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Why 2020 will be a Make-or-Break Year for Microsoft & Windows

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In 2020, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 for businesses, and as a result, we may see a decline in PC sales. But can Microsoft prevent that by pushing Windows into a new era of light computing with support for 5G, game streaming, dual-displays and more? The company is going to try, but there's no guarantee it will work either. Subscribe to our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/windowscentral?sub_confirmation=1 Follow us on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WindowsPhoneCentral Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/windowscentral Twitter: https://twitter.com/windowscentral #windows #2020
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Text Comments (312)
momo spinnel (16 hours ago)
hi daniel can I ask for yuor email I have a question pls..
ink_ well (2 days ago)
Love this channel. Great work. Exciting future ahead.
Tony Jones (3 days ago)
For those who watch this video would you sign and share this Please and Thank you! https://www.change.org/p/microsoft-make-a-windows-11-6a39eca4-72c4-4891-b4b0-9c6b6412f722
SAM VORTEX (4 days ago)
People will still use windows , probably more people will upgrade to windows 10 There are no good alternatives to windows , Mac os is only for rich and you can't even game on it Linux , it's still maturing! Chrome os ,nah ! Fuschia os ,? ? ? its not even out yet
cellsheet (6 days ago)
No, Microsoft has abandoned the mobile market and has conceded. HoloLens is currently still in development, and the Hub 2 isn't their main focus nor source of revenue, and maybe perhaps the "Always connected PC" will become realized. These are uncharted markets which aren't proven sustainable currently, and I believe are still a ways out before we see tangible effects. I think it's important for these products to exist nonetheless but I don't see anything breaking through in the near future from Redmond consumer wise. Windows will continue to be floating through with OEM partnerships until they possibly decide to concede even to linux hopefully due to continual stagnant demand. If anything they will continue to drive strong Azure growth where they seem to have broken through with creating new cloud solutions.
Mark Rich (6 days ago)
Has Windows stabilised? It's still a mess of different interfaces and styles. Even their new generation apps can't agree on a fixed standard for design. Unlike Linux and OSX with the interface GUI separated from the programs, Windows is still littered with multiple application and dialogue box styles. Microsoft needs to get a grip on this and fix the design failures.
Paul C. (6 days ago)
microsoft shood concentrate on budget friendly hardware like Surface Go
farhan khan (7 days ago)
We will switch to mac .. windows 10 is useless ! so many errors and bla bla bla ..
WINTERMUTE (8 days ago)
I for one, will definitely NOT be using any M$ product in 2020.
Lyubomir Asenov (9 days ago)
Windows 10 is already a *BIG SHIT* even worse then 8 thats why many companies dosnt want to go near that crap MS needs to reinvent the Windows cause if they dont they are going to loose that market and customers will follow soon
Darek (9 days ago)
The thumbnail overlay graphic is beautiful. I hope you use it more on your thumbnails. Also the whole redesign is glowingly amazing 😍
marc ravey (9 days ago)
You know on other sites, I have mentioned that Win 10 works. No issues with hooking up hardware. Printers Scanners. All types of cell phones. They just work. I have many Linux Ubuntu Arch based systems, i use also. It is hard to get third party hardware to work. People keep telling me it is the manufacturer who does not update product in Linux etc. So now Linux and such want you to donate to their sites. Well I would if you could get your act together and allow third party CD'S to work so we could use our printers scanners cameras to work without always having to use the command line to get download extract and run command. Maybe if Linux etc. Charged $5 or $10 for the Operating System to download. People would start using their systems more Then we could get third party drivers to work with the hardware we have. Then people may flock to these other systems. Remember you have to cater to your customer.
arranmc182 (10 days ago)
Ubuntu is pushing hard with partners like amazon to get people to switch when Windows 7 support ends so this could affect Windows if people do start switching platforms.
CornelionSigismon (10 days ago)
I think Microsoft will still provide update for Enterprise Windows7 for a few years.
