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5 Ways You Can Use Microsoft Office for Free!

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If you like free software, I will show you 5 ways to get and use Microsoft Office software for free. I will show you the steps on how to get Microsoft Office for free to use on your computer. You can get Microsoft Office for free on many operating systems including Windows, Android and iOS. The key free programs that are part of the office suite include: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. ▶Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/techgumbo ▶Share This Video: https://youtu.be/YNkFXwMe1YU Office Online: https://products.office.com/en-us/office-online/documents-spreadsheets-presentations-office-online Office 365 Trial: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/try/ Office ProPlus Trial: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-office-365-proplus Android 4.4 or Older: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.office.officehub&hl=en_US Android Apps to Download Individually (Post 4.4): https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=6720847872553662727 iOS Apps to Download Individually: https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/microsoft-corporation/id298856275 Office 365 for Education: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education/products/office/default.aspx Top 5 Free Microsoft Office Alternatives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58TK_3TyEfQ Music by: Gunnar Olsen, Jingle Punks, Vibe Tracks & Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music
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Text Comments (220)
Inaire Falen (17 days ago)
if it requires you to be online is it really free?
Joe Culleton (26 days ago)
If i signed into office 365 with my xbox account do i have to pay for it still?
Mili Torres (1 month ago)
Thank you very much! My school has the license :).
QuimbyFletcher1520 (18 days ago)
ye me too
Luis Virtual Band (1 month ago)
You can get the Office apps Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for free on the iPhone and iPad. But if you have an iPad Pro you have to subscribe to Office 365 in order to be able to create and edit files. This is because Microsoft assumes that if you are using a device with a screen bigger than 10.1 inches you are using it for professional purposes. These Microsoft business people became really smart; didn’t they? Thank you Apple for the less greedy apps like Pages and Numbers.
My'Cah Coles (1 month ago)
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rohit Prasad (1 month ago)
Try Google drive on pc it automatically give us the Google doc , excel sheet and PowerPoint for free
Rahmat Go (1 month ago)
never heard KMS bruh?
Asian Miracle (1 month ago)
Can use Microsoft Online on 2 or 3 different PCs at the same time
shawki dabbit (2 months ago)
Just crack it👍
Shlomo Avdiel (2 months ago)
Office Online is NOT full-featured. Libre Office will do anything that MS Office can do.
rijwan siddiqui (2 months ago)
I would like to ask that , office online free for how many days or month or year ?
Karl Lehtonen (3 months ago)
geez, if all the options lack features 'people won't miss', then just use libreoffice without any hoop jumping.
BionicTenshi96 (3 months ago)
I still use the Office 2k that came with my old Presario desktop. Don't know what these newer versions have that 2k doesn't.
Grar Varg (3 months ago)
I use Kingsoft office, it is totally free and far better than Windows Office as it resides on your desktop or laptop, not online where it can be accessed by others. WPS or Kingsoft Office is my go-to program because I can use it fully even when there is no internet connection. I have a copy of Windows Office that I own bought years ago and still does what any word processing program can do, with out being totally reliant on having an internet connection. There is zero reason that a word processing program needs to be accessible by others online or off. Always make sure what you use can be used when there is no connection to the outside world and resides solely on a system under your full control.
Devil dog Lin (3 months ago)
never knew my uni got free office 365 for their students thank you.
Henri's Blog (3 months ago)
Thank you so much! I always knew that our teachers were using MS office, but I never knew that the students could use it as well. Thanks for the tip!
Chen Levi (3 months ago)
1 good way to have office: type "office 365" in eBay and you will find office in 2-5$ now that's CHEAP. I bought and it works, I'm super happy. if you don't need the functionality of office or you just need the basics then you have wordpad(its enough for most users anyway) free in windows, just type it on search and you will find it. glad I could help.
Yosuke Rechain (3 months ago)
Wps good for me 🙃
Backyard Stranger (3 months ago)
Wps is best.
Sarah Meads (3 months ago)
Veizai (4 months ago)
In my opinion, MS Office is still the best on the market. Tried Libre, I kinda dislike the appearance. Now downloading Open Office, I hope it looks as nice as the latest MS Office
Heaven Piercing Man (2 months ago)
Libre is a fork of Open, started back when Oracle let Open stagnate, so they aren't much different. Open is now ran by Apache though. Another option you may like is Kingsoft WPS.
JAMONintendo Something (4 months ago)
I question why the more usable version is available or mobile?
Joseph Kurdziolek (4 months ago)
Microsoft Office online works on Amazon Fire tablet with the Google chrome browser when it's in desktop mode
NightBazaar (4 months ago)
A 30-day free trial doesn't sound like much time to get familiar with the product, apart from Word. Too bad MS scrapped MS Works (for home use) that used to be pre-installed with Windows.
