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The Secret: Rhonda Byrne

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http://thesgrprogram.com Rhonda Byrne is the producer of the hit-movie "the Secret". When she started this project she was broke and down. By using the Secret, she is now a multi-millionaire. On this video Rhonda Byrne talks about how she discovered "the Secret" and how this discovery led to her remarkable success. Her journey started with a book called "the Science of Getting Rich" written 100 years ago by Wallace D. Wattles. Today, the teachers from the movie - Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Rev Michael Beckwith have collaborated to bring "the Science of Getting Rich" to everyone. To learn more about how this amazing program can change you life visit: http://thesecretbehindthesecret.biz/sgr
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Text Comments (80)
Rahul Chettri (1 year ago)
Secret is too good.....it changed my life totally and miraculous...........
Thuy Nguyen (1 year ago)
thanks you so mucha
Charmaine Hutchinson (3 years ago)
Thank You
Phopury papa (3 years ago)
I believed you. Thank you
Srđan Tubin (5 years ago)
Yes, i believe the reason she wanted all of us to know the "secret" is for us to be happy, not because she wanted it for herself...
Success Tips With Phil (5 years ago)
I think if Rhonda wanted the secret for herself she would not have written the book or made the movie.
lakshmi priya (5 years ago)
Great Channel with Good Videos, Thanks I had several doubts about law of attraction, but i had to try because I was broke anyways. So, I did 2 things a) Listen to motivation b) Used a mobile app called LOA by Lokesh which helped me in attraction journey With this, I started earning around 5300$, so it works!
declaramonte1 (5 years ago)
The Secret and its teachings have a lot of valuable lessons to teach us. It is amazing what the human mind can achieve and make
Kondrad D Galala (6 years ago)
great mindset just attracting the great change my life !
Aida Lopez (6 years ago)
hola.... me gustaria poder ver algun video de Rhonda en español ...
margarita vassilieva (6 years ago)
I am not agree with a lot of things but for some thanks a lot
Tahir Abdulov (6 years ago)
there are no good or bad people, there are just several opinions
Tahir Abdulov (6 years ago)
All the bad is needed to highlight all the good
Diego Torres (6 years ago)
The ones who don't understand don't count,only those like us who do understand. Let everyone create the life they want,remember?
rob ord (6 years ago)
rhonda byrne is just being generous. we should not condemn her.
Elane Horhi (6 years ago)
based on her book, she still doesn't know what she thinks she knows. She just found a great subject that many dumb/desperate people could believe and follow and that is "the secret".
Jamal .Maximilian (7 years ago)
batalla74 (7 years ago)
Lisa Walker (7 years ago)
closed minded people unfortunately will never amount to anything, very sad for them!
Feralz Hurlingtown (7 years ago)
@scopie1makedonija This is a scam dude that involves magical thinking. to say that newton and einstein used it is a lie supported with no evidence. This precopernican vision of the world is a marketing tool that only helps fill the wallets of this fraudulent entrepeneurs.
daonepl (7 years ago)
People are making me sick, this book is a shit load of CRAP ! There's no MIRACLE, HARD WORK IS THE KEY, if you believe the secret, wake up your f*cking mind and do something of your life instead of crying about everything. ***Feeling good with yourself and being in a good mood will have a positive effect in your life and on the people around you, enough said.***
Just Guess (7 years ago)
Sad how people fear this knowledge so much. Sleep walkers. Hope they awaken from their ego minds soon, or they will just keep attracting the same misery over and over again. Poor things. God love them.
jeemes202 (7 years ago)
@invalidusername70 I don't care of your comments ad hominem. Nothing more than empty words. Be SPECIFIC why you regard me as an idiot.
freddie viera (7 years ago)
@idheadam read the book and then u can talk all the shit u want.
freddie viera (7 years ago)
@JDivinorumVideo yeeeessssss
freddie viera (7 years ago)
@jeemes202 ur sush an idiot
freddie viera (7 years ago)
@thecelticmist is not is amaizing
freddie viera (7 years ago)
@Cereghini sadly u still dont understand it.
Johnny Cash (7 years ago)
This is a scam.Think about it. I was given this book by a friend and all of its basic teachings are taken from the bible just cleverly worded. Im not the worlds greatest christian believe me I sometimes question myself but I can even tell that she just cleverly reworded them.
Nathan Gloryo (7 years ago)
she's just doing her job, making money bt judging ... she should write about other religion too ... If you do not believe in Jesus keep that with your own ... of course some people jump around when they see this or read the book because that's all they want to hear because (again) they have faith in other religion
jeemes202 (7 years ago)
@outrageoustrini ??? The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is nothing more than self-love and New Age Religion. The Secret wouldn´t help children in Africa because people would think that these people cause their problems by their negative thinking.
jeemes202 (7 years ago)
@scopie1makedonija How do you know if I've tried it or not? Please be factual and explain at least the following: 1.) a 2-year child run over by a car, millions of jews killed by Adolf Hitler in concentration camps, repeatedly raped women in Africa, ... did / does it happen to them because of their negative thinking? 2.) Is the love described by Rhonda Byrne (our desires are feelings of love=self-love) comparable to the love presented to us by Jesus Christ in the gospels (unconditional love)?