Bert Nijhof (10 days ago)
Windows 10+ of 2020/21 will be based on the Linux kernel. This change will save Microsoft and the HW driver developers a lot of money. See https://www.zdnet.com/article/ms-linux-lindows-could-microsoft-release-a-desktop-linux/ - The Redmond giant has already released its own Linux distro in Linux-based Azure Sphere for the fastest growing ICT market segment of the cloud. - Microsoft is already allowing complete Linux Distros to run in Windows 10, the logical next step is to allow the Windows desktop to run on top of Linux. They could easily introduce a Win 7 and Win 10 desktop flavor to keep everybody happy. - Microsoft is already reducing the number of people working on Windows, resulting in incidents like in October 2018.
Rizki Aryo (10 days ago)
Tony Stark, is that you ??
Manish Gautam (10 days ago)
Your logo is similar to that of wondershare filmora 🙂
Dank Harambe (10 days ago)
Windows OS dominate the pc operating system worldwide. Android is a cool idea, but it's missing way too many feature that Windows offer(Enjoy plugging an usb type c to hdmi adapter for Samsung Dex on my Galaxy Note 8 for portability).
Michael Ajidagba (11 days ago)
Wooow you've changed your logo. Long time man, long time. Since I have watched your channel
HansensUniverse (11 days ago)
I will continue to use Windows 7 until the day i die, it's still the best OS Microsoft released along side XP, really well balanced piece of software that does everything that it needs to do and does so very well even to this day.
farhan khan (7 days ago)
Bloodrush (11 days ago)
...just like Windows 10. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Harry Tsang (13 days ago)
Windows 7 be gone Everyone and their dog be Linux users
Garrett Giuffre (14 days ago)
They should partnership with Google. Game
Zorc (14 days ago)
when news men say "people are not upgrading their devices" why do they tend to sound disappointed? People being happy to use what they have for several years should be a good thing. Maybe companies should not producing products that don't need to exist.
gilkesisking (16 days ago)
I'm just going to throw this out there.... the massive rise in Linux popularity in the past year in both the home and enterprise markets... something to think about.
Harry Hogge (16 days ago)
I buy a new car every 2-3 months
gyozakeynsianism (12 days ago)
Lol and that's why the auto industry is doing so well. I personally buy new laptops every three weeks.
Marius Muntean (16 days ago)
Since we are talking abut Microsoft, it will mostly be Break...they are the best at breaking and failing things.
Shivansh Aeyron (17 days ago)
We all need a gamer os
Shivansh Aeyron (17 days ago)
The most handsome dude ever ive seen
Johnny Friesen (17 days ago)
I like the new Logo!
Core Dream Studios (17 days ago)
I shake my head at people who buy the latest iphone or galaxy # phone every 6 months for $1000 a pop. My phone is $250 and will last me at least 3yrs and it does everything needed for both business and fun. Stylo 4 :)
Brian Hayes (17 days ago)
Microsoft has shifted their licensing model's for Enterprise such that most companies will license their platforms (O365, server platforms, etc) in a way where they will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 desktop under combined licensing. Companies replaces machines on a cycle, and this also transitions older OS's out of their environments. I don't really see how corporate america uses desktops/laptops to change much in the next decade. The retail space was far more effected by the mobile market than enterprise.
Pangalima Muda (17 days ago)
Tony Stark talking
Tahreem (17 days ago)
hi, been a fan of microsoft for so long. Can this be implemented as windows phone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FzmpOr4HN8 This is awesome. Someone please show it to #Microsoft. They can still create this. They can make the phones for a niche market as of now to gain stability in the market. 🤘
Andrew (17 days ago)
Going into 2020 I can only say the Windows NT kernel is too outdated and is a waste of time and money and needs to be replaced. Its very inefficient for ARM chips and lower powered (mostly non x86) devices. The file system architecture is also very outdated (like why the heck are they still using drive letters instead of mount points) Yes windows is becoming like a nice looking sports car from the 1960s outdated, and a inefficient bad "engine" but hey, it looks good.