Jason Metcalfe (4 months ago)
My problem is I use Access a lot - which doesn't come for free anywhere these days - good to know theres free options there for others though
The Gatekeeper (5 months ago)
What this video didn't tell you is you have to have a Microsoft email account to sign in and use the office online.
Mark Coetsee (5 months ago)
Bad idea! Libreoffice on Linux is the future!!!
Justice! (5 months ago)
I didn't know you could have Office for free by having a provided email adress by a school. I'm an university student and have an account. This video helped me a lot. Thank you so much!
fuck off (5 months ago)
lol i'm a middle schooler and they're already making us suffer.
Willy Horizont (5 months ago)
I use wps
1103 Musik Berlin (5 months ago)
i see a nice video here
Anam Af (5 months ago)
Works perfectly for me! Thanks a ton!
Sri Krishna (6 months ago)
We could activate original office with kms activator without trial or activate watermark but with all features
QuimbyFletcher1520 (18 days ago)
+Hezzie Kendrick III look it up
Hezzie Kendrick III (1 month ago)
Sri Krishna what is Kim’s activator?
Shen Castro (6 months ago)
thank you so much for this vid!!!!!! you saved me!!!!!!!!!
JN123 (6 months ago)
I never knew there was an online it’s AMAZING THX!!!!
Wapper Jaw (7 months ago)
I will not argue it the best ... quite simply because it not the best. At one time perhaps, but lately ... Microsoft you have been so disappointing!
Joon Young (7 months ago)
Turns out my university did buy license for its students and faculty members but they never told us about it, maybe they did, I didn't pay attention. They announce a lot of stuff on the official university site, not all of us keep track of all that stuff. Downloading the full legit retail version of Microsoft Office for free now, thank you for making this video :)
Definite Solutions (5 months ago)
You can also use Open Office as an alternative to Microsoft Office.
John Meister Dupa (6 months ago)
hello, i know this is a long shot but can i use your account for my chromebook? subscription is required and free trial requires debit/credit verification so yeah :/ its to activate the playstore version
aquaryredcrow (7 months ago)
Anyone use win tablet 10.1"? Is the office ask for 365 subs too? I'm confused, this form is supposed to get mobile office for free
John Meister Dupa (6 months ago)
you need to subscribe to microsoft office to use mobile app for free,
Mabel Ore (8 months ago)
Thank you for this info!!!
Peter Hamilton (8 months ago)
Sure, no big secret. But of what use is this if you can't work on your files offline?
TheArtfulDealer (8 months ago)
Somebody please help! I moved the whole Office folder to another library on my computer and now I can't launch any Office programm . How can I fix this?
Dawn Magee (8 months ago)
I’m so glad I found you guys on here!! Wow!! I had no idea most of these sites or apps existed!
kanopus06 (8 months ago)
since at work I can use any word processor and spreadsheet, I totally switched to libreoffice some years ago, and when you have compatibility issues which is rare i use wps office
N Dorsey (7 months ago)
kanopus06 so you have libre and wps downloaded? Idk which one to use and I have a surface 3.
Phoenixspin (9 months ago)
Can you also just steal it?
Jimmy Hollon (9 months ago)
I am going to watch this a few times, thanks
DJCuruptedVEVO (9 months ago)
on point!
Pharhad Sookun (9 months ago)
Do the Morph features is active in power point when installing powerpoint using the above method ?
Spidapida (3 months ago)
Morph in PowerPoint is only available in activated 365 Office or in 2019 version. Yes you can use Morph in 365 trial but it's only 30 days....
Gagan Sran (9 months ago)
a good video.thanks for helping.
Lesnoy Mushchina (10 months ago)
Microsoft free to scholars is *heroine marketing* tactic. If you are in to word processors, get *libreoffice* for free. I use *texlive* for free and never word processors. *Tex* contains professional typesetting conventions as defaults inside macros.
jordan bocar (10 months ago)
its nice thumps up free trila
Anass Zammou (10 months ago)
I got it for free from school
Shlomo Avdiel (10 months ago)
I have been using Libre Office for years and have found no shortage of features compared to MS Office.
Jason S (11 months ago)
Use Libre Office. Microsoft software is a scam
Definite Solutions (5 months ago)
Do you even know the meaning of Scam ?
Manarchy Ascending (11 months ago)
Screw Microsoft—just can’t afford it. I use OpenOffice.
firefly (4 months ago)
Yeah me too, I bought (rented) it then I did not renew. It would not permit me to do anything but print out my xl or doc files. No copy and paste to other systems. Wish I had check this out before I "rented" the suite. Lost a bunch of files.
