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[Eng Subs] Secret Movie: The Foretellers Text | KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 REMIX

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megaroc12 (3 years ago)
KH3 will probably be what a minimum of twice KH2 length.  What with stopping the organization, and preventing maleficent from getting the book of prophecies.  I bet that has something to do with xigbar's agenda that he had mentioned.
experiment000 (4 years ago)
Anyone else have a feeling that this Foretellers Text will be a pretty big plot point in Kingdom Hearts 3?
experiment000 (3 years ago)
+JFord. Animation Holy sh*t you're right. I just watched the opening and saw that. If your prediction turns out to be true, then that part of the opening will be a great bit of foreshadowing.
JFord. Animation (4 years ago)
My prediction is that the KH team is gonna use the foretellers text to revive the BBS team along to help fight Xehanort. If you watch the DDD opening you will see that Mickey uses a book to summon Aqua Terra Ventus and Roxas. Nomura is a fucking god, I tell you.  
do you have a link to the song at the end of the video?
ravi sahye (4 years ago)
So your telling me if she gets her hands on that book then soras future could be entirely changed well knowing Pete he'll end up doing something really stupid and drops down a cliff 😂
larxeneluver (4 years ago)
I'm glad they're not just tossing Maleficent aside for Xehanort.
Xion 14KHs (4 years ago)
it about to go down in kingdom hearts 3
TheWindArcher (4 years ago)
I guess this cutscene is related to KH 3D when Maleficient invaded the Disney Castle or RE:coded but i've never played this game so i'm not sure about it.
Jeremy Unitt (4 years ago)
Foretellers Text = Jiminy's Journal? And here I thought it was just something to fill out 100%
Lyrai Celestine (4 years ago)
The Foreteller's Book... Hmm... Looks like this calls for a new connection!
Kawaii Pyromancer (4 years ago)
i believe the Fortellers tale is meant by KINGDOM HEARTS X CHI
snowblossom (4 years ago)
+Armando Garcia then the future is screwed if Maleifacent gets that book....
QTE P4ND4 (4 years ago)
seeing that the book can do something with ones future
QTE P4ND4 (4 years ago)
and Aqua, Terra, Ventus and everyone was in there, so if Maleficent was to mess with the book she could even get rid of Sora and everyone forever!
Kawaii Pyromancer (4 years ago)
Petes Japenese voice is AMAZING xD its cute and funny at the same time 
Sjono (4 years ago)
And suddenly Re:Coded has established itself as something actually interesting
grape (4 years ago)
Thanks for not recording this with a potato like the other guy
Ivan Sabess (4 years ago)
So I'm guessing that's how xehanort strategized everything, this is a key scene in the series

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