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Engine Only Runs When Choke is on

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USA Link GX160 Carb Here http://amzn.to/1moixVu Canadian Link for Carburetor https://amzn.to/2IkUaEB Today we are Working on the Honda WT30 Dewatering pump. This is a 3 inch pump powered by a Honda GX160. The issue with this Honda GX160 is that it only runs with the Choke on. At first I thought it was a fuel related Problem. This video series is to go about troubleshooting to see what the issue is. Post your comments on what you think maybe the issue. bad carb? low compression ? valve issue ? this will be the same if you have a gx120,gx160,gx200, or any other honda clone engine. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2716812&ty=h https://twitter.com/bullshitkorner https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bullshitkorner/415124691917952 http://www.bskorner.com
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Text Comments (116)
shadow run (5 days ago)
i put motorcycle and got this. lol but no help anyway...if its the same idea!!
Audie Mullarkey (1 month ago)
I got a gx 390 it only runs on half choke
Robert Scott (1 month ago)
Complete waste! Looking for answer to the problem.
BSK Garage (1 month ago)
The video is part of a series but it seems your not smart enough to figure that out
Chad (4 months ago)
i had athe same problem the govanor spring came off replace or reatach all done
Neil Macleod (6 months ago)
Full choke whould suck gas from the tank , can't run normal if not enough air gets into the gas tank to replace used gas . Higher vaccum would suck just enough air past the restriction to allow some gas to get to the engine
KBGaming (7 months ago)
i had the same issue but putting in yamalube carb cleaner for 48 hours made it run like new
KBGaming (7 months ago)
*(I have a Honda gx200)
Alex (8 months ago)
It’s probably just running a bad air to fuel ratio I’d guess it’s to much air so just rejet the carb
Forum and Brim (8 months ago)
I see that you rebuilt it, but did you ever figure out why the engine was only running while on choke?
BSK Garage (8 months ago)
Yup there is a whole video series on it
lorren perez (10 months ago)
What if it will run only when choke is on but the ac power is not 220volts even the avr is ok???
twist of -faith (11 months ago)
Wasted time.. Those watching this already know the problem they have. They are looking for the fix of their problem and not yours.
BSK Garage (1 month ago)
+dawson gamblin its not click bait as the video title clearly says what was going on and at the end of the video I said in the next few videos i'll figure out what's going on. not my fault all of you are butt hurt cause you don't know how to listen and find the other videos
Robert Scott (1 month ago)
+BSK Garage I agree with twist of faith smart ass.
Kewl Ken (1 month ago)
I agree with the initial commenter. You completely wasted the viewers’ time with this video.
dawson gamblin (4 months ago)
this isn't even a problem, it's just the plugged vents on the gas cap and as you said old gas. dude and now you're trying to insult the viewers for being mad at you for being click bait.
Ricky Burford (5 months ago)
Thanks for nothing
Dallas Reed (1 year ago)
Mine didnt start so I put predator 212 carb on it and turned the fuel halfway on and it ran fine
Michael Whittington (1 year ago)
U need to drill the lid n put an. overflow the fumes suffocate the the flow of the fuel line if u run an over flow it'll breathe better n you'll get Alot more low end performance
Michael Whittington (1 year ago)
Bit my carbs new and I ported the jets as well to get better flow but it still suffocates when I close the carb it runs normal with it on but I don't get my full range of speed
Michael Whittington (1 year ago)
Michael Whittington (1 year ago)
I'm Runnen one of those pedal bike engines mines 2 stroke does the Same
Zachariah Chege (1 year ago)
i had a problem with my car wash engine, working for a short while then stopping, what might be the cause...pump is working well
charles atchley (1 year ago)
I think it was the petcock
Joni English (1 year ago)
i have a briggs 15c107-0014-f8 runs smooth with choke 1/2 way cleaned main jet / emulsion tube , soaked carb body
A man in ON (1 year ago)
to adjust idle speed screw could fix this problem, as the throat is almost closed. this is what I think. but not guarantee.
AJAX (1 year ago)
I have an old 22cc Briggs and Stratton motor from the 40s or 50s. I know that I won’t be able to find a car for it. It is fully restored, no rust, clean intake/original air filter. Only runs with choke on. Should I loosen idle screw? Since I can’t get a new carb and the carb doesn’t come apart very well. If you know anything your feedback will be greatly appreciated ! It’s the last step before it’s fully finished project!
