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THIS IS BIG...Microsoft To Buy Fallout New Vegas Dev Obsidian Entertainment!

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According to new sources, it looks like Microsoft could buy Fallout New Vegas developer Obisidian Entertainment to make games for Xbox One and PC. Also we go over your latest reactions related to Fallout 76 news about pvp multiplayer and more! SOURCES: https://kotaku.com/sources-microsoft-is-close-to-buying-obsidian-1829614135 ►That's Right! I livestream DAILY Around 4PM PT at: http://www.facebook.com/OpenWorldVideoGames ►Subscribe Here On YouTube For Daily Videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bestofvideogames ►I'm on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/knightrobby ►SIGN UP TO OUR WEBSITE: http://www.openworldgames.com ►CHECK OUT OUR STAR WARS YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=gameverb #Fallout76 #FO76 #Games
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Text Comments (463)
Twisted - (7 days ago)
I hope they still let their games on ps4
lamar76 metal (7 days ago)
Hopefully there will be special vendors during events with the possibility of event specific loot
Zoide (8 days ago)
I actually think the next halo game will be coming out next gen
DeiRaccoon (11 days ago)
Microsoft to buy Obsidian... Oh hell naw... RIP
Alien Slayer (11 days ago)
Obsidian today is a badly decomposed version of itself don’t be excited
Shaun Davids (10 days ago)
look at the other studios Ms has bought ...then wake up lmfao dense their support network will be immense
Alien Slayer (11 days ago)
ZenIceHero Couldn’t have said it better myself
ZenIceHero (11 days ago)
If think you're REALLY wrong MATE.
Casey Graves (11 days ago)
GUARANTEE we will have to pay for pets 100% would bet on it. I also sort of think some sort of vehicle will be released that you'll be able to buy. Just look at ESO they've got the horses that you have to pay for so why not on here?
evoken zyklon (11 days ago)
Legate Alucard (12 days ago)
Microsoft well if we buy everyone we can get exclusives
HiiPER MaaDMaan (12 days ago)
I haven't watched the video but I'm just gonna put this comment here obsidian is not the same as when they made new Vegas they got rid of half of all there staff after new Vegas including a lot the original Devs from black isle and interplay, obsidian is currently a former shell of them selfs and is having problems. If they made a sequel to new Vegas is would not be like new Vegas at all.
Alice Edgeworth (12 days ago)
Goddamn I need new Vegas remastered.
ZenIceHero (11 days ago)
I REALLY hope these are just rumours and speculation, i''ve been waiting so LONG to play PIllars of Eternity 2 on the PS4 besides Microsoft Games Studios allready got great aquisitions recently.
Lord Admiral Chowder (12 days ago)
I would like kotor 3
Ty Sny (12 days ago)
I would really like to see more from Obsidian. I absolutely love FO:NV. I would really hope that the games they make come to Playstation because tbh I'm not a fan of the Xbox.
Tristin Day (12 days ago)
come on man, I got the ps4...
Hawklord 666 (12 days ago)
Oh No ;0 this is gonna the same as EA buying Bioware, another nail in the coffin for the rpg! RIP Pillars of Eternity! We dont need global corps buying all the little developers and homogenising games and adding their insulting microtransactions
MrThewheels (12 days ago)
Well they might as well. Did you hear Ps5 will be their last system. Sad if its true.
MrClonedzero (12 days ago)
holy shit click bait video. This has nothing to do with fallout.
Chicken Ranger (12 days ago)
Baitiest bait that's ever baited. Which is pretty normal for this channel I suppose, gotta do what you gotta do. But yeah, even if Obsidian is purchased they won't be making fallout, nor would it be anywhere near as good if they could.
marc llata (12 days ago)
and now obsidian will make kinect games
John Collins (12 days ago)
Still wouldn't mind a new Alpha Protocol.
shadow ghost (12 days ago)
You heard of the crazy cat lady right but what about the crazy🌹💜 PLANT WITCH 🌿 ☘ with her moving house full of every growable plant imaginable. hopefully they add more as time goes on
shadow ghost (12 days ago)
Wrong video
Bobby Collinsworth (12 days ago)
Obsidian has also been working on a new game for a while now, The Outer Worlds. A supposed space rpg in the vein of NV. That will be an xbox exclusive now if the deal goes through.
