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How To Find Quality Clothing Items That Last [Minimalism Series]

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Text Comments (266)
Sandra Gustafsson (1 month ago)
Love your makeup in this video!! Plz upload more minimalism videos ❤️🙏🏼
Evelyn Chan (2 months ago)
I don't think rayon is synthetic?
Hey Rachel! I love love love your channel! Could you share some of your favorite designers? Thanks!
Ronald (3 months ago)
What is that thing behind you where you clipped pictures? Looks awesome
mary england (4 months ago)
Hi I viewed you for the first time today. I loved your list of shops. I am interested in sustainable shopping and know that one cannot compare prices to High Street prices, but how much should one pay for a garment without being ripped off?
Angie2Pink (4 months ago)
To say that acrylic clothes don't last is just plain bullshit: they are way more durable than natural fiber clothing, and that's exactly why they are bad: they can't be recycled and they pollute. This video is full of disinformation.. The crease thing as well is totally false..
Thanh Xuân (4 months ago)
Love a glam look on you ♥️
regnummer (6 months ago)
"Minimalism" Literally a shit ton of useless shit in the background.
Othniel Jones (6 months ago)
It's fine... More focus on your face
In Liebe, Anneliese (7 months ago)
Also the tip with the creases is not true. 100% cotton will wrinkle like hell, just like linen. If it drops right out, it is a poly blend. So cotton with some Polyester for example.
In Liebe, Anneliese (7 months ago)
As a Clothing&textile engineer I can tell you, higher prices does not mean better quality automatically. Watch out for organic cotton and fair trade, fair production. Check the Labels for this in your country (I.e. In Germany, organic cotton Gets the Öko Tex Standard 100 Label)
Selena Webber (8 months ago)
What about quality gym clothes I didn’t see much of that on those websites
Jaden Smith (10 months ago)
Witch brands do you like
Ciencias (11 months ago)
I want to purchase turtle neck in all colors long sleeve and short sleeve. I can not find a single brand that I like. Do you know where to go look for them. I want them fairly basic. They could have a little shape or not.
carysa227 (1 year ago)
Can you do a closet tour please
Nostalgic Me (1 year ago)
great video - by the way your desk is cute (but with all that stuff on top definitely not very minimal :P)
sash A (1 year ago)
You look like Amy Jackson
Silvia Covarrubias (1 year ago)
Rachel Aust, I was actually re-watching this video and I could not find the list of designers, could you by any chance share with me a couple of your favorites? I am looking to upgrade my wardrobe this year.
valeschism z (1 year ago)
Where is your outfit from?
Graceful one M (1 year ago)
Many people do not realise that when they buy clothing made from cheap synthetic fibres such as polyester, polyamides, acrylics etc., they are basically walking around in plastic. This can be a fire hazard first of all. Secondly, each time you wash the clothing, small micro fibres get wash down the drain. All water leads to the sea and rivers. Fish and other species eat these microfibres thinking it's food and the food cycle means that people end up eating their plastic clothing in the long run. For me quality clothing means buying natural fibres such as cotton, linen, silk etc.
Jenny Herzog (1 year ago)
Which brands do you like? Which ones are the best?
Olivia Kundisch (1 year ago)
Clothing which can not enhance the beauty of a stunning female body like yours, are probably made by poor tailors. You look amazing 💜
DrgnMage2536 (1 year ago)
I agree that buying one quality piece is better than buying something cheap that will fall apart, wherein you would have to replace it. The clothing item(s) should be sturdy and stylish. I bought a pair of hiking pants that is lightweight, quick dry and still looks good for traveling or out to dinner.  I don't have a large wardrobe, but the items I do have, might be slightly more expensive but they do last and fit well.
Andrea D.R. (1 year ago)
Sorry hny.but that doesn't mean that HM or others have LOW quality JUSt because they are on budget ? Like WTF! I have cloths from HM to Zara,LV,Chloie,M&S...and TRUST ME HM like Zara last so many years..money doesn't mean always quality!!
fromStyx (1 year ago)
Hi Rachel, I was wondering: what brand(s) of work out attire do you purchase that (of course) align with these tips?
Kim & Kenny (1 year ago)
Great vid! I used to buy so many clothes and once I paired down , even moving house was easier.
Liliana Munoz (1 year ago)
Anyone know where I can get a good quality pair of high-rise jeans?
