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12 Clothing Problems All Women Will Recognize

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Rebekah Gravelyn (7 days ago)
When you have a hoodie/sweatshirt or a pair of PJs without pockets. It's just wrong!
Caving Wilson (1 month ago)
wheres the male buzzfeed?
Ricky Torres (1 month ago)
literally 6 of these are relateable to anyone🤦🏽‍♂️ but I get the rest
ANALYSIS_ ANNALISE (1 month ago)
That’s my nightmare
Batool Mas (1 month ago)
10M watched this for the thumbnail
Mattie Ok (1 month ago)
Don’t say this is all just women men wear the same things too!
Roos Stam (1 month ago)
Those pants who whem you sit may bobble up and make you look like you have a p**is
Pooja Yadav (2 months ago)
Not having enough clothes will always be number 1 problem for all girls .
Soup Loop (2 months ago)
What about when you go to the beach and you think everyone can see you bright pink bikini under your top
Di. Slimez (2 months ago)
Totally true!
Slim shady (2 months ago)
Wedgies are the worst.
dari velkova (2 months ago)
0:21 hahahh... try on pointe shoes...😂😂😂
lilxc (2 months ago)
Madison Anonymous (2 months ago)
Burgy The Puppy (2 months ago)
Boys have the socks problem too
SP4C3 (3 months ago)
The jeans with the fake back pockets or vice versa are the real torture.
Tripping Tomato (3 months ago)
Thank god I'm a man and can't step into that wet spot
emily lave (3 months ago)
My teacher bent down and you could see the top of her thong 🤦🤣
Pastel Flower (3 months ago)
0:37 so no one is going to talk about she has different socks on?
Electric Biscuit (3 months ago)
Am I the only one here that only related to the wet sock tragedy?
Johanna Olson (3 months ago)
Ashdrew at its finest
Akrishta Parashar (3 months ago)
- _ - these are truly relatable for me ....
I'm dead inside (3 months ago)
I feel you , with the skinny jeans
Nicole Cosmides (4 months ago)
You forgot how we don't have pockets in jeggins/skinny jeans
Reef (4 months ago)
People: your strap is showing Me: tragic
star dust (4 months ago)
Gamergirl101 (4 months ago)
I hate when u wear cute skinnies and it looks like u have a bulge or a make shift penis (though sometimes I love it)
BUMBUM ZEEIIIN (4 months ago)
0.38 men to experience that
give me a name please (4 months ago)
when u sit down and your thighs look like giant sausages
Bellatrix Silverly (4 months ago)
When you get a pair of super cute boots but you can barely zip them because your calves are too big 😭
I have to deal with cold and hot jacket, wedgies, wet socks D:<, and picture with crush, and last but not least THE FRICKIN ITCH I NEED TO USE A CHAINSAW TO GET THAT ITCH btw I’m also a boy
Keerthi Krishna (5 months ago)
For me, it's when I'm wearing a sweater and my shirt lifts up too.
Katie Hoyt (5 months ago)
“oH wE aRe nOt gOnNa hOlD yOu tO aNy gEnDeR sTeReOtYpEs” - Buzzfeed after posting like a billion videos like this 🤭
Coco Butter (6 months ago)
This is so relatable it’s scary
Multifandom Af (6 months ago)
when someone accidently hits your boob and you feel like dying but you can't show it
marii (6 months ago)
The 8th one happened to my teacher every boy was looking but a really king boy told her that her thong was showing
Alexa Millan (6 months ago)
When you’re sitting down and your zipper from your jeans sticks up and won’t go down and it looks like you’re secretly a boy
Skylar SlimeQueen (6 months ago)
I counted only ten
Kill This Dream (6 months ago)
O:36 those socks are different... :/
HOAI TAM OFFICIAL (6 months ago)
Wow so nice underwear i likes your underwearing subscribe add friends with me now all My friends
Iris (6 months ago)
Low rise jeans are the Devil's creation. If you aren't a model you can't slay them
sophieee (7 months ago)
That thong one omfg that happens too much and I hate it
Cupcake Animations (7 months ago)
When your wear white jeans/shorts and forget about your period its to most people 😂😅 luckily I’m not one of those many people
Benjamin Woodworth (7 months ago)
Ommetaphobia (8 months ago)
Half my clothing is from the men’s section just because they fit better and
Sam K (9 months ago)
kimchiflavourred mochi (9 months ago)
Know all of them.
MagicalHawk2k56 FASHION (9 months ago)
If your on your period and you wear white shorts you most have amazing trust in your pads & tampons
Rainbow Nation (9 months ago)
a m (9 months ago)
This is too true its unreal.
