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Where to Buy Gorgeous Modest Clothing (links below) Rivka Malka

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Here are links to GREAT modest sites that I mentioned in the video. https://www.eshakti.com/ - USE THIS CODE TO GET $35 OFF! RIVKAPERLMAN Custom modest dresses and skirts https://www.themimiboutique.com/ - Affordable pretty dresses https://www.doubleheaderusa.com/ - Great basics - shells, skirts and more https://www.basiccolorsonline.com/ - Small site with the most affordable shells and pencil skirts. https://www.neeseesdresses.com/ More pretty dresses
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Colleen McDermott (4 months ago)
Also forgot to ask what is the best way to start transitioning to modest clothing. I have been wearing pants most of my life and I am wondering. Do you think a woman can be modest and wear pants. Also have you ever tried Lula roe? Many of their skirts and dresses meet your modesty requirements. Also do you ever wear cute leggings or tights with your skirts? How do you navigate modest dress in the heat of the summer?
Colleen McDermott (4 months ago)
Great video with great info. I love the way you work the funky bohemian style in with your modesty requirements.
Elise Lange (4 months ago)
Yes please, would love you to start your Tichel business again .... I started wrapping in 2014...thanks to you . I loved your wrapping vids ...
Julie Price (5 months ago)
hi! i recently started the store idressmodest at https://idressmodest.com. i think i have some great selections if anyone is interested in checking it out :)
Waad Alosh (5 months ago)
I love how you never mention Muslims even though they are best known for dressing modestly. I don't agree with this modest nonsense. I am personally an atheist and think that every religion is very stupid but I really find it amusing that you never mention Muslims are they that bad that you can't even say Muslim website in your videos. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vida E (5 months ago)
Thank you, thank you for such great information. It has been such a struggle to find modest clothing. I look forward to your next adventure hopefully in modesty options.
Rayford August (7 months ago)
I started the boho modest look n u can go to Walmart for that, cute affordable stuff.
Samara V Hamilton (8 months ago)
"Let's all buy the dresses." Thank you for this video! Especially the Eshakti recommendation. Mind. Blown.
How can I dress modestly in the heat? I live in South florida, so its typically 90 degrees every day, so its hard to wear sleeved items
Judith Kalisch (5 months ago)
I live in the deep South, and have lived in Israel. It's actually more comfortable to be covered, in addition to providing the skin protection from the sun (think about how Bedouins dress). In the warmer months try dressing in lighter colors, looser fitting styles, and wear natural fibers. I always wear a volumizer under my tichels because the heat doesn't bother me that much but if you're very sensitive, you might just try only wearing a non-slip velvet headband with one light scarf, easy and doesn't require volume. Hope this helps a little. 👳‍♀️
doubleme1189 (9 months ago)
Not sure why it took so long to see this!! Thank you so much for the shoutout!! Loved your video on Tzniot too. I see so many girls struggling on a daily basis in my boutique. (P.S. your tichel looks amazing!)
Cary Alvarado (9 months ago)
I love your style! You are such an inspiration to those of us undergoing change in this area of life. It makes me think you should consult on a one-on-one basis to help get a woman started and up and running. Your advice is priceless and a gift from Hashem. Blessings to you and thank you for what you do.
Tiferes S (9 months ago)
You should check out Modanisa if you haven't already, it's a Turkish site and super tzanua and colourful and affordable
Judith Kalisch (10 months ago)
Rosa Maria León Álvarez, el vídeo da links a sitios de Internet donde se pueden comprar ó mandar a pedir a la medida ropa modesta para mujeres judías. Rivka Malka, your videos are always so uplifting and inspiring. EShakti.com is exactly what I was looking for! Seems that every dress always has "one" issue. Been following you since you made the first Wrapunzel videos. B"H your new year will be sweet and full of blessings!
Luz Morales (10 months ago)
Thank You !! For Eshakti.com!!!!!