Andrew (10 days ago)
+Bloodrush I know which is why MS will start small (like a windows 10 lite) that will just run store apps on Low power devices and servers and then they will test out the new system and slowly roll it out.
Bloodrush (11 days ago)
+Andrew Windows takes up 96% of all computer OS market, imagine the consequences sudden major architectural changes would cause. Windows is a very big ship, you need to steer it carefully.
Andrew (16 days ago)
+Core Dream Studios well I mean they don't need to know that, MS just needs to use the Linux kernel (like they did with sphere os) and have a front end that's user friendly. Look how user friendly Ubuntu is... I basicly want a fully windows compatibie MS Linux distro so I can be a better developer
Core Dream Studios (17 days ago)
The average mom and pop will not know what a \mnt\sda1 is.
cgwworldministries (18 days ago)
They need to let me disable telemetry or i wont use win10
Tweegyblink (18 days ago)
Microsoft named after the CEO’s dick.
itsbiju (18 days ago)
Microsoft will turn into IBM. It won't 2020 that makes or breaks Windows.
DinoMight Studios (18 days ago)
Yardie Forlife (18 days ago)
I decided to go back watch some of the shit you guys have said years and years before about Microsoft and what they will do. Well turns out to be bullshit so I can say this is also BULLSHIT!
jaafar kassim (18 days ago)
They need to revive the windows phone OS.
Samit Satapathy (18 days ago)
What about the render of Intel's foldable phone? That seems to be rocking Windows 10. Love the new transitions btw
Soham Mandal (18 days ago)
I hope Ms fix it's bs in the upcoming years. But knowing how they do stuff, I highly doubt it. I hope most people will realise that there is a good alternative called Linux.
Olatunde Fajimi (18 days ago)
Nice new look for Windows Central. Looking forward to more innovations from Microsoft. They need to have products to take them through the post-2020 decline and evolve beyond that cycle as well.
Tony Jones (18 days ago)
I hope the can make it! By improving by making a newer windows 11!! I really want windows 11 to happen! Also I hope they can keep the PC marking by rising as well by still making more of and laptop !! I really want windows 11 and beyond! Windows 10 is not the last version of windows! And when Microsoft releases a windows 11 I want them to remove windows store and other bad features that happen on windows 8 and 10. I would also like to see them improve their security! And I DO NOT under any circumstances want to see Microsoft name with just windows in the near future! Like I said I want Microsoft to keep making more operating systems instead of the updates to windows 10!
Kareongames (18 days ago)
new windows should have windows extra, more customizable and classic windows, something where you can change a lot of stuff of the graphical looks without bodging or third party programs, like windows 98, you should have the right to change everything, not like windows 10
Joshua Sabu (18 days ago)
I use both windows 7 and 10 at same time... From my experience of using almost all windows versions from windows classic to latest windows 10.I feel windows 7 the best os... windows 10 is not stable as windows 7 for all hardware devices till now
vids (18 days ago)
What's the song in the soundtrack of this video...?
Victor Andrade (18 days ago)
JDD Plays (18 days ago)
I thought that MS was way ahead of the game with retina scanning to unlock your phone with the Lumia 950/950XL, now it is a must with almost all other smartphones. Now this Core OS is interesting, because this just shows me that the infrastructure that MS is building for it's UWP apps will be amazing, look at Xbox as one example, with Core OS, there is a possibility that them launching with a killer feature with full support for Xbox Game Pass out of the gate will be amazing. Now that we are seeing smart phones that rival the performance of the Xbox, this makes this 'highly' likely. I mean the hero device will be expensive, but if you look at it, they release the device and they bundle 6 months of Game Pass, by doing this, you not only give the customer a device, but an experience as well, something that one can always go to. Problem solved, we don't need a foldable device, we just need a subscription service we use, and the foldable device can compliment that. What do you think? I think it is possible.
