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Eminem - Without Me

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iTunes: http://smarturl.it/WithoutMe Amazon: http://smarturl.it/WithoutMeAmz Google Play: http://smarturl.it/WithoutMeGP Playlist Best of Eminem: https://goo.gl/AquNpo Subscribe for more: https://goo.gl/DxCrDV Music video by Eminem performing Without Me. (C) 2002 Aftermath Records
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Text Comments (181142)
dalex the king (15 minutes ago)
if you sorted "newest first" to see if someone's still commenting like this
hai tran (33 minutes ago)
Zev Curiel-Friedman (42 minutes ago)
Tom Brady jamming this while all yall hating on him for getting back to the Superbowl
Onur Dinsev (1 hour ago)
2009 :D WTF :)
karma tam (1 hour ago)
2011 slim shady 2014 rap god 2018 trump hater 2019 gettin older
karma tam (1 hour ago)
Luis Alberto Lopez Borbon Eminem I post like nostalgia stuff rarely on Snapchat for friend to see ill consider this for next one for now I did Boob boom And believe 1998
you're talking about rap in general or just about Eminem?
FreaKy Ash (1 hour ago)
we want this em back...we want slim back
BlueCat Kiwi (2 hours ago)
Listen kids, this is what real rap music is. This ain’t no fucking “Gucci Gang” or anything you hear today. This is real, pure rap from one of the most amazing and iconic rappers of all time. I’ve never heard such magnificent music from this day and age. Rappers from today need to look back on Slim Shady and step their game up. This man is an O.G. no matter how many people hate on him. He always comes back and disses them. Slim you will forever be one of my favorite rappers and when I have kids I will play your music and tell them that this is real music not whatever trash people make then.
Muhammed Ali (2 hours ago)
22.01.2019 :d Baturay dan geldim
Bonjovi Calago (2 hours ago)
um ok ilove this song
MUSIC HD (3 hours ago)
2019 --- 💥
Lord delf (3 hours ago)
Zachery Harrington (3 hours ago)
Interesting commentary on social behavior. It is proven that world peace is not achievable (not that we shouldn't try), because even if perfect harmony and total satisfaction of all people is acquired, some one will decide to burn it to the ground just to see something different happen, given enough time and for no other reason than curiosity itself. This is not a pro anarchy statement. I think it just the nature of curious creatures when they get bored to seek drama. It's something interesting for them to do because they can't find interest in nature itself.
tumblinbubble (3 hours ago)
who's listening in 2019
Oana Ony (4 hours ago)
2019 someone ?
Meechumni Valditorian (4 hours ago)
So i guess theres other people listening to old music still
임지현 (4 hours ago)
I don't know what this music video tells us to do. :p
Fabian Beltran (5 hours ago)
Kailash Singha (5 hours ago)
2019 ???????
Mohit Chouhan (5 hours ago)
Pedro Henrique q (5 hours ago)
Eminem Forever The Best Rapper!!
MAXAS_ PLAYZ (5 hours ago)
MAXAS_ PLAYZ (5 hours ago)
MAXAS_ PLAYZ (5 hours ago)
Taken me in bill
Killah Beez (5 hours ago)
That 125k Dislikes Is Pretty Shady
Charles Dominiak (5 hours ago)
I feel like he just said screw it let.
Patrick Cartoons (6 hours ago)
Por todo lo que hemos Vivido los Millenials MTV...RIP
MUSTASHEO lll (6 hours ago)
I only listen to real music 😎
Abby• FB (6 hours ago)
Ntap djiwa
ThotDestroyer (6 hours ago)
Who's listening to this on September 476 AD
Snail Dude (6 hours ago)
I love how it turned from all the popular comments “2019 anyone” to “we don’t care what year you’re listening in”
João gui (6 hours ago)
I love you eminem
Wrestling fan (7 hours ago)
Suicide Squad anyone?
joylovenow (8 hours ago)
lil Vom (8 hours ago)
esta cancion cambio todo en mi cabeza ahy vi la musica diferente !
Broken Smile (8 hours ago)
Alessandro Galli (8 hours ago)
A me questa canzone mi piace troppo però vorrei la traduzione in italiano voglio sapere cosa dice perché tante volte lr canzone amer anno dei testi veramente ridicolo noi italiani siamo sempre il meglio abbiamo civilizzato tutto Europachiidi
Ian Payne (8 hours ago)
Elvis thicc
Vylnce -فّ (8 hours ago)
Healsy has left the chat
Erick Gaming (8 hours ago)
who listening in 2020??'
Ankh Officiel (9 hours ago)
2019 and still here ! Other One ?
Kevin Varela (9 hours ago)
Listen to the lyrics the beat is comical and what he doing is to but the lyrics make so much sense man
Rorschack's Journal (9 hours ago)
1:39 Is that bizzare in the back round?