Michele Requena (10 months ago)
Shalom sister Rivka! i adore you and follow a lot of you stuff the last few years. you have definitely been an inspiration for me since becoming a convert and learning Real modesty! Thank you. you are an inspiration. i hope one day we can meet and i can attend one of you coaching/retreats. Anyways, i really need help with my large tichel collection. it's getting unmanageable. i'm gonna take it off the poles and put in drawers like you have. that's probably a better idea, and i'm sure my husband would agree LOL. can you please tell me how many baskets you use and what did you do to select which colors go in what basket? thank you so much, this will save me from having 12 baskets ;) xox
Michele Bayardelle (10 months ago)
Thanks...i've been thinking the same thing recently. so let say i get myself down to 4 drawers, how do i color classify each. BTW i just started dressing your truth also and i'm a type 3
Rivka Malka Perlman (10 months ago)
The trick is to get rid of as many as possible You really don't wear all of them:) Once I did that ( and I still prune the collection on occasion) it became manageable to fit and maintain them in baskets folded instead of heaped and messy.
Heather Cortes (10 months ago)
Thanks for the links. I usually have to make my clothes if I want something....no, I'm not Jewish. I doubt they'll have much that'll work for me that I don't have to make myself, but I can get some ideas. If you happen to come across off the rack clothes for tall girls let me know. I'm six feet tall. A knee length dress on you is VERY short on me. I did find a couple of long skirts, even on me, at torrid. Too bad it's too big now since I've been losing a lot of weight. This particular skirt can't be altered well.
DrummerlovesBookworm (10 months ago)
I've been waiting a long time for you to do more 'beginner' and convert videos -- your clothing videos are so helpful....I wish for 101 in the kitchen and with more basic teachings. You are the best teacher....
DrummerlovesBookworm (10 months ago)
Deborah Fagan (10 months ago)
Ohhh!! I was wondering Rivka if you would be interested or maybe thought about opening up a Facebook page showing us lady's pictures of you in your different outfits you have down to the shoes and accessories? I'm more of a visual person so I know it would help me a great deal to get better ideas on what goes together as far as colors and layering too! 🙂
Deborah Fagan (10 months ago)
I love you!! Blessings to you!! 💗
TheHanaFlower (10 months ago)
ModLi.com is also wonderful!
Mc Dane (10 months ago)
How timely, thank you very much for this video. I’m starting to convert while going back to my Jewish roots and the dressing is the one thing I’m finding difficult.
Rosrychaplet (10 months ago)
Hi Rivka. #modesty
Little Kosher Lunch (10 months ago)
You are just adorable, Rivka Malka! I also love thrift shopping and just found some beautiful vintage dresses to wear to some upcoming weddings. My husband was over the moon when he saw a beautiful flowing long dress (super modest but very romantic). We are reform, but my husband loves me in a dress and I love how I feel in one too! You always look lovely! Thanks for sharing your methods.
Patti Kubacki (10 months ago)
Thank you for all of the resources.
Lina K (10 months ago)
The music in this video was a bit distracting ThankYou for turning it 📴 ☺
Wonder1234 (10 months ago)
Sorry music was so loud I couldn’t hear anything you said
avalon2468 (10 months ago)
I use full beauty. Com for some modest pieces as a plus size woman. It’s like a mall for a ton of plus size stores. It is a little on the pricey side but as a plus size woman I’m used to it 😉 I also really like old navy online they have plus sizes online and some cute quality stuff that’s modest🤗.
Terry Westbrook-Lienert (10 months ago)
Thank you for the links! I enjoy looking lovely and modest. This will help me a lot. 👍
I would like to know your suggestions for shabbos outfits. While I always make sure that I am dressed nicer than other days, I sometimes feel underdressed. Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you for the video and links I have found the majority of my tznuis clothing second hand, but this video has given me place to go for shells (I’m having difficulty finding proper covered shells near me)
Apron Acres (10 months ago)
The Kings Daughter, https://www.thekingsdaughters.com/, is Plain People/Amish oriented if viewers like that style for both custom sewing or sewing patterns if prefer to sew.
