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Womens Clothing You Can Wear In Guy Mode - Part 1

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Today I talk about the concept of casual crossdressing, and go over some of my favorite pieces of womens clothing that you can often pass off in guy mode.
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Mike Howell (7 days ago)
George Yandell (29 days ago)
i applaud you and your goals of being yourself and doing things for you and not the masses, i do have a lingerie/underwear question, it doesnt look like you use fake breast, do you ever wear bras, bralettes, sport bras? Or do you prefer camisoles with built in shelf bra type for a base layer?
Jonathan Lopez (1 month ago)
I wear women's shorts and tank tops and panties as a feminine side not that I'm gay
that 80's girl (3 months ago)
My boyfriend and I share jeans sometimes bcuz he's got short legs and guy jeans are always too long. My petite jeans fit great on him!
Tivit López (3 months ago)
Hello im steven and i want cover you with kisses. Give me your name and e mail . Kises darling
Gary Grosskopf (3 months ago)
Any more I only have women's cloths and buy women's cloths. Including shoes and accessories. I always use a purse and buy at least one new one a year. I have my nails done professionally and find it a lot of fun. Even at work. I do not try to impersonate a women, and work as a maintenance guy at a large resort. Even as a guy, and at work, always wear a bra with 36 B bra incerts in them. , have beautiful nails. Because I feel comfortable dressed as I do I never get looks, but with a hat on often get called mam, or if out with my girl friend we get called ladies. I am lucky to be thin, at 66 years of age. but love that I can go out dressed always with my everyday women's cloths. I have done that for the last few years and wish I had done it all my life. Never been happier, but never have gone to get HRT and no plans to become a woman. Very happy living and being able to dress as I do, Even as a guy at work, and wearing a work uniform, my co workers know I dress in women's cloths and have seen me that way when I come to pick up my check, but because I feel comfortable that way and act normal, they think nothing of it, You must be happy with yourself in life, You only have one life. We all must live and be what makes us happy and feel good. I have great outfits and buy then at high end boutiques. If I knew how to add some pictures here I would. And if you are lucky enough to have an understanding open minded girlfriend as I do, never ask to borrow or wear their cloths. always get your own.
Aiden Liu (4 months ago)
I think this is normal. Everyone has different preferences, values, and so on. Everyone can do mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual support, and equal treatment. And, I think, we can do better for you, you can try to understand our products.
Serpico 7 (4 months ago)
Great video/ advice Even though I don't cross dres I'm a straight male who wears pantyhose with My suits, tuxedos and dress clothes . I balance this with an array of dress shoes, and My wardrobe is predominantly black.
SpitefulAZ (5 months ago)
Nice StarCraft music. I am also a big Blizzard gamer.
Chiel Opel (5 months ago)
You look great like you are but try a jeans skirt its feels so greet xxx
Ann Cam (5 months ago)
So you want to dress like a girl, but you don't want to be mistaken for a girl?? You seem confused. This makes no sense.
Ann Cam (5 months ago)
If you have to force yourself to be comfortable in women's clothing then why are you doing it?
Justin Vink (5 months ago)
I do jeans and yoga pants mostly, with my normal shirts. It’s been awhile since I’ve dressed up. And nice background music Starcraft 😍😍😍
Pythos de Gothos (5 months ago)
Gender on clothing is absurd.
Pete Thorley (3 months ago)
Totally! Flared pleated skirts all round 😊
WebVMan (5 months ago)
I'm intersex so I have breasts, but my body hair ruins wearing a tank top. And hair remover cream causes my skin to break out.
Michael Barbano (5 months ago)
Thomas Stoll (4 months ago)
Whats ur no.
norapage81 (5 months ago)
I wear womens jeans, and usually also heels or flats. In the office all the time, and sometimes also on the streets. Everything else on me is male clothes...
Jennifer Hope Safe (5 months ago)
Very interesting. Though I prefer dresses and skirts.