StaidArcher 2198 (11 months ago)
In chrome and in tools you can make it a descktop ican
SMudi (11 months ago)
When your new videos come out I got excited because my heart knows its definitely gonna unique and relevant..Big Fan Sir....SM
REAL AMAZING WORLD (11 months ago)
Try iWork for mac
Jayson Tallod (11 months ago)
Very Informative Thank you so much
Vitor W (11 months ago)
Office is the industry standard for some time now... but I gotta say I was really impressed with the overall quality and improvements that happened on LibreOffice 6 !!!
Stid Starz (1 year ago)
Open office is brilliant and knocks windows into a cocked hat, it FREE and has all the features you want. I simply uninstalled the windows clunker and installed Open Office for FREE.
Definite Solutions (5 months ago)
Yes, open office is amazing, i used it once and i found it really helpful.
makker008 (1 year ago)
Nice story, but reality is totally different of course. Office 365 is a disaster when you are a Mac user. I had office 2011 installed with all my history mails in there ever since 1998. When I installed office 365 the install program ERASED my entire history files. When I called Microsoft support they literally said that they do NOT support microsoft office 365 on MAC and disconnected... Luckily, I have an Apple time machine and could re-install my back-up from minutes before the install of 365. So, Office 365 is 4 times more expensive than buying a normal license AND it erases your data. Which idiot creates an install program that erases the files of previous versions?
Ali M (1 year ago)
Its not free on my ipad
Leggie Lou (1 year ago)
SquareBlockGameplay (1 year ago)
Another way is to link your phone to your pc and download the mobile apps. This gives a full, free version of Office
RD Denik (1 year ago)
Life saver! I was not about to spend $100 on that. Word Online for life!
Eddie O'Connor (1 year ago)
Yeah.......no....not EVER giving Microsoft my CC#.....to have them make a "mistake" further on down the line and grab funds from me. I'll stick to LibreOffice and WPS. Nothing else compares to these, the do everything I want them to do and nothing I don't. Those that know?...."know"......those that don't?....."don't".
Erin (1 year ago)
Why not download it for free from a safe site ?
Nororlol 4life (1 year ago)
6.Some laptops or desktops have this installed but not activated
bobby zhu (1 year ago)
dude thank you so much! i was so close to buy the microsoft office untill you mentioned my school might supply it. so i tried and entered my schools email and it work! i got it for freeee!
David Billiot (1 year ago)
I tried the ways in the video but they don't work on my Dell Ubuntu 14.04 laptop. What gives? Oh, and I looked up what the alleged features Microsoft office is supposed to have and the preinstalled Libreoffice is already better. Like WAY better. Why would anyone even try to get Microsoft office free or paid so long as Libreoffice is out there?
kevin Leonard (1 year ago)
The seems to be the best video for the subject and his music doesn't overpower his voice. Good job.
Tom Tapping (1 year ago)
Just download LibreOffice for FREE.
Joachim Mairböck (1 year ago)
You can also use the mobile apps on any Windows 10 PC. They are optimized for mobile and touch, but do work on the desktop as well.
Samuel Nunes (1 year ago)
Office Mobile Apps Work on Windows 10, and are optmized for touchscreen devices.
New people sign up
Lt Rooster (1 year ago)
you can get Keys on ebay for less than 10 bucks, and it works.
N Dorsey (7 months ago)
Free where?
Troubleshoot (1 year ago)
or for free !!
Leo Lion (1 year ago)
This was actually useful... Thanks for that
Tom NL (1 year ago)
Lol I just found out that I've been able to have a free and legit version of office for years and didn't even know it... Thanks. Schools should probably tell their students that this is available to them tbh.
Sixten (7 months ago)
I discovered this while I was attending school. I'd download all of their offered versions of Operating Systems too, haha! Might as well, with all that money you pay them in tuition.
Taylor Coleman (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!
squid man (1 year ago)
so usefull men i will susbscirbe you thx so much :D
Angela Scotton (1 year ago)
thanks so much! appreciate the information :)
Phonetography (1 year ago)
what about microsoft publisher? is there any way I can get it for free?
David Tee (1 year ago)
All the Microsoft office apps for Android. Already comes installed on Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and Note 8 as full version. Might come on other Android phones to. But I'm not sure
CVFireDragon (1 year ago)
6. P***te it. Of course use online but I bought it
Ali Idrees (1 year ago)
Why is Microsoft apps on Android requiring office 365
Charles Rakes Jr. (1 year ago)
I am praying for all the family and friends Amen to that that worldwide in my life and Software MSN 10.
Jerry Gundecker (1 year ago)
I got sent to the office several times.