CocoC0llie (1 year ago)
wayne brown (1 year ago)
check out Musti1 channel, maybe you will get your answer.
shane hanna (1 year ago)
Hi anyone know why my gx160 backfires when I pull the cord it does not start but backfires out the exhaust?
Elroy Steele (1 year ago)
timing is out. flywheel may have spun the key, valves need adjusting or cam slipped a tooth. Good luck I had the same problem and just ran these issues down, it was the valves.
blondeblue32 (1 year ago)
Found my answer.  Watch the video.  When he unscrews the inner nozzle tube inside the carburetor, (where he takes a flat screwdriver and unscrews the post)  I had taken carb cleaner to the fitting, and it seemed cleaned - but it wasn't.   It was partially obstructed.  Just look through it onto the light and see if yours is plugged too.   Then I found that inside the nozzle tube was slightly plugged too.   I sprayed carburetor cleaner through the hole and found that it comes through the carburetor but could not see where the exit point was from.  I later surmised that it is coming between the two choke plates inside the carburetor.  (there's two plates plied together, not one.  There was no way I could clean between those plates with carb cleaner.  So I re-assembled the carburetor and found that I was on the right track.  It ran fairly rough in the "run" position, but ran.  Tomorrow I am going to get a chemical cleaner such as sea foam or something and try to chemically dissolve the rest of the deposits between those two plates as I use it for tomorrows work.  This is given that everything else that you can find is "good."  don't forget to take the float off and clean the needle valve, and spray all the fuel ports clean inside the carburetor.  Then  use fuel stabilizer in the gas from then on.
tellfile (1 year ago)
It wouldn't be the fuel cap because even if you had the fuel turned off to the carb, the engine would run on what's in the float bowl for quite a while. It's sucking in some lean air somewhere and it would take a larger jet size to richen the mixture back up. Check head gasket. might could squirt water in different areas to see if RPM changes a little.
BSK Garage (1 year ago)
+tellfile that wasn't the case at all, no compression so very little vacuum to draw fuel from the carb
Tiger Rome Evans (1 year ago)
solved my problem gas cap would not vent runs fine with cap off
Elijah Barbee (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tip on checking whether or not the tank had airflow. It inspired me to check my clogged breather tube (predator, not honda) and my engine is running normally again.
Willie Covington (1 year ago)
I have a Baja warrior 196cc. It's starts but when I turn the choke off the bike will start to take off. How can I fix that.
delta942085 (10 months ago)
U need to adjust the carbs idle screw
Luis Vigoreaux (1 year ago)
I have same issue
Willie Covington your throttle cable is probably too tight. Only way that engines going to take off is if the throttle is open.
LawF250 (1 year ago)
Don't need a new carb. Just clean it and Hondas will run perfect again. I've fixed many Hondas.
Arturo Garza (1 year ago)
Got a Honda GC160 5.0, and it doesn't idle. It's way too loud, deafening. Any help?
Metal Adder101 (1 year ago)
Not hard at all to clean carbs. Do the ones I have every time....
James Munn (1 year ago)
Intake leak
Mark Heberling (1 year ago)
you need to clean up the bleed in the aluminum body very tiny use air and carb cleaner
Mark Heberling (1 year ago)
clean the air bleeds inside the carb
John Turner (1 year ago)
screen filter in carb is plugged or even muffler has spatk arrester that gets plugged
tiberiu brandusoiu (2 years ago)
I am from AUSTRALIA and i watched your videos GOOD JOB
Blake (2 years ago)
i have a Mitsubishi 6 hp engine on a go cart i just bought, but the engine will not stay running for more then a second. what are some ideas on how to fix it. ps. its been it has not ran in a few months, according to the previous owner.