John Ward (12 days ago)
Microsoft owned Bethesda and now this!! Fallout:New Vegas 2 Confirmed!!!!!
iiStryker360 (12 days ago)
Chris Avellone is not with the company any longer IIRC He’s the one primarily responsible for the excellent writing in the Obsidian developed games Without Avellone, MS purchasing Obsidian means little to nothing
doctor leak (12 days ago)
The game pass is just meh
xNade God (12 days ago)
Doesn't mean they're making fallout. Thank god lol
Irvin Chadwick (12 days ago)
Well don’t be surprised if they make those modelers quit working on fallout 4 new Vegas....
Marc Cioffi (12 days ago)
Give me one reason why fallout 76 will be a good game and it won’t die out on the first couple of month? Feels empty man
Fang Reaper108 (12 days ago)
#Notificationsquad I don’t know if this has been covered or explained yet , but are unique weapons a thing like in previous games or do all weapons just have a higher level version
CCC Moon (12 days ago)
Do people in the comment know Bethesda own the right to Fallout IP.
Nathan Cramer (12 days ago)
Please give me my thermic lance bethesda! I need to hit creatures with the almighty drill poke
Luke Coyle (12 days ago)
Fable 4?! Dayum.
Eduard Edwin (12 days ago)
The thing is, for what are caps???
cser2453 (12 days ago)
someone should ask the Devs if, since this is a live service game with constant updates....if we will ever see other human NPC's appear later down the road months after release or even DLC, possible from vault 76 that went rouge, or maybe the other vaults around the map we can find. Give the feel that a few select other came out of some vaults after we did in vault 76
What studio are they gonna buy next...
GizZy GizMo (12 days ago)
Microsoft has been adding all of there exclusives to game pass first day. Its possibly the best deal in gaming to date.
Ralph Capone (12 days ago)
I would love to see Microsoft bring back Starwars Galaxies. Man, the shit they could do now...
J Johnson (12 days ago)
No I dont care for another obsidian fallout. (loved new vegas) but with an entirely different team working on it its illogical to assume it would be any good. Microsoft has been responsible for so many failed games and consols recently that I would prefer Microsoft didn't touch fallout.
J Johnson (12 days ago)
The vast majority of those who worked on new Vegas no longer work for obsidian. Not to mention bethesda owns the rights. I wouldn't be expecting a new Vegas 2, it may happen but it's very doubtful. Old school fallout is dead...move on
DrewSki Gone Gaming (12 days ago)
I'm so hyped bout fallout 76, can't wait to let the jet make me jittery lol
This dog (12 days ago)
Most people who worked on fallout new vegas left obsidian long ago
Kane DeVall (12 days ago)
Open world games, could we play with you during the beta and after release? (Fallout 76) If so here is a way that you could do it. So you pick the top comment and then ask them for their phone number so you can see if you both have pc or whatever and so yu can find out their name and play with them in a squad. You could do this every sunday and play with them through-out the week until sunday where you pick a new comment. (It would be cool if you let me be the first to play with you)
Corey McKernan (12 days ago)
Please no more talk about no NPCS plz
NeedMorePuppies (12 days ago)
Y'all are fake Obsidian fans if you haven't played Pillars of Eternity or Tyranny New Vegas isn't the only game they ever made
Al Bundy (12 days ago)
I have a feeling that this is the first shot fired in exclusives wars.