Marcos Ramos (3 months ago)
Jennifer Hope Safe I usually like leggings or work out clothes
Pythos de Gothos (5 months ago)
Unless you feel a need to be "female", just stick with androgyny and do as I am trying to do and get androgyny out there. Also, skirts, tights, heels, all were once male clothing, along with lacy shirts, lace, ect. These items should not be limited to one sex as they are. Women wear men's clothes all the time, and there just should no longer be such limits. Androgyny should be more common and accepted than it is, and it can happen. I wear leggings (I don't like Jeans or slacks and don't wear them unless REALLY necessary), catsuits, skirts, dresses, heels, big stompy boots (I'm part of the GOth subculture), tights, hose, most everything from the "feminine" aisle. I find male styles boring, and overly practicle. My GF also loves my styles.
Pete Thorley (3 months ago)
"I find mens styles boring". Amen!!, mens fashion is generally crap. Women have so much more choice and style variety. I'm goth/metal head myself. Half my wardrobe consists of tights, skirts (distressed denim, short pleated, bodycon, corduroy a line, pencil bodycon). All black. I also use women dresses as tops, wear womens underwear (so much more comfortable). There's many a day when 90% or what I'm wearing is from the "womens" side of the store. I have womens (very) skinny jeans for day to day going out. And as you say, skirts, tights, heels etc were once men's anyway. There's no reason why this still shouldn't be the case. All clothing should be unisex barring 2 items. The bra and the jock strap.
Joe Marcom (5 months ago)
Interesting commentary, good advice
CD Pualette (5 months ago)
I like wearing casual women's clothes in public too. Women's skinny leg jeans feels wonderful. Also women's sandals and sneakers too. Thanks for sharing this with us 😊
sam smith (5 months ago)
I love to casually cross dress too. I really like your style as well. I usually wear the furry, fuzzy fleece pull overs and such or a jacket or coat with fleece lining.
WebVMan (5 months ago)
Same. I love my furry lavender jacket.
Eric Aarseth (5 months ago)
The whole point of crossdressing in to look and feel more feminine. But if going out I agree that you'd need to wear casual clothing that's age appropriate to blend in. Also don't over or underdress for whatever you are doing while out.
Se Bakker (3 months ago)
Eric Aarseth please sub to me I’m dress up womanly too😀🥰🥰🥰
Rachel Xavier (5 months ago)
Another really good video. . I have such resentment for the years of being forced to wear only clothes that came from the men's department, that I absolutely refuse to ever do so ever again. Women's clothes are more comfortable and are much more aesthetically pleasing than menswear. But that is not the deciding factor for me; if clothes from the women's dept consisted of nothing but gunny sacks, I would have nothing but burlap bags in my closet.
Jorge Garcia (5 months ago)
I wear woman jeans I'm size 15
Sara Michelle Stirrock (5 months ago)
I wear womens jeans as well, size i8, I also do womens t shirts as well. No one seems to notice, the one thing with womens jeans is the front pockets! Too shallow! and the zipper doesn't go down far enough or in some cases it looks like there's a zipper there but there's not one! Footwear is a problem as my feet are US size 11-1/2 to 12! so mens sandals are what I wear most of the time. I wear my hair long, wigs just don't fit my head. And with a little work and a close shave I can be somewhat passable for about 4-5hrs before the beard is noticeable.
Rj VanDermark (5 months ago)
You Worry Way Too Much about the guy/girl mode... Your very thin which is in your favor. Just wear "Your Style". Fashion is Fashion it doesn't matter who its marketed to. It's your clothes if its feminine, then so be it. Style and Fashion is the Statment to the outside world who you are inside. If it looks Good and makes you feel confident. Wear It! if your Dressing Tastefully Respectfully. Nobody but the insecure or envious are going to say something negative. Just Ignore them. And if somebody calls you Miss. take it as a Complement. Say Thank You, I always do...
Tera Glam Spy Cat (6 months ago)
I heard guy rock band members often wear girl pants and blouses.
Tera Glam Spy Cat (6 months ago)
I usually wear jeggings and a tshirt in my house, in guy mode.
WebVMan (5 months ago)
Tera Glam Spy Cat (6 months ago)
+The Casual Crossdresser rarely, i did to the shopping mall massage place lately. I guess its sorta of a androgynous thing to do.
The Casual Crossdresser (6 months ago)
thats cool! do you ever go out in that?
Tera Glam Spy Cat (6 months ago)
Love you, your videos and channel, babe.
Hally Malcolm (6 months ago)
Thanks for the tips bro. I've been crossdresing for a little while now. Enjoy the rest of your day. Keep making videos.

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