Keith Zimmerman (18 days ago)
Its too late for MS to regain what it has lost. Most people will never buy another windows PC. They can do everything from a handheld. The school district I work for supplies laptops to all students due to this fact. Microsoft must first admit it has lost the operating system war. It must then embrace the markets who do still want to use their product. Business, government, and gamers all need windows to keep doing what we do. Consumers have no need for windows and Microsoft is never going to create something that brings them back. The proof is in the disdain we all feel when new windows 10 features get in the way of productivity.
Dave102693 (18 days ago)
Thank you!
RealiableCandy4 (18 days ago)
As long as there are students. Laptop sales won't go down
Andy Raman (18 days ago)
Wow wonderful update windows central liking it
Bence Mátrai (18 days ago)
Damn the new look is amazing
Bubby Frost (18 days ago)
My tablet uses android
Mriganka Ghosh (18 days ago)
I think in coming years Android will capture pc/laptop market too
Charles Masamvi (18 days ago)
Win Central has a new look, amazing
vikash jha (18 days ago)
Thanks Robert Downey Jr.
Flash Gordon (18 days ago)
Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit for as long as I can on my main desktop. No updates, everything runs sandboxed. I have several machines sitting as backups. Been using Windows since Win 3.11. Tried Windows 10 stripped down running Classic Shell (it's on one of my 2 in 1 laptops) and have to use it on our work PCs. I'm in the Windows Insider Fast Ring, just for kicks....may try Win 10 LTSB on a PC mule at some point. ReactOS is looking more attractive and may see more interest when Win7 support ends in 2020.
Sapphire Destiny (18 days ago)
ReactOS literally is trash and its compatibility is non-existent.
RWalrond (18 days ago)
Microsoft sealed the fate of Windows when they gave up on mobile.
Sapphire Destiny (18 days ago)
+BrainCoolo They cant be the new Android if any of googles services arent supported on Windows Phone nor will google let them develop their own
RWalrond (18 days ago)
+BrainCoolo Yep! Totally Agree.
BrainCoolo (18 days ago)
And android already took the market before MSWP solved the issue
BrainCoolo (18 days ago)
+Sapphire Destinyit was because they were too late, they could have been the new android but they had a MASSIVE production issue, because steve Ballmer tried to emulate Apple's exclusivity
Sapphire Destiny (18 days ago)
They gave up on mobile because Google forced them to. In reality they should of quit years before but they kept pushing. Eventually gave up and realized it wasnt worth it.
64 Tech Reviews (18 days ago)
Hey wonder if Microsoft is gonna put core os on Xbox 2
Em Jay (19 days ago)
In a capitalist world of quarterly corporate profits driving immediate life-or-death for the company and dictating the financial health of the poor peons who work for them... Every year is a make-or-break year
Alex McCaffrey (19 days ago)
Surely the same applies to Apple? I see loads of Macs. Most of them are very old and they get free updates.
Nikos Schizodimos (19 days ago)
I want Windows 10 Mobile , Android is sooooo boring. Thanks.
nice q8t (18 days ago)
only if nuttella leave
Ebenezer Kuku (19 days ago)
Where's Daniel Rubino from?
SnapDragon X (19 days ago)
My mate who's an Apple fanboy asked me why Microsoft was named after Bill gates penis. I laughed harder than I should have
SnapDragon X (18 days ago)
+Pig Game xD
Pig Game (18 days ago)
Just plug a Linux live USB and watch them suffer. Best prank.
Ebenezer Kuku (19 days ago)
Enjoyed it
Drrck11 (19 days ago)
I doubt 2020 will be the make or break year for Microsoft. Windows 10 and 7 are still the king of OS in numerous PC's and laptops used in the corporate world. And MS Office is still remains the dominant office application around the world. Support for these software products will still remain in existence for the business community.
farhan khan (7 days ago)
Windows 10 is crap !
