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This Phone has HOW MANY Cameras!?

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Text Comments (1191)
Pocket Gaming (1 day ago)
more cameras more better? huh?
TRAS̸H DØVE (4 days ago)
At this point where those huge phones aren't pocketable anyways, they could just make a mirrorless or DSLR camera and put android and phone functions on it instead of attaching a gazillion cameras onto a slate of metal
SovietOnion (24 days ago)
“Some girl ate Monica!” “Shut up, the camera adds, like, ten pounds.” “Huh, so how many cameras are actually *on you?”*
Miguel Sanchez (3 months ago)
Stupid camera fetish
Solaris321 (3 months ago)
2019: 4 Cameras on a phone 2020: 8 Cameras on a phone 2021: 12 Cameras on a phone 2030: Just a slab of camera lens on a piece of glass
*Holding 2 fingertips under my nose* Uhm, juice!
The Space man Tv (4 months ago)
Unchosen person (4 months ago)
iPhone is just jealous~
Brian R (4 months ago)
So...not going to tell us what all those cams are used for?
Captain Katawa (4 months ago)
what about side cameras?
NaiOni (4 months ago)
God Damnit, don't say "ok Google"!
sennasappel (4 months ago)
Weird flex but ok
Tyler Wang (4 months ago)
Vixor (4 months ago)
Samsung should make an s10 without a front facing camera that's actually full screen for us who never take selfies
The CommonWealth (4 months ago)
The Galaxy A9 already has 5-6 cameras lol you can actually get it
TheAxio300 (4 months ago)
Weird flex but ok
DK-MK42 (4 months ago)
I swear everytime I hear Riley's voice, my heart swoons~ Daddy.
Edsknife (4 months ago)
These planes are the difference between grinding birds in engines and cracking their spines on plane wings In all seriousness, it's one step closer to clean energy
Drumbo Productions (4 months ago)
VVill (4 months ago)
why have car horns when there is SILLY STRING!?!?!?!!!
SpamBeef (4 months ago)
Seriously, wall street journal. That's why linus doesn't live you alone #subtopewdiepie
Biggest bud ever (4 months ago)
The dumbest thing i've ever seen they putting so many cameras on it to jack up the price
Ashutosh Pandey (4 months ago)
TO go with 10 number, they should have given 10 cameras
Jonny Boy (5 months ago)
Wait didn't Jamie Hyneman (from mythbusters) create this idea of the VR shoes ALONGGG time ago. There is a video about it on youtube he even has prototypes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfn9sXgZd3k&t=3s
Robbie Bouchardt (5 months ago)
I'm done with phones...
Cerystal Gaming (5 months ago)
Galaxy Flex,,. GALAXY FLIP!
Ranjith Abhi (5 months ago)
Rui 566 (5 months ago)
He is really handsome
Matt Latsha (5 months ago)
Don't drag your politics into the show. No one wants to hear it! Bring back Linus.
fragmentshd (5 months ago)
Samsung galaxy flop
Goob the Noob (5 months ago)
That clickbait tho.
Joshua Harrigan (5 months ago)
Cringe asf
The Firehawk (5 months ago)
misleading thumbnail = downvote
KungLi (5 months ago)
GIO (5 months ago)
Clickbait it has 6 not 8 rear
omi patwa (5 months ago)
better than linus!
thekraken8him (5 months ago)
Knowing what "TIE" in TIE fighter stands for just won Riley some serious nerd points. Respect.
Luciole Dizerot (5 months ago)
So sad you have Vincero as a sponsor. They're made in China for 2 bucks
Ben Frye (5 months ago)
Advadments lol
Sumit Mahala (5 months ago)
what about they use track ball like hardware for replacing treadmill
des8893 (5 months ago)
I want a 10 minute skit featuring James, Colton, Riley and Linus.
Depressive Depressions (5 months ago)
That clickbait
Sharcnad0 (5 months ago)
I wonder if Samsung will get into the shaving industry with a 26 blade razor?
Everix-Kun (5 months ago)
0:36 that is galaxy a9 but they say it flagship a9 128gb $640 s9 128gb $769 huh? that is not 6 cameras that is 8 and showing pics of phone over $100 cheaper this is a lie
The Mortgage Minute (5 months ago)
I would love to find out how much Vincero paid for that sponsor spot!
Silvester (5 months ago)
Samsung Galaxy weird flex but ok
Tiavor Kuroma (5 months ago)
they should just dispose of the selfie-camera, so we don't need those ugly notches anymore.
jonzuk (5 months ago)
Quick someone tell me the cheapest fitness tracker I can get I need it to detect steps and rep counting would be nice if they have it
Mike Fic (5 months ago)
Riley is really good at this shit. could probably be a voice actor for some shit. or just be on LTT forever.
