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Microsoft Down Under Experience (extended)

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In March 2019, Microsoft Rewards flew sweepstakes winner William H. and a guest to Australia for the Microsoft Down Under experience. They enjoyed a tour of the Sydney Opera House and visited the Microsoft Store. They ate lunch with the head of Microsoft Rewards Australia and ended the day by summiting the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Subscribe to Microsoft on YouTube here: https://aka.ms/SubscribeToYouTube Follow us on social: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/microsoft/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Microsoft Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Microsoft/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/microsoft/ For more about Microsoft, our technology, and our mission, visit https://aka.ms/microsoftstories
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Text Comments (81)
Rigo Uribe (20 days ago)
freaken aisans
Kris Hefner (21 days ago)
Here for the 5 points
Ashleigh Kennon (21 days ago)
Points.... All 5.
Alarec Scarbrow (22 days ago)
You don't have to watch the video for the points. Clicking the link is good enough. If you're here, you're done.
kyzf (23 days ago)
I couldn't stop shitting my underwear while watching this. Like constant torrents of brown burning pouring from my bunghole, stopped immediately as soon as the video was over. Jesus what a cleanse.
Shelley Staffig (23 days ago)
WOW I want to go there!!!!
Jake White (23 days ago)
Barbara Urbin (23 days ago)
What a cool experience!!
Flecher (24 days ago)
Anyone else just watching for the rewards? Who else is gonna cash in for a xbox gift card
MarcusDaNoobGamer (24 days ago)
Dear Microsoft, I am not certified for anything. Would you help me become part of the Microsoft family? Be an amazing career opportunity.
MarcusDaNoobGamer (24 days ago)
cool :)
Rigo Uribe (24 days ago)
microsoft is racist beacause all those people in the video are aisan
Rigo Uribe (24 days ago)
freaken aisans
ETHan ChEN (24 days ago)
Rigo Uribe (24 days ago)
Digital Marketing (25 days ago)
Sharon (25 days ago)
Yes its a nice place to go
Willem DaFuckedUp (25 days ago)
This is pointless crap
Bobbi Snyder (26 days ago)
I've never won anything so I've stopped using my points for entries but I've cashed out for e-gift cards. Love that. It's tempting though...
Peter Van Mater (26 days ago)
Bing is the only search engine I use - everyday at work and on my phone.  I used my points for $5 gift cards to Amazon and as a result, obtained free fishing waders.  Something actually useful, since I'm an avid fisherman.  I tell all my friends to use Bing.
charles curry (26 days ago)
Look like I been playing for ever how long by!!!
SevenTwelve (26 days ago)
Microsoft Rewards Australia? Only last year Australian users didn't qualify for rewards.
Yo thank you for the amazon gift cards, could you add more rewards?
Colby Stoker (27 days ago)
That is awesome, what a trip that would have been and I bet they did so much more than what was shown. Congrats. I have put in many times to win the trip to Microsoft in Seattle. Microsoft is so awesome, love their tech.
2tonsolid (27 days ago)
i don't like how they changed up my email account.
Sherry Myers (27 days ago)
Never won a thing! Really!
Milo Hajek (27 days ago)
yeah I never win these things but I am willing to try, plus my aunt lives outside of Sydney and it would be nice to see her again. My number is in the running.
Christopher (27 days ago)
I'd rather have my $5.00 Amazon gift card.
iN8k (27 days ago)
I have no respect for your company, your Xbox Enforcement team permanently suspended my gamertag #iN8k iN October of 2018... For no reason... Pathetic company with unbalanced & unfair regul8ion. An iNterN8ional corpor8ion built off of favoritism & greed.
Geoffrey Pennington (27 days ago)
iN8k oh nooooo!
iN8k (27 days ago)
Welcome to my block list... Coward
Geoffrey Pennington (27 days ago)
iN8k you are clearly the problem
iN8k (27 days ago)
I guess it depends what game you play & how many people harass you & what level you are iN that particular video game, & if that video game allowed a massive moddiNg iNvasion to pollute the community`s communic8ions. But... No big deal... Don`t research or ask why I claimed this... Just be an opiNioN8ed sarcastic dickhead. End of discussion & welcome to my block list. Pussy.
Let's see...I've had my Xbox Live Account for almost 13 years. I have never been banned or issued a single warning during that entire period of time. I think your unfair regulation comment says it all!
Boutique Chinadoll Inc (27 days ago)
my husband is the Microsoft freak, everything is Microsoft. He talks to everybody like he work for Microsoft but without pays. I hope Microsoft gives out commission for referrals. He'll be rich than.
spotlifetv (27 days ago)
One day I hope to win one of these contest that I enter. Oh and I wish Microsoft still made Windows Phones the OS was second to none just lacked apps!
ForZa Dropz (27 days ago)
How many points do you guys have in total??
Peter Van Mater (26 days ago)
presently 18,000 - but I've had at least double that in the past.
Ninjaken (27 days ago)
Love Micrsoft Rewards gonna cash them out soon
cheryl horstman (27 days ago)
Dream trip
Lucent Shadow (27 days ago)
Outback Steakhouse
Jan af Petersens (27 days ago)
Congrats! Sounds like memorable trip
36billo (27 days ago)
Very Cool, Good Luck to everyone in the Rewards Contests..
Kelly캘리 (27 days ago)
2tonsolid (27 days ago)
kind of weird that both winners are asian. why can't a transgender win? do drag queens use microsoft? do people in africa need points? does anyone in syria wanna donate their points to their favorite charity? what if your account is hacked by russians for trump?
2tonsolid (27 days ago)
+Cindy Wooden does hillary grab you or something? you seem to be all over her woo woo. snooping on her emails. would like to see what's in your emails.
Cindy Wooden (27 days ago)
Haven't you heard? The Russians got paid by Hillary. Didn't you read her e-mails?
Dale Brooks (27 days ago)
Like how many points do you have to dump into it to win man I’d rather not waste points trying to see I’ll take my 3 months of gp or gold anyway
Sandra Hoyos (27 days ago)
Yep, just the rewards.
Robert Rush (27 days ago)
Sydney Australia, the navel of Heaven on Earth. I'm totally happy for the winners! All my blessings to you all.
EpicStudios7 (27 days ago)
Anyone else here for the 5 points?
Rigo Uribe (20 days ago)
why else would anyone watch freken aisans
The Ghastley Channel (21 days ago)
EpicStudios7 me
Devin Antwoine Cohen (21 days ago)
Rigo Uribe (24 days ago)
Emmanuel davis (26 days ago)
+KillPenguins AKA xtzyshuadog lol games of throne reference
Boolin' Royale (27 days ago)
dang, everytime I get redirected to youtube in Edge, I am reminded how painfully slow it is
Joking Gamer YT (27 days ago)
1:09 I can see Windows 8
John Roberts (28 days ago)
The 8-Bit Wolf (28 days ago)
9th! Also who else is here for Rewards??
Michael Sommers (25 days ago)
SFS VHS (27 days ago)
Bingo! At almost 19K points right now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Microsoft, please make points redeemable for VUDU credit!
Thejonez (27 days ago)
+Gonzalez131 4000 + 5 for this here vid
Gonzalez131 (27 days ago)
me.how many points do you have ?
Joking Gamer YT (27 days ago)
The 8-Bit Wolf Me :)
Tesla Model 3 (28 days ago)
Congrats to them. I haven't won something major like that, but I'm happy with the Target e-gift cards I get. =]
rose novel (25 days ago)
Yeah I dont do any of the sweepstakes
Christopher Spence (28 days ago)
Awesome video I liked💯💯
Jeffrey Straub (28 days ago)
So jealous! Looks like an exciting trip ... :)
The why he stated business as Microsoft he is has to think mechine which people are going to be purchased for example mobile, new automation code mechine, security purposes etc... Still many but to think of all this they beo don't have much time
Goliath Sack (27 days ago)
TRANSLATED: "Microsoft sucks"
NoFearGamin (28 days ago)
What the heck are you trying to say😂
gary jamespon (28 days ago)
your post doesn't make sense
cristais paulista sp brasil .
Heldscissors41 (1 month ago)

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