Ariel Burrow (1 year ago)
girl because of you I'm gonna try out minimalism! you're so positive about it. I'm sure it'll be very helpful ❤
Sarah (1 year ago)
I'd highly recommend second-hand/thrift/charity shops for pre-owned clothing. You can easier gauge the quality of those items because they have already been worn and washed, and you can see how they are holding up. It's perfect if you're on a budget, too.
Summer Bearry (1 year ago)
what designers or brands would you recommend? Please and thank you!
RieJoeNatural (1 year ago)
Maroyce Chapparam (1 year ago)
I would love to go this route but it's so hard to find mid range artist that selling plus size clothing
Tristian Green (1 year ago)
When I shop I try to only let myself buy things I know I've been needing. Ill avoid other sections all together as I used to shop about 3+ days a week at different malls.... Like right now I am only letting myself buy high waist shorts & jeans because I've wanted them for a while and only have 1 pair each. Its taking a long time to find my perfect pair though.... I also let myself buy some new gym items since I just re joined a gym. Or her than that I'm trying to get rid of more.
Goran A. (1 year ago)
Marshall bluetooth speaker ? I suggest Bang & Olufsen ;)
Liliana Munoz (1 year ago)
i buy my kids clothes at yard sales
Little Black Shell (1 year ago)
I love this video and topic! I recently switched to this style of shopping and building my wardrobe and the difference is amazing. Quality over quantity is definitely the way to go. Not only because you'll be shopping more responsibly, but the items fit so much better and I love wearing them! I've been ranting about how this way of shopping and building a capsule wardrobe is much better to anyone that is listening haha
Isabel Kleijberg (1 year ago)
My tip: learn how to sew! I inherited my nana's old sewing machine and learned some sewing, this way I can fix any broken items instead of throwing them away, and also re-design clothes that I don't like anymore.
lolychan1 (1 year ago)
Yes! Finally a YouTuber who thinks like me! Its so hard to find good quality cloths that is actually worth the money.
Anette Johannessen (1 year ago)
Great video, makes so much sense!
plantbased sim (1 year ago)
An interesting movie is The true cost if you want to know more about the detrimental effects of Fast fashion
plantbased sim (1 year ago)
I almost never buy polyester but always cotton. Its lasts so much longer and you don't sweat in it. In The Netherlands COS has a lot of clothing which is made of very thick cotton and beautiful designs. If you wait until sale it is usually ok (depending on your budget of course) and sometimes H&M priced
Janet Ali (1 year ago)
it's funny you said tall and thin because I can't find enything long enough and comfy at the same time . I'm 5"11
Garba Garba (1 year ago)
Very useful Rachel, loved the detail
Saras Food Check (1 year ago)
Thanks for talking about fair clothing 🙏
Yara Mel (1 year ago)
You are my 'shopping habits' twin!
Emma Garofalo (1 year ago)
i'm buying a laundry basket on friday
Silvia Melisa Daniel (1 year ago)
I'm so poor that h&m and zara are like high end to me. 😢
Katnatnp (29 days ago)
Those are terrible stores. H&M has had a sweatshop with such poor working standards that the building collapsed on them
Eva Kasmire (1 month ago)
* Sign *
antisty (2 months ago)
Me to 😘 but ok this is not a big problem I'm glad to have what I have
Andrea Turner (1 year ago)
I totally agree with you about quality rather than quantity. I love my clothes that I have had for years and try to look for classics and wear a lot of denim. But I think that fashion and new trends does have a place in the grand scheme of things / economically for business to survive but cannot stand the fast fashion stuff that are poorly made and not great for the people buying into that way of clothes buying too. I think the make up and technology videos would be great. I've switched from cheaper brands to Apple Mac and seriously impressed over quality and am very happy and also tend to treasure my higher priced makeup and perfume rather than the rather throwaway aspect of cheaper drugstore brands.
