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Jimi Hendrix - Spanish Castle Magic Guitar Lesson

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Buy Now: https://goo.gl/KjrV8d Jimi Hendrix "Spanish Castle Magic" guitar lesson. Today we're using the Dunlop Hendrix Fuzz Face Mini to produce the many shades of fuzzy drive you hear in this riff. Starting with a tuning half a step down, the main riff stands on an Eb power chord an uses the high E and B strings to punctuate the end of the measure. The verse of "Spanish Castle Magic" uses descending power chords that finish with a familiar Hendrix chord shape, the C7#9. The Pre-Chorus shifts the main riff up a string to Ab but still employs the open top two strings to accent. Finally, we hear some simultaneous bending of the G&B strings which may take practice to shift both notes evenly up half a step. Enjoy your riff of the day guitar lesson.
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Text Comments (80)
Roberto Sozio (2 months ago)
Nice good sound
Fernando Jr. (7 months ago)
Love dat extra jangle!
Purplexi (11 months ago)
Don't like Dunlop Fuzz Faces now I've tried a few Brit versions. The Dunlop's just feel like a toy fuzz now.
MoshGremlin (1 year ago)
One of my favourite riffs 🎼
Montag Musik (1 year ago)
I'm not getting how it is possible to run a 9V device on 6 Volts.
ProGuitarShopDemos (1 year ago)
You can "starve" analog pedals like fuzz or overdrive. This is like putting a half dead 9V battery in the pedal. Digital pedals demand the exact voltage required or they will not work. Thanks!
BeckumOutdoors (1 year ago)
Love the guitar, really!
ART HIP (1 year ago)
3:40 slow tempo
Anthony Edwards (3 years ago)
Not that difficult, but Hendrix wasn't about difficulty. He was about effects and innovation.
CaptainCoconut70 (3 years ago)
The Eb tuning is the better tuning for the guitar! Jimi Hendrix knew that! I play always with this tuning!
John Robie (3 years ago)
Where did the backing track come from?
Gaetan Gaetan (3 years ago)
how do you feed 6 volts to the fuzzface?
Rufus D Tonebug (3 years ago)
+Gaetan Gaetan Some pedal power supplies such as certain Voodoo Labs have a 'sag' knob on a specific 9 volt out. You can turn this down to simulate a dying battery (6 volts or less) for even more flubbiness of fuzzes. I hope this helps :)
Cristiano Miranda (4 years ago)
Killer!!! Tnks mate!!!
Nuclear Icecream (4 years ago)
am i the only one who thinks that guitar looks horrible
Thomas Crane (5 months ago)
You should be—-HATER
trillriff-axegrinder (2 years ago)
Nuclear Icecream (2 years ago)
id love it too now xddd
Bruno Etchart (4 years ago)
alexjoon44 (4 years ago)
Thank you so much... Been wondering how to play this. Thank you for breaking it down the way you did. I find it easiest to learn how to play by simply watching someone do it first and trying to copy. The slow tempo version nailed it for learning purposes. Love the video!!
yearofrolling (5 years ago)
I understand you're tuned down 1/2 step but... It's pretty confusing to call what is fretted as an A Major chord in standard tuning an Ab just because you're tuned down. Almost any other time you encounter this you'll find a simple annotation stating: "Music sounds in key of whatever, 1/2 step lower than written." or even "Tune down 1/2 step to match recording." Something like that. There's less 'translation' for my brain, anyway... Thanks for the lessons, I love them.
trillriff-axegrinder (2 years ago)
HE is giving you the real notes he is playing
sjirk (5 years ago)
nice sound you've got there Andy!
bluetomatorecords (5 years ago)
Right way? It's music, there is no right or wrong.
bluetomatorecords (3 years ago)
+Keecu I'm afraid that is incorrect. While there are mathematics and science in music, it is still an art form and a method of expressing one's self through sound. There is no right and there is no wrong. The only wrong is the mindset that someone is playing something right or wrong. Furthermore, the original artist of the song here played nearly all of his own songs, as well as the songs of others in a multitude of variations. Perhaps someone should have told Jimi that he was playing his own songs wrong. Perhaps they should have said that he played Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" wrong. I shall speak no more on the subject.
frankentrip (5 years ago)
Good Job! Andy could you do the electric ladyland lesson? Thank you!
ProGuitarShopDemos (5 years ago)
Yes, we currently have a lovely assortment of Fender Japan guitars on our site. Thanks for asking, PGS
Oreius (5 years ago)
wow how phat did that sound!!!!
TheEarthBlues2 (5 years ago)
Relaxing is my number one priority. ;)
Gašper Lovrec (5 years ago)
OMG I just LOVE that strat!!! :D
shodaboy54 (5 years ago)
Prabhdeep Sekhon (5 years ago)
It is impressive but he MADE it haha. So, it came way more naturally to him. He wouldn't have been thinking about it as hard as we are trying to learn it.
Fano Boss (5 years ago)
golfdom1987 (5 years ago)
Awesome looking Strat!