Pojosamaneo (19 days ago)
Windows is not only stagnant, but actively getting worse in some ways. Tablet mode, Windows apps, the half baked UI inconsistencies, etc. make it look stuck in the past compared to iOS and Android. That said, I can't live without it, so I'm looking forward to how thin and light the devices get as snapdragon chips improve. Phone innovations are far beyond what we have in the laptop space. A big change to Windows could change that, or maybe nobody would care because they use their laptops the same way they've been using them since XP. I don't know if it's worth it.
BrainCoolo (18 days ago)
The UI Inconsistances are shit, that's for true
Jump Ship? (19 days ago)
I think businesses need to upgrade sooner and keep up with tech. Every company I have worked in has been a decade behind in tech.
SchteeveFour (19 days ago)
Phones will try to double as laptops. Where will Windows be positioned in that landscape?
Hello Their (19 days ago)
Microsoft needs to stabilize windows 10, bring more apps to the Microsoft store, get windows 10 lite running smoothly day one.
Randomizer (19 days ago)
I think Windows will very soon become subscription based so it can generate as much revenue as Office 365.
Bloodrush (11 days ago)
Don't be silly.
David Yang (19 days ago)
cant believe we are only 1 year from 2020... it was like yesterday when 2020 felt like a decade away
Simon Schöck (19 days ago)
OK, the new intro is dope!
good luck, Microsoft =)
PARNAV ARORA (19 days ago)
why Microsoft is not making windows 10 better ? no consistent design. like everything is broken is windows 10! two types of settings > control panel/pc settings. whats this nonsense ! fck. make everything fluent Design !!
CThienV (4 days ago)
I hate how there's so much scrolling required with Windows 10 settings!
Dave Snijder (5 days ago)
It's simply a reflection of internal affairs. No consistency, no focus, and no balls to unify things. They ain't making a come back if their OS is just a collection of apps offering no synergy. And they need to spend their cash on a proper UX team.... it's embarrassing at this point.
Besnik Rrustemi (16 days ago)
My personal wishlist/opinion: I'd rather get no new features on next Windows 10 Update 19H2, but instead: - Add what is left in Control Panel to the new Settings App and remove Control Panel finally - Remove Internet Explorer, we have Edge and a thousand of other browsers to choose from - Remove Windows Media Player, add missing settings into Groove Music - Redesign or Update File Explorer to Fluent Design system - Optimize Optimize Optimize 5 things to do, shouldn't be that much harder if they really work only on those things. call it Windows 10 Fluent Update (19H2) - Fluent performance - Fluent Design - Fluent Experience
Mitchel Valentino (18 days ago)
BrainCoolo Considering Microsoft’s budget, let’s agree to disagree. I have several friends who are developers at Microsoft. They all say the same thing: We can do a better job, but our bosses won’t let us. They want us to get the product out the door as fast as possible. Unfinished code is compiled with the promise that it can be fixed later during updates. Let’s hope there aren’t too many bugs this time. But there are bugs. And sloppiness. But the updates are done by someone else who isn’t familiar with the code and doesn’t know how to fix it correctly, which results in updates that need updates. And those updates need updates. And the cycle continues. Windows 10 at this point is a dumpster fire of bad code that was written under impossible deadlines. All of this is to say that the talent exists. It could be accomplished. Microsoft has some of the best engineers and developers in the world, but their hands are tied by mismanagement.
Brian Hansen (19 days ago)
Make-or-Break Year for Microsoft & Windows... People have been saying that for 20 years now. What has changed - or is your title click baite?
Alex McCaffrey (18 days ago)
He didn't say Windows was going anywhere just it'll be a tougher sell for PCs after 2020. Microsoft currently doesn't have a mainstream mobile offering, like it does a portable one.
judgewest2000 (19 days ago)
Back in the 90's every new computer was massively better year on year. The incentive to upgrade was there. Now, 5% 10% just doesn't cut it.
