVINE: Do you have 10K+ subscribers? Join Grapevine to earn money on YouTube! http://grapevinelogic.com/creator/?referrer=ashleydbeauty ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affiliates Panel: Purchase my favorite HERBALIFE products here! ⇣ https://www.goherbalife.com/ashleydfitness/en-US Save money INSTANTLY via text with Digit! Sign up for free ⇣ https://digit.co/r/ashleydbeauty Southern Beaute Lashes http://www.southernbeaute.com/ ⇣ USE CODE 'Ashley' FOR 15% OFF! FREE download of any audiobook from Audible with a 30-day trial! ⇣ http://www.audibletrial.com/ashleydbeauty --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG ⇣ Retrovision - Puzzle [NCS Release] Tobu &Itro - Sunburst [NCS Release] Kontinuum - First Rain [NCS Release]
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Text Comments (213)
BW10 (21 days ago)
Hello Ashley, I am thinking of applying to jobs in Dallas. But I am very poor right now, I need a cheap place to live ($400-600/mo; will have to find a roomate) for a few yrs. if I get a job, I want to live debt free. What areas do you recommend that are safe and affordable in Dallas or in the suburbs?
ANTHONI Comeau (24 days ago)
♡ the High Rise and the Hot chic as well
Paul Bolin (2 months ago)
She is gorgeous. 🥰
Alexis Sanchez (1 year ago)
Hey girl!! If you don't mind me asking - what video editor do you use?
Sierra Murdock (1 year ago)
I am about to graduate college and I am moving to Fort Worth. Where do I start ?
Jazzy Jai (1 year ago)
Girl I was talking about moving to Dallas from the ATL! Those w residences are the bomb you sold it for me! Dallas is one of my top choices!
Justin Awadis (1 year ago)
How much for rent
Jartima Kendrix (1 year ago)
At 7:50 I was going crazy over the bathtub it sooooo nice 😩😍 I will literally get this apartment just because of the tub 😂💕
alluringblackB (1 year ago)
well i would suggest nothing downtown maybe irving or addison or north dallas because downtown has nothing but bums and they are very aggressive.
Adrian Channelle (1 year ago)
I am eyeing Dallas. NYC is getting too damned expensive.
R B (1 year ago)
"So I'm wondering, where's my refrigerator?!" Lol!!
Sammy Boo (1 year ago)
wow these apartments and condos you're touring in Dallas are so amazing! Makes me want to move my way out there ;)
TyraNoBanks (1 year ago)
Definitely Option 3!
Lovely AriellXo (1 year ago)
I'm in loveeee with the 2nd 😍😍
Cierra Tionna (2 years ago)
Can you pleaseeeee do a video on apartment hunting. Like advice, what we should look for, etc.
Meow (2 years ago)
Yassss i live in #Dallas . lol anyways love your videos . ❤
Adrianna Reid (2 years ago)
I like the layout in 3, but I don't like the color of the appliances or that bathroom sink 😭.
richmond283 (2 years ago)
Love the floor to ceiling windows and the view I'm moving to Dallas plan on getting a apartment with those windows
Nika Ford (2 years ago)
bkharlemgirl (2 years ago)
Number 3
BrIi SaMaRiA (2 years ago)
Elle Encarnacìon (2 years ago)
The W looks expensive as heck
Elizabeth Iruafemi (2 years ago)
Who was that white guy following yall
Monique Mompremier (2 years ago)
option 3 is the one its the best
prettywitty77 (2 years ago)
I realllllllly like 3! Window game poppin! But then I thought about trying to sleep during the day and all that light pouring into the bedroom (even with the shade covering) would piss me off. Lol So yeah... option 4!
Kwaneysha Da'von (2 years ago)
I love the 3rd apartment !
Gabrielle Shaffer (2 years ago)
I think option 3 & 4 are the best!
SolelyVanessa (2 years ago)
All of them have great features!
Two :)
Christie Weber (2 years ago)
My coworker is awesome I hope he finds the perfect home for you!!
issella mamma (2 years ago)
I like 3rd one
HairDeLaCreme (2 years ago)
I need to move to Dallas
Life With Mo Yo (2 years ago)
The W hands down ! My mouth was wide open , the view was breathtaking!
Kayla Cassumba (2 years ago)
Option 3 or 4. The layout is beautiful !
Sarah Oloba (2 years ago)
Neither!! Those apartments are crazy expensive! With the price your willing to pay on those apartments alone you could rent a really nice home in the Plano/Allison surrounding area!! I am currently leasing a beautiful 2014 , 3 bedroom home that is 1800 square feet , island kitchen , wood floors, just perfect for $1250! Even with the utilities I pay with the home its STILL cheaper then those apartments! Texas is a great and affordable option for both purchasing and leasing homes. I would rather look into to that !