Laura Croft (1 year ago)
Jason Bean (1 year ago)
I have a peculiar problem: people are always giving me clothes! I have a neighbor who gave me a stack of perfectly good t-shirts and shorts; an Afghanistan war veteran gave me some wonderful t-shirts and aloha shirts. this makes some interesting combos! at present, I'm wearing red tartan shorts and a green aloha shirt. it makes for a lasting impression.:)
Sarah Heartfrost (1 year ago)
ANOTHER TIP! I've found that in the case of dresses, the lining is a huge sign of quality. Cheap clothing will usually have only a single layer while quality clothing will have a liner AND slip built in. And I can tell you, quality dresses last forever. I have many cheap dresses that have frayed or torn within a year or so, and several quality vintage items from the 50s-80s that look like they were just finished yesterday.
Sunshine A. (1 year ago)
most of my clothes were pretty cheap and have lasted me years. i could never justify spending few hundred bucks on a top unless it was spitting out gold. plus i get tired of wearing the same thing over and over again so on the rare occasion my clothes do wear out i like that i can replace it with something fresher. i also really enjoy thrifting and have items that last me s while. i have a trench coat that i wear constantly during winter. it was $86 and is in like new condition going on 7years. honestly, ready for a new one but this one is still great so I'll just keep wearing it
Rachael DeLashmit (1 year ago)
great advice
Angelina Win (1 year ago)
Thank you Rachel for being informative, as always. I really enjoyed this video. Will you be able to do a video on how you create different outfits with the pieces that you currently own for different occasions?
xoEssie (1 year ago)
can we just appreciate how beautiful Rachel looks in this video??!!!
Kyle Cooper (1 year ago)
Patagonia recently switched to 100% fair trade manufacturing and they give a lot to help the planet and some developing countries.
Kyle Cooper (1 year ago)
Exactly!! I can't imagine a more honest clothing company. Especially the "Don't buy this jacket" campaign
4mpersand (1 year ago)
Kyle Cooper I also appreciate their efforts to address the recently publicized micro-plastic issues.
SeeKaysee (1 year ago)
I've heard a lot about Acne Studios - glad I saw it on your list! I'm going to do a bit more research on them. Thanks for the helpful video!
Alejandra Alvarez (1 year ago)
You are my life guru, seriously. I'm trying to get rid of stuff that I don't use and live more "simply" and you have been a huge help. Also, with your tips I've also lost some volume in my body and I feel better. You are the best, seriously.
Vicky Colin (1 year ago)
what you could do is place a medium size white mat on your desk, just for the days you want to film in front of your desk. something like those big office desk calenders. just in idea
Lidia Frum (1 year ago)
One tip: I highly recommend you to read anything you find about cromothereaphy and how colors influences our mood , energy spike and even thinking . Black is a non color, and wearing colors really improves body imbalances. Hope you will see my comment and hope to see you more vibrant. Kisses!
Tiffany Le (1 year ago)
please do a makeup version!! :)
Annifis (1 year ago)
omg this all sounds good and well, but i checked all of the shops you included and stuff is insanely expensive, i live in romania and have a monthly 600aud income which is almost double the minimal wage here and i would starve to death if i bought these clothes :( im happy when i can afford zara or mango and not second hand shops
Miriam Lindner (1 year ago)
Where do you buy your clothes? Do you also buy clothes online? Love your Videos and lifestyle! xx
themoonsofnaboo (1 year ago)
Okay totally agree with you on investing in quality items but I have to say some of the brands you listed are a joke. $450 for a top, no matter how beautifully constructed is absolute extortion! Who can justify that?? Thats a months worth of food and I consider myself very well off! If you have any brands that offer quality clothes that the average consumer can afford then please tell us! I don't need a top to be $10 and I'm happy to pay quite a few hundred for a decent winter coat or boots etc, but come on!
Katnatnp (29 days ago)
Well the workers are supposed to get paid well
Lucia Mamta (1 month ago)
for such items I to save up for them so it doesn't feel like a rip off! but you can try minimal_lagom, for simple, meaningful casual wear, that you can also buy as gift items. Hope this helps😄
Carolina Rodríguez (7 months ago)
Sometimes the high price is because of the ethical branding, fast fashion tailors are paid the minimum salary and the brand keeps the majority of the money. But in ethical branding the tailors are paid what they really deserve instead of being almost slaves for sometimes 12h+. I rather save and buy quality pieces which I know are not helping with modern slavery than having a closet full of clothes made with abuse. It helps to value the tailor work also.
Lisa Feldmann (1 year ago)
I like JCrew, Vince Camuto, and some of the store brands from Dillards and Macys. They are probably not sustainable or ethical though.