Heftzivah Perez (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for Rivka Malka, I'm so grateful for you sharing and posting where to buy beautiful modest clothing. I've found it very difficult to find the clothes I feel lovely and comfortable in, which really helps my attudes in every day life. I find clothing really does effect our / my moods and self esteem. So I'm especially grateful to you for posting this very informative and important information. You are so beautiful and I too just love you, you are a beautiful person, a beautiful woman and precious neshama to us all!!! I really do thank Hashem for lovely sweet and beautiful you. Xo ♥️ xo with a big warm hug from me Zivah xo ♥️ xo
Melania MoneyPenny (10 months ago)
Love the vid you are a really sweet person :)
Melania MoneyPenny (10 months ago)
also pearl daisy.com ...it's run by a muslim youtuber ameena but she also does modety clothing :) and they are goregous!
Thistle Moon (10 months ago)
Love your T3 style. The colors are perfect on you.
Rosa Maria Leon Alvarez (10 months ago)
Alguien que traduzca plisss?!!
Charmain Ross (10 months ago)
Thank you SSSSOOOO much for this video and answering my question!!!!
nar_leoterra (10 months ago)
I would like to add shellsheli (dot) com is a great place to get layering/modesty shells and skirt extenders. They have shells up to size 3 X.
Raquel (10 months ago)
Thank you! I admire you.
Miriam Levy (10 months ago)
Thanx for another amazing video. It is very helpful.
Deborah Cook (10 months ago)
Thanks for the information...love it when you do these type videos since I am new to my Jewish roots and just learning. Miss your cooking videos.
MimaHope (10 months ago)
Thank you for simple and encouraging guidance and information.
Melania MoneyPenny (10 months ago)
she is brilliant.
FreeBird (10 months ago)
I love you RivkaMalka! I am not Jewish, but you bring peace and serenity to me. Sometimes when I can't sleep, I think of your videos (the few with your family in the background are my favorites) and I am soothed. Thank you.
T H (10 months ago)
Thx for both videos. It is hard finding modest/stylish clothes. Especially if your a plus size. Yes I do by a lot of my clothes on Eshakti. But wish there were other places. For shabbos robes I usually buy sleeveless maxi dresses on sale and then just get a shell for it. But every day is ssssooooo hard.
Cynthia Adkison (10 months ago)
Thank you so very much!!
LetsBeClear (10 months ago)
Excellent insights and resources, thank you
Tessa Jetta (10 months ago)
Always awesome
Colleen Rodamer (10 months ago)
God bless u love ur videos thanks for sharing God bless
trudy MG (10 months ago)
I hope you do sell clothing awesome idea ××much love your way from ns canada
Jimmy Issac (10 months ago)
I don't know where else to go so I'm asking you Rivka Malka, what do I do when being bullied in Highschool for being Jewish? What can I say or do? I've told higher a Authority such as teachers and principles vice-principals Etc. It doesn't help. I've confronted the bullies, it doesn't help. my parents always ask me if I'm being bullied or things of that nature but I tell them no because I don't want them to get mad. Please, this is a cry for help.
Fartholomew Sharticus (10 months ago)
That happened to me in high school as well, just know that G-d is always there for you and the students who are bothering you are perhaps not confident in themselves or have been brought up to believe certain things that might not be compatible with our beliefs. Regardless, I hope you find the strength you need to overcome that. It’s a terrible thing to have to go through. Perhaps try telling an administrator or close friends who will stick up for you (as I did in my case).
Jimmy Issac (10 months ago)
Rivka Malka Perlman will do, thanks
Rivka Malka Perlman (10 months ago)
HI Jimmy, Please send me a message on my site rivkamalka.com and I will respond to you.
Jimmy Issac (10 months ago)
Do you know where I can get modest cloths for men/ what does modesty mean for men
Jimmy Issac (10 months ago)
Rivka Malka Perlman great answer, thanks for being so helpful.
Rivka Malka Perlman (10 months ago)
Great question Modesty for men shows up in their interactions with women. It is less about dress and more about behavior and respect. There is an area of dressing modestly for men and that is in self respect- not walking around shirtless or disheveled etc, but its not a law. It's more a way of walking in the world.

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