Aca (7 years ago)
@jeemes202 you are ignorant, try it, then judge it.
Sar Maroof (7 years ago)
The mind power is the greatest hidden power of human bean that is what I totally believe!!!
jeemes202 (7 years ago)
the Secret and the Power are nothing more than a mind-boggling stupidity. People, open your eyes!
jeemes202 (7 years ago)
from the Power by Rhonda Byrne: "When you are feeling happy and you keep feeling happy, then only happy people, circumstances and events can come into your life." More than 50 million people dying in the World War II must have been really pesimists...
jeemes202 (7 years ago)
from the Power by Rhonda Byrne: "Your imagination is more real than the world you see, because the world you see comes from what you imagine and believe! What you believe and feel to be true is what will be your life." Poor Japanese and the tsunami which they caused by their negatively-tuned brains. What about the jews and Adolf Hitler? Did they attract death camps too? What about a 2-year-old child running across a road and being run over by a car? Was the cause a negative thinking???
jeemes202 (7 years ago)
from the Power by Rhonda Byrne: "Feel young and stop feeling your age. Your body will change into whatever you want, through your feelings of love and gratitude." Would you say it to a dying old woman and giving her the book of Rhonda Byrne at the same moment?
jeemes202 (7 years ago)
@outrageoustrini You are maggot, aren't you?
Jordana Divinorum (7 years ago)
Seriously? So do the starving people in Africa just have a bad attitude about starvation? We should tell them: "LOL, just think about food dummies!"
MisterNumber6 (7 years ago)
I can't believe so many people are taken in by this.
Christina Bauer (7 years ago)
it works, but only if you never doubt it ! it has worked for me every time. and in every way.. its not about getting what you want and being rich. its about changing ur life and be positive.
Michelle Ware (7 years ago)
@mesutallee I also think that if Rhonda Byrne really wanted to share the secret with the world, Esther and Abraham would not have been edited out!!! Im not quite sure why they were edited out. But, without Esther and Abraham, its just not complete!!!!
Michelle Ware (7 years ago)
@mesutallee Absolutely. I saw 'The Secret' back in 2006 or 2007, but the one without Esther Hicks. At the end of the movie I was excited but felt that something was missing. Then in 2009, my mum introduced me to Abraham Hicks. After reading Ask and It Is Given, 'The Secret' made more sense and I knew how to use it. I LOVE ABRAHAM and the Hicks's :) I am trying to find the original dvd ( with the help of LOA lol) I WILL own it!!!
tplunkit (8 years ago)
@MrFabregas1987 Its not all about wealth it is also about loving and caring for yourself as well as those around you
asia anuradha (8 years ago)
Rhonda Byrne and this film is referenced in the book, "6 Newly Discovered and Never Before Published Secrets to Eternal Youth and Immortality" by Eternal Youth Empire. Thank you for being a profound inspiration!!!!!!!!!!
Juliana A Tuzinkieviz (8 years ago)
i looooove how she said "The Secret" with australian acent... :)
Louie Lou (8 years ago)
geez, i've always wanted to buy this book, i think for several years na ....
logelamutp (8 years ago)
@amopower1 Then, watch Napoleon Hill video
Thomas Wessely (8 years ago)
this is a big shit for boring people watch matrix
davidtibble7 (8 years ago)
NO.....your words create your reality....All exists by words....Words are Everything...Only the specific words in the specific context manifest!!! Wisdom
logelamutp (8 years ago)
@LeoVenz bro are you muslim?
logelamutp (8 years ago)
@amopower1 hahahahhahahahaha you should try, the law of attraction is works. please refer the bible or quran
kecskef6 (8 years ago)
@soundskeeperwillie yes it works. trust me.
soundskeeperwillie (8 years ago)
@kecskef6 does the secret work?
soundskeeperwillie (8 years ago)
@RedKhaos bullshit! weres the video then?
Luap Mahgni (8 years ago)
I listened to what my mentor Bob Proctor said: "In over 40 years of studying success, I have never seen a greater opportunity than with YOUnique." Take a look like I did. Visit goldsave.co/
Anderian Venz (8 years ago)
The Secret really work in my life after several years studying Islam and doing bible study.The Law of Attraction really exist and has been mentioned in both Quran and Bible but it is not called exactly "Law of Attraction".Both Quran and Bible actually give you the guideline "how to properly use the Law of Attraction in your life".
kecskef6 (8 years ago)
the law of attraction is always works with everybody. I practiced and learned how to use it. My life is good now, and it will get better from day to day. I really want to thanks to the people who made this film. this film is changed my life. thank you, thanks for everybody
Robert Edwards (8 years ago)
God help anyone who can believe this rubbish. When we belch or break wind we set up a vibration. Do we not have to be careful to set up the right vibrations in this way if we are trying to attract success?
crysya (8 years ago)
what secret? if is a secret, then no one knows it! simple. how about the truth? who knows it? I do. and so many others...and it is not a secret.
