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Which Central Banks Look Set to Raise Rates Next?

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Oct.03 -- 10 of the 22 central banks monitored in Bloomberg Economics’ quarterly outlook raised interest rates since the start of July and seven are predicted to do so again before the end of this year. Bloomberg's Simon Kennedy and JPMorgan's Nandini Ramakrishnan discuss the global central banking picture on "Bloomberg Markets: European Open."
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Hi5 Tilinko (2 months ago)
The US had decades of productivity-increase with very low wage-incrases. Growing wages will boost consumption and will be an incentive for businesses to invest into technology upgrades, which will increase productivity further.
Sigmundy Freud (2 months ago)
Burn dollar burn fed burn wallstreet burn us dictatur of fake money Makers on thé World ! Usa économy is a bad bargain !
A (2 months ago)
Bullshit... Global Economy Collapse around the Corner.. The responsable ones?? Her employers.. ;)
Marek Kolenda (2 months ago)
Poland agre to build new permanent US military bases for 2 billions $. But can't pays salary to police and uniforms sectors.They go on labor straik.

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