Charlotte Müller (1 year ago)
i'd be very interested in a video of your favorite designers! i have absolutely zero knowledge of the fashion world and have been trying to get away of fast fashion. however, it is very hard for me to find labels / designers i like. since i love your style, i think i might like the designers you like as well.
Jessie Williamson (1 year ago)
would you say top shop has well made clothing? Thank you for your time i value your opinion 😘
Leslie Molengraaf (1 year ago)
Great info. I recently saw a documentary on the true price of fast fashion. It's unsustainable with devastating consequences to the planet and peoples' livelihood. I had no idea.
Fae GreenLife (1 year ago)
I don't know if I'm the only one with that problem, but feel like it is pretty hard when you want to live crueltyfree (so no leather, wool, fur etc.) but also to have no "unnatural" fabrics. I love the look of leather and fur on clothes but I don't want animals to be harmed and I don't want to wear another living beings skin. But I also want natural and sustainable fabrics and I feel like this can be pretty tricky unfortunately..
LitcheTheArsm (1 year ago)
there ARE some sustainable unnatural fabrics. they use recycled stuff. :) but unfortunately they're very expensive. as of right now i buy my boring staples at h&m (leggings specifically) and then.. not buy stuff unless i LOVE them. and for leather etc.. idk i'd probably go to a thrift store for that.
B Mary (1 year ago)
This is coming from someone who has always been into fashion but "destroying the fashion industry"? Never mind that, what about the way fast fashion destroys the environment?! I wish you'd at least just mentioned that for other people out there who may care. And then there is the treatment of workers and your own personal health too but the environment is a really big, obvious one!
Victoria Mather (1 year ago)
Do you follow Project 333 or the 10 Item Wardrobe?
Donna Mantellato (1 year ago)
Hi, could you please do a video where you shop and where you mainly buy your clothes. Designers you follow! Thanks
Old Hag (1 year ago)
Although I do very much agree with you in this video I have to address that there are two different people who shop lower priced clothing and there is a a big difference between the two. There are those people like you mentioned who want to have a huge variety of of clothing so that they can have something different every weekend and who follow all the trends and then there are low income people like mothers and children who shop what they can at a fraction of the price. Children grow very fast and need a lot of different clothing like for example snow pants, rain pants, snow boots, rain boots, etc... It is hard to keep up fanatically with fast growing children on a family budget. I feel that the majority of people shopping at stores in my area are these low income families. Where I live there are no second hand shops and even Tradra (the ebay of my country) the prices are similar to stores like H&M. I feel that if quality designers want to reach out to a vaster customer base they need to meet somewhere in the middle by lowering their prices a bit. There is no way a say five person family on one income could purchase shirts for £80 a piece. I know you most likely are not addressing families or low income people in your video but I mention them because they are the ones I believe that are frequently shopping at places like H&M. I myself wear mostly vintage because I like the originality and I like that the clothing is being reused .
Veronika Jacková (1 year ago)
You wear most of the time black color, what are you wearing in hot summer ? :D it just wonders me, because today we have about 24○C (idk how much is that in degrees or what you have :D) and i was dying from heat in ordinary lightblue shirt.... Do you wear something white or...? :D thank you so much Rachel! You inspired me a lot and this summer we´re gonna be painting rooms in house and i want to do it in minimalism style! ♥
Natalie Luxford (1 year ago)
Hi there Rachel, in the video you mentioned that you would leave a list of designers you like in th description box. I cant see anything so was hoping you could let me know in them as im bery intersted in checking them out! Thanks xxx
Lauren O'Dea (1 year ago)
hey rachel, can you recommend some designers or brands that you like/ buy from. thanks
Sophia Gatt (1 year ago)
could you please do a video on some of your favourite brands?
Stephanie Haas (1 year ago)
As a tall women, I think the fashion industry needs a good hard look at itself! I need to partially shop in mens to get Length on ANY item!!!! I would love to be shorter! For me, I f i buy a expensive item, i will barely wear it for fear of wrecking or staining it. It's easier to buy cheap get a good years wear out of it and throw it away stained and worn. I still think you should you should shop for quality though, thats a point i like, cause if its too cheap it won't last!