SMT Cover Songs (8 years ago)
Hey there! I'm Giving Away a copy of THE SECRET DVD on my Facebook Page!!! facebook (dot) com / theSMTsound
tangleclot (9 years ago)
Love you Rhonda!!! You have bought so much joy to the world and I'm greatful to be who I am, alive today... to be able to gain this knowledge :) xxxxx
zenmoon3 (9 years ago)
The Secret is garbage.
phoenixtimes2 (9 years ago)
Bogus fake, phony, ripoff artist. All of a sudden "she knew EVERYONE needed this knowlege" ....but first she NEEDED the 20.00 bucks to give it to us. What a humanitarian. "So go git the Saycrit and make me reeeechh!" That's Austrailian for bullcrap.
MR M (9 years ago)
the secret has at least put the thought of change im a sf gang banger and after watching this movie im happier this movie is only an intro to the law of attraction but it can steer you in the right direction if you choose to
Al lag (9 years ago)
The secret is like your breath , but someone says to you have you ever been conscious while you are sleeping and you´re still breathing .You said I m sleeping but not breathing . Think about !!!
maggiedon1 (9 years ago)
Mave, Your comments made me smile. I believe Law of Attraction is a force that eminates through us: Iindeed I have experienced it: I do not have to answer to you for my belief in LOA . I am comfortable with what I believe in at this moment. I merely pointed you towards people who can explain it better than I It is not I, that seeks to posts comments on UTube that are negative, critical and lacking in any joy or peace, it is you...ask why you want to do this?
maggiedon1 (9 years ago)
Mav, I would add further that anything, be it a person, entity, book, CD that helps us along the path towards the alignment with our source/soul/god/infinate intelligence/allah/budda etc etc..whatever your culture/experience describes this energy as being...can only be towards positivism: There is, and can only be only one energy force
maggiedon1 (9 years ago)
I have given you pointers to how it can be retionalized: If your asking that question, is it because you need the answer? or because you need to 'point score'? ask yourself. I am at ease with what I know at this stage of my life, let me just add, that I dont engage in LOA to attract money, but to attract love, joy, contentment, acceptance etc, and due to my experiences I know it will also work for money...if thats what people want I dont judge or critisize others for this
maggiedon1 (9 years ago)
Do some research, check out the Esther-Hicks-Abraham Vids on UTube: You could also ask how do the events in Sedona fit in with God/Jesus etc etc..whatever quetions you ask of the Law of Attraction, you can ask of your God etc... Hope this helps Maggie
maggiedon1 (9 years ago)
I think it works, I have read about the law of attraction from a thirty year ols book called the 'cosmic energizer' its an age old law, Rhonda has just updated it (nothing wrong with that) it has cost me nothing to learn about it..ans as another poster has advised, check out esther Hicks for lots of free advice on how to use the law of attraction, it goes much deeper than the film has time for. Good luck :) XXXX
Jean nézivar (9 years ago)
After learning the secret I've done a lot of things that never thought I could do. I have attracted so much great things into my life... so, even if this is not posted by you, I want you to know that I am grateful for the book, the cd and the movie which I read, listen to and watch at least once a week :-). Thank you :-)
lovepeacebliss (10 years ago)
Secret gives examples on health, money, relationships, yourself as a person, and the world as a whole. Many people says it focuses on money cuz we are conditioned to focus on capitalism as americans
Karl Borges (10 years ago)
Don't you realize she got rich from selling this stuff? Really?
The Secret was a fantastic publishing success rewording existing knowledge for a more modern audience. THG (Kev and Rick)
Julie-ann Reid (10 years ago)
Q:why are people saying ''The Secret'' is a HOAX? when I'm on the internet see titles saying law of attraction is a lie and video's on youtube.Q:Whats True and whats false?
Tawee Pianchorb (11 years ago)
Rhonda Byrne...you are like "Tiger Woods" of the Science of Getting Rich "arena"...I thank you...
Brian Wong (11 years ago)
The Law of Attraction is NOT the only law of the universe. There is also the Law of Polarity. There are always opposites - black and white, good and bad..etc. Its therefore not surprising that there are some who do not appreciate the power of these laws. Understanding these laws have helped me tremendously. I wish that all can benefit from learning and working with the laws.
faiz007 (12 years ago)
you cannot only just gain from universe. the universe is already in equilibrium (everything is balance). to gain some means to lose in another. I know its hard to think in terms of energy flow but everything

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