Tostada Jones (10 months ago)
Lol where? That sounds perfect.
Pseller (1 year ago)
Sarah Oloba can you please share where exactly in plano/addison? Im wanting to lease a house under $1200 as well. Thank you!!
Bella Rose (1 year ago)
Sarah Oloba It's not your money being spent.
Naebaebeaute (2 years ago)
The W Residences would be a DREAM to live in! All that space & going to sleep at night looking at the city lights 😩😍 I would pick that one or the one before
Naebaebeaute (2 years ago)
The first one that wasn't furnished
Kimberly Haynes (2 years ago)
the last apartment
Maire Yu (2 years ago)
Get the option 3!!!
Debsola (2 years ago)
option 3 girl
Brittany Davis (2 years ago)
Thanks so much for posting this! I'm moving to Dallas soon and I literally have not found any Dallas apartment tours on here.
KaileaDIARIES (2 years ago)
Option 2!!!! That office sold me!! the last two I wasn't really feeling the kitchen areas. But you could use that office honey! Good Luck!
TaylerT. (2 years ago)
Number 3 is worth whatever they are asking for it. Its really nice.
Lovely Genise (2 years ago)
these are some beautiful apartments!
Natasha De'Sirae (2 years ago)
number 3
_lovedian _ (2 years ago)
HugsNKisses (2 years ago)
option 3!!
vevo maxx (2 years ago)
Tkeyah Nicole (2 years ago)
Let's pause.... OK! so the W residences 1 bed 2.5 bath with those floor to ceiling Windows, that huge patio and that bath tub girl!!!!! omg it's beautiful I'm just disappointed that it doesn't have an island to seperate the kitchen and living area. it really needs that island! that would've made it perfect!
R B (1 year ago)
Beautiful Tkeyah yes it definitely needed that island!
ayalajaya (2 years ago)
Ashley just make sure that with every apartment you look at you are unable to here the freeway noise...I.e...noise pollution. The W residence is the best of them all. A friend of my use to work there!
Love Amethyst (2 years ago)
Option 2 or 4
Introvert Eb (2 years ago)
3 is literally my fave and it fits the modern style you're looking for
Kara Mel (2 years ago)
2nd one Hun x
Cebrina Mon’e (2 years ago)
Yaaaaay a dallas YouTuber ☺️
Whitney B (2 years ago)
I say 2, the third one is wayyyyy too big for one person. heheh They're all great options tho!
Cre Michael (2 years ago)
I selfishly hope you move to Dallas lol 😁
TheRealBriTv (2 years ago)
I think Option #3!
Bree Alisee (2 years ago)
I Would Say 1 or 2!!
DerekaSoCouture (2 years ago)
Apartment 3 is my fave 🏠
Diamond Monae (2 years ago)
2 and a half bathrooms are a lot for a 1 bedroom..
Diamond Monae (2 years ago)
I say option 3
born2bglamtv (2 years ago)
I love the one's with the hidden fridge 😍
Symone Gittens (2 years ago)
Hey Ashley! I loved apartment #2 because it was the one that had the best lighting in my opinion. I love the window inside of the bedroom because of the natural lighting and it won't feel like a dungeon. Apt #3 and #4 are tied because they both had equal things I liked and disliked about them. Overall they are all good choices! Congrats girly! 🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠
Claudine Augustama (2 years ago)
I think Ashley should go with 2 or 3,since the second one has an office where she can do her work when she's working from home. but the 3 is best especially when she wants to put out video content she has plenty of spaces and windows for good lighting when filming.
Destiny Tatiyana (2 years ago)
The first two were meh but that 3rd one was like yaasssss
Crowned_One (2 years ago)
☝🏾 or ✌🏾 Ash 🏡
Alana B. TV (2 years ago)
Hey guys ! So I recently graduated from college and I'm thinking about moving to Texas ...should I move to Houston or Dallas or Austin ...I really don't know many people in Texas but I would like to anyone's opinion that is a Texas resident
Shuntae Walker (2 years ago)
welcome to dallas
Caramel_melanin_pop (2 years ago)
They are really pretty but I feel they messed it up with all that brown wood. Still love it though
LaTia Chanell (2 years ago)
2.5 bath in the Miro apt?
Jasmine Danielle (2 years ago)
Option 2 or 3! Personally I think number 3 is beautiful 😍
MissAshley Marie (2 years ago)
chastin has a beautiful smile & wonderful spirit
Bria Shantell (2 years ago)
Option 2 or 3 😍
Sierra Couture (2 years ago)
All of them bomb af!
Tiffanyann St. John (2 years ago)
Sandina Joseph (2 years ago)
Yes Ashley!! You are moving on up! You toured such beautiful apartments. I would say option #4 for sure. I think starting with a small space is good, especially for a recent grad who is career-focused right now. Your realtor seems like he has your best interest at heart. I can't wait to see what you choose! Have fun touring!
Tiffani Monique (2 years ago)
I was thinking of moving to Dallas or Houston from Chicago once I graduate with my Master's in December. I will be calling Chastin when I come and visit in the Spring. -Going to undergrad in the South made me ❤️ it.
Tori Aaliyah (2 years ago)
I loved the last one the most, something about the bathroom ❤.
Sade Scott (2 years ago)
You should do a drive through of the complex and neighborhood at night and on the weekend, i learned the hard way not doing that.
Tierra Henderson (2 years ago)
I'm looking for an apartment in the Dallas area. Looking forward to watching more. 😊
Kini Palominos (2 years ago)
The west residence 1bedroom 2.5 bath I think that's perfect for you to live. You're young so it's good to be close to downtown. Great video and I'm so proud of you
Jannique (2 years ago)
🏠🏠 I like option 2 or 3 but I think you'd prefer 2 bedroom!! The natural lighting in all of them is amazinggg!!! All were nice that he showed you though 🙂
yelleyw (2 years ago)
Lawd hammercy #3 was to die for!!!!!
Katira Rogers (2 years ago)
beautiful apartment/ condo!!!!!!! wow..i would move there
Sadie Baxter (2 years ago)
Apartment #2 is my fav
Oralaige (2 years ago)
2 and 4
asante grant (2 years ago)
3 girl
Sydnie Aleah (2 years ago)
I would live in all of them but I love the third one
Bianca Kay (2 years ago)
Deneshia De’Shay (2 years ago)
I LOVE the 2nd one!
xxdiscoxxheaven1 (2 years ago)
#3! dream apt!
xxdiscoxxheaven1 (2 years ago)
totally want to move to texas now when im done with grad school!
I really like #4 but number 3 was nice too! But I love windows!
Classi Lady Nikk (2 years ago)
Hi Ashley, these apartments are beautiful. I loved #2 my Fav. I too, love downtown Dallas but, I live in The Colony. I'd definitely recommend Plano, Addison, Carrollton areas they are cheaper and just as nice or nicer than these. The grocery store options are better and plentiful and the commute to downtown wouldn't be as bad. Down town Dallas is gorgeous but expensive. I work full time while finishing up my business degree. So cost would be a factor for me like it is for you. Good luck with your decision.
Yahnellie (2 years ago)
I used to live in The Village by Northpark and I absolutely love that community! It's really nice and has different apartments for various price ranges and the commute to Downtown Dallas is like 10-15 minutes down 75. Super convenient and I love the area.
Keiara Lasha (2 years ago)
The colony is lovely, I love coppell it's a 15 minute commute up 635. Downtown does run up the prices. Almost runs into bigger cities prices. However units like Southside Lamer have 2 months free so once you spread that the price isn't as bad.
Classi Lady Nikk (2 years ago)
+sweetesthrtbrkr​ do you mind sharing the name of your apartment complex? I pay $970 plus utilities. I could use a break from the extra expenses
Classi Lady Nikk (2 years ago)
You're welcome 😘
Ashley Devonna (2 years ago)
Thank you SO much!!
naijasfin3st (2 years ago)
im in LOVE with the W residence apartments!!! those floor to ceiling windows and that huge open space had me sold! plus i love the backdrops in the second bathroom. I know i wouldnt find anything like this in New York on my salary so I love watching these. its making me really look into relocating to Texas!
Rik Rik (2 years ago)
Wow. I'm literally 5 minutes away from Downtown Dallas & didn't know how gorgeous those apartments/condos were !! Option 3 caught my attention though.
Chanice Rich (2 years ago)
Karla Headley (2 years ago)
hi Ashley love Ru vlogs and I know that you are looking at apartments in Dallas and I was just wondering if u do pick one of those that you was look at if you could vlogs when you go shopping for furniture and other stuff like that because I would really love to see something like that...thank you.
Ashley Devonna (2 years ago)
x0x0bonnie (2 years ago)
✌Miami. Dallas I'm on my way lol
Ashley Devonna (2 years ago)
Come on down!
LadyKacij (2 years ago)
option 3!!!
Dia BiaTV (2 years ago)
Option 3 or 4 😍😍😍
AllthingsMicah&Beauty (2 years ago)
😩 windows windows windows a YouTubers best friend I love the second one but I don't like the kitchen I wish it had a island

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