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Isabella Calthorpe

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Micheal Calthorpe (2 years ago)
hope you liked my poem
Micheal Calthorpe (2 years ago)
love youre werewolf clips although im in can hard to see youre movies
Micheal Calthorpe (2 years ago)
i was walking through the woods late one night and an owl flew bye and took into flight the moonlight twinkled amoughts the trees casting erie shadows upon the leaves a circle of wind blew across the ground shaking the grass with a rustling sound . i heard a crack as if a stick had been broke so i crept up behind a stump and pulled up my cloak this dark harry figure walked past the trees and a chill went up my spine as i started to freeze it looked at me with eyes of red and i wished right then i was home in bed it lifted is head and howled real loud as the moon disappeared behind a cloud this was my chance as i began to flee and the branches in my face made it hard to see i ran and ran as fast as i could then something grabbed me by my hood it spun me around and through me down and the sparkling lights glittered from town I heard a voice that spoke as my family and friends looked upon me it was in my head as i woke then i opened my eyes so i could see my shoulder was bandaged as i had no clue for the bite went deep and the blood soaked through the next day i received this letter my shoulder was soar but felt much better it told me to come where we had played in the woods that night where i had laid the following day i was released after i had been nursed But little did I know I had been CURSED written by micheal calthorpe kigston ontario can

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