Justin Barkmann (12 days ago)
Kiss single player games goodbye
maymayman (12 days ago)
Why on EARTH would playground be making fable 4? Take a step back and think about it for a second. Obsidian, creators of fallout, developers of legendary RPGS...... NOT developing fable 4.... but instead PLAYGROUND GAMES..... DEVELOPERS OF RACING GAMES? Use your brain
Andrew McCall (12 days ago)
If their will be a fallout new Vegas remastered, it better not be a Xbox exclusive because that will piss alot of people off.
GizZy GizMo (12 days ago)
They cant cause Bethesda own the rights to Fallout. They would be put on either a title thats already in the works or would make a new IP.
T-Pose Kek (12 days ago)
If this does happen, maybe obsidian will be financially stable enough to team up with Bethesda
MD Flix (12 days ago)
Every time Microsoft buys a game company, they start ruining that company's big hits. For instance, Minecraft. Microsoft might ask to work with Bethesda to make some Xbox Exclusive Fallout remasters. D: HOPEFULLY NOT
Plooperer Plooperer (12 days ago)
Is this bad or good?
Quazzi (12 days ago)
Microsoft will learn quickly that buying up loads of studios won't fix everything. Also, it's quality over quantity and nothing about their purchases tells me they will be capable of bringing through a top quality AAA title even close to anything Sony has and besides, nobody wants all the developers being forced onto two different systems as it's just bad for gaming overall but what else can convince people of a hardware choice better than having the best games?
the dead guy (12 days ago)
no no no please no
Agent Area51 (12 days ago)
Its would be Interesting to see how microsoft and Obsidian make a OPEN WORLD together....I subscribed too...Happy 🎃
Twisted Gift (13 days ago)
Granted, it'll be a great acquisition for Microsoft. However, Berhesda has made it official that there are no plans at all to allow another developer to publish another Fallout game. So yeah... there's that.
DougJK (13 days ago)
All I’ve ever wanted is for NV to be remastered
Nicholas Wilkowski (13 days ago)
iLLuzion S (13 days ago)
Lets hope if there gon be a Faible 4 it will be like Faible 1 Cuz 1>2>3 :(
Im sure Micro-soft understand that devs which created Fallout now either dead or working in other studios. For example, Kris Avellon worked on new Prey and now works on some zombie game. Its most likely because of "Tyranny 2" they buy Obsidian.
ash's naked dad (13 days ago)
I mean they can't make fallout games but that doesn't mean they can't make a fallout type game .
GT iHyperLethal (13 days ago)
Buying out Obsidian could be great or it could be terrible. Once you’re under a corporation, likely you’d have to do as they say. Besides that, making a fallout game by obsidian whilst under Microsoft would probably make conflict between multiple platform release, cross play, and not to mention the initial rights (permission) to do so from Bethesda. To be more optimistic, Microsoft could help develop not only the studio itself but also strengthen its exclusives.
GizZy GizMo (12 days ago)
They wont make a Fallout Game they would either be put working on Fable 4 with Playground Games or could be used to make a brand new IP.
MR cyber (13 days ago)
Its crazy for how long they have been using this engine since 2006 unbelievable and the game doesn't look that bad
Xero [2] (12 days ago)
Huh? Creation Engine (2011) is only 7, years old. They stopped using Gamebryo s decade ago. Btw, every developer reuses engines, they just update it.
LightningSamus (13 days ago)
Most of the people who made New Vegas don’t work for Obsidian anymore.
Tyler Balsis (13 days ago)
You are a good dude you do a lot of research and put a lot of great info in your videos for us lazy people and provide entertaining commentary
Terris Harned (13 days ago)
This guy is such an idiot.
ONYX Frans (13 days ago)
We pay for Xbox live gold which is $80 a year then I gotta buy my games and pay for dlc, I don’t want to pay for game pass to because it’s $120 a year so without the games it’s 200 just to have gold and the pass, sure it’s good for people with loads of cash but people struggling and working three jobs don’t want to pay for a three or four memberships or passes
Cameron Peacock (13 days ago)
This why I hate Microsoft. There just like they but studios Then ruin them
Odin Vik (13 days ago)
I don't like this
Arbiter Of demons (13 days ago)
It would not be sad Sony does the exclusive games bs all the time.