Cara Sarro (1 year ago)
My problem is that my quantity/cheap cloths from, H&M, Forever 21 etc. last me YEARS. I have stuff from at least 5 years ago that is still ok. I don't understand what people are doing to their cloths that they don't last, I never have that issue. With that...I have a lot of cloths because I consider everything still good.
Cara Sarro (1 year ago)
+Anna de Sterke +mleeho I've never had any of this happen haha so odd! I have a pretty large wardrobe but tend to gravitate twards certain clothing more often than others, usually wearing certain pieces weekly. I tumble dry too, some clothing for years. I know my boss for example is crazy about pilling and will toss a shirt if it does it, sometimes after just a few weeks of use, which is pretty wasteful. I never really experience this though.
Anna de Sterke (1 year ago)
I think when people say "it lasts me one wash" they actually mean, "it lasts me one wash and one tumble dry". I never tumble dry clothes and that's why they last longer for me, despite being bought from cheap shops. Some people tumble dry all of their clothes and so they pill very quickly
mleeho (1 year ago)
Cara Sarro Just wearing it often. One of the things I noticed is the more clothes I own, the less each piece is worn, which means it breaks down less quickly. While you keep each item longer, you wear each individual item less, which seems like a waste to many people. Poor quality in a garment is MUCH more visible in people with smaller wardrobes. My partner has only 2 pairs of jeans and 11 t-shirts. I know his jeans are high quality because they've survived nearly 10+ years of daily abuse and are still wearable. However his T-shirts are of varying qualities, and when wearing all of them on a near weekly rotation, the difference is stark. Some T-shirts are only slightly faded and softened after 7+ years of weekly use, but some developed holes within 6 months of purchase.
Gabi Snow (1 year ago)
can you do a closet tour?
Flora (1 year ago)
Used to buy lots of Gorman; switched to kowtow. They're my favourite label now - I wear their stuff probably 3/5 days a week. Also have a few Jericho road items on the brighter end of the scale and I would love some Alice nightingale.
Michelle (1 year ago)
Thank you for doing this video, Rachel! It's been the most helpful in terms of specific, actionable tips on what to look for.
Kayak (1 year ago)
i fucking love your channel
Luisa R. (1 year ago)
I liked this. great tips
lynzi sun (1 year ago)
I would love a handbag and a makeup video similar to this!! Thanks for your advice. It is appreciated.
Stephanie Lavigne (1 year ago)
The most sustainable way to shop is to buy at thrift stores.
Gabriella Creel (1 year ago)
Can we pleaseeeee have a tutorial on this makeup and hair!!
Kylie Quinn (1 year ago)
Rachel I'd love to know what lipstick you are wearing please? Love the colour!
4mpersand (1 year ago)
Kylie Quinn it's probably just her lip needling. Check out her other videos - she gets her brows and lips done regularly.
Casually Matthew (1 year ago)
Thank you thank you THANK YOU!! needed this.
Hannah Langford (1 year ago)
acne is probably my favorite next to Rick Owens
Jeanie C. (1 year ago)
I was literally wishing for a video on this from you about 30 minutes ago, hahaha!
Einfach Isabell (1 year ago)
What is your accent? (:
Sandra Veneklaas (1 year ago)
Einfach Isabell Australian!
Lúcia João (1 year ago)
Wear some red girl live a little. Stupid cults of minimal. I bet you still drive fuel cars do.
PERCEVAL (1 year ago)
Great as always ⚫️☑️⚪️. 🖤🖤
Emma Ferguson (1 year ago)
my favorite designer is Otsu. her Instagram is Otsumagic. honestly beautiful amazing well made garments.
Claire Hansen (1 year ago)
Make a quality makeup video. It's the only thing I hoard and I need tips!
Emma Ferguson (1 year ago)
your face seems a lot slimmer from this keto diet. this week I went off for a few days. I am back on now but my migraines returned. so not worth it for a piece of bread.
Lo Marie (1 year ago)
Can you add visuals for some of the stuff you mentioned to look for? (:
Alexa Sunshine83 (1 year ago)
Loved this ❤️❤️❤️ been making the change of not shopping fast fashion
missy maguire (1 year ago)
fast fashion is also horrible for the environment
13realmusic (1 year ago)
This video was really informative and something I definitely wanted to see in the minimalism series. Thrift shopping is more in my budget, but I hope to have a job kind of close or within the fashion industry one day, so I'll probs learn more about the ails of fast fashion.

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