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Exploring abandoned buildings & falling down a well! - Weekly vlog

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This week I rescue an Ostara egg from down a well; say 'this is so cool' a lot in an abandoned woollen cloth factory and climb some rocks by the sea but only show you the goats. Please subscribe for more videos :) Keep in touch! Blog: www.whenIgrowupblog.com Oshun clothing website: www.oshun.co.uk e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] instagram.com/HelenHobden twitter.com/HelenHobden www.facebook.com/OshunCreations or www.facebook.com/whenIgrowupblog
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Louise Godfrey (1 year ago)
Hi :) How old are your daughters and what are there full names? x
Cam Hawkes (1 year ago)
and why the fuck would you want to know that? fucking pervert
vaughn williams (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video as we really enjoyed going thru the old mill. It's a real shame they can't use the building again and bring them back to life.It's beautiful! You don't know how good you have of selection and choices of good chocolate and biscuits as there pretty dismal here in Canada. Happy Spring were still waiting under snow for our's to arrive.
Helen Hobden (1 year ago)
I know what you mean, it's such a shame the building is just deteriorating in the elements. Yes, I haven't been to Canada, but I'm always amazed at the lack of choice of chocolate and biscuits in America. I hope it warms up for you soon :)

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