I dressed out for P.E it was the day I had a tan bra and you see through my P.E shirt I personally don't like my bra showing *Sometimes* but this girl said it was fine and my best friend said it was fine BUT you know what THERE IS ALOT OF BOYZ IN MY FUCKING P.E
Andrew Nicol Smith (10 months ago)
another problem: when you sit down in your school library at assembly where EVERYBODY else is and your shirt is too high so everyone can see uyour underwear
Cody (10 months ago)
Problems that we basically do to our selves
ThatWalrus420 (10 months ago)
All of these are simple. A man also might have to go through it, or just don’t don’t wear that type of clothing then!
NoVaKane (10 months ago)
Whale tales are good though. All these issues can be solved easily.
Scintilla ivastra (10 months ago)
Can we have moment about that ashdrew
Edit Compilations (10 months ago)
When your taking off a hoodie or sweatshirt and you bra shows ;-;
santy iam_fashion (10 months ago)
2018 Fashion : Only for womens https://www.iamfashions.com/collections/women-clothing
Star Drawsz (10 months ago)
I can actually run in high heels
wallflower.talks (11 months ago)
having to get bigger size jeans so they fit you but you’re too short and they wrinkle down your shoes
Xx ItzMysticalBri xX (11 months ago)
When ur jumping and ur wearing a hoodie and it’s raining so u put the hood on and it keeps falling off. (Boys and Girls)
xLonGxLegZx (11 months ago)
When you wear a zip up hoodie and your hair gets caught in the zipper 😒
Tia•gachagamer (11 months ago)
Brooklyn Bullard (11 months ago)
Strait Ashley oh boy.
DennisBakeTheShit (11 months ago)
¨no bra will show if you dont wear a bra. EHHHHHH?
A • (11 months ago)
Well when you girls start realizing in the world that nobody is going to see your thongs and cutely designed panties or even care about it because nobody pulls their pants to their feet to show them off, there wouldn’t be the problem with the “whale tail”, just wear normal underwear.. nobody cares about your underwear.
Humi Ярослава (11 months ago)
Boob Sweat gets me everytime.
before after (11 months ago)
Saw my teacher "WHALE TALE" 😂😂😂
lloriyea :D (11 months ago)
When you sit down on something that the sun has shone on and you have shorts on and your thighs get sweaty because they're close together
Abbi With An I (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who can do everything perfectly fine in stilettos? (I am a dancer so my years of training probably help 😂)
Melissa Joy (1 year ago)
What about when your strapless bra falls off while you’re out in public?
Good Night America (1 year ago)
Don't wear thongs, problem solved.
Jennifer Huela (1 year ago)
Tight shirts... 😑😑
Galax Gaming (1 year ago)
0:41 😍Ahhh ASHDREW!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
dunsolved (1 year ago)
شين شينوالله شين
شين شين
شين شين
Reagan Locke (1 year ago)
forgot lack of pockets
Mad Drawer (1 year ago)
Not related to this, but price differences. 2.39 for a mens razor, 5.35 for a female razor. that does the same thing.
Alexa Don (1 year ago)
What about wearing Uggs or boots and the socks run all the way down to your toes 🤦🏽‍♀️then u try to pull them back up without looking weird😂🤣
0:14 relatable
Em Wiebe (1 year ago)
Walking around at school and getting dress coded and later realising that your mean LA teacher doesn't hate you, she just saw that your bra was showing not only out of the sides of your tank top but also out the front because your tank top has a scoop neck and then you really hate yourself for thinking of six different ways to ruin her day afterwards. Relatable
Zeba Lila (1 year ago)
Or when you fall,in front of everybody and they ask if your okay but in reality your not so your trying to hold in your tears from not crying
Bryce Plays (1 year ago)
Guys also know the sweatshirt is too hot and the T-shirt is too cold one
Kim2248 (1 year ago)
You forgot pockets that just look like pockets, but actually aren't. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to invent that?
Michelle Allen (1 year ago)
When your bra straps arent tight enough and are slipping down your arms
luffy D (1 year ago)
visit https://9mmbc.com/collections/woman
The Plush Parody (1 year ago)
Wearing dark underwear and light pants that you can see throw
The Plush Parody (1 year ago)
Strapless bras fall down
Iz Laws (1 year ago)
0:05 Cardigan.. Long sleeves...
schrot hans (1 year ago)
CatGirlGaming 828 (1 year ago)
Why did god punish us by giving us: boobs, periods, pregnancy....
Robyn Murphy-Erickson (1 year ago)
Ashley's smile is perfect
Beverly Yeehaw (1 year ago)
why did you guys show ashly having a crush on a guy!!!???? SHE LIKES WOMEN!
Giselle Knight (1 year ago)
That by was cute
Sophia Esmedia (1 year ago)
0:49 so cute! 😍💕
Amethyst Aesthetic (1 year ago)
they wouldn't have that problem if they came to shiratorizawa
Mr cs93 (1 year ago)
seriously how you don't notice that your panties are showing whenever you sit? I can feel a slighlt breeze or naked feeling whenever this happens and i immediately fix it....
CheetahStar Gaming (1 year ago)
Solution for all of these. Wear boy's clothes.

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