MD ZoRa (5 months ago)
ChloeWade (5 months ago)
Ryzen sucks
OcileCollection (5 months ago)
You sound like Caboose from Red vs Blue!
Zak Wick (5 months ago)
Hashtag Garth
Berkeli (5 months ago)
6.7 inch screen... this is getting out of hand
Sam (5 months ago)
Samsung phones that aren't even out yet are already out of date because of their garbage android skin.
Dan Miller (5 months ago)
Galaxy "weird flex but okay"
Pyroman / (5 months ago)
I have a phone in development with 13 cameras its called the devils square ....edit actually 15 2 in the fornt 13 in the back
Mihaly Lukacs (5 months ago)
This Riley guy rocks! Have him on more often!
NUT Corporation (5 months ago)
Just get a big ass camera. why implement them on phones and ruining their beauty
the guy the name (5 months ago)
This guy is getting a lot better at speaking in front of the camera.
RxSpicyChicken (5 months ago)
24mp on the main camera is huge.
J A (5 months ago)
Linus Can you guys please cover steams VR headset and games in one of the next tech tips or something
RiGo (5 months ago)
I think it's rather dumb that a video saying "Ok Google" can trigger the Google Assistant on the same device it's playing on 🤨
Filipe Freitas (5 months ago)
Saw Riley's face, instantly subscribed.
julien blackman (5 months ago)
Yeah the fact is that article 13 is a good idea and won't impact people that much just read it.. youtube asked youtubers to tell dumb things to their subscribers about the "end of internet" if this Law is adopted thank you for following them tech Linked...
The Dark Side of Nature (5 months ago)
MPRF12345 (5 months ago)
It'd be a great deal better if they put a single camera with a really far bigger sensor
Mitchell Turcot (5 months ago)
Good show but the babbling back and forth between the guy off stage is annoying and super cringy.
ItzMichaelPhillips (5 months ago)
Boi you changed the title It used to be "How Many Cameras Does a Phone NEED!?" but you changed it at the last minute to boost the view counts because it's a more clickbait-y title. Dirty. Rotten. CHEATERS.
Jerome Emmanuel Munsami (5 months ago)
Lol my OK Google picked up and 5:27
Robert Adams (5 months ago)
Your DEFINITELY NO linus. Lol.
Robert Adams (5 months ago)
I just want to say, HOW?. If only 1 camera is obviously on the FRONT due to only 1 camera hole, how is it going to have 6 cameras if the back only has 4?. According to simple math. Thats 5 TOTAL CAMERAS.
Sebas (5 months ago)
Andy Douglas (5 months ago)
6:09 Love you too, Riley ❤️
Winking Walrus (5 months ago)
The EU needs to collapse
Hanz Zimmerman (5 months ago)
1:13 that is a weird way to say advancements
Daz Buttars (5 months ago)
No Google Assistant that wasn't me go away.
Nathan Walden (5 months ago)
David Brody (5 months ago)
Too many inside jokes, bring back LINUS!!!!
Dylan Kennedy (5 months ago)
weird flex but okay
Spastek (5 months ago)
Riley is the greatest addition to the LMG ever
Sam Branisa (5 months ago)
why do you edit the photo of mobile? fecking clickbait
czibbell74 (5 months ago)
Unfortunately, ion thrusters that rely on charged air molecules wouldn't do you any good in the vacuum of space.
5yfyGuy (5 months ago)
You ok googled me
Sean Martinson (5 months ago)
Samsung... weird flex but ok.
nytemarish (5 months ago)
weird flex but okay
Defekto (5 months ago)
2:54 It didn't only fly 10 meters (30 feet), it flew 70 meters (230 feet). That's a big difference
G G (5 months ago)
How to clickbait 101
TheOnlySaneGuy (5 months ago)
Samsung Galaxy Weird Flex but okay.
The 3rd Tausk (5 months ago)
Software Semiware Hardware c:
pumpuppthevolume (5 months ago)
xD flex
Economan3000 (5 months ago)
I’m telling Linus!
Economan3000 (5 months ago)
Are one of those cameras a Penis Camera?
stupid offender (5 months ago)
2019 be like "samsung s12 comes with 14 cameras"
Electronics For Fun (5 months ago)
answer: all of the cameras.
Nicolas Silva (5 months ago)
ion fueled mechas, count me in
DELTACX10 (5 months ago)
i have a 7 in tablet now there is a 6.7 in phone
BowieMoonen (5 months ago)
Billybob350 (5 months ago)
This fuck boy loves Pie! unsub!
MrBurnthetrees (5 months ago)
I'm really surprised they haven't talked about the whole htc Vive wireless adapter crashing on ryzen CPUs thing yet

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