Freddie Johnson (2 years ago)
Blake remember to use a red straw that's comes with the carburetor cleaning and make sure it inside each jets holes and make sure that you wear eye protection because that carburetor spray will be all in your eyes and that's not a good feeling
Freddie Johnson (2 years ago)
Blake if you have time a carburetor problem are easy to fix only you really have to have time to learn how to fix them with my lifestyle i have played with all kinds of small engine's i never let it's beat me only sometimes i do have to Google it only not that offer only it be hidden jets in the carburetor be plug up you will need a bread ties to clean the small holes in the carburetor also some carburetor cleaning and make sure that you have a red tip on the carburetor can because you have to spray inside all the jets you gonna need a air compressor too to blow out all the jets hold the air tool close as you can as you shoot air into the jets holes i always use water and degreaser with a spray bottle first before i started from the beginning wash through the carburetor outside and inside and use my air compressor to blow it dry outside and inside to get rid of all that gunk then i starts cleaning the carburetor don't use cold water use kinds of hot water when you first start to carburetor take it completely apart first i mostly used commercial degreaser because the job i work on get it by the five gallons bucket
Michael Kuzma dutton (2 years ago)
Is it me or was the govenor set a little high?
Steve Keddy (2 years ago)
plugged needle valve
Rick Parker (2 years ago)
You cant leave these engines with gas in them for more than a month without risk of ruining carb. The good news is the carbs are under $20 online. Don't mess with trying to clean the carb, just install new one and go on.
clavo (9 months ago)
lou f - Thanks bud; that's one educational reply! Gonna clean carbs and put in Stablizer Tomorrow! It's 2 am now so gotta wait!
ryelor123 (11 months ago)
Its not that hard to clean the carb. If you're lazy, just put acetone in the gas and it'll clean it for you.
cleric022684 (1 year ago)
throw away nation, $20 can feed family of 3 for whole wee in my country, what is wrong with cleaning the carb ?!
lou f (1 year ago)
I’ve been using sta bill fuel stabilizer for over 20 years never had a problem every 6 months if I don’t use the gas up I pump it out with a 12v electric fuel pump I dump it in the truck and I add new fuel with sta bil and run the engine I never leave carb dry
Ibraheem Al hadede (2 years ago)
Rick Parker Blame the ethanol added to the fuel. it doesn't do well with brass/ copper parts.
jeremi bisher (2 years ago)
the problem with the carb is the idle jet which is plastic and it's located under the idle adjustment screw. Get a new jet with the orings the orings in an old carb almost always rip.
jeremi bisher (2 years ago)
the choke lever has a plug for the fuel line them Chinese think of everything lol
Rodney Koenig (8 months ago)
That explains a lot!!!!!
cleric022684 (1 year ago)
Gary 37RN (2 years ago)
where is pt 2? can not understand the sequence in any of these uboob vids.
Go Johnny Go !!! (2 years ago)
Jerry, where is the follow-up video?
BSK Garage (2 years ago)
+Go Johnny Go !!! It's in the play list
Josh Regis (2 years ago)
Jerry, I have a Honda and Clarke generator with Honda gx160 engine, I have changed spark plug, ignition coil, serviced it, cleaned carb thoroughly and it still cuts out after a few seconds... the spark looks weak even though it's new coil and plug... sparks 1 out of 3 pulls if that, any suggestions as to what to try next... really stressing me out hope you can help!?
Liberty Mongoose 420 (8 months ago)
Josh Regis (2 years ago)
Ibraheem Al hadede it was faulty oil sensor
Ibraheem Al hadede (2 years ago)
Josh Regis probably rich fuel mixture
Oki Karahan (2 years ago)
all good its fixed,,weird but coz i only put a fresh tank of fuel and its purring like a wild tiger
molegfgfgf (2 years ago)
molegfgfgf (2 years ago)
my gx50 honda engine will not run with choke   off . i got a new carb  still the same will not run  choke off. gas from   9-15 16. engine 10 years old been very good   same plug.  has been used on a bike .
JJsiahMoto (2 years ago)
molegfgfgf it could also be the gaskets, also known as a vacuum leak. Try putting new gaskets on.
JJsiahMoto (2 years ago)
molegfgfgf sometimes it's not the carb but it's the gas. Trying cleaning the gas cap. Also try cleaning the air filter. Next try putting some zero octain gas in it. It's made for small engines. Also add some fuel stabilizer.
TDONLEY91 (2 years ago)
I have had the same issue with that motor. I put treated gas in it with stabil and it started doing better.
Cj marcel (2 years ago)
I have problems with my engine it only runs with choke on idk what is going on with it we changed the carb already
Aaron Venzor (2 years ago)
need to inlarge jet as the engine is broke in it needs more fuel that's way it run better with choke. take jet out and drill one size bigger that stock size. that will fix you up.