BrainCoolo (18 days ago)
That's how it works
BrainCoolo (18 days ago)
That's because PC is now a commodity
LZ (19 days ago)
Nice new graphics. Now make a PWA app so it doesn't suck on Android
The Master (19 days ago)
Microsoft has conquered the Enterprise market while Google has dominated the consumer market. And it appears we're are approaching the final frontiers(Marketwise). Education(K-12&College), small/medium businesses, and consumers services/subscriptions are the current/future battlegrounds for Microsoft & Google to expand their market share. Edit: I'm excited for 2020 ;-)
Chemy Torres (19 days ago)
We all hope some changes in Windows for sure
angel2901 (19 days ago)
I hate the new logo. 💩
Timmy P (19 days ago)
I seen business operate on WIndows XP until 2018. These businesses will stick with Windows 7 and compromise their security.
BrainCoolo (18 days ago)
Are you that much of a nounce
Cypher NX (19 days ago)
If MS won't make a major move this year, it's gonna be too late for them. Don't make same mistakes as you did on WP, MS!
Tolga Altaş (19 days ago)
New intro and thumbnail style amazing but i don't like new lowerthird.
Benjamin Zipser (19 days ago)
is the background an office or your appartment?
DarkPa1adin (19 days ago)
we're talking about Win OS here. not really surfaces/xboxes... or y-angles...
DarkPa1adin (19 days ago)
I feel that MS has nothing to offer. their OS is matured until I feel bored about it. It seems that we hit the roadblock of desktop OS.
BrainCoolo (18 days ago)
That's normal, PC's have become commodities at this point, the same is happening to phones, the saturation of both are huge
Koeras (19 days ago)
What do you mean ? Could you elaborate ? What "features" are you looking for ?
Quabena Kuffour (19 days ago)
Like the rebranding Great job on your choice of colors Nice one
Raghavendra Dandin (19 days ago)
Love the thumbnail.
Brad Haines (19 days ago)
all i want windows to do is stop breaking my systems. my first pc crashed thanks to a windows update, and they've had so many issues with windows updates recently all i want is for them to let me turn off updates altogether
Sapphire Destiny (5 days ago)
+SnakeBuster The fact you think it magically turns on & there's multiple Windows update services already tells me how little you know. Ive done it multiple times across devices. Of course the service never came back on and Windows never updated.
SnakeBuster (5 days ago)
+Sapphire Destiny How can you even dare to know it even though you have never done it and here you are talking to someone who has done wverything to deactivate all the update related services??
Sapphire Destiny (6 days ago)
+SnakeBuster It doesnt turn itself back on. The only way it gets turned back on is if you do it. That could be manually or forcing/using any program that requires the update service to run.
SnakeBuster (6 days ago)
+Sapphire Destiny It re-enables itself all the time and there are like 5, 6 services just for updates, some of them only exist for the sole purpose of re-enabling other update services if they are turned off by the user, without informing the user ofcourse. And some of those services cannot be turned off or set as disabled.
Sapphire Destiny (18 days ago)
+Brad Haines Literally just disable the service. Takes 2 clicks.
Okiki Ojo (19 days ago)
I like the new graphics and transitions, however, I dislike the logo, well at least the `C` in the logo it doesn't look very good, something to think about.
DarkPa1adin (19 days ago)
they should make a C hole instead of a C shape
Anirban Mukherjee (19 days ago)
People are actually complimenting a design change here?! That's a new one!
Prime Box (19 days ago)
Nice grafics 👌🏻👌🏻
fjdcwc832 (19 days ago)
Good comment on MS's direction. I wish they would care more about a stable and reliable OS environment instead of trying to push innovation twice a year.
gerardo rivera (19 days ago)
Goodbye old Windows central metro intro
Faris Rayhan Rabbani (19 days ago)
The first video with new look.
Diego Kant (19 days ago)
Finally new style design
Aashish Vishnoi (19 days ago)
Sexy wc
Hitesh Dahiya (19 days ago)
This new feel to the channel. Really refreshing and cool. Love it. ❤️

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