Mad Gunner 117 (13 days ago)
New vegas 2 would be awsome
David Quezada (13 days ago)
WOW That would be amazing for them Be OP in classical RPG genre
Andrew Mieirs (13 days ago)
Fallout 76 does have npcs. It's just that they are dead ones.
oasisbeyond (13 days ago)
MS are dumb, just open your own studios. MS Montreal for example but nope, too stupid.
oasisbeyond (13 days ago)
glitchy games woot!
Pavel Frolov (13 days ago)
Jordzyi 1 (13 days ago)
No thanks I don’t like & care about PC & Game pass
Vollex (13 days ago)
But here’s the catch if you are on pc you need to buy their games Microsoft Store
Mr Glass (13 days ago)
Ah.....red dead redemption will look best on the x
Odin Vik (13 days ago)
and that is just unaccepteble
Chris Fury (13 days ago)
Yeah… but MS also bought Rare and see what happened!
U A (13 days ago)
Chris Avelone is probably salty right now, if he had stayed with Obsidian he would be getting a huge payout right now, millions of dollars and now he gets nothing while Feargus and Sawyer are going to get fat paychecks lol
Morty C-137 (13 days ago)
Just don't gut and lobotomize them like you did with Rare
darth revan (13 days ago)
Be a dream come true for fallout new Vegas 2 I love the thought of Microsoft making a fallout game
LightningSamus (13 days ago)
Bethesda owns the rights to Fallout. Obsidian hasn’t done a Fallout game since 2010. Most of the people who worked on New Vegas have left Obsidian. Obsidian’s main franchise right now is Pillars of Eternity.
Odin Vik (13 days ago)
that's never going to happen
Ildun (13 days ago)
Don't know much about Microsoft reputation in game industry, hope they don't ruin studios like EA :(
Alan Anzo (13 days ago)
Calm down obsidian fanboys. This does not make a new fallout by obsidian any more likely than it has been before. Fallout is owned by Bethesda. If there was even a chance another obsidian fallout could happen, Bethesda would have to go through Microsoft. You can sit down now.
LightningSamus (13 days ago)
They’re not really even fan of Obsidian. They’re just fans of New Vegas. Most of them are talking about “New Vegas 2”. None of them talk about Pillars if Eternity which is made by Obsidian. The uploader is to blame too because they put New Vegas in the title and show Fallout footage. Obsidian has only developed one Fallout game and that was released in 2010. They did it for views and they knew Fallout fanboys would come.
Bryn Phillips (13 days ago)
If anything, I suspect this will make it less likely that Obsidian will be touching Fallout again unless Microsoft buys out Bethesda which is pretty unlikely. As for Fallout 76, I think there are a few issues with understanding what the game is actually like. I have seen a lot of still quite misinformed posts. Case in point, some people seem to still think there is a risk of ganking but from what I have seen it is very hard to kill someone who doesn't want to PvP and if you do manage to pull it off it effectively makes you a target for everyone, even in your own team. The NPC thing I think is less of an issue than people think and that is because, ignoring the obvious presence of robots, what I have seen points to the fact that the lack of people is core to the story. There were people rebuilding prior to the vault opening but they have all vanished and its a mystery why. Something very bad happened 6 years prior. I think actually having human NPCs alive, at least at this point, would drastically undermine the unnerving atmosphere of the story that is established. Plus they can always add NPCs to content later. No NPCs now doesn't mean they never need to have NPCs.
CyberGhosT (13 days ago)
Hey nice vid, also someone has agreed to continue producing the Tell Tale TWD series. Know your news brother :)
SVP Gaming 642 (13 days ago)
I’ve been loving the discord it’s a great place to hang out and talk about fallout
C Cl (13 days ago)
So will this mean fallout could be an xbox exclusive lol 🤞
Mathew Nelson (13 days ago)
I hope Bethesda Game Studios buys Obsidian!