JJsiahMoto (2 years ago)
Cj marcel Try replacing the gaskets. Put new gas and fuel stabilizer also.
craig stone (2 years ago)
What is the correct petrol (gas) to two stroke oil ratio for this engine,cheers.
craig stone (2 years ago)
I've sorted it now its 50:1 ratio.
craig stone (2 years ago)
Hi jerry, i'm in the U.K. so our standard unleaded petrol wont run it, it only runs with two stroke fuel (unleaded petrol and two stroke oil)..
BSK Garage (2 years ago)
+craig stone it's a 4 stroke engine
everglades adventures (2 years ago)
I have a Honda gx 160 and I'm trying to run nitro methane in it but only runs when choke is on
Craig Champagne (2 years ago)
Whats the final solution on this problem with the choke? I have the same setup with the same problem. Head gasket? How are u supposed find the next video w/out a link posted here? I followed all the others i could find and dont see a solution!!!
BSK Garage (2 years ago)
all the videos with this motor are in this link for the playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxtlXKgrDXMWP6CEobuU9hdUicN8mr4oY
Gerald Posey (2 years ago)
old video, but I just want to add that a vacuum leak will do the same thing. Did you put new gaskets under the carburetor?
airborne19811 (2 years ago)
had the same problem. replaced the carburetor gaskets and fixed my problem.
Dave Wickham (3 years ago)
what about a govinor spring
John Crampton (10 months ago)
Wade Wilson (2 years ago)
Nick Donato (3 years ago)
I have a problem with the same engine gx200 it doesn't have a needle idle mixture on the side could that be the reason why it won't idle on run
Nick Donato (3 years ago)
how do I do that
BSK Garage (3 years ago)
+Nick Donato i would do a cylinder leak down test to see the health of the engine
swinkyfox (3 years ago)
I have the same issue with a briggs and stratton 14.5 horse vertical. I've asked around and was told to check the compression. possibly the piston rings or valve spacing.
BSK Garage (3 years ago)
+swinkyfox that is very possible however the issue you may encounter is false low compression because lots of times these engines have a decompression level. the only way to really test the rings is with a Leak Down Tester
sam coleridge (3 years ago)
I had a problem with a GX160 only running on full choke, that's what brought me here. Problem solved: two words, wife diesel.
G W (1 year ago)
Miguel Gonzalez they put diesel in chainsaws!
Miguel Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Like my old friend says... womens are the most destructive thing after the nuclear bomb...
BSK Garage (3 years ago)
+sam coleridge seriously, how well did it run on diesel lol
neolexington (3 years ago)
Love these videos, I've got a two year old snowblower that has carb issues. I opted for the more expensive snow blower and the damn thing will never start.
BSK Garage (3 years ago)
+neolexington There is a whole bunch of these types of videos coming up
john d (3 years ago)
I had issues with the fuel cap on them motors. was it still starving for gas with the fuel cap off?
BSK Garage (3 years ago)
+john d yes it was stay tuned to the next video in this series
STEVE ROB REVIEWS (3 years ago)
Lack of fuel for sure. Should be able to open up the jets to over fuel it as well. If not the carb emulsion tube is plugged.
BSK Garage (3 years ago)
+Steve Rob that's what a person would think and it' seems very logical, however wait till the next video.
roguesquatcher (3 years ago)
You have way too much fun...... (sarcasm), sometimes small engines are a pain in the ass
darampaul Prettipaul (1 year ago)
My engine is cutting off when I turn off the choke I try everything like cleaning the tank an cleaning the caburator .what else can go wrong there?
roguesquatcher (2 years ago)
+dumo2043 I had an 8hp Honda that would drain the gas tank into the crank case when stored, even after replacing the carb. They also have problems with the "low oil" sensor, but normally they don't start at all if those go bad. Honda's can be a pain occasionally
roguesquatcher (2 years ago)
+dumo2043 did you visually check the jets and verify float is level when closed in the up position? Sounds like the engine is starving for fuel
roguesquatcher (2 years ago)
+dumo2043 It's been awhile since I watched this vid, but that is possible on those Honda carbs, they have a slight dimple in the bowl so the float has room to move, if not lined up the float would be jammed shut
BSK Garage (3 years ago)
+roguesquatcher I dunno why but I love working on small engines

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