Aesthetically Amazing (1 year ago)
Emma Peeters (1 year ago)
loose Anyone understand larger than this cfse#? .1
Johny John (1 year ago)
after 7 days it froze disabling the toolbar so you can only open file but not change anything nor save, had annoying pop ups to upgrade and when you click they take you to payment requested....SCAM!!!
Thea Ellie (1 year ago)
Just for clarification, when Microsoft made Office available for the iOS, it was one app the featured the suite. This ended in 2015 with the release of the individual apps.
Diane Yaghoobian (1 year ago)
I tried several times with different browsers to d/l for free and was always redirected to the page giving me 3 choices of what to buy starting at $70/year.
TechGumbo (1 year ago)
I'm in the US too Diane. I'm in Louisiana, so at times it doesn't feel like the US. 🙂 I just checked the links again in the description of this video and it is showing me a 1-month free trial. It's weird, I'm not sure why it is showing you a 14 day trial.
Diane Yaghoobian (1 year ago)
It is now a 14 day trial, not 1 month. I'm in the US BTW.
TechGumbo (1 year ago)
The link in the description is for the US version. When you land on the Microsoft page, make sure to click the 1-month trial link. As I mentioned in the video, you will need to give a credit or debit card which will be charged at the end of the trial. You would just need to set a reminder to cancel before the end of the trial.
Patrick McAsey (1 year ago)
Why do so many people, who can usually well afford it, want to things for nothing?
John Stutz (10 months ago)
Because Microsoft is to damn expencive, look at the scale of product. If I built a widget and tried to bait a switch you at 1000% profit ya think people wou be so happy to give me theironey
Lei P (1 year ago)
Patrick McAsey Because everyone loves a bargain & it doesn't get much better than FREE.
TechGumbo (1 year ago)
They are just a bunch of freeloading hippies. lol :)
Digital India Wale (1 year ago)
most uses software ever
Nassos Kranidiotis (1 year ago)
A trial version does not mean a free version.
TechGumbo (1 year ago)
If you don't pay anything then it is free. Microsoft refers to it as a "1-month free trial". :P
Tech Crispz (1 year ago)
Hey TechGumbo, after reading your last reply, I am very curious to know what is bitcoins and bit coiners. After all, I am a big fan of computers and technology and I want to be a programmer.
vijaykumar thakur (1 year ago)
Lumia 535 vs other phone
Sid C (1 year ago)
Is there a way to integrate office online with google drive? Like dropbox opens .docx files in office word online, can i open a .docx file saved in google drive in office word online instead of google docs?
TechGumbo (1 year ago)
That would be complicating things since Office Online natively saves files to One Drive. You can now view .docx files in Google Drive but can't edit with Office Online via Google Drive. You may want to check out free software like LibreOffice or WPS Office which have good compatibility with MS Office.
Randall Collins (1 year ago)
All the Microsoft ffice items online for my Chromebook and the apps for my iPad and Pixel XL. Done.
TechGumbo (1 year ago)
It couldn't be any easier!
Mandy B (1 year ago)
I'm still using Lotus millennium edition on my Win 10. The WP is by far the best I've tried - and I've tried many! I have the student Office 2003 (I don't need anything more) which is necessary when I'm working on docs (rarely spreadsheets and I don't need to share databases), and initially found that the change to the X extensions was a pain. But MS actually gives a small program extension which allows your older Office suite to open and save in the new format. It says you might lose formatting and comments if you save as .docx for example, but as I've used it for proofreading - comments, highlights, typing extra words and so on - I've never had it go wrong. Yet! If I'm writing, I use Lotus's WP, save as .doc, and if necessary, open it in Office and save as .docx. That works too. Of course Open Office is free and does everything MS's suite does. If you need to work with pdfs, Cute Writer is a free program (you will need another free program to set it up. It's available via Cute's site) and you save your document by pressing print and selecting Cute. You get a perfectly formed pdf in minutes. It's dealt with a document of around 700 pages without any bother. OO also saves to pdf. If you want to comment or do other editing on the pdf, the latest Adobe Reader gives a number of free features. If you want a full-on pdf program, Cute Professional is a far cheaper version than Adobe's. When I bought it, it was about a 10th of the price. I've used it a lot on systems from Win2000 Pro, XP and now 10. It works on all. HTH and thanks for your info. Office seems to be the ubiquitous suite of choice to work with, so knowing how to update mine free of charge could be very useful!
TechGumbo (1 year ago)
I haven't heard about Lotus in awhile. You should be commended for your loyalty. 🙂 I just looked at CutePDF Writer, it looks useful. Anything less expensive than Adobe is worth checking out.
YASFAZ11 AA (1 year ago)
600 like on video can I get 600 like on comment
TechGumbo (1 year ago)
I'll give you 1 like. :)

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