Aditya Dubey (9 hours ago)
Can't think of something funny to comment here SMH FML
Shawna Graham (9 hours ago)
Still awesome!!!!!
Te Amo Mari (9 hours ago)
2019 guys???? =D
Lord Kniws (9 hours ago)
This is to funny
Yazdan najafi (10 hours ago)
god like 😍😍😍😍
OneHourMusic2019 (10 hours ago)
*Who's listening in 2019?*
SPARTAN COL (10 hours ago)
gerilw 444 (10 hours ago)
я досихпор нехуя не понимаю, однако он качает
Same sky (11 hours ago)
2:58 Why does he remind me of *Peter Parker?!*
Rocky Balboa (11 hours ago)
My father gave me an album of Emimen when I was 12. I'm turning 29 soon and still listening to him X)
Ian Payne (11 hours ago)
1.no auto tune❌ 2.no mumble❌ 3.no naked woman❌ 4.elvis using the bathroom and trying to dance✅
xlLOKO-_MAYOR GTA (11 hours ago)
I listening this Song everyday 😂😍😍 I love this song. Pls make a Song like this. 😍
Ian Payne (11 hours ago)
JOHN MANZO (12 hours ago)
Whos listening this song on january 22?😍💓
Ian Payne (11 hours ago)
Does 21 count?
Polarwhisper6 (12 hours ago)
Ian Payne (11 hours ago)
No one cares about the year bro
Mongo King (12 hours ago)
Erika Quintana vargas (13 hours ago)
Clash BOG (13 hours ago)
1:39 Потом благодарю скажете
charlie fstyfrs (13 hours ago)
Yisus back
3023 November anyone? P.S. this comment will be correct in future. For real.
Ema Neri (14 hours ago)
Juan Motte (14 hours ago)
2019 !!
Joseph Stalin (14 hours ago)
“Because we Need a little controversy”
Mack’s a million must (14 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Alessandro Galli (14 hours ago)
Dove le mie dolci Sofia pugliese e Irene napoletano Ciao bellissima potresti anche telefono per salutare ciao ellr bella miccie
Vayne Kafası (14 hours ago)
this song recelled my old memories
itzmac (14 hours ago)
Here from suicide squad lol
Phillip Wolf (14 hours ago)
I love this song
Nivedh (14 hours ago)
Don’t click read more Oh yeah yeah
Shannon Galloway (14 hours ago)
How does a sandwich come out of the toilet
mr window (14 hours ago)
700mln Good Eminem
Evair tah Games (14 hours ago)
like i love you Eminem
Gt game space (15 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah
ryan mcnabb (15 hours ago)
so, its about a kid about to listen to music that's not good(?) so Eminem saves him by giving the kid a Eminem explict song disk to save him?
Maik Lois Scooterriders (15 hours ago)
Best 🤘🤘🤘🔝
Yusuf ÇİÇEK (15 hours ago)
çok iyi ya
Noah Meanix (15 hours ago)
Lil Pump is better change my mind
pedro H (15 hours ago)
New way to gain likes. Criticize who say what year they are listening just for likes
Arham Ali (15 hours ago)
save this youth shady
Sylvia Willa (15 hours ago)
2019 toujours présent
Janilsom de papel (15 hours ago)
2019 Guys
kester Sp. (16 hours ago)
María Fernández Lozano (16 hours ago)
Hi guys! Any chance anybody would check out this channel and maybe show some support! This guy is an english rapper from Spain with a boom bap style (anti mumble rap xD) he only has a couple of uploads so far as he has only just come on youtube. but he will be releasing the rest soon! Check him out! any feedback is appreciated ! https://youtu.be/hq1hKJgJuRY
3019 will any one?
Yan Filipi (16 hours ago)
0:5 what is the Name of the música?
sajal morchhale (17 hours ago)
Hello lol hey eminem
Yann (17 hours ago)
4:07 Arlequina
Joaquín Aguilera Palma (17 hours ago)
Like si todavía la sigues escuchando
KIRS-PIRS ANIMATION (17 hours ago)
Yeeeeee! Neverending beat!!!
N0ONE (17 hours ago)
Why does the kids house change to a higher building?
Il Yas (17 hours ago)
2019 😕🤔
Juan H (17 hours ago)
Este hombre es un grande
Toy Soldierz (18 hours ago)
at this part of the video 1:40 I had remembered STBlackST when the soldier started to sing "Now this looks like a job for me so everybody, just follow me! Don't bring a bat to a battlefield, it's just gay, without me!" Now that I think of it...
yan 12 (19 hours ago)
Khel Guimba (19 hours ago)
MGK is shaking🤣🤣
Tamara Almandel (20 hours ago)
Miro vuorinen (20 hours ago)
BRUHH (20 hours ago)
Censoring an eminem song should be a crime punished by death
Faiz Khan (20 hours ago)
It feels so empty without him
Dan4ik Neboga (20 hours ago)
I want shady's comeback

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