DeiRaccoon (11 days ago)
That'd be worse.
Illx Nati (11 days ago)
Aint gonna happen
Greg Mitchell (13 days ago)
>implying microsoft wont just make RTSs with them
Shaun VanWyk (13 days ago)
Blackfox21 (13 days ago)
I want them to make more Knights of the Old Republic games to show EA how its done!
NarwhalsIncorporated (13 days ago)
Are we really going to listen to the opinion of someone pretending to be Iron Man?
NarwhalsIncorporated (13 days ago)
Sony started the exclusives part of the console war so PS4 players deserve to miss out on some games for once.
LightningSamus (13 days ago)
Microsoft was doing timed exclusives. No gamers should deserve to miss out on games because of some corporation. Stop being fanboys and console wars are stupid. War? No it’s corporations making money while their mindless fans praise them. Xbox has exclusives, Nintendo has exclusives, PlayStation has exclusives.
Pierre Pellerin (13 days ago)
Does that mean a Fallout New Vegas 2 exclusive to xbox and pc?
Mario Sanon (13 days ago)
You know what they another spin-off of halo that is half first person/3rd person like the Fallout 4 and open-world like Fallout and have puzzle elements of Metriod Prime. But this will have to star another group of Spartans which there alot of m.i.a Spartans who didn't perish in battle or the Spartan4s
Jackson Dudek (13 days ago)
X box should NOT make exclusive fallout games. Fallout is a game for everybody and I don’t want to buy an Xbox to play, me being a ps4 user.
LightningSamus (13 days ago)
Obsidian does not own the rights to Fallout. They only got to make New Vegas because Bethesda let them. New Vegas came out in 2010 and it was published by Bethesda Softworks. Bethesda owns the rights to Fallout. Obsidian does own the rights to Pillars of Eternity though.
Jackson Dude. K (13 days ago)
Me “deal” open world games “dil”
tim Grossman (13 days ago)
I'd like for this to happen. The Xbox one is kinda hurting for the exclusives that ps4 has.
Courier Six (13 days ago)
Could we be getting mods for new vegas on the xbox one? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Levi Dye (13 days ago)
If they make it an Xbox exclusive fallout game, then I'm going to riot.
Marko Aleksic (12 days ago)
Microsoft has good relations with bethesda. But bethesda has bad relations with sony. So i see pc and xbox only bethesda game in future.
Stefanos Kapsimalis (12 days ago)
+Levi Dye But if they make a new fallout game it will be a spinoff and will not be NV2. Obsidian has said that they would like to make a fallout in boneyard (not sure if the name is correct but they want to make a new game outside NV) and therefore a new story.
Levi Dye (12 days ago)
+Stefanos Kapsimalis Sorry for the misunderstanding; Sony has exclusives to games that have either a new story that's never been told, or a pre-existing world as an exclusive, such as God of War. Fallout is so widely known as a cross platform game, that making an exclusive would alienate people. Say they made a new game based on the Flash, as an Xbox exclusive, not a part of the Arkham series. As long as it holds no connection to a game that has been for more than one console, and tells a story that is completely new, I'm okay with it. Say if they made Tomb Raider 2013 up until shadow an Xbox exclusive, I'm fine with that, because it's a new story that hasn't been done before.
Stefanos Kapsimalis (12 days ago)
+Levi Dye Wait when sony has exlusives to big names such as spiderman its all nice but when microsoft might do the same to other big names such as fallout then its bad?
ash's naked dad (13 days ago)
Levi Dye okay I understand but I mean obsidion doesn't have to make a new fallout title but they can still make a fallout type game . Thats business man sometimes you win sometimes you lose I own a ps4 and a pc anyways so it's not a problem for me

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