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GE's New CEO: What Larry Culp Brings to the Company

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Oct.01 -- General Electric Co. has named board member Larry Culp to take over for Chief Executive Officer John Flannery as the company reports that it would miss its 2018 profit forecast. Bloomberg Intelligence's Joel Levington reports on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas."
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felixoscar (5 months ago)
I hope he made sure to get a gadzillion dollar pay package with great bonuses , thats the number task for CEOs.
Steven Paul (7 months ago)
GE still sucks. They still own NBC in a joint partnership with Comcast. They created MSNBC - one of the greatest threats to the US Republic. Conservatives everywhere should continue boycotting ALL GE and Comcast products and services until MSNBC is taken off the air. It has been a financial losers since its founding. The government-sucking, pro-Globalist in charge of these companies have tried to curry favor with deep-state, big-government bureaucrats by continually funding that loser. Corrupt crony-capitalist companies like GE deserve to die. Sic Semper Tyranus!
larry dickwell (7 months ago)
Another dipshit.
lithgrapher (7 months ago)
Too late ?!
MrStrack66 (7 months ago)
Retired GE. Immelt ruined the company. Too late ! Stocks nearing junk bond status. Cashed out years ago, THANK GOD.
Wesson (7 months ago)
You missed the fun options boy
eurosensazion (7 months ago)
Nothing like most CEO's. You can put a ham sandwich to be a CEO during an announcement and stock will rise. Did investors not see the forward earnings or projections? This company will never recover to it's highs ever again.
GameKorp (7 months ago)
Sold it all, glad I woke up early this morning to catch the spike!
FixItStupid (7 months ago)
GE Nuclear Killing The EARTH & GE New Guy For The Cover UP Nuclear Melt Downs Next Earth Quake Broken Pipes Melt Down @ 0.25 uSv/H They ALL ADD UP

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