Charles Carter (5 years ago)
Most impressive is that Hendrix SANG while playing all that busy riffage.
Mirko Zoretic (5 years ago)
Andy I love your videos!!! I would like to make you a question... which single coil pick ups for strat do you like? As I like the way you choose your sounds your response could be useful to me!!! Thank You from Argentina!!! Mirko
TheEarthBlues2 (5 years ago)
How about Audio-Technica ATH-M50s? lol...please.
Gunnar Karlsson (5 years ago)
What about Mesa Boogie?
Lieutenant Dude (5 years ago)
Is there a consensus at PGS on which of the 3 mini fuzz faces is the most popular with the employees?
morbidrockerdude (5 years ago)
Some day Clapton, or Beck or some other guitar god is going to pick Andy for his touring band. Such a fine player!
Trent Carr (5 years ago)
It's very far away, takes about a half a day to get there, if we travel by my...dragonfly
Sal Casabianca (5 years ago)
nice Andy
Clopezl01 (5 years ago)
nice, want pedal too! please make a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shodaboy54 (5 years ago)
laptop speakers are no good
Kauan Musumeci (5 years ago)
hey well said man, but i kinda know that stuff, but hendrix use some weird notes and bends sometimes with the pentatonic,like bend the minor 3th to the blues note or whatever, and i think thats nothing wrong to use tab to help gettin it
ASquared007 (5 years ago)
Niiiice! Great track!
rydeentokio (5 years ago)
I'd like to watch your demo of those Fender Japan's! Chieers!
Michael Dean (5 years ago)
Dude, I gotta stop watching these...I keep going out and buying the pedals. haha! What a great job Andy has.
Vindexter (5 years ago)
Loved it
Will Rich (5 years ago)
some LSD might get you there ;)
Will Rich (5 years ago)
Hey Andy, any chance you could do a Roy Buchanan vid someday, cheers.
Henric Oscarsson (5 years ago)
Hehe! I wish you good luck!
Carlo Von Sexron (5 years ago)
Well, until Queens of the Stone Age give me a job as a crew member I'll keep leaving my smartass comments everywhere, I suppose. *Hint Hint*
Henric Oscarsson (5 years ago)
What do you do for a living? Professional Youtube commentator? You keep poppin' up in every video I watch. :)
Martin Kilner (5 years ago)
@Oswald, they are the Imported Japanese Strats and Teles PGS are selling, damn fine axes!
Los Comunistas (5 years ago)
its Jimi Hendrix Experience, not Jimi Hendrix
AgEyal (5 years ago)
I have that fuzz its awsome, ultra hendrix tone
Carlo Von Sexron (5 years ago)
Andy... where's the matching Kimono??
Iago B (5 years ago)
Guess where...PGS!
Iago B (5 years ago)
I think the point here is much more about teaching the riff than miming specific pieces of gear an artist was using during he actual recording...
Iago B (5 years ago)
As if the only thing about Hendrix's tone were the fuzzes...
OswaldAndTheMouse (5 years ago)
Woah. Where can I get a Strat like that?
Rapi Do (5 years ago)
Yes. Jimi Hendrix's playing is superb.
ianwlad (5 years ago)
what a tone
Ryan Caldarone (5 years ago)
it's just a minor pentatonic. Only five notes. Then listen to the solo, pause, and use those same five notes on your guitar to mimic the same thing. With a small amount of practice you'd've increased your ability to "Audiate", and given your ears a fair chance at memorising and recognising some crucial intervals. Do the same thing with other popular scales and modes and you'll never need tabs again. You've already got the ear if you recognise Jimi's playing as superb. Let them do their work.
Zach (5 years ago)
Killer guitar omg!
vox1003 (5 years ago)
tabs are for nubs, figure it out yourself
vox1003 (5 years ago)
I doubt Jimi used stacks in the studio recording, sounded good to me though
V100BB (5 years ago)
0:15 in the video. Your eyes, you must use them.
Kauan Musumeci (5 years ago)
the solo of this song is amazing, and i cant find a damn tab to this song anywhere
TheEarthBlues2 (5 years ago)
That's for sure. =) I still think there are better options at fuzz. As always, different strokes by different folks.
stratmatt73 (5 years ago)
lol true dat...
Edad Martin (5 years ago)
might sound great thru a Marshall major hehe
SilverSkyline92 (5 years ago)
that guitar is a beauty
JCMSLASH (5 years ago)
awesome as always andy keep rocking and posting more lessons
Ismael Flores (5 years ago)
Nice man! What kind of Strat is that? I'm really digging the artwork on it!!
ProGuitarShopDemos (5 years ago)
Well, Marshall stacks might help ;)
HackFuey (5 years ago)
Monaghan Boy (5 years ago)
Nice !
TheEarthBlues2 (5 years ago)
Awesome cover but I'm unimpressed by the mini fuzz face. It sounds so thin compared